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Secret of the Stage (A Super Smash Bros. Role Play)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mechanist Gamma, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. "Gah!" the ninja sword-fighter Mii known as John said, recoiling from a Falcon Punch. He had already taken 98% damage, he knew he couldn't risk it. He and his friend, Pika the Amiibo, were ingaged in a training session against CPUs. One of them was a Captain Falcon, and for some reason he was ridiculously tough, unlike a normal CPU. Meanwhile, Pika was fighting three Mr. Game and Watches and winning! Granted, they were chumps. Checking the time, he saw less than a minute was left on the clock. "Take this!" John said, unleashing a Sword Flurry, launching Captain Falcon across the stage. Pika ran up to his side, meaning he was finished with his task.
  2. (So, like, explain what's going on to me.)
  3. John dashed through another Pac-Man, KOing it. Pika had just finished, and the timer stopped. The match was over. John was expecting to leave like normal, as the CPUs did, but nothing. "Huh? What?" John asked. Suddenly, there was a green light. "A... fighter?"
  4. (Just one question... what do the miis do?)
  5. (They fight. There's the Swordfighter, Brawler and Gunner.)
  6. (With what, a sword, a bow and arrow...?)
  7. (Brawler punches, Swordfighter uses a blade, Gunner shoots a cannon.)
  8. (So, since I don't play, can I just choose? I'm guessing the answer is yes. Continue.)
  9. The fighter looked like Samus... but was black. And there were three more of them. "What the- Dark Samuses?" John said, surprised. He back-flipped as one fired off a charged shot, and Pika got nailed by another. "No!" John shouted, rushing to Pika's side.
  10. (So, how could I join in?)
  11. (Place your character in! Make him/her join the fight!)
  12. (Okay! Forgive me if I'm noob-ish!)
    Suddenly, another Mii appeared behind John. He wore a brown short and a baseball cap, and carried a huge cannon. "Ya need some help?" he asked.
  13. "A... Gunner Mii?" John asked himself. A second later, he was sent flying by a Dark Samus. He then found a gun held to his head, while he was pinned onto the ground.
  14. Time seemed to slow down for about five seconds. The Dark Samus holding the gun to John's head began to pull the trigger. The trigger was halfway down when a cannonball hit the Dark Samus in the side, knocking it back and causing it to drop its gun next to John.
  15. "Ergh..." John said, getting to his feet. "For some reason, me and Pika didn't despawn at the end of our match." he said, flipping over a Dark Samus.
  16. "And then these guys showed up? Tough," the Gunner responded. "Hey, I'm Joshua! What's your name?"
  17. "John." he said, swinging his blade at the Dark Samus attacking Pika. "This is my Amiibo pal, Pika." Pika responded with 'Pi!' before using Thunderbolt on a Dark Samus, launching it off the stage.
  18. "Woah, you have an Amiibo! That's so cool!" Joshua told John while firing a cannonball. It barely missed the last Dark Samus.
  19. "Yeah, I've actually had it since before the Wii U version even came out. Let me handle this." John ran towards the last Dark Samus, and unleashed a Hero's Spin attack, destroying it. "Sweet!" John said as Pika responded with; 'Pikachu!'
  20. "So, I'm guessing that wasn't supposed to happen," Joshua said. "Obviously." For emphasis, he shot a cannonball straight into the air. When it came back down, it landed perfectly inside his cannon. Then, Joshua disappeared. He had respawned.
  21. John expected to despawn with him... but again, nothing. Pika was stuck too. John sat down on a box. He sighed. "Pika, are we never going to leave? I mean, it's just match after match and we can't leave. Why, though?"
  22. Out of nowhere, a Lucario appeared in front of John. "Got out of the way, bro!" yelled a very familiar voice from behind. Believe it or not, Joshua was back again. "This is my fight!" He launched a cannonball that sailed precariously over John's head.
  23. "Whoa! You're back!" Suddenly, John heard an ominous sound behind him, and the ground started to crumble. "Whoa-a-a!" John said, falling through the floor. Below him was a big drop, but Pika had caught his shirt and was holding him up. Barely.
  24. Joshua wasn't so lucky. He fell straight through the floor,landing in pitch black darkness. The only light came from the holes above. "Hello-oo-oo!" he called.
  25. Suddenly, Pika slipped. "Whoaaaa!!!" John said. He hit the floor hard. "Ow." He said. Pika landed safely... on top of Joshua's head.
  26. "Mmimf smeff smife Smifafu!" Joshua mumbled (if you can decode that, kudos to you). He threw Pika off him and looked around. He didn't see much ecxept for the Lucario that he had been fighting, which had fallen gracefully down to their level.
  27. "Well, good on you. But wait, aren't the stage platforms only supposed to break in Skyworld and Wrecking Crew?" John said. They were fighting in the Kalos League.
  28. "Is France prone to earthquakes?" Joshua asked. "I don't think so. We better find out what's causing that." Joshua stood up and walked over to where the Lucario was standing. He began unconsciously patting it on the head.
  29. The Lucario suddenly looked over at something in the darkness of off-screen. Pika looked too, and started growling. "Huh?" John said, looking at it. What he saw was a purple energy field. "Oh, no."
  30. Joshua, curious about what everyone was looking at, followed. "That's not good... At least, I don't think it is. I've never seen anything like it." Lucario began charging some sort of attack. It seemed to know what was coming.
  31. Pika growled. "I do." John said. "Link told me about it. It's Subspace!" Seconds later, the wave expanded and the four fighters were consumed by the purple mess.
  32. Joshua just stared at the mass around him, eyes wide, as if he were hypnotized. Lucario looked up at his blank face a slapped him. Nothing happened.
  33. Pika and John were both on the ground, frozen into trophies. Lucario, knowing what to do, tapped the bases to set them free.
  34. Joshua had become a trophy as well, though a bit later. A little voice inside John's head said to just leave him there. The voice was not comforting.
  35. "No. I'm setting him free." John told the voice. Tapping the base of the trophey, Joshua came out of his frozen form.
  36. "Woah, that was weird!" Joshua said as soon as he was back to normal. Lucario looked at John weird. It was clearly wondering who he had been talking to. The voice was back in John's head now, this time emphasizing how much Joshua would annoy him throughout his adventure.
  37. "Hey! You! Shut up!" John said to the voice. Pika and Lucario looked at him weird. "Oh, no, not you guys. That... voice. Can't you guys hear it?"
  38. "No, man," Josh told him. "Are you going crazy already?" He shook his head back and forth. Lucario dismissed the strange happenings and started examining the walls for a place to climb up/
  39. Suddenly, Bowser dropped down in front of them, holding a weird cannon. Caught off guard, Lucario was blasted and turned into a trophey.
  40. Joshua fired his cannon once more, htting Bowser in the chest, just barely. He dashed over and tapped Lucario's base.

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