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Ask to Join Secret Kids

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Galaxy Sylveon, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. Hi Everybody! I decided to do a Adventure about kids, 15-17, have a secret power inside them which they don't know about, YET! No pokèmon must be the same, even evolutions except The Eeveelutions!
    Here is the Form to fill out!:

    Special Power:

    Here's Mine!:

    Name: Lazari Woods
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Special Power: Understanding pokèmon/ Speaking pokèmon language and being able to use any pokèmon move/Ability

    Lazari opened her eyes and groaned as sun rays entered her room. Lazari stood up and looked around. "How did I fall asleep?" Lazari pulled on her shoes and walked outside. She walked down a alleyway and heard soft cries. Lazari peeped around the corner and saw a Vulpix with seven tails, chained to the ground. Lazari slowly walked up to the Vulpix and crouched down. The Vulpix looked up at Lazari with hope in hi eyes. Lazari pulled off the collar that he wore and pulled out a pokèball. Lazari looked at the Vulpix and held the pokèball in front of him. Vulpix gently pressed his nose on the pokèball and it sucked him in. The pokèball shook once and then it stopped. Lazari immediately called Vulpix out and smiled at him. Vulpix smiled back and jumped in Lazari's arms. Lazari held Vulpix against her chest as she walked to the Pokèshop. Vulpix buried his head in Lazari's neck. Lazari's hair covered Vulpix's cute face. Lazari opened the door to the shop and pulled out five pokèdollars. Lazari pulled out a Aqua collar with the name 'Tarif' on it. Lazari paid for it and put it on Vulpix-Tarif. Lazari picked up Tarif and then walked out of the shop. Lazari got to the park and sat down on one of the chairs. She placed Tarif on her lap and petted him. I thought Vulpix only had six tails, then why does Tarif have seven? He is the only Vulpix I know that has seven tails, But that's why I named him Tarif, he is Unique, and Tarif means Unique. Lazari looked down at Tarif and and he was lying on his back, staring at her. Lazari began to slowly rub his belly. Tarif curled up in Lazari's Lap and fell asleep. Lazari closed her eyes and ran her fingers up and down Tarif's fur.
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  2. Name: Tama Cantus
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Special Power: Can shape shift into Pokémon and use their moves. She cannot transform into legendaries.

    Tama just so happened to be skipping down the alleyway when she saw Lazari, and with Silver close behind her, skidded to a halt and lowered herself down next to the other. Her cobalt gaze drifted down to the Vulpix, before focusing on Lazari. She brushed her pale blue hair out of her face and said, "Hey, that Vulpix likes you! And Tama sees Silver has taken quite the shine to you, nyaa!" giggled the teen- it was true, as Tama's Sylveon- Silver- had started to run herself against Lazari. Silver said, "I like you! You're warm and nice! Let's be friends!" but of course all Tama heard was 'Syl, Sylviii! Sylveon!!'
  3. (Shape-Shifting into pokèmon is a bit extreme Riley, Imma just saying!)

    Lazari smiled at Tama before she looked around, confused. Lazari looked at Silver who was running around her. Tarif stirred and used flamethrower on Silver before he climbed on Lazari's shoulder. Lazari stood up and sighed "I found him chained to the ground, His name is Tarif" Lazari said and smiled. I hope she doesn't find out that Tarif has seven tails...
  4. //okey i will change her power to psychic powers? Just read minds, teleport, float things, but only read minds when she is in like mortal danger.'Sorry, I didn't know the limits!!

    Tama tilted her head, and grinned."Oooh, Tarif! Tama likes that name a lot!" she laughed, oblivious to Tarif's 'addition'. She picked up Silver and placed the misbehaving Sylveon beside her, and aimed to slowly bring a pale hand forward to stroke Tarif, being cautious not to scare the Vulpix.
  5. (Yeah that's fine!)
    Tarif whimpered and pulled away from Tama's hand and slightly growled. Lazari petted Tarif and he uneasily jumped down from Lazari's shoulder so he could hide behind her leg. Lazari sighed ad looked at Tama "It's ok, he will get used to you sooner or later" Lazari said ad smiled at her bets friend. Tarif sat down behind Lazari's leg and growled "I don't like Tama" he said and Lazari looked around before looking back at Tama.
  6. Tama's face fell a little when Tarif pulled away, but she still remained optimistic as usual. "Yeah, hopefully! Tama doesn't mean to scare Tarif, nyaa!" the girl said- and she meant it. She did really care for Pokémon, and was oblivious to what Tarif had said about not liking her. "Tama can't believe that Tarif was kept tied up! What cruel person would do that to a special little Vulpix like him, nyaa?"
  7. Tarif stood up and walked over to Tama. He started to sniff her. If Tama dares to touch me, she'll get a Flamethrower to the face. Tarif thought as he continued to sniff Tama. Lazari smiled "He's starting to like you!" He said and Tarif turned his eyes so he could look at Lazari "You wish..." He said and continued to sniff Tama.
  8. For some reason, some unknown force was preventing Tama from touching the Vulpix, and she just looked past him, continuing to speak to Lazari. "Y-yes! Tama hopes Tarif will like her, eventually. He seems somewhat interested, nyaa!"
  9. Tarif snorted and jumped back on Lazari's shoulder. She seems nice, I'll let her touch me. Tarif said and pawed the air so Tama could come closer. Lazari laughed "It seems he already is!" Lazari said and giggled at her Vulpix.
  10. Tama crouched down to eye level, her silver visionaries gleaming with happiness. As Tarif was pawing the air, the girl put her hand underneath his paw, hoping to catch his paw in her hand. "Aaah, Tama thinks you're really cute, nyaa!"
  11. Tarif put his paw in Tama's hand and smiled at her before he rubbed his head against her hand. Lazari smiled "He likes you" Lazari said and giggled. The Vulpix smiled 'Your not do bad Tama, not bad at all...' Tarif let off a sharp bark before he started to lick Tama's hand.
  12. Tama's face lit up, and she aimed to scratch behind Tarif's ear- the place where all Pokemon loved to be scratched- and she let a little grin lace her pale lips. "Aaaww, you're so cute Tarif! And yeah, Tama's glad Tarif likes her, nyaa! Tama thinks Tarif and her will be friends, nyaa!" she chirped. Silver crept closer to Lazari, lowering himself down to get closer to the other. The Sylveon didn't want to startle Lazari, after all.
  13. Tarif barked happily before he moved away from Tama's hand. "Oh well, Ahhhhh!" Lazari said as she turned around and saw Silver. "Don't do that!" Lazari shouted and gasped. Tarif chuckled and sighed happily.
  14. Tama almost collapsed laughing at Lazari's reaction- tears were brought to her eyes as she giggled uncontrollably. Silver was laughing too. "Ahahahaha! Oh, you should have seen your face, nyaa!!" the girl chuckled.
  15. Lazari glared playfully at Tama "Oh really~?" Lazari said and Tarif understood exactly what to do. Tarif shot a Flamethrower at Tama.
  16. As the flames hit her skin she yelped, jumping back. Silver jumped in front of his master to stop her getting more hurt by the flames. "Ahh! Tama doesn't like the flamethrower!! It was still funny though, nyaa!"
  17. (Leafa-chan, There you should also post of Sprite Ville)

    Lazari giggled and Tarif did too. "We should go now Tama, it's getting a bit dark" Lazari said and looked at the noon-night sky. Tarif pointed at a tree and Lazari ran to it. Lazari noticed at big hollowed out bit which, all four of them could fit in and still have a lot if space left! Lazari climbed the tree and fell into the den. Lazari curled up and Tarif glowed, making her warm and she slowly fell asleep. Tarif wanted for Tama and Silver before he fell asleep.
  18. // oh yeah whoops

    Tama climbed in, after the others. Her cobalt gaze soon fluttered to a close, and soon she and Silver had dropped off to sleep too.
  19. Tarif soon fell asleep after that.

    Next morning....

    Tarif pawed at Lazari's face, urging her to get up. "Noo" Lazari said and jumped out of the tree. Lazari and Tarif picked up a stones and started to throw it at the tree that Tama and Silver slept in. "Wakey Wakey!" Lazari exclaimed and laughed, along with Tarif.
  20. Tama almost toppled out of the tree when she heard Lazari's call, and Silver scrabbled on her back to avoid the same I'll fate. "You woke Tama up very loudly, nyaa!" she whined, climbing down from the tree to stand on the ground. She tilted her head. "So what should we play now, nyaa?"
  21. Lazari shrugged "I don't know" She said before Tarif touched her leg and started to run away. "Ooh~ I know!" Lazari said and touched Tama's shoulder before she started to run away.
  22. "Hey! Come back, nyaa!!" She shouted, while laughing, stretching her hand out to sprint at Lazari, with Silver at her heels. She tripped, wailed, and fell, face first on to the ground. "Aaah, Tama hurt herself, nyaa!! You have any plasters?"

    //when do they discover their powers?
  23. (Soon)

    Lazari ran to Tama and leaped her up before handing her a pack of plasters. Lazari smiled at Tama, her face and hair were full of mud and dirt. "Hey, we better get going, we shouldn't stay here any longer" Lazari said as she waited for Tama. Tarif jumped on Lazari's shoulder and barked in her ear, on purpose. Lazari blinked "If I had pokèmon attacks, I would of moon blasted you over the trees already" Lazari said and looked Tarif dead in the eyes. The two had a staring contest.
  24. //Ok, cool!

    Tama laughed at the two, and Silver mewed along with. But while Lazari was distracted, Tama was plotting, and about five seconds later the teen's cobalt optics sparkled as she abruptly stood up and tapped Lazari's shoulder. She ran away whilst shouting, "Catch Tama if you can, nyaa!!"
  25. Lazari turned to Tama and chased after her. Suddenly, a her feet glowed a bright white as she caught up with Tama. "I caught you! Nyaa!!!" Lazari exclaimed as she touched Tama's shoulder and bolted in the other direction, her feet still glowing a bright white.

    (Just so you know, she's using the Ability, 'Quick Feet' for Electric types)
  26. Tama's visionaries grew wide and she almost collapsed with astonishment at this peculiar event. "How did Lazari do that? Tama thinks that was so cool, nyaa!!" She shouted after the other, waving her hand.
  27. Lazari stopped and turned to look at Tama "What did I do?" She asked, her voice full of confusion. Tarif stayed quiet, astonished at how Lazari moved so quickly. "Vul...pix...." Was all he said but for Lazari it was "Wow...".
  28. Silver nodded rapidly as Tama's cobalt visionaries widened. Brushing her light blue hair out of her face, she said, "Lazari's feet lit up and she went super fast, nyaa!" This was confusing- what was even happening?
  29. Lazari blinked in astonishment then looked down, her feet weren't lit up. Lazari frowned and looked at Tama "Your seeing things, I think you need to go to a eye doctor" Lazari said and sighed. Tarif barked, not in Lazari's ear this time. "It's True!" He said and jumped up and down in her shoulder
    "Did you just...talk...Tarif?" The Blonde asked the Vulpix with wide eyes. Tarif laughed and shook his head.
  30. "Uh... is Lazari sure she is okay? Tarif didn't talk, nyaa." She inquired, head tilted and brows furrowed. "And Tama's eyesight is fine!"
  31. Lazari frowned "What ever you say...". she said and Tarif barked. "Ok well we best get moving" Lazari's said and began to walk into the Forest.
  32. Name: Emily Lund
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Special Power: To see the future, but only in dreams, unless she writes it down after she wakes up, she won't remember until it happens

    Emily woke up abruptly, sweating, coming to realization that she's back in reality. She looked around, she was on a couch, in a home she doesn't recognize. Attempting to stay calm, Emily grabbed her Computer bag, quietly and slowly made her way out the door. Walking out the door, she was engulfed in sunshine. Once her eyes adjusted, she realized she was somewhere new, and unfamiliar. She looked into her bag and noticed she had one pokeball left, She recognizes it. It was her first pokemon, the one who was always there for her throughout school. Grabbing the pokeball, and pressing the middle of it, a kirlia appeared directly infront of her.
  33. Tama looked back, brows furrowed, but soon let her ashen gaze drift over to where Lazari had began to depart to, and quite similar to an obedient dog, she followed, grinning all the same. "Wait up, Laz, nyaa!" the teen called, waving her arms with Silver hot at her heels.

    //heyyyo new joiner
    hai there
  34. Lazari giggled at blur nd waiting for Tama. "Ok, you better hurry your but up because next minute I got a Jolteon and then I'll be running after it all the time! Then what wil you do?" Lazari asked, making a duck face.
  35. (hai, good morning)

    Seeing her long term friend, she hugged him and smiled. Standing up, Emily starts to wander, searching for something that can help her find out what happened. As she was walking, the scenery started to grow more and more forest like. Realizing she walked into the forest, she looked around seeing nothing but pokemon wildlife, trees and a forest floor full of leaves. Turning around, attempting to reach the town again, but ended up getting herself more and more lost. Her kirlia following not too far behind, also unsure where they were.
  36. Lazari spotted a girl and her Kirlia walking around in the forest. "Looks like they font know the way out Tama, let's go help" Lazari said and began to ran after the girl, calling to her. Tarif barked and jumped down from Lazari's shoulder and ran in front of the two new arrivals.
  37. Silver dashed over, his features gleeful- though, like most trainers, this girl would probably mistake him for a girl- due to Sylveons' feminine appearance. Tama would follow shortly after, letting her ashen visionaries drift up to the other's face, and she tilted her head to rest it on her shoulder as she parted her pale lips to chirp, "Ah, are you lost, nyaa? Tama will help you get out of here, and so will Lazari!" The go chirped happily.
  38. "Oh," Emily said startled by the voice, "thank you," to show appreciation, she bowed towards them. "I do not plan to be anywhere, do you mind if I stick with you guys? Since you know your way around here," Emily inquired as her Kirlia observed the two.
  39. "Sure! You can come with us!" Lazari said and Tarif barked. Lazari decided to walk for now as she made her way out of the forest. "Why does this place have so many trees...." Someone mumbled.

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