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Private/Closed Second Squadron (RP Thread)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by EeviumZ, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. Link to discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/second-squadron-discussion-and-sign-ups.21917/

    ~Unknown Location, 2025~

    The heroes had finally been overpowered.
    Every second that passed, the First Squadron's life energy was being drained by the devices that restrained them. Behind each member was a glass sphere, containing a strange energy: their souls, their aura.

    They knew what had to be done. Their failure could not be in vain.

    They had planned this long before.

    One by one, each of the once-powerful heroes vanished from this mortal plane, their lives ending in an instant. This was not because of the extraction. This was of their own will.

    Devices let out sounds of warning and failure as the heroes' bodies disappeared, fading into dust. Angry shouts rang out between the Merin technicians, as they desperately tried to revive the heroes. It was fruitless. It was too late.

    The head scientist silenced everything with a simple raise of the hand. His expression was emotionless. He knew they'd failed.

    And yet, one screen was still beeping.

    Seven dots on the radar were moving outwards at a rapid pace, all in a similar direction.

    Maybe they hadn't failed so hard after all.

    "Track energy signatures 001 to 007."

    ~Hours Later~

    Seven swirls of colored energy shot through the night sky. They never changed direction and moved too fast to perceive. Anyone looking above would simply see a shooting star.
    Finally, the auras arrived in a metropolian city. Each one shot off in its own direction, seeking out the heirs written in fate.
    They would be the new Squadron.

    In each residence of the youth, the energy went straight through the walls, leaving no trace. Finding the sleeping youths, the energy swirled around them momentarily, before seemingly seeping directly into their bodies. Each teen glowed momentarily, a symbol appearing above each one.

    ~Allie's Residence~

    The teen had been left to take care of the house for the night. Unfortunately, studying tends to make you tired, and she'd fallen victim to the clutches of sleep. The young teen slept peacefully, her head in some sort of chemistry textbook, before a blue energy suddenly emerged into the room. It swirled in place for a moment, before zooming towards Allie and swirling around her, proceeding to disappear into her body. The girl did not notice this - nor would anyone else who was chosen for this fate - and remained sleeping, not awake to notice the faint blue glow around her newly empowered body.
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  2. ~ Yin's Resisence ~

    She sat in her Chair, watching the stars of the sky.
    *I wonder if they ever talk to each other Vocally...* She thought, shaking her head ad she stood up. Her book was still open, but she had yet to finish studying.
    *Something tells me this is..* She was stopped by the urge to yawn, somehow chuckling.
    *That this can wait until morning~* She gladly changed into her Pajamas, hopping into the Bed, allowing Sleep to take her over.

    A purple orb of Energy rose up from her book, swirling around the sleeping Mute, before Shoving itself in her. (Ewww.)

    Yin stayed in the deep state of slumber she was in, tossing and Turning in her bed.
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  3. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    The velvet coloured ray of energy seemed to be the faster one, as it’s trip was to one of the suburbs of the city. In a quiet neighbourhood nestled under the vast night sky. A young teen lived in the house where the light was headed, so we should probably give a proper introduction to whom this young teen is. His name is Seo, Seo Yoshisuki. He isn’t the best in school, probably the reason he isn’t up studying l. Instead, he is having a rather childish fight with his younger siblings, Momoi and Yasui. “Honda!,” Yasui yelped down the hallway to her eldest brother,” Seo won’t gimme the remote even though he was watching TV all day!” Seo scoffed,” Not all day, just... I was sick, okay!?” Momoi laughed at the thought,” Seo, the last time you were sick you faked it to not go to the Science Fair!” Honda was easily getting annoyed by all of this commotion. “Listen, how about all of you stop bickering and go up to your beds like I asked you, oh, I don’t know, THREE HOURS AGO!?” It was unheard of for Honda to lash out at them, so they were easily hushed. Honda did get his job yesterday, at a place called Jump Start! (Merin Industries). Seo, Momoi, and Yasui slouched their ways to their bedrooms. Seo’s new bedroom was with his twin sister, Seto, so he wasn’t surprised to find someone passed out on the floor who was playing on his DS Lite. He quickly snatched the device, turning it off without mercy to he 5 hours of playing Pokémon Platinum without mercy. He put it on a table next to them and dozed off in his bed. The velvet flash of light finally reached them, and broke through his window. A flash of light came out of the household that night, with zero people to experience it.
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  4. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    "Mom where are my car keys?" A voice called out from the Allens' residence upstairs. "Issac you're supposed to be sleeping right now!" Another voice responded back. Issac sighed softly, walking half way down the stairs and leaning on the railing, looking at his mother. "I am going to bed, I just need to know where my keys are for the morning."

    "Where are you going in the morning?" She asked her own question rather than answering Issac's. He didn't respond, keeping his mouth shut and looking away. "Issac...listen-" "I just want to see him okay." He cut off his mother before she could say anymore.

    "...Last I saw your keys were on top of the fridge." She responded, before returning to her couch. "Thanks mom... Love you." Issac gave her a quick nod before making his way up and into his bed. There, he drifted off to sleep, not noticing the Emerald glow that enveleoped his body.
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  5. Like the others, Drake was dead asleep when the black energy passed through his window. The sphere of swirling black energy didn't hesitate as it disappeared into Drake's body, a black aura appearing around the teen. The teen's restful expression changed, a frown coming across his face as Drake began to shift in his sleep. While his sleep was once restful, something was beginning to happen to him.

    The day was hot. Below the sweltering sun, a cacophony of metal against metal and the screams of the dying rang out. A samurai slashed his way through the battle, cutting down warrior after warrior in a single blow. His entire body felt strange. It ached and hurt, yet at the same time those feelings were merely thoughts at the back of his mind. His body was light, responsive, and overwelming with a chaotic and impossible energy. Cutting down yet another Ashigaru, the samurai reached the enemy flagbearer. With a single slice, the enemy's flag was on the ground. With visual on what to do, the enemy was thrown into a panic. They would not win this day!

    The dream faded away, quickly replaced with another one. But while the scene changed, the screams and sounds of war stayed. Where there was once a samurai stood a young man in a Union Civil War uniform. The man quickly fired off a shot from his musket before diving behind an earthwork. A cannonball ripped through the air where he once stood, but the young man was unaffected. He simply began to quickly load another shot. From across the battlefield, a mighty yell was sounded by the enemy. They began their charge across the field to the union position. The young man jumped to his feet once again, firing off yet another shot before charging to meet the enemy.

    But once again the dream changed. The man in the Union soldier uniform was replaced with a bearded man in heavy armor, blocking an axe blow from a viking with his shield. The dreams began to shift, changing faster and faster. From a heavily armored, bearded man in changed to a Greek warrior holding off Persians. To a U.S. commando wrestling in a jungle with a member of the Viet Cong, knife in hand. To a cowboy barely managing to outgun a desperado in a draw. To an unarmed Shaolin Monk catching a Chinese soldier's sword with his barehands before spinning away to fight the two others.To a man in a black leather trenchcoat blowing away drug smugglers with blasts from his shotgun, fighting alongside six others. Suddenly, the dream seemed to be lit up in a bright, white light. And a blinding pain. But just as soon as the dream began... It once again faded to darkness...
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  6. The peace and silence of the Valentine residence was broken by a high-pitched screeching, which quickly died down as a young teen snatched the kettle from the stove and poured boiling water into a pair of mugs. After a few moments, the girl dipped a small thermometer in the tea, watching as the numbers blinked to the proper temperature. Smiling softly, she placed two decaf teabags in each mug and set the egg timer on the counter for three minutes exactly. Milo Valentine loved her hot tea, and she'd be damned if she wasn't going to make it right.

    Once the beverages were finished, Milo took both mugs upstairs, careful not to spill, and came to the door of her mother's home office. "Mama?" She spoke softly, pushing open the door with her foot. Her mother sat at her desk, head resting on one arm, her breathing shallow and even. Milo set the tea on the desk and held her mother by the shoulders, shaking lightly. "Mama, I made you some tea. You're going to get a sore neck if you sleep like that."

    Her mother stirred, and stormy blue eyes blinked open as she sat up straight. "Mm...thank you. Are you going to bed?" At Milo's nod, she smiled, albeit a bit groggily. "That's good. I'll go soon, too." With that, she took a sip of the drink her daughter had brought, unfazed by the near-scalding temperature. Ava Valentine, like her daughter, loved her hot tea.

    Murmuring another "good night," Milo took her own mug to her bedroom, closing the door behind her and crawling between the blankets. The deep smell of earl gray calmed her as it always did, and the drink warmed her from the inside, soon making it difficult to keep her eyes open. She didn't get halfway through it before she succumbed to a deep sleep, even as the temperature dipped. A soft, glowing white light seeped through her window and circled over the top of Milo's body, almost curious in its movements. After only a moment, it sank downwards, through the blankets and her clothes, before disappearing under her skin. Milo's body glowed the same soft, cool white, and she continued to sleep, not noticing that her tea was nearly frozen at her bedside.
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  7. Monty tapped his pencils to the same beat as the music blaring through his headphones, blissfully procrastinating as his English essay sat on his desk with nothing more than his name and the date on the page. Monty looked at the clock for an excuse to take a break. Already 10:30? Guess I'll have to finish in the morning, he thought. Standing up with no intention to actually finish the essay in the morning, Monty left his dorm room to grab a soda from the hallway vending machine.

    Having left the door slightly ajar, Monty walked with purpose to the vending machine, only to realize he wasn't the only one who seemed to have had the idea to get a fresh $2 beverage. There were two other students near the vending machines, one of them a freshman judging by the height and the other a junior that Monty recognized as a center on the varsity basketball team. Monty had approached in the middle of their conversation, but he caught some of the hushed whispering as he did.
    "...83? An effing 83? Are you kidding me?" The junior said, clearly furious.
    "I did my best-" The freshman began.
    "That's BS and you know it," The junior exclaimed, cutting off the freshman. The bigger boy pushed the smaller into the wall, grabbing him by the shirt with both hands. "The deal is I pay you and you get me good grades. Not sh*t in the low eighties!" The junior raised a fist to punch the freshman.

    Monty stepped in just as the junior cocked his fist. He grabbed him by the wrist and yanked backwards, forcing him off of the freshman. "Get out of here," he commanded the freshman. The kid readily obliged, high-tailing it to the freshmen wing of the dorms. "What the hell, man?" The junior growled as he rubbed his wrist. "That kid owes me." Monty glared at the kid and folded his arms across his chest. "So what? Just because he owes you and you have 70 pounds on the kid doesn't mean you have any excuse to beat him up in the halls." Monty closed the distance between the two of them and got in the kid's face. "So how about you get going, too, bud. Juniors have curfew after all." The junior backed away quickly, clearly eager to get some distance from Monty. "Whatever, man." The junior scurried off to the dorm's junior wing, and Monty got a water from the vending machine.
    Back in his room, Monty locked the door then crashed right into bed. All he did was slip off his jeans and slip on a pair of conveniently placed pajama pants, then it was lights out. Just as he fell asleep, his room was lit up by a swirling red and silver...something. Undisturbed, Monty continued to sleep as the light flew around for a bit before finally settling above him. Slowly it sunk down, enveloping him for a brief second before disappearing into him just as quickly as it appeared in the room.
  8. ~Unknown Location, Same Time~

    "Sir? The energy signatures 001-007 are no longer in motion. They have all settled in relatively close proximity to each other-"

    The lab-coat donning head scientist glared at the low-ranking technician. "And you're waiting for....?"

    The room was utterly silent. No one understood this man. He was well known for consistently being vague like this.

    "What are you waiting for? I want every Stealth unit to wherever the hell they are, now!" the head scientist roared.

    The room went from being utterly silent to complete chaos. Everyone was scrambling to their assigned positions, picking up assortments of strange devices. In the midst of the pandemonium, a slightly more authoritative figure than the rest of the mooks approached the scientist, trembling slightly. He was slightly higher ranking than the rest, but still faltered in the fact of the notoriously cruel scientist.

    "S-Sir... should we mobilize the Prime Unit?"

    The white-coated man sneered at the top associate, unimpressed by his meek attitude. "I though that was rather obvious. Mobilize the Prime Unit on the higher-priority signatures. Remember, Cobalt is key. Do not, and I repeat, do not let Cobalt escape."

    ~~~TIME SKIP~~~

    Dawn had hardly broken in the bustling city. Everything was still cloaked in shadow, and lights were still on. It was approximately five in the morning. There was no trace of the night's events in sight.

    ~Allie's Residence~
    Waking up with your head in a chemistry book is strange. Waking up to random patches of frost in your room is stranger. But indeed, Allie woke up to both.

    The blue-haired teen groggily stretched, tiredly whacking her beeping alarm clock. She groaned, exhausted. Why she was exhausted, she had no idea - she'd gone to sleep relatively early.

    It was only when she was fully coherent that she realized that everything was not normal.

    Her bed-frame seemed to be covered in laces of frost. A few objects on her nightstand were completely frosty, and the glass of water on her bedside table was completely frozen in ice.

    What the heck is going on?

    She sat up, rubbing her eyes. Still there. Definitely not the remnants of a bizarre dream.
    Dismissing it as a strangely cold night, she got up, beginning her morning routine. She typically left the house very early, as she had extra help at school before classes started.
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  9. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    Issac cursed as the sounds of his alarm blared off in his ears. "Ughhhh..." He muttered out as he grabbed his phone, turning it off before seeing the time. 5:30, like usual. He hated getting up early, but if it meant getting to see his dad, he was fine with it. The drive was about an hour away and the earliest visitor hours start at seven.

    Getting dressed in his usual outfit, Issac made his way downstairs, grabbing his keys and leaving his mother a note that he was heading out. Taking his first step, Issac felt something...strange. like the earth was moving and shifting below him. "What the hell.." Glancing down, it looked normal and the movement stop. He just shook his head, figuring it was early morning jitters. With that, Issac made his way to his car and drove off.
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  10. From the moment he woke up, Monty could barely breath. He took short, gasping breaths as he frantically clawed at his hoodie and pajama bottoms in an effort to tear them off. Monty fell off the bed in his efforts, but finally he got his outer layers off. "Oh dear God," Monty gasped as the snatched the water bottle from last night off the bed. He squeezed with both hands, only to find that the water was warmer than it should have been. Colder, Monty thought as he turned his attention to the bathroom. Discarding the crushed water bottle, Monty scrambled to the tile floor and porcelain fixtures of the bathroom. He wrenched the COLD knob to the farthest setting, and gulped down as much of the seemingly God-blessed water as he could.

    Monty looked up from the sink and into the mirror. Water dripped from the corners of his mouth, and for the first time Monty noticed that nothing in his complexion betrayed his sickness. Usually he became at least a shade or two paler, but as far as Monty could tell he was the exact same color as when he went to sleep. Even his lips were just as full and red as they always were, which together made no sense to Monty. I always get pale when I'm sick, Monty thought as he felt the heat begin to return. So am I not sick?

    Given that the nurse wouldn't be at school for another few hours, and Monty had no way to check his temperature or alleviate the heat, he decided to head to the 24 hour pharmacy only a few blocks away. Monty began changing into a hoodie and jeans, but the heat made him forsake his usual attire for a black muscle shirt and a pair of khaki cargo shorts. Even though the weather had begun to change for the colder, Monty decided to also wear his sandals.
    Monty breathed a sigh of relief as he felt the cool morning air on his bare skin, and he may have gotten a strange look or two but he didn't care. The cold air was his first lasting relief since waking up, and between his tiredness at waking up prematurely and the lack of crushing heat on his lungs Monty would have been content to stand on the sidewalk for hours. He had somewhere to be, however, and Monty began making his way towards the pharmacy to get some ibuprofin and a thermometer.
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  11. Drake slowly woke up, rubbing his eyes. It wasn't often that he had dreams, and especially dreams as strange as the ones he had last night.
    "Damn..." Drake muttered, running a hand across his face. He still felt quite tired, even though he had gone to bed at a pretty normal time. Lovely. The night he had a dream he could remember, it was one where you were still tired when you woke up from it. Drake dragged himself out bed, putting on his clothes and getting ready for the day.
    "Why can't I just have a normal dream every once in a while, like dreaming of hot girls or something?" Drake muttered as he packed his school gear.

    Making his way down the stairs, Drake grabbed a quick breakfast of buttered toast and jelly. But strangely enough, he still felt... hungry. Usually just some toast was enough for him. But Drake just shrugged it off. He hadn't really had much to eat last night anyway. After a full breakfast of a bowl of cereal, some fruit, and some eggs, Drake finally felt ready for the day.
    "Someone's got a big appetite." Drake's father said, passing through the kitchen.
    "Yeah. I guess I'm just hungry. Anyway, I've got to go. See you later, dad!" Drake said, throwing on his backpack and walking out into the cold morning. As he passed through the doorway, however, one last unusual occurance happened. A shiver ran up his spine, and a feeling of uneasiness rested in his stomach. Yet another thing Drake wasn't expecting. He looked around before shrugging it off and making his way towards school.
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  12. "Stealth Team Echo - 01 reporting in."
    "Roger, Echo - 01, report."
    "I've arrived at the end of Signature 005's trail. Found a kid that's not exactly dressed for the weather, disoriented, and seeming to relish the cold. Is this a candidate for Signature 005's new host?"
    "Match for Signature 005, Echo - 01, you are a go for capture."
    "Roger, moving in for capture."
    Monty trudged along the sidewalk, comparing the distance from the pharmacy and himself and debating whether or not he would even make it. Then again, Monty thought as he walked, I'm not nauseous. Just...really frickin hot. Monty was only a block away from the pharmacy when he heard a rustling noise from the alley he was walking by. Monty looked over, expecting a mugging, but only saw a cat. "Huh," Monty said aloud. The cat looked at him for a moment, then looked straight up and meowed. Monty followed it's eyes, and his fell on a shadowy figure crouched in a fire escape. What the? Monty thought as he took a step back.

    Suddenly, with a dull thump and a whoosh of air, Monty was impacted in the chest. The figure had shot a cable at him, and now it had grabbed onto his chest like one of those claw machine games. "Uh," Monty grunted as he was pulled up into the air, towards the figure. Instinctively, without thought or reason, Monty grabbed onto the cable as it pulled him towards the figure. He squeezed as hard as he could, and just before Monty reached the fire escape he began falling back towards the ground. "Shit!" Monty exclaimed as he plummeted into a garbage can. He groaned as he hoisted himself out, and looked back up at the fire escape. The shadowy figure had a hand to it's ear, and Monty heard a man's voice say, "Echo Team, rally on my location."
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  13. After leaving a hastily written note at her sister's nightstand ("Had to borrow the bike, sry. -Allie"), the teen tossed her helmet on her still-messy head of blue hair. Being careful not to wake her sleeping mother and sister up, she hoisted herself onto her bike - located in their garage - and began pedaling down the sidewalk.

    It wasn't long before she reached the city sidewalks. The streets were mostly empty, due to it being so early. Regardless, she couldn't help but feel that someone was watching her. Uneasy, she pedaled faster than she usually did. She was too flustered to notice the frost on her handlebars. Or the spikes on the sidewalk.

    Her bicycle tires were easily popped, knocking over the bike. Allie was sent sprawling, landing just in front of a shadowed side-street. There were no lampposts, just a dumpster and scattered trash.

    She got to her feet, rubbing her head. She felt a cold liquid dripping down her knee - oddly cold, in fact.
    Upon seeing her flattened bike tires, she huffed angrily. Her eyes fell on the spikes on the pavement, and the uneasy feeling returned.
    "Wait a second..." She picked one of the spikes up. They were black, four-pointed spikes, shaped in a tripod arrangement. They were obviously made of metal, and even more obviously not natural.
    "If... those are there... then that's what popped my tires.. then..." She didn't get to finish her sentence before she was suddenly shoved into the alleyway. She crashed to the ground once again, looking behind her out of instinct, only to see no one there.

    She sat up, not able to stand so easily this time. Before she could even get a chance to do anything, she heard the whoosh of something flying through the air.
    She felt something restrict her, something clamping around her arms and torso. When she looked down, she saw an odd ring, clearly man-made. Before she could cry for help, she felt something just barely miss her body.

    She rolled out of the way the first time, but couldn't evade the claw's grasp the second time. It grabbed her by the torso, leaving her completely unable to struggle. She was quickly raised up onto a platform and tossed onto it, hearing voices around her.
    "Signature 001-Cobalt apprehended. Send transportation."

    Letting out a fearful cry, she couldn't say anything coherent. She was completely clueless to what was happening. What she did notice was that her body was cold... remarkably cold. Frost - no, ice this time - was spreading beneath her body, and onto the ring that was holding her. As she looked up, her vision blurred, she saw a shadowy figure standing above her, and they had clearly noticed the ice too.
    "Cobalt's freezing. Get transportation here now."

  14. Yin awoke, looking at her Clock.
    *Oh, Heck! I'm going to be Late!* She thought, jumping out of her Bed.

    She put on her daily outfit, looking in a Mirror to straighten it out.

    Walking downstairs, she greeted her Parents.
    "Howdy, Sweetie!~" Her mother said, handing her a piece of toast, as her Father nodded under the newspaper.

    she waved goodbye to her Parents.

    "You could at least TRY to act a little exited, Laphi." Her mother said, chuckling.
    "You know I try, Holly."

    Walking across the empty roads, she held her Covered armsxl, shivering.
    *Should've listened to Mother, and wore my Coat.* She thought, looking around. A strange feeling had arisen around her, and she stopped holding her arms to look 'Normal.'

    "Target spotted."

    Yin continued her way on the merry trail she knew so well. A worry did cross her mind, though. She went back to shivering, as something quickly ran her into the wall.
    She started panicking as a Hand appeared, lifting her up onto the Wall.

    "Roger? Yin has been found. Transportation needed, over." The masked man said under the Mask.

    *Oh god oh fuck. In going to die--* She thought, panicking. She kicked around, trying to break the Grip.
    The masked man Kept his grip, grunting.
    "Stop fighting, little one."
  15. "Sorry, kid. There's an accident ahead, you'll have to go around." The officer said. Drake paused, looking over the policeman's shoulder. Sure enough, a large armored van and car stood bumper to bumber, with the car's hood looking quite crumpled and white smoke pouring from the front. The whole street was taped off. Lovely. Drake sighed before nodding to the police officer and making his way down one of the nearby alleyways. The officer watched him go, and once the teen was out of sight, spoke into his radio.
    "Alert to Team Geode - 07. Signature 007 - Onyx is moving to position. Prepare to wrap the present." The officer said, removing the tape that was blocking the street. The armored van removed itself from it's position against the smoking car and began to make its way towards the alleyway that Drake had disappeared into.

    Drake had taken this alleyway a couple times to school before. It was a bit of a shortcut, but kinda sketchy. So it wasn't too unfamiliar to him. But the moment he stepped into that alleyway, the same shiver he had felt leaving his home ran up his back once again. What was that? A little on edge, Drake looked around before continuing. At the end of the alleyway, Drake watched as two men in suits, one talking into a cell phone, the other wearing sunglasses, also entered the alleyway and began walking towards him. It looked like they didn't even notice him, and Drake didn't think much of it. Parking was a little strange around here.

    The samurai made his way down the trail at a relaxed pace. A cool breeze blew through the air, rustling the leaves. It was calm. Peaceful.

    Sounds of laughter and talking suddenly broke the silence. Turning the corner and walking in the opposite direction of the samurai, two plainly dressed commoners, one with a straw hat, were walking and talking. Once again, Drake felt the shiver go up his spine. Something wasn't quite right. Right when the samurai and commoners were about to pass, there was a flash of movement. In slow motion, the commoners drew their hidden weapons. They attempted to stab the samurai, but the warrior was faster. In one nearly invisible movement, the samurai had slashed through both men in the same instant he had drawn his sword.

    Drake let out a small gasp, staggering back and almost falling off his feet. What the hell was that?! Drake was about halfway down the alleyway, and the men were continuing to approach. It looked like no time had passed at all while Drake had that vision. It suddenly struck Drake how... similar the vision was to his present situation. The uncomfortable feeling in his gut persisted as Drake stood still, looking to each of the well-dressed men. The sudden sound of an engine startled Drake, and he looked behind him to see an armored van had entered the alleyway. His escape route was effectively cut off.

    Drake turned his attention back to the two well dressed men, who had quickly closed the gap between themselves and Drake. Just like in the vision, time seemed to slow. There was a crackle of electricity, and Drake saw that what he first thought was a cell phone was in fact, a stun gun. The first man lunged towards Drake, but to both their surprise... Drake had grabbed the man's wrist. The two shared a shocked look before time suddenly seemed to speed up. Drake's body began to act on it's own, through instinct. The sunglasses guy lunged at Drake, a stun gun of his own at the ready, but with a quick movement Drake blocked the attack with cell phone guy's body. There was a loud crackle of electricity and a yell in pain as the phone guy was shocked intensely. Sunglasses guy drew back for another attack as phone guy crumpled to the ground, but Drake had managed to snatch away phone guy's stun gun. Drake easily knocked away sunglasses guy's second jab, making sure to not let the stun gun hit him. At the same time, Drake switched on his stun gun and rammed it directly into sunglasses guy's chest. There was another crackle of electricity and yell in pain as the second man crumpled to the ground, but Drake could also hear a grinding noise from behind him.

    The two men defeated, there was still no time to rest or even consider how the heck he had even did that. Drake looked back to see that the sliding door to the armored van had been opened, revealing a rather large metal, clawlike hand mounted on a launching devices. Once again acting on instinct, Drake reached over and grabbed the lid off a trash can. The clawlike hand launched towards Drake, a metal cord trailing behind it. The teen was just barely able to get the lid in front of him, the claw grabbing that instead of the teen. The heavy impact still knocked Drake back a few feet, but at least he wasn't the one caught in the claw.

    Scrambling back to his feet, Drake turned to run only for a car to screech to a halt at the other end of the alleyway. Three more men in suits quickly jumped out of the car, running towards Drake. He could hear the scraping of metal on the ground as the claw was being returned to it's launcher. He couldn't stay here. Noting the fire escape, Drake quickly parkoured off the wall of the alleyway onto the ladder and began to climb. A small voice in the back of his head was confused on how the heck he had done that, but there was still no time. There was a clatter as the men in suits managed to bring down the latter to their level, he had to keep moving.

    It didn't take long, but Drake had made it to the roof. He knew he needed to form some sort of plan, but he had to get away. So he began to run across the rooftop.
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  16. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    Issac parked his car in a visitor spot, before glancing up at the building with a sigh. It was tbe closest city prison, where his dad has been staying for the past three years. He remembered sneaking here to visit him a lot in that first year. His mother, and even his dad, didn't want Issac to his father like that.

    He started to approach the building, before being stopped by two officers walking out the front gates. He never seen them before, they were wearing reflective sunglasses, hiding their eyes. "Mr. Allens, we need to speak with you about something. Please come with us into the station." One spoke, his voice had little to no emotion. "You gonna tell me what this is about?" Issac asked, keeping his voice relaxed but he did feel some worry well up. Was this about his dad?

    "Just come into the station with us." Issac followed them into the building and past the entrance towards one of the offices. "Alright whats all this abo-" Issac was cut off as he entered the room, one of the men tackling him down and covering Issac's mouth with his hand. The other man pulled out a knife, starting to approach. Issac screamed as loud as he could, but it onky came out as muffles into the man's hands. His eyes wide, Issac's fight of flight sense started to kick in. As he struggled against the wait of the man that knocked him down, it seemed like some of the papers were starting to kick around the room. No windows were open yet they were flying around as if a strong gust of wind entered the room. The two men stopped for a moment, cursing. "The damn kids activating, we gotta make this quick!" Issac used this quick moment to headbutt the face of the man pinning him down. "You two are really pissing me off!" He shouted out, the feeling of the wind getting stronger in the room, as all the desks and chairs started to shake.
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  17. Monty began sprinting for the other end of the alley, not even bothering to look behind him when he heard the figure jump down from the fire escape. "Come on, come on," he puffed with every other step, his feet beginning to hurt from running in the sandals.
    "Now!" Monty heard a voice shout from behind him.

    Just as he was about to reach the street, a black van came to a screeching halt sideways, blocking the entrance. The big door opened up to reveal two more people dressed like the figure in the fire escape. "Fu-" Monty began as he changed stances, digging his feet into the ground, but it was too late. One of the figures, a woman judging by her size, launched themselves out of the van and tackled Monty. Monty landed on his back with the woman on top of him, and he realized just in time that she had drawn a tazer while they fell. "Stay still!" She hissed as she flipped it on, electricity crackling between the two prongs. Don't let her hit me, Monty thought as his hand shot out, grabbing the woman's wrist. Monty saw from the corner of his eye that the figure from the fire escape had caught up, and that the second figure from the van had emerged and was fast approaching.

    I gotta do this all in one shot, Monty thought as he desperately struggled with the woman on top of him. He knocked away her free hand, and brought his fist to her elbow. The woman cried out in pain as her elbow broke with a sickening crunch, and the tazer dropped out of her hand. Monty forced his leg in between his chest and hers, and kicked out with all his might. She went flying back a few feet, just enough to collide with the other figure. Monty grabbed the tazer off the ground and spun to meet his original attacker, but he wasn't fast enough. The figure dashed up to him and kicked up, uppercutting Monty with his foot, before bringing his heel down on the back of Monty's head.

    Monty was stunned, and dropped down like a sack of potatoes. Quickly he was jumped by all three of the figures, and while two of them held him down the third slapped some sort of advanced handcuff onto his wrists. They dragged him, still bleeding from the attack, into the van and began driving.
    "This is Echo - 01, reporting in."
    "Roger, Echo - 01, how do you copy?"
    "Apprehension of 005 successful, returning to base now."
    "Copy Echo - 01, be careful with that one. His predecessor was one of the best fighters."
    "Roger, base, over and out."
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  18. "There, there!"
    "Target Sighted!" Drake could hear the men in suits as they had finally reached the roof. Unfortunately, Drake was beginning to run out of roof. The gap over the next alleyway was big, way too big. Yet instinct told him that he could make it. For a moment, a small mental battle went down in his head as he ran. There's no way he could make that jump, right? It's impossible! But then there was the thought of the people chasing him. Drake didn't want to find out what the hell it was they wanted with him. Not slowing down, Drake gritted his teeth.
    "Oh, shiiiiit!" Drake yelled, jumping the gap over the next alleyway. Once again, time seemed to slow. The gap was at least 10, 13 feet wide. Even Olympic jumpers couldn't make it that far, right?

    With a grunt, Drake's upper half slammed onto the roof. He managed to grab a handhold, and slowly pulled himself up. Back on the previous roof, an agent aimed his taser at Drake only for another agent to push it down.
    "No, he could fall. We need 007 as unharmed as possible." The agent growled. Pressing a few buttons, he began to speak into his watch. "Calling all units. Signature 007 is making his way west, on the rooftops. Approach with caution, his powers are beginning to activate."

    Drake pulled himself onto the roof, looking back for only a moment before continuing running. What the hell was happening to him?! How was he doing this stuff?! He'd never even thrown a punch before, and now he had managed to dispatch two fully grown adults with relative ease? Then there were those strange visions. Drake jumped another gap, a smaller one, and managed to make it with relative ease.

    Still, there was no time to think. Drake jumped a third gap when some movement from below caught his eye. There was a masked man, standing on the fire escape. He had one of those metal claw hands, similar to the ones those goons tried to use on Drake. And it looked like he was reeling in someone, a girl around Drake's age with black hair and purple highlights. She wore a kimono and looked rather familiar, but more importantly... She 'felt' familiar. That instinct was kicking up once again, this time saying to help and protect this girl.

    "Ah, shoot. Whatever's going on, don't fail me now." Drake muttered. The teen jumped down, grabbing onto the fire escape on the way down. Hoping to catch the masked man by surprise, Drake attempted to swing into him with a two legged kick.
    "Let her go!" Drake yelled at the masked man.
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  19. When Milo woke the next morning, it was with a shiver. The thermostat must've either been busted or shut off, and she really hoped it wasn't the former. She raided her closet it the section that she'd reserved specifically for wintertime, deciding that today's apparent temperature warranted for one of her warmest outfits as she dressed and slung her backpack over a shoulder.

    As was their routine by now, her mother had already left for work before dawn had even broken. Milo was tightening her scarf around her neck as she descended the stairs, and nearly opened the door to leave for school when she caught a glimpse of a crumpled paper bag on the kitchen counter. Leaving the door and entering the kitchen to look more closely at it, she noticed a sticky note with her name on it written in her mother's swooping handwriting on it, and underneath it written a teasing, "since I know you won't wake up in time to make your own. >:(" A smile spread across Milo's face. Her mother couldn't cook a good warm meal to save her life, but she always put her all into making a great sandwich. Milo stuffed the food into her backpack and locked the front door behind her as she left for school.

    Standing at the curb of the street, Milo huffed impatiently, her breath coming out in a fog. The bus was supposed to be there nearly ten minutes earlier, she noted as she checked her phone again and wondered what the holdup was. She waited another five before gritting her teeth and turning to head back the way she came. There was a greenbelt behind her row of houses. Normally, on the rare occasion that the bus was late, she cut through there, and after, it was a nearly straight shot downtown. She'd prefer not to, of course; it was a long walk and she was freezing, but she didn't want to be late to class. On top of everything else, she didn't want to have to endure the teasing for that. Frozen leaves crunched under her boots as she trudged the overgrown trail, and she pulled her jacket more tightly around her. It'd been awhile since she'd taken this route to school, but she could hardly get lost; as far as she knew, this was the only trail to cut through this direction, with minimal forks.

    She pulled out her phone and brought up the weather app from it--would it get any warmer this week? The temperature felt like it was dropping by the moment. In her distraction, she didn't notice dark shapes approaching behind her. Not that she would have anyway; unlike her, their trained steps made very little sound, even as they crept closer at an increased speed. In fact, Milo didn't realize that she was being followed until one of the masked men wrapped an arm around her throat, putting her in a headlock and kicking at the backs of her knees. She could hardly scream as she fell against the darkly-clad person's body. It was a tough surface to fall against, as though they were covered in kevlar.

    "Cover the eyes, you know what can happen," the man holding her neck snapped, before evening his voice. "Signature 006: Quartz is incapacitated and blinded. Team 6 Beta, prepare to rendezvous at--ack!" the man was cut off as the teen began to struggle again, and as she did so, a thin, delicate layer of frost began to collect on the arm that held her by the neck. "Forget it! There's no time. Intercept at our location."
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  20. The masked man look at what Yin was staring at, grunting as he was Hit with the Double-Legged kick.

    As the man let go, Yin gasped for a Deep breath, looking at the Mysterious Savior.
    ~" Thank you. "~ She signed, quickly running the other direction.

    "We got a Runner!" The masked man said into his watch, as he looked at the Savior. "007 is here, aswell. Bring Backup."

    Nearing the Exit, she Skidded to a stop, looking at the Black van that appeared before her. Even more panicked than before, a Nearly-transparent, Ghost-like figure appeared to be coming from behind her.
    As a Claw was shot at her, the Ghost rushed infront of her.

    " Za Warudo! Toki wo Tamari!" Yin yelled, quickly covering her mouth as a Greyish aura surrounded the area. Trying to speak, she moved around the area.
    The ghost went back inside Yin, saying one final thing.

    "Jikan ga futatabi ugokihajimeta." Time has begun to move again.

    The claw shot out where she was before, as they looked at where she was now.
    Panting, she walked backwards, going back to where she was when she was Originally almost Kidnapped.
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  21. Drake landed on the fire escape, face-to-face with the masked man. But while the masked man called for help, Drake didn't hesitate. He lashed out with a kick, aimed at the guy's chest. Drake's intention was to knock the man off the fire escape, in a hope to incapacitate him. Not sticking around to see if his attack worked, Drake instinctively decided to take the short way down. The teen jumped over the edge of the fire escape, falling a few floors into a pile of trash. It hurt, but not as much as he expected it to. The black haired girl was walking back towards him, and Drake could see the armored van blocking the end of the alley that Yin was running from.

    Drake quickly scrambled to his feet, running and catching up to Yin.
    "Come on, come on! We've got to get going! We've got to keep moving!" Drake called over to Yin, waving her to follow him.
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  22. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    "We need to restrain this kid now. He's gonna draw too much attention." One of the two men said to the other. The words rung in Issac's head. They were right, if someone came in it would look like he was attacking two officers.

    His eyes scanned the room, while the winds started to calm. It seemed like as He focused, the wind began to relax. Was he connected to this? He had no time to mull over that. His eyes rested on a window just behind him. Open or not, it was his one way out. Just as the men started to sprint at him, Issac turned round and leaped forward, out the window and into one of the city's endless alleyways. He didn't care where he was, he just needed to run.
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  23. Yin looked over at Drake, Nodding as she Followed him.

    "Dont let them escape!" One of the Peeps said, allowing another to get up to the Fire exit, helping the attacked one off the edge.

    At a moments notice, this was the Lavigoron girl's first time being this Terrified. She had been Mildly terrified before, but mostly of being in the Middle of things.

    Looking back at her Savior, she noticed something Similar. She didn't know if he knew Sign Language, so she'd need to make things as simple as she could to communicate. She didn't try yet, anyways. Once they get to safety, she can.

    She began thinking about that Ghost that appeared, and how she Spoke.
    The ghosts Discolored aura made it hart to Pinpoint its Color, but what it was, she could easily know.

    *That ghost.. It looked almost like a..Raven. I cant think straight, but I think thats what it was.* She thought, keeping her pace.

    "What was that?!" The main Masked person asked, as the others shrugged in confusion. When Yin spoke, they were confused as it was, and then she Teleported out of the Claw's way.
    "The World.."
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  24. Her body was feeling increasingly cold, and yet she did not shiver in the slightest. It felt... soothing, in a way. A flickering blue light formed at her pale hands, drawing attention from her captor. Her eyes suddenly glowed blue, as the air took a sudden chill -

    "Cobalt's about to blow, get here NOW-"

    The mystery figure didn't get to finish his sentence before everything went blue.
    An explosion of icy energy burst around the girl, sending the figure sprawling. He nearly fell off the platform, before ice appeared at his feet, freezing him in place.
    When Allie opened her eyes once more, the ring around her was gone - seemingly speared apart by two ice daggers. The man was frantically trying to get to his communicator, only to drop it over the ledge.
    Suddenly, Allie's body seemed to move without her will, piloted by her sheer adrenaline as the ice at the man's feet broke and he came at her. His movements were slowed, as if he were hypothermic. Before she knew it, an icy blade had formed in her hand and she was pointing it directly at the man's heart. The squad leader stopped in his tracks.

    Neither aggressor or victim spoke, as Allie's trembling hand held the dagger of ice. Clearly, it could easily kill the man if she wanted to. But did she really want to? Part of her was urging her to just stab without thinking. And yet, her morals won over.

    She glared the man deep in the eyes, and spoke in a voice that was only vaguely hers. "Leave."

    He didn't have to be told twice. In an incredible stroke of luck, he immediately backed off, pulling out a backup communicator. She could only vaguely hear his words as he grappled off the building and ran off.

    "She blew. Fleeing the scene. No fatalities."

    She remained on the platform, still shaking with the blade in hand. Her mind had been shifting between anger and fear almost at the flip of a switch. It was like two people were fighting for control of her body.

    Finally, the adrenaline faded and she collapsed, her mind drawing a blank. She had no idea what was going on.

    "What's happening to me?"

    Shaking, she got up, viewing a ladder nearby. Barely managing to cling to the rungs, she climbed down, settling herself on the ground.

    Suddenly, she saw a boy - slightly older than her - jump out a window, running into the alleyway she was in. Her eyes caught his, and for reasons that she could not understand, she felt compelled to cry out to him.

    "Hey - WAIT!"

    She fled after him, eventually catching up. "What are you running from?" She had no idea why she was talking to the older teen, she just felt like she was supposed to.
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  25. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    Issac slid to a stop once he heard a voice, some girl approaching him out of nowhere. "Listen here, I wouldn't stay anywhere near me, skme guys are trying to capture me or kill me, I don't know, but jt seems like I'm bad news to them." Issac explained quickly, leaning on the wall to catch his breath.

    All of a sudden, the two men from earlier turned the corner to see Issac and this mystery girl. "Ahh hell..." Issac muttered looking at them. "Stay the hell away from me!" He shouted at them, and as his anger started to flare up, a strong gust of wind pushed the men back into the wall, hard. "We need to run. Now." He muttered out.
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  26. A jolt of familiarity surged through her mind as he spoke. "You too? I just had a guy drag me onto the roof for some reason! And then there was blue and ice and -"
    She saw the men around the corner, and a switch flipped in her mind. Her arm moved without her conscious thought, and three thick icy spikes appeared in front of them, blocking their path. Her eyes went back to normal, as did her personality.
    "WHA-You - You saw that, right? You blew wind, and I made ice - wh -" She heard him say that they needed to run, and silenced herself, running alongside.
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  27. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    Issac was a bit shocked at the girl suddenly shooting out ice. It was clear that whatever was happening to him was happening to her as well. Were there any others? He had no time to think about that right now.

    Eventually the pair reached the street that the station was located. "My car is just down the street. Lets get there quick before they spot us." He said to the girl. "Oh uhh, names Issac." He quickly muttered out.
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  28. Normally Allie would feel completely averse to getting in a stranger's car, but for a reason she could not place, she felt like she was supposed to. A reassuring feeling, like everything would be alright.
    "Allie," she muttered, "and thanks."
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  29. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    Issac just nodded in response as the pair reached the police station, and he made his way to the car. He got in and waited for Allie to get in the car. "Alright. Okay. We need to get somewhere safe. You have any ideas?" He asked her. Despite being older, Issac felt like he should listen to Allie's suggestions, like she knew what to do.
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  30. "Uhh," Monty groaned, waking up from his daze. He felt an incredibly tight pressure on his wrists, which were suspended above his head, and both his jaw and the back of his head hurt badly from where he had been kicked. Monty opened his eyes and found himself in the back of a van, presumably the very van that those goons had jumped out of. Wait. If I'm here, Monty began thinking, Then they must be as well. The space he was in was barren, save for the ring that Monty's hands were cuffed to.

    "Hello?" Monty called out. Silence. "What do you want with me?"
    The three teammates sat in silence in the front of the van, the only words exchanged between them being commands from Echo - 01.
    "Hello?...What do you want with me?"
    Echo - 01 rolled his eyes when the kid's voice came through the speakers. "Go deal with him," He commanded Echo - 02. "You know the protocol, he has to be 'unconscious or otherwise incapacitated'."
    Echo - 02 stood up from the small backseat and grabbed the handle of the heavy door that separated her team from the prisoner. Just before she turned it, she asked her team leader, "Is he activated yet?"
    Echo - 01 thought for a moment before responding. "Definitely. He melted straight through my claw's cable. I don't think he realizes it yet, though, so it shouldn't be an issue."
    Monty was slightly crouched in the cramped van, his arms numb from their suspension from the ceiling. Where could they be taking me? Suddenly, the wall in front of him opened and the woman with the tazer stepped through what was clearly a doorway of some kind. Monty couldn't tell what she look like, as she wore a mask, and couldn't even see her eyes when he faced her. "Where are you taking me?" Monty repeated. The woman took two steps forward, instantly closing the distance between them. She removed the tazer from her belt, and flicked it on in the same manner as earlier. "Quiet!" She ordered, thrusting the tazer towards Monty. Instinctively, as if his movements were being controlled by someone else, Monty lunged to his right. The goons hadn't restricted his legs, and Monty shot a foot out at the woman's tazer wielding hand as it passed by him. The tazer went clattering into the floor, only for the woman to bring a fist into Monty's already injured jaw.

    "Ugh," Monty groaned. That's twice that his jaw had been hit, and on top of it he was getting hotter. I'm gonna pass out again, Monty thought as the woman cocked another fist aimed at his stomach. Monty flexed his abs to absorb the blow, and jumped up before slamming both of his feet into the woman's chest. She cried out and hit the door in the front wall, and the van bounced a little bit. The van bounced...The van bounced! I might have a shot! Monty thought as he got ready to jump again. He jumped up and to the right, kicking off of the wall on his right side, then did the same thing but towards the left wall. He managed to do this twice before the woman got back up.

    "I need back up!" She called out, and another of the goons opened the door near-instantly. He had to stoop under the low ceiling, and his presence instantly killed Monty's hope. How can I fight them both with my hands like this? Monty despaired. The man was on him in an instant, picking him up by the throat and slamming his head into the top of the van. Monty cried out in shock, both from the pain of the hit and the pain of the heat that was becoming even more intense. The woman had squeezed her way behind Monty, to the tazer, and retrieved it before jamming it into his back. Too...much! Monty thought. His entire body started going numb, and as his vision began to blur Monty realized the utter hopelessness of his situation.

    In that moment of hopelessness, the heat became unbearable. "No."

    The man punched Monty in the face, but the he didn't react as he did before. It was almost as though the punch barely affected him. "What the-" the man muttered. Suddenly, quicker than either adult could react, Monty slipped his hands out of the cuffs and brought them down onto the back of the man's neck. Too hot. The man came crashing down, and Monty jumped back and spun to avoid him, right into the woman. The woman threw a punch at Monty and he threw his own to intercept it. His fist completely overpowered hers, and when his punch connected with her face her mask caught fire. As she screamed in pain, the man grabbed Monty behind. He grabbed Monty by the back of the neck and pulled him back, throwing him into the front door. It bent inwards from the impact.
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  31. Drake burst out of the alleyway, stopping and quickly looking left and right. From his left, he could see a lone car driving his direction. The same car that had pulled up and blocked the exit to the alleyway those guys had jumped him in. Bad news.
    "Come on!" Drake said, grabbing Yin's wrist and running in the opposite direction. For some reason, the instinct wanted him to stick with the girl. She seemed familiar, but Drake just couldn't place her. No time for that anyway! What was he doing?! They had to get away. Some place public, where there was a lot of people. They wouldn't try anything there, right? Luckily, they were already running in the direction of the school. They just had to get there, then they'd be safe!
    "C'mon, I know where we can go!" Drake called back to Yin as he ran.
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  32. Milo gasped as the pressure around her neck let up, only to be replaced by what felt like steel cord tightening her around her arms, locking them in place behind her. It burned, but not as much as the cold burned her flesh, seeming to come from beneath her skin rather than any external source. The voices that had been coming through what she assumed was a radio stopped abruptly with a crack of plastic just as the man was specifying their location, and the pair of strangers restraining her cursed loudly and dropped her to the ground. She landed on her stomach, the air rushing from her lungs abruptly, and the uncovered part of her face scraped against what felt like cold glass--frost?--coating the ground. Unwilling to give herself much time to regain her breath, she scrambled to her feet as best as she could without use of her hands or eyes and ran. Even if she could see, she wouldn't have looked behind her to see what caused her attackers to let go, or whether they were chasing her.

    She'd never been much of an athlete, preferring books to any kind of sport, but it wasn't as though she was useless. At least, not usually. Now, though, the cold was burning her throat and stiffening her muscles, making it difficult for her to keep going. It was a mercy of the universe then, she was sure, that she didn't run into any trees or bushes in her panic, even managing to work the blindfold off of her face as she fled. If her memory served her correctly, the greenbelt wasn't much wider, but her pace slowed. If they were speaking to others over the radio, they could've had the opposite end of the trail covered, and the plan had been to sandwich her in the entire time. She didn't know how likely that was, but she wasn't willing to bet her life on the opposite.

    With that surprisingly lucid point in her panic-addled mind, she cut a hard left into the brush and continued to run. As she did so, she began to notice that the plants that her legs touched blossomed with sharp, white layers of frost, which cascaded down leaves, across the ground, and partway up tree trunks. Before she could wonder at what was causing the frost formation, her She was halfway between wondering at what was causing the freak frost event and thinking that she should watch where she was going when her legs gave out as the ground dipped into a hill. A short scream ripped from her throat as she tumbled down the hill.

    Anyone that took the trail that was meant to be taken would emerge into a park downtown, unharmed under normal circumstances, and wouldn't pay any mind to what lay beyond the boundaries of the trail. Milo herself had never even thought about it. As it turned out, however, what lay at the bottom of the ridge that she was cursing was an asphalt road, a fact that she found out as she hit the paved shoulder with a weak grunt. Milo tried to rise to a sitting position, at least, but she'd forgotten that her arms were bound. She hissed in pain at the discomfort before closing her eyes and deciding to give herself a few moments of rest.
  33. She yelped as Drake grabbed her wrist, snapping back to the world.
    *Yeah, Running from kidnappers, Right...* She kept pace with Drake fairly easily, relaxing at the same time. She didn't know why they were being chased, nor how she Spoke when that ghost appeared.
    None of that mattered anyways. At least they would be safe once they reached the area the boy said was 'Safe. '

    Looking around, she realised what direction they were heading.

    Straight to the school.

    *I wonder...* She thought, looking at Drake once again. She still felt that she knew him, but she could worry about that later, when they're not being chased.
  34. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    Seo clumsily got out of his bed, hitting his alarm clock lazily. Ugh, at least it was Saturday today... His alarm clock read 5:57, around the time he’d usually wake up on a school day. He was usually a morning person, but he stayed up foolishly late last night. He slouched off of his bed, wiping his eyes. Seto was still dead asleep, which somehow annoyed him. Irritated, he got up from his bed and walked like a zombie to the shower. He did his morning routine, then walked into the kitchen to make himself breakfast. “Seo, why are you awake so early?,” Momoi said sauntering down the stairway,” Well, Momoi, unlike you, I— Did I just say that?” Seo blinked in confusion. He was about to say that exact thing to his brother. Momoi just stood there, completely dumbfounded by what just occurred. “Seo, am I going to die!? Oh god, I’m going to die! Am I going insane!?,” Momoi yelled,” Well obviously not, it’s just... Wait, why are you saying that?” The two boys just stared at each other before Seo just started making breakfast, not talking at all. Momoi just stayed quiet, looking off into the abyss. Seo prepared a mediocre meal, just microwaved oatmeal. Honda walked in the room, but he seemed to be in a frantic rush. “Oh, you made oatmeal? Uh, I have to— you know, go to work!,” he said,” Ikehara is in charge!” He muttered something else unintelligible and exited the house in a mere moment. Momoi stared at the door,” What was that about?” Seo sighed,” Sounds shady.” The clock on the wall read 6:12 AM, and Seo continued eating his food. Ikehara slowly made her way down the stairs. She was 17, the second eldest child in their family. “Ikehara,” Momoi stated,” Seo was trying to talk earlier this morning.” She gave them a weird look,” And? Why are you telling me? I don’t know, Ikehara, why was he telling you.” She covered her mouth. She removed her hand,” Holy crap, what just happened!?” Seo laughed,” Funny thing is...” Ikehara interrupted,” I can do this for some reason — Hey! Stop! Why didn’t you tell Honda?” Momoi shrugged, clearly oblivious,” He left a while back, he was in a rush for some reason. I heard him say ‘Echo - 003‘ if that calms you down. He also said you were in charge, ha!” Seo looked out onto their patio, deciding it looked like a good time to catch some fresh air. He got up from his chair to open the sliding door. It frosted over their backyard last night, and it looked like white glaze had engulfed the ground. It was a ‘Winter Wonderland’. He sighed, looking up at the sky, seemingly waiting... for something, though he was unsure. He wasn’t bothered about the situation with Momoi and Ikehara earlier today, seeming to just adapt an aylyak overnight.
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  35. The man was on him in an instant, pinning Monty down and wrapping his hands around his throat. Monty's air was immediately cut off, and given the amount of damage he had already taken, he started feeling lightheaded right away. Is this how I go out? Monty thought. The sudden burst of energy he had felt was already gone, and his vision began to dim right away. Suddenly, the man's grip began to loosen. Monty's vision came back as he took a huge gulp of air, and he realized that the man had removed his hands because his gloves had been burned clean through and his hands were covered in blisters.

    "What the hell did you do to me?" The man exclaimed. He redoubled his efforts, diving onto Monty, but this time he was ready. Monty caught the man's hands in his, and his eyes lit up with fury as he screamed, "Keep your hands OFF ME!"

    Monty awoke on the ground, his vision obscured and his back aching. "What happ-" Monty began as he wiped his eyes, but he cut himself off when he realized he was wiping his own blood from his eyes. He looked around him, seeing for the first time the carnage that had taken place in what seemed like an instant. Did I black out? Monty thought as he surveyed the damage. The van didn't seem to have crashed into anything yet...it was completely torn apart. It was flipped upside down, and all the windows had been blown out, and the cab was nothing but a big fire pit. The back doors were blown off, and the inside of the van was engulfed in flame same as the cab. "Oh my God," Monty whispered as he looked down at his hands. Did I do that somehow?

    "Gotta keep moving," Monty muttered, fearing another group of goons. The streets were practically deserted at this hour, but they would soon be full of cars. With witnesses to a crash like that came police, and with police came questions, and Monty didn't have a single answer for what had transpired. He slowly stood up, brushed the glass and rubble off of himself, and turned his head only to realize that a tall-ish girl with black hair had seen the whole event from across the street.
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  36. The further Drake ran, the more he realized that even with his seemingly new strength there was no way they were going to outrun a car. The grey car zoomed past them, screeching to a stop dangerously close and cutting Drake and Yin off. Letting the instinct take over once again, Drake let go of Yin and continued to sprint at the car.
    "Go! Get out of here!" Drake yelled back. The car door opened, a sunglasses wearing man holding a taser quickly trying to get out. Drake managed to reach the car first, slamming the door on the man and putting his weight against it. The man let out a yell, dropping the taser as he tried to push against Drake's strength. On the other side of the car, another man in a suit got out. This one, a redhead, closed the door before aiming a taser at Yin and firing.
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  37. Yin looked at the tazer, the Ghost appearing again.
    "Za Warudo! Tokio wo Tamari!" A voice similar to Yin's yelled, the Greyish aura appearing again.
    Yin moved out of the way, looking at how everything just.. Stopped.

    "Time has Resumed."

    The Taser shot missed, as the Redhead looked around. She hadn't seen anything inside Yin's Time stop.

    "While time is stopped, there is only me." a Voice in Yin's head, as she shook her head.

    The ghost was still there, it's Head looked to have a Heart on the top, while it being Pure black at the same time. It's chest had the outline of Armor, while it's Belt had another Heart.

    *How the hell am In speaking?!* She thought, the ghost returning to Yin, as she Shivered.
    She used the moment of surprise to rush up to the Redhead, throwing a Punch towards the Stomach.
    The ghosts's Hand appeared over her own, as the Redhead winced at the Connection.
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  38. Milo sluggishly brought herself to a sitting position, head swimming from the fall. She wasn't sure if she'd been unconscious or not, but she sat up nonetheless, sure that whoever was chasing her wouldn't be fooled for long, especially if she left a trail of...frost. That...was something for a future Milo to address. Preferably a safe future Milo.

    Her head snapped toward the sound of screeching tires, and she, momentarily, prepared to dash into the street to flag down the approaching vehicle for help, erratic driving or not. She scrambled to her feet--a tough feat without the use of her arms--and moved to do so. However, it would seem that her misfortune hadn't come to an end yet, as the van seemed to almost explode from the inside, in the back. She froze in place as the vehicle tipped, flipping over once, twice, and coming to a perilous halt upside down, the inside still burning. If that wasn't enough, it looked like one of the van's passengers had been ejected through the windows, and was lying motionless on the asphalt, a sight that chilled her to the core. However, just as she thought that no one would be able to survive an explosion like that, the ejected passenger began to move, then rise to his feet.

    Milo finally found her voice as what she could only describe as the luckiest bastard she'd ever seen looked up to meet her eyes. "Not...possible..." she murmured, but her legs moved faster than her brain as she rushed toward the figure. "Are you okay?" She shouted. "The hell was that?!"
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  39. Monty blinked in confusion for a moment as the girl from across the street began, well, crossing the street at a rapid pace.
    "Are you okay? The hell was that?" She shouted as she approached.
    Monty shook his head in an attempt to clear the fatigue that was quickly setting in, hoping not to alarm this girl anymore than he assumed he already had. Am I okay? He thought as he staggered to his feet. Monty could tell that he had a mild concussion from getting hit in the head so many times, and after a quick pat down he discovered that his only other injuries were some cuts from the glass and some bruises from getting punched. No burns... Monty discerned. He tried to connect the dots but they didn't add up. Bruises from the fall, cuts from the windshield's glass on the ground, but no burns from the explosion that shot me out of the van? It's almost as if, Monty realized, The explosion came from me.

    Monty didn't have much time to think of the implications, however, as the girl had arrived at his side just as he had connected the dots. "I'm...alright." Monty replied, and even though it shocked him internally his face didn't betray it. "And as for what happened," Monty began, surveying the wreckage, "I think I just un-kidnapped myself." Monty returned his attention to the girl, and realized that she had some kind of cable binding her arms together. That's like the claw that grabbed me in the alley, Monty thought. Quickly and without asking, Monty grabbed the cable with both hands, and squeezed the same way he had in the alley. The metal melted in his hands, and he was careful to drip the molten liquid onto the asphalt and not onto the girl's arms.

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  40. While keeping pressure against the car door, Drake heard the girl call out something just as another agent fired a taser. But when Drake looked back, the girl was gone. In the moment of surprise, the agent pinned between the car door took advantage of Drake's weakness and managed to knock the teen down. Sunglasses quickly drew a stun gun from his jacket, lunging towards Drake. Reacting quickly, Drake swept the legs out from under the agent and knocked him to the ground as well. Rolling to a kneeling position, Drake activated his own stun gun and jabbed it into the agent's chest. There was a crackle of electricity as sunglasses let out a yelp before going limp.

    While the redhead agent was surprised by the sudden surprise attack, she managed to keep her ground. After all, it would take more than a single punch from a teenage girl to incapacitate her. Reacting quickly, the female agent attempted to club Yin in the side of the head with the butt of her taser. At the same time, a well dressed young man with a blond crew cut haircut exited the driver's seat. He had a scar across his cheek, and quickly made his way towards Yin to back up his fellow agent.

    Drake jumped back to his feet, noticing Yin had shown up again and was picking a fight with the other goons. Lovely. Drake made a movement to jump in the fight as well, when there was an unusual noise. A moment later, something large and metal slammed into Drake's back. It knocked him into the car with a loud bang, and suddenly Drake found himself being pulled backwards. The armored van from before had caught up to him, and Drake was being reeled in. Desperately, Drake began to scramble and move to find some way, any way from getting pulled in.
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