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Private/Closed Second Squadron (Discussion and Sign-ups)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by EeviumZ, Jan 6, 2020.

  1. For years on Earth, a conflict has been raging between two unseen forces. Two groups of empowered individuals - superhuman, as we call them in our stories - have been clashing for the past decade, each trying to vanquish the other. These groups are the First Squadron and Merin Industries.

    The First Squadron is a group of seven superheroes - capable of what humanity perceives as impossible. These otherwise normal human beings were blessed with powers beyond what humanity can ever accomplish - and chose to use them for good. To protect themselves, they remained completely hidden - they were incredibly skilled at being discreet in their crime-fighting.

    Until five years ago.

    Merin Industries, like the First Squadron, have remained out of sight for a very long time. Their technology is far beyond the rest of the world's - things that we've only seen in our most outlandish fantasies. Their goal? Take over the world, obviously - but not how you might think. They were informed of a group of superpowered individuals, fighting for the better of humanity. Of course, their thirst for power ignited a spark - and their goal became to capture and exploit these individuals, using their power for their own goals.

    For four years, the First Squadron managed to defend themselves from Merin Industries with ease. However, in the year 2025, things changed. Merin suddenly had the advantage, and no one knew how or why. Finally, the industries managed to capture all seven heroes - succeeding in their plan. They extracted the power of the heroes, using their revolutionary technology. Unfortunately, the second half of their plan - the even more crucial portion - failed. The device was too powerful, and the heroes were killed in the process. Sure, they'd taken the power that they'd wanted, but without the heroes alive, their scheme could never come to fruition.

    What they didn't account for - and the reason that the heroes had died - was that the heroes had a last resort for situations like these. Sacrificing their life aura, they passed down their roles to a random group of individuals, hoping that their defeat would not be in vain. These individuals were - just like the First Squadron - granted "superpowers", in the blink of an eye.

    Unfortunately, Merin Industries caught wind of this just moments after the heroes had died. Now, they have a new task. Find these new heroes and capture them before they can come together as a Squadron. And the heroes have a new disadvantage this time: none of them are over the age of eighteen.

    Well, that took me forever to write. And I was coming up with it on the fly. Yay, me! =D

    Now, the boring part. RULES. (Charms rules apply. I don't think I need to specify that.)

    1) I have the absolute right to decline any character. However, if a character is declined, I'll often provide an opportunity to edit and resubmit.

    2) Everything in this RP should be kept PG-13. There will be violence, and there will be scary situations. Regarding swearing, you may use “hell”, “damn”, and “crap” unrestricted (but not in every sentence). Anything harsher should be kept to a minimum, and filtered with tags/asterisks. If I believe you're overdoing it, I will ask you to remove it.

    3) Though it's highly unlikely and will never be forced on a character, character death is allowed on a couple conditions: 1) you must privately message me about it first, and 2) you must have a valid reason. This is often a good way to go out if you're leaving the RP. Speaking of..

    4) On commitment: If you need to take a break for a while, please select someone to auto your character while you're gone. If you do want to leave, please find a good story-consistent reason to. However, I'm completely okay with you dropping - there'll be no hard feelings here.

    5) BE CIVIL. In the discussion, I would really prefer everyone be kind to each other, even if there's a disagreement. If I see it getting out of hand, I will ask you to stop. Rude conflict really irks me, so I might get a bit snippy - my apologies if that ever happens.

    Also, some guidelines:

    When interacting with other characters, please tag the users that control said characters IN THAT POST. The exception is when all main characters are in the same conversation.

    I'm not going to allow non-human characters on the heroes side, unfortunately. The point of this RP is that they're normal kids who had their lives changed.

    Please don't have a character who's impossible to interact with. Your character can be shy or rude, but please give them some opportunities to interact. This is for your sake too: these characters are very easy to write into corners.

    One character per person. I'm very strict on this. Antagonists (i.e - people from Merin Industries) don't count, but we're not doing that until later.

    For now, the leader of Merin Industries will be controlled by me and me alone. Minor members are piloted by the person who started the attack (i.e - the person who requested it). You must clear it with me before starting any conflict with Merin Industries.

    If you don't know what to select for your character's powers, let me know! I'll randomly generate a couple from this link for you.

    Character Form:

    Name (First and Last):
    Age (13-17):
    Powers (Please choose up to three, but be reasonable):
    Quirks: (This section is for any little differences in their powers. Can it only manifest in a certain way? Do they get tired more easily? Please have at least one, and be creative.)
    Backstory (Optional, don't make it too edgy, these are normal kids):

    Current Accepted Characters:
    Yin "Sonata" Lavigoron (@Sunlight Isekai Overdrive) - Shapeshifting, Heal Others, Time Pause
    Issac Allens (@The Alright Attorney) - Earth and Air Control
    Seo Yoshisuki (@XanthousXatu) - Chatter (Speech Manipulation) and Soil Manipulation
    Milo Valentine (@DragonFlye) - Temperature Alteration, Frost and Ice Generation (Limited), Vertigo Inducement
    Montagne "Monty" Pierce (@~Patriot~) - Pyrokinesis and Ferrokinesis
    Drake Lanthorn (@Captain Cardboard) - Bloodlust, Warrior Echoes, Combat Mastery

    Let me know if I forgot anything! ^.^


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  2. Name (First and Last): Yin "Sonata" Lavigoron
    Age (13-17): 16
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: She is 5'3. Having Black hair with Purple Highlights, Blue Eyes, she isn't as BUSTY as one would think. She's still a Teenager, anyways.
    Clothing: She wears a Purple Kimino, covering up a black Shirt. She wears Blue-jeans on her Bottoms, followed shortly by White Boots.
    Personality: She is a Mute little Bean, unknowing of the world~
    Powers (Please choose up to three, but be reasonable):


    Power: Change yourself to look like any person, sometimes also animals and objects.

    Heal Others

    Power: The ability to heal the wounds of those around you.


    Time Pause ( ZA WARUDO!)

    Power: The ability to freeze time at any given moment. ( Imma have a 'Dark Spirit' show up behind her just for shits and giggles when he does this. )

    Shapeshifting: She can only transform into things he's seen, either in Pictures, or Life. Transforming into stuff from pictures takes More energy, though. If she runs out of Energy in whatever form she is, she is stuck in it for however long it takes for her to regain Energy.

    Heal Others: She can only heal One person at a Time, and it takes time, forcing her to do a Chant. This chant is the only way you'll hear her voice. The Glow can alert enemies during any Stealth Mission. This takes the most Energy, and she can only Heal when he's in an Animal or Human form, with the Acception of Toasters. She can heal in the Toaster form.

    Time Pause: From the first time she can use it, he can only pause time for One second. The more she uses it, the more experienced she'll be with it. Downside being that it takes Too much Energy to be used constantly, Unlike Dio. This might be Overwritten when she gets Older, Though.
    Backstory (Optional, don't make it too edgy, these are normal kids): He was born at a young age ovo

    If I'm needing to add more, Feel free to ask~
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  3. I laughed harder than I should have.

    Accepted. Welcome aboard!
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  4. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    Name: Issac Allens

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Issac stand at around 6 feet tall, with a fairly slim, but fit, build. He's not exactlt big, be it with fat or muscle, rather he has a lean build. His eyes are a light brown, and they sit behind a pair of square, black glasses. His neatly trimmed hair matches his eyes, being a light brown. He almost always has a smile or smirk on his face.

    Clothing: His usual outfit consists of black jeans, hiking boots, graphic tee, and a flannel or sweater sitting over it, sometimes both. He'll occasionally swap his normal glasses for a pair of sunglasses.

    Personality: Issac is in general, a pretty positive person about things. He always puts his best foot forward and always looks for the best in people. However, he can be pretty cynical when he's around people he's deemed untrustworthy, or have hurt him or his friends. He'll never say anything behind their back though, beliving if they need to hear something, he'll tell them to their face.

    Powers: Control over Earth and Air elements.

    Quirks: He can only control these elements when in direct contact with them. If used too long or too much at once, he will suffer severe damage and grow tired easier.

    Backstory: Will explore more during RP.

    Issac becoming my go to for these Super Power RPs... Let me know if I need to do any edits or fixes.
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  6. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    Hm... I must create the weakest character!

    Name (First and Last): Seo Yoshisuki
    Age (13-17): 14
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Seo Yoshisuki is rather short for his age with a skinny build. He has amber eyes and brown hair with freckles.
    Clothing: Seo wears an indigo coloured sweatshirt with a white number 6 on it. He sports a blue pair of jeans with comfortable moccasins.
    Personality: Seo is, uh, well, unordinary. He his a mixed bag in terms of personality. He is as stubborn as a bull, and works well in large groups. He has a nihilistic philosophy of how he lives life, usually complaining about the cons of how society functions. He retains a calm vibe, never really showing any extreme emotion on a normal day.
    Powers (Please choose up to three, but be reasonable): Chatter, (he can make other characters speak or make certain sounds, not useful) Soil Manipulation (he can speed up the development of a plant in it’s life cycle by holding the soil around it)
    Quirks: (This section is for any little differences in their powers. Can it only manifest in a certain way? Do they get tired more easily? Please have at least one, and be creative.) His Chatter ability is only manifested when he knows how the person he wants to speak’s vocabulary and social interactions play out. His Soil Manipulation ability can only be accessed if he is near a light source, such as the sun.
    Backstory (Optional, don't make it too edgy, these are normal kids): His parents served on the military for most of his life so it was his eldest brother, Honda Yoshisuki, who took care of his siblings for the most part. He lived a generally speaking normal life, at least up until he got the superpowers.
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  7. @XanthousXatu Accepted! What a lovely break from the norm of superhero characters on here ^.^

    Although I highly suggest giving him some way, regardless of whether it's a power or not, of defending himself. The beginning of the RP is going to involve each character being attacked, so you'll have to come up with a plot-related reason for him to not be captured. (Or you don't, and we could just have the main cast rescue him at some point. The antagonists can't do what they want without all six, so he'd be good for a while.)
  8. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    You mentioned our characters shouldn't have edgy backstories, but to what extent is too edgy? Could I have my character have a family member in prison?
  9. @The Alright Attorney Sure, that's all good with me! ^.^

    The reason why I wrote that is that a lot of people have trouble differentiating dark and edgy backstories. I want the focus to be on the characters and not their pasts, which is why I'm being a bit more restrictive than I usually am. Having some darkness and unfortunate stuff in backstories is fine. This is Earth. Things happen. When it completely defines the character and usurps the story, that's where I draw the line.
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  10. Name: Milo Valentine
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: She has fair skin that some might even describe as pale, and black hair that is slightly wavy and reaches about shoulderblade-length. She isn't exactly short, standing at about 5'8, with a lean build, and pale blue eyes.
    Clothing: She is unable to raise her body temperature to feel warm regardless of how many layers she wears, but that doesn't stop her from trying. She wears a black turtleneck sweater and dark jeans, with a gray-knit scarf wrapped snug around her neck. She also wears a pair of black, insulated winter boots, regardless of whether or not it's winter.
    Personality: For the most part, she's quite reserved and is a steadfast rule follower, with rigid ideas of what is right or wrong that she rarely strays from. She tries to remain levelheaded, and act as though she's got everything on lock, but in reality, she's got a bit of a short temper and becomes anxious when she loses control of a situation. She also has had a bit of a short memory since she's received her abilities.
    Powers: She can alter the temperature in the air to make it colder, and if there's enough moisture in the air, form frost or ice on a surface that she chooses. Under certain circumstances, she can also induce a sense of vertigo in a target.
    Quirks: She has an unpleasantly low body temperature, and is unable to feel warm, which only gets worse when she uses her abilities. Additionally, in order to cause vertigo in another person, the target not only needs to be within Milo's line of sight, but also needs to be in a state of weakness (startled, scared, sad, etc).

    Please let me know if there's anything I can add to make her fit into the story better!
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  11. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    Perhaps the reason he wasn’t captured was merely due to the fact that his powers aren’t very strong compared to the others, so Merin Industries overlooked him entirely. In a freak chain of coincidences he could possibly meet up with the rest of ‘the gang’.
  12. Name: Montagne "Monty" Pierce
    Age (13-17): 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Monty is taller than most but not all, standing at an impressive 6' 3". Weighing in at 190 lbs, Monty's athletic build is comprised of about a 2:1 ratio of muscle to fat. He is by no means a gym rat, really only working out casually in order to keep his body in shape during the soccer off season, and this is reflected in the way his muscles are more pronounced when being used (lifting, running, fighting) as opposed to when stationary. Monty's large, dark brown eyes are set deep among chiseled facial features, and they are complimented nicely by his short, dense, curly black hair and his permanently tanned skin.
    Clothing: Before he gained his powers, Monty's style favored warmer clothes. Hoodies, jackets, jeans, and joggers, if it was a darker color and would keep him warm in the winter then Monty was wearing it. After he gained his powers, however, Monty couldn't bear to wear such stuffy and hot clothing. He now wears shorts, muscle shirts, and sandals (no matter the temperature). He can usually be seen in a black muscle shirt, khaki shorts, and strapped sandals. He also, always, wears a pair of black combat gloves.
    Personality: Monty is an authoritative figure, not only in his appearance but also in his words and demeanor. Monty carries himself with pride and confidence, in such a way that he commands attention and respect from those around him. As the captain of his high school's soccer team for all three years he had been there, Monty is a natural leader and is often called upon when something difficult needs doing. This has led to Monty developing a sort of "weight-of-the-world" complex, and he shoulders burdens only for the sake of proving to those that look up to him that he is someone to look up to.
    Powers: Pyrokinesis - Monty has the power of pyrokinesis, and can use it both from a distance and up close. He can manifest flames on his hands and feet, and can either keep them where they manifest or shoot them out in a focused burst of flame.
    • Overheat - As Monty exercises, he doesn't sweat as much as a normal human. Instead his body heat in converted into combustion heat, and he can expel a huge amount of flames from his arms in a devastating area-of-effect attack.
    Ferrokinesis - Monty has the power to manipulate ferro-magnetic metals. This can be done through two methods: melting it and directing the flow of molten metal, or by being able to more easily break metal.
    Quirks: Pyrokinesis Quirks - Monty's body temperature is raised drastically at all time, though this is in no way fatal and is not the same as a fever's ability to raise body temperature. When he shoots flames from his hands or feet, Monty's ability to contain the spread of flames lessens with distance. The intensity of the flames also changes with distance.
    Ferrokinesis Quirks - Monty can only manipulate ferro-magnetic metals (containing iron). This means he is unable to control on of the most abundant modern metals, aluminum.
    Backstory: Monty was born to loving parents, and while they always treated him well they were unable to provide much more than the necessities for him. He grew up in a poorer area of his city, though he rarely encountered crime. Monty got above average grades, though nothing too special. While he is highly intelligent, Monty has always had trouble channeling his intelligence, thus the mere above-average grades. All throughout school, Monty's father put what little extra money he made into his son's extra-curriculars, mostly into soccer lessons and clubs. Monty eventually got good enough at soccer that he was offered an athletic scholarship to a private high school, however it was in another state. Monty's parents were incredibly supportive, however, and they encouraged him to take the scholarship. He returns home over the summer, but Monty spent and spends the rest of the year in his high school dorm.
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  13. @DragonFlye and @~Patriot~ Both of you are accepted!

    @XanthousXatu That could work. The only reason they know the power was transferred was due to a unique energy signature detected by their systems. They were able to track where the power went by tracking that energy signature. If the power was weak enough, it could definitely go under the radar.

    Also, just a quick reminder to all of you: Quirks do not necessarily have to be drawbacks. They just have to be - well, quirks. I only really require a drawback if the power is quite strong.

    There is now one spot left!
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  14. Hope I'm not too late for this. Here's my guy! I wanted to try to give him a little bit of different powers.

    Drake Lanthorn
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Drake has brown hair and blue eyes, and stands at about average height. Playing a few sports have endowed him with a bit more musculature than other normal people. Drake wears simple jeans and a camo button up long sleeve shirt, which he keeps unbuttoned and the sleeves rolled up. He also wears a white undershirt and tennis shoes.
    Personality: Drake has a rather laid back personality. He enjoys playing games and just chilling out.
    Powers: This power is a little different than the others. It's one that's been passed from warrior to warrior.
    - Bloodlusted State: Drake can enter a 'bloodlust' in a time of fighting. His eyes sort of glaze over as intensely focuses in on his opponents. While in this state, he doesn't really feel pain and is stronger and faster than normal.
    - Warrior Echoes: Drake will sometimes have visions of scenarios past warriors have been in. They usually apply to what is happening at that moment, such as helping Drake hone in on the fight or sense when a trap is about to be set off.
    - Combat Mastery: Each fighting technique of each past warrior has been passed down, making the current holder of the power a master at hand to hand and weapons combat.
    Quirks: At first, the Bloodlusted State can only be initiated when the user feels like they're in danger. The Warrior Echoes can sometimes occur at inopportune times.
  15. @Captain Cardboard Accepted, welcome aboard! I'm interested in seeing how these powers work, they seem really interesting! you guys are so much more creative than me >_<

    With a sixth member, this RP is now closed for the main cast!
    For anyone who didn't get a chance to write a bio, there's still something you can do. If you want to make a villain, please privately message me and let me know. I'll give you a more detailed explanation of Merin Industries. Villains won't come in until later (at least the major ones), but if you want a spot, drop me a DM.

    The RP will be made tomorrow (or tonight, if I feel e x t r a m o t i v a t e d).
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  16. @DragonFlye, I know you have limited cryokinesis as your power too but I've been planning this for a while. I can change it if you really don't like it (I tried to make it different enough). I think these two could work awesome as a pair during combat too, seeing how their powers work. =D

    Her powers may seem a touch overpowered. Therefore, I offset her with a MASSIVE drawback.

    Name (First and Last): Alison Silverstone
    Age (13-17): 14
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: With a slim build and a height of 5'4, Alison has blue hair and brown eyes. She has no defining markings, with the exception of a scar on her lower left arm.
    Clothing: She wears a white skirt and blue blouse with black leggings and combat boots. Occasionally, she wears a blue pendant necklace gifted to her by her older sister.
    Personality: Bright, bubbly, and filled to the brim with charisma, Allie has the spirit of a leader. She's flamboyant and always willing to rise to a challenge - no matter the cost. Her determination is unmatched, and she'll always fight to the end. However, she can be a bit rash and often throws herself into situations without thinking - and ends up in trouble because of it. She's also a touch socially awkward.
    - Cryokinesis: The capability of generating and manipulating ice and things associated with it. It is not limited by temperature.
    - Psychokinetic Traits: She is capable of limited telepathy, teleportation (short distances only), and telekinesis. (I will treat telekinesis like any other attack: simply stating that she used it, and letting you choose whether it is effective or not.)
    - Animation: She can bring non-sentient objects to life. At the beginning, she can only animate one object at a time and only objects generated with her Cryokinesis. Even towards the endgame, she will only be able to animate a few things at once and it will drain her quickly.

    - General: Her abilities are highly unstable and connected to her emotions as well as her will. In moments of extreme happiness, fear, anger, and the like, her power will often manifest without her will.
    - General: When sufficiently injured and angered by a truly evil foe, Allie will enter a subconscious state powered by fury and hatred. In this state, she essentially becomes completely dead-set on destroying the enemy - even if she dies trying. Her powers are heightened and she becomes utterly merciless. However, due to the nature of this state, it has several drawbacks: 1) she cannot activate or end it at will, 2) it can only be sustained for short periods of time, and 3) she will fall unconscious after leaving this state.
    - Cryokinesis: Due to the fact that this power is directly tied to her soul, she naturally becomes weak to extreme heat, regardless of whether she is using her power or not. Prolonged exposure will cause her to faint, or worse.
    - Psychokinetic Traits: Telepathy can only be used with those she has an emotional connection with. Teleportation can only be used to places that she has been recently.

    Other: The reason for her intense drawbacks and incredible power is that she inherited the powers of the leader of the Squadron. Because she is not a skilled warrior like he was, her body is simply incapable of handling all that power - which is why it is heavily tied to her mental state.

    Thread will be up soon!
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  17. Oh no, I don't mind at all! I'd even agree that they'd work well together! Not only do they balance each other out personality-wise, but the abilities seem pretty rough on both of them, so I'm sure it'll be nice to have someone to commiserate with :)
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  18. Thanks! Glad you're okay with it. I always use cryokinesis for this character so I wanted to double-check with you, seeing as there are some people who prefer individuality for their power. (And that's okay too! ^.^)
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  19. @XanthousXatu yep, that's a-okay! The industries would probably be under a different name though, seeing as they don't really want their true identity given away.
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  20. I would have added more but I felt that the post was already getting too long :p
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  21. ...that might have been my longest post ever.... xD

    SOME NOTES for everyone...

    - Everyone should be up fairly early. They'll all be relatively tired. Once they leave their houses, I will set up attacks on each one.

    (If you're curious, Cobalt is Allie. They're prioritizing her because she has the former leader's signature, and they don't want her instinctively forming a new Squadron.)
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  22. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    We don't need to have trace of our powers around us when we wake up like Allie did do we?
  23. No, that's due to her lack of control. Unless your character specifically has trouble controlling their power, then there should be no hints at all.
  24. (Apologies for the double-post but I'm not sure if editing actually alerts you all again.)

    Anyone who has left their house is free to initiate their attack from Merin Industries. The stealth units are trained in, well, stealth, so they won't attack out in the open - they'll likely get their target somewhere secluded before attacking. Ideally, this should be where everyone discovers their powers.

    If you would rather not initiate the attack yourself, please let me know. I can initiate it instead.

    @XanthousXatu's character will not be attacked, as we discussed. I will highlight later that they could not properly track his energy due to the fact that it was very weak.
  25. Quick question, would you say these guys go to the same school, or even the same district? Or is it just the city that's the same?
  26. Probably. They're obviously not next-door neighbours or anything (pardon my Canadian spelling), but they are in relatively close proximity.
  27. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    Canadian spelling is best spelling don't @ me.
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  28. @EeviumZ Are we meant to get captured or escape?
  29. @~Patriot~ Ideally, most of us should escape, but it’s okay if one or two people don’t successfully flee. That can be the Squadron’s first task.
  30. Dunno if this is limited to 7 but never hurts to try.

    Name (First and Last):
    Iris Bell
    Age (13-17):
    Small and frail even for her age, she’s extremely skinny with long brown untidy wavy hair that hangs in a loose ponytail, with long bangs that partly covers her ice blue eyes, though beautiful they are useless since Iris is blind, as a result there is a light transparent white-ish look that goes over her eyes. She has a small button nose and large almond shaped eyes. Her skin tone is an extremely light brown with some hardly noticeable darker brown freckles across the bridge of her nose and slightly under her eyes.
    Iris dresses in a very simple loose wide neck light grey top with large flared sleeves, and lose light blue genie pants. For shoes she wears a matching pair of light blue cloth shoes similar to ballet shoes. For an accessory she wears a large blue elongated octahedron shaped crystal necklace. The crystal is a transparent dark blue roughly eight inches in length.
    Joyous, and optimistic, her youthful personality often has her curious at many things. She often jokes about her blindness.

    • Crystal Manifestation – Iris’s primary ability that lets her use her power. When activated Iris transforms into a massive highly reflective crystal blue Octahedron, she herself becomes incased within a black sphere in the center that acts as its core. The Octahedron is just a default shape, its capable of transforming and shifting into a plethora of shapes, patterns, and symmetrical constructs, based on external stimuli. This is all achieved though rapid transformations that seem to deify all laws of physics as the crystal manifestation can rapidly gain and lose mass from nothing.
      • NOTE: Please refer to this video as a reference to how all her powers work in combination (personally not a fan of Evangelion but i love Ramiel)
      • 2nd Note?: Because Iris is blind, this form greatly enhances her senses to the point of supernatural, being able to sense incoming attacks from very great distances and having the reflexes to change shape and form force shields to block the attacks from very. This also allows her fire attacks and counter-attacks with perfect precision from nearly any distance
    • Force Shield Generation – During Crystal Manifestation, Iris can erect large powerful Force Shields capable of withstanding all type of attacks including orbital strikes and other super heavy ordinances
    • Energy Blasts – During Crystal Manifestation, Iris is able to fire a wide variety extremely powerful energy blasts after a short charge up. Strongest beams have the capability to melt and blast away entire sides of mountains
    Quirks: Iris is completely useless after she uses her power, unable to walk or even stand up. Out side of her Crystal Manifestation she is just an ordinary girl. Her power if activated when the Octahedron necklace she wares is impaled though her chest. The necklace is somehow tied to her and cannot be physically touched by anyone other than Iris, and when it impales her it does not wound her but acting more like a key. Despite being blind Iris seems to know its location at all times. While Iris is within the Crystal Manifestation she will retain no memory of what happened during that time. The duration of the Crystal Manifestation lasts as long as there is anything Iris deems a threat.
    Backstory: WIP, if I get around to it, but it's probably fairly average and normal.

    Will make edits, just let me know. @EeviumZ
  31. Hmm... I didn't plan on accepting anyone else but this character is so compelling >_<

    What do the rest of you think? Are you okay with bumping up the number to eight? I can create a plot mandated reason for her going unnoticed... for the moment.
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  32. That is a neat concept for a character...I wouldn't mind if nobody else minded. We were considering how Merin overlooked @XanthousXatu's character, Seto, due to his relative lack of offensive ability; maybe he could be the unnoticed 8th member instead? It would leave Iris to be one of the 7...though if there's something that could fit the plot, I'm always interested in twists like that ^-^

    Edit: also, my next post should be up soon, I promise xD
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  33. Huh, that could work!

    oR.... maybe the original 8th member could never have been caught in the first place <.>
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  34. Ahh, that's good too, I like it! Would they still have some kind of inciting incident that killed them, forcing their abilities to pass on to the younger heir? Or they're still alive, and did it manually...
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  35. It could be the reason why Seo is on the weaker end! Maybe the 8th member was a full-fledged florakinetic (capable of summoning and manipulating plants), but they didn't sacrifice their lives to pass down their power, so Seo only got his current abilities.

    I'll probably make mini-bios for the late heroes, in case they appear in flashbacks or the like. I plan on incorporating stuff like that.

    Is it obvious yet how excited I am that this RP concept took off? xD
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  36. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    Wait, wait, wait... How am I supposed to write Seo’s post if he isn’t being attacked? I’m still for the idea, but I’m just a bit confused at the moment.
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  37. I don't know.

    Im typing Yin's second post right now--
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  38. @XanthousXatu Honestly, do whatever you want. He should discover his power at some point, so maybe you could set up some sort of other scenario that doesn't involve nearly being kidnapped.
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  39. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    So if we escape, what should we have our characters do.

    Also, if it's okay, can I connect Issac's father's imprisonment to Merin Idustrues?
    #40 The Alright Attorney, Jan 8, 2020
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2020
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