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Second Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution Trailer Released

  1. Demelza

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    Last night the second trailer for Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution was officially released in Japan. You can check it out for yourself below!

    This trailer showcases some Pokémon battles on New Island, as well as Mewtwo in the armour given to it by Giovanni. The glimpse of the armour we see shows it as an updated version compared to the original Mewtwo Strikes Back movie. Armour aside, it looks like the movie will be a fairly faithful remake of the original.

    This trailer also confirms that voice actors Koichi Yamadera and Sachiko Kobayashi will be returning to the roles of Mew and Miranda from the original Japanese movie.

    What do you think of how the movie is looking so far? Let us know in the comments!
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