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Ask to Join Second Chances Sign Ups

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by MelodyMay, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. Introduction:

    Second chances; everyone deserves one right? From criminals looking for a chance at redemption to the homeless to the deathly sick... the list could never end, really. So many people in need of help; hell, some people are still on their first chance but because of forces outside of their control, that chance is being ruined.

    There's so many of them, it's impossible for one person to help them all. Enter in Yuki Touma: the extremely successful CEO of P.f.P. P.f.P., standing for People for Pokemon, is a company that produces a variety of pokemon products. They're first claim to fame was the production and patent of the modern pokeball; since then, they have expanded to potions, accessories, care products such as brushes and cloths designed to hold in moisture so you can clean your rock or ground types without hurting them. They are the main provider to the retailing centers commonly known as pokemarts and have, under Yuki's rule, introduced scholarships so that less fortunate teens and young adults can attend prestige pokemon academies.

    Among the most wealthy people in the world, Yuki hasn't known severe hardship in several decades. Approaching her 58th birthday, she has begun to reflect on her life and her work. Remembering her roots in one of the poorest towns in Johto, she remembered just how many others struggled alongside her family. Now living in Kalos, she went to one of the poorest towns of her new home region and saw many of the same struggles occurring around her.

    Returning home to her luxurious manor a few miles away from Lumiose City, she pondered how she could help. She was self funding hundreds of thousands in scholarships as well as putting millions of her own money into elaborate research projects. Given that, she usually only had a few hundred thousand pokeyen to herself every month- not enough to make a difference in all the issues she had observed. Being a mere donor to several non profits was not enough for her. After all, this would just be aiding the current system, not truly helping; even more than that, being selfish at her core, she had to find a way to make sure that this good deed ended up being a benefit to her in some way rather than another drain on her assets.

    With that, she designed the tournament. Using the company's private Island, Île de la recherche, as the stage for her grand game. Île de la recherche is P.f.P.'s private island for, as the island's English translation suggests, research. After taming the island's wild population, the company used these pokemon for the testing of their products as well as trying to advance research in breeding, type differences, and special differences. Any pokemon born with traits that did not benefit their experiments were released into the island's wilds. To enable the research of all species in their natural habitats, they also released a small wild population of all species of pokemon not native to the island. As a result, all species in world can be found on this island just in smaller numbers than you would find in their home region.

    Purchasing 661 pokemon, one of the base form for each evolution line, from her companies research facilities. She then had 661 individuals from various hardships chosen at random with the promise that they would be paid 3,000 pokeyen for their participation in the tournament unless you were there as the relative of someone in need of medical help (since the sick themselves would not be able to compete); for those there for medical purposes, the promise is that Yuki will cover whatever medical expenses the afflicted needs. Whether that be a monthly prescriptions, surgery, or regular visits to expensive specialists, she will cover it for the rest of her days. And for those who place in the top 10, there is an additional monetary prize starting at 100,000 pokeyen.

    To realize her dream, Yuki has saved up for four years, barely spending anything on herself and even halting her beloved personally funded research projects to ensure she had the funding for the tournament. Seeing as the acceptance letter into tournament is effectively a legally binding contract between Yuki and the contestant. She only has one stipulation: the top ten contestants will submit themselves as research subjects to any experiments of Yuki's choosing.

    Are you up to the challenge?


    • Follow all Pokecharms rules.
    • No fakemon
    • As shiny pokemon are very rare in areas where these pokemon are more common, I won't say no shinies but keep in mind how rare they'll be. A trainer who random encounters a shiny on this island should buy a lottery ticket the odds are so poor.
    • Put Yuki's last name in the Other section of the character sheet.
    • Always have at least two paragraphs in every post.
    • Keep team growth realistic. I once saw an rper have almost his whole team go from babies to fully evolved from one day of training... j-just no...that's not okay...
    • If you'll be absent for more than a day, try to let us know here in the discussion.
    • Characters must be at least 20 years old.
    • Include your Starter's gender, ability, parents, and nickname. Parents is so we all know what egg moves each other are likely to have.
    • No held items; this tournament will be won purely on skill.
    • Your starter must be he base form of an evolution line.
    • Have fun :)
    Character Form:
    Reason for Being in the Tournament:
    Roleplay Sample:

    My Character Form:
    Name: Nobukazu 'Kazu' Mashita
    Gender: Male
    Age: 29
    Description: Standing at around six feet tall, Kazu has a light brown skin tone and shoulder length, curly, light brown hair. He also has a slender build and small, dark brown eyes.
    Reason for Being in the Tournament: Needs money to get his life back on track after being released from prison for armed robbery.
    Starter: Mary (Pidgey, Female, Keen Eye, Parents: Pidgeot and Noctowl)
    Roleplay Sample: Kazu sat in his tiny, shabby living room as his children slept in the only bedroom the apartment had. They had eaten the last of the food tonight and his boys, Kurata and Mitsui, were too young for school so they couldn't have any there...

    A strangled sob tore it's way from his throat. He was already working two jobs; he didn't have time, or anyone to watch his children, while he worked a third. But they needed more money... Reaching for a picture on the small table, he sniffled as he gazed down at the picture. In it was himself, standing beside a woman, who was sitting and cradling her large, pregnant belly. Their three-year-old son, Kurata, standing in front of Kazu, beaming at the camera with his Espeon plushie in his tiny hands.

    "Mayumi..." he mummered, his voice thick and watery, "you left too soon. I can't do this on my own! We don't even have anymore food." Their small town lacked many of the additional supports for families below the poverty line. It was a fairly wealthy small town fueled by government funded research labs. Mayumi, his late wife, had very recently been hired at the pokemon biology research center. Being young and just starting their lives, they were poor, struggling to raise one baby, about to have another baby, and wouldn't have any health insurance until after Mayumi's first six months with the research facility. However, she passed away due to complications with childbirth before that time came.

    So now with living expenses, funeral expenses, and hospital expenses while only being qualified for jobs barely paying more than minimum wage. Neither him nor Mayumi had relatives to turn to for help. He knew he should probably put the boys up for adoption; he certainly can't provide for them. But they were all he had left... it was selfish, he knew it was but he couldn't give them up!
    Other: Find the code! :p

    Pokemon and their habitats:
    Bulbasaur & Ivysaur: Grassland, Forest, Rainforest
    Venusaur: Forest, Rainforest
    Charmander and Charmeleon: Grassland, Mountain
    Charizard: Mountain
    Squirtle Line: Grassland, Forest, Rainforest
    Caterpie Line: Forest, Rainforest
    Weedle Line: Grassland, Forest, Rainforest
    Pidgey: Grassland, Forest
    Pidgeotto and Pidgeot: Grassland, Forest, Mountain
    Rattata Line: Grassland, Forest
    Spearow: Grassland, Forest
    Fearow: Grassland, Forest, Mountain
    Ekans Line: Grassland, Forest, Rainforest, Mountain
    Pichu Line: Grassland, Forest
    Sandshrew Line: Grassland, Forest, Desert, Mountain
    Nidoran (M&F), Nidorina and Nidorino: Grassland, Forest, Rainforest, Mountain
    Nidoqueen and Nidoking: Grassland, Forest, Mountain, Desert
    Cleffa Line: Mountain
    Vulpix Line: Grassland, Forest, Mountain
    Igglybuff Line: Grassland and Forest
    Zubat Line: Mountains, Forests (Night only for Forest)
    Oddish: Grassland, Forest
    Gloom & Vileplume: Forest, Rainforest
    Paras Line: Forest, Rainforest
    Venonat Line: Grassland, Forest, Rainforest
    Diglet Line: Grassland, Forest, Mountain, Desert
    Meowth Line: Grassland, Forest
    Psyduck Line: Grassland, Forest, Mountain, Coast
    Mankey Line: Grassland, Forest, Mountain
    Growlithe Line: Grassland, Mountain
    Poliwag Line: Grassland, Forest, Coast, Mountain
    Abra Line: Grassland, Forest
    Machop Line: Mountain
    Bellsprout Line: Forest, Rainforest
    Tentacool Line: Coast
    Geodude Line: Grassland, Mountain, Desert
    Ponyta Line: Grassland, Mountain
    Slowpoke Line: Coast
    Magnemite Line: Mountain
    Farfetch'd: Grassland, Forest
    Doduo Line: Grassland, Desert
    Seel Line: Coast
    Grimer Line: Rainforest (the research facitlity in in the rainforest)
    Shelder Line: Coast
    Ghastly Line: Forest
    Drowzee Line: Grassland, Forest
    Onix Line: Mountain, Desert, Tundra
    Krabby Line: Coast
    Voltorb Line: Rainforest, Mountain
    Exeggcute Line: Forest, Rainforest
    Cubone Line: Grassland, Forest, Mountain, Desert
    Tyrogue Line: Forest, Mountain
    Lickitung Line: Rainforest
    Koffing Line: Rainforest (near the facility), Mountain
    Rhyhorn Line: Grassland, Mountain
    Happiny Line: Grassland, Forest, Rainforest
    Tangela Line: Rainforest
    Kangaskhan: Grassland
    Horsea Line: Coast
    Goldeen Line: Coast, Grassland, Forest, Rainforest
    Staryu Line: Coast
    Mime Jr. Line: Grassland
    Scyther Line: Forest, Rainforest
    Smoochum Line: Tundra
    Elekid Line: Grassland, Forest, Mountain
    Magby: Forest, Mountain
    Magmar & Magmortar: Mountain
    Pinsir: Forest, Rainforest
    Tauros: Grassland
    Magikarp Line: Coast, Forest, Grassland, Rainforest, Mountain
    Lapras: Coast
    Ditto: All Biomes
    Eevee: Grassland, Forest, Mountain, Coast
    Vaporeon: Forest, Coast
    Jolteon: Grassland, Forest, Mountain
    Flareon: Mountain, Desert
    Espeon: Grassland, Desert
    Umbreon: Forest, Rainforest
    Leafeon: Forest, Rainforest
    Glaceon: Tundra
    Sylveon: Grassland, Forest
    Porygon Line: Rainforest (near the facility)
    Omanyte Line: Coast
    Kabuto Line: Coast
    Aerodactyl: Mountain, Desert
    Munchlax Line: Grassland, Forest, Rainforest, Mountain
    Dratini: Grassland, Forest, Coast
    Dragonair & Dragonite: Coast
    Chikorita Line: Forest, Rainforest
    Cyndaquil: Grassland, Forest, Mountain
    Quilava & Typhlosion: Mountain
    Totodile Line: Grassland, Forest, Rainforest, Coast
    Sentret Line: Grassland
    Hoothoot Line: Forest, Grassland, Desert, Mountain
    Ledyba Line: Forest
    Spinarak Line: Grassland, Forest, Rainforest, Desert, Mountain
    Chinchou Line: Coast
    Togepi Line: Grassland, Forest
    Natu Line: Grassland, Forest, Desert
    Mareep Line: Grassland, Desert, Mountain
    Bellossom: Forest, Rainforest
    Azumarill Line: Grassland, Forest, Coast
    Bonsly Line: Forest, Rainforest
    Hoppip Line: Grassland
    Aipom Line: Forest, Rainforest
    Sunkern Line: Grassland
    Yanma Line: Grassland, Forest
    Wooper Line: Forest, Rainforest, Grassland
    Murkrow Line: Grassland, Forest, Mountain
    Misdreavus Line: Rainforest, Desert
    Wynaut Line: Grassland
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  2. Seems pretty fun.

    Name: Anthony Jalapacken
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Description: About 6”2, has brown hair and bright blue eyes. Wears a green shirt and blue pants, with black shoes.
    Reason for Being in the Tournament: His girlfriend, Rachel, was arrested for assault, when what really happened was the other way around. He needs money to bail her out, so he decided to participate in the tournament.
    Starter: Jake (Eevee, Male, Adaptability, Parents: Jolteon and Lopunny)
    Roleplay Sample:
    Anthony sat on his bed, sulking. His girlfriend had been arrested a couple days ago, and he had no idea how to bail her out. ‘She didn’t even do it!’ he thought to himself.

    He walked outside his house, trying to clear his head. He started to run around the town. Every morning he would run 2 miles around the town before returning home to Rachel. This morning, he wouldn’t return home to anything but lonesome. While he was running, he was stopped in his tracks when he saw a poster hanging on a wall.

    Other: Yuki’s last name is Touma. And was the RPer you mentioned in the Rules me? Either way, it will be realistic this time. Anthony’s mono-type will be Fire once Jake (Eevee) evolves.
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  3. Hehehehe, well I wasn't going to mention any names ;) it was your first roleplay so it can't really be held against you; it was just something to make note of. Anyways, excepted :)
  4. Name: Travis Phillips
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Description: For an average adult man, Travis is quite short, being five feet, seven inches tall, with a mostly skinny build. His usual attire consists of tattered gray-blue jeans, a decrepit dark blue jacket and cheap brown-and-white sneakers. Despite his skin color being rather pale by birth, his tan makes him look darker-skinned. His eyes have a dark brown color, as does his hair. Travis doesn't have a set hairstyle- all that is consistent about his hair is that it's at shoulder-length and messy.
    Reason for Being in the Tournament: Simply to create a new and better life for himself.
    Starter: Crane (Corphish, Male, Adaptability, Parents: Crawdaunt and Kingler)

    Roleplay Sample: "A penny for a poor man?" The elderly passing man shot a disapproving glance at the vagabond, before hastening his pace. Seemingly he tried to get away from the young man as quickly as possible. Travis slumped back against the wall, letting a small sigh escape his lips. He couldn't even blame the guy- most of the other homeless around these parts were absolute scum. And, well, to be fair, he wasn't a stranger to illegal practises either.

    At the age of seventeen, getting away from all responsabilities and living a free life sounded good to immature, young Travis. Shame he couldn't harness the power of Dialga to go back in time and punch his younger self in the gut, because he'd sure as hell do that if he could. Now he was stuck living his life on the streets, with dirty clothes, cold winter nights and worst of all, little food.

    He was quickly snapped out of his thoughts when he heard footsteps approaching. At the very least, living on the streets had heightened his hearing. Travis noticed a middle-aged woman in a fancy clothes, holding the hand of a little girl. Probably her daughter. From the likes of it, they seemed to be pretty wealthy. Travis straightened his back. He leaned against the wall, mustering up the most helpless expression he could. "A penny for a poor man?"

    The secret word is Touma.

    Two quick things that I wasn't sure about. Will team growth be mostly like in the anime or the games? Like, Ekans evolves at level 22 in the games, whereas Rufflet only does so at level 54. Does that mean an Ekans will be able to evolve much earlier than a Rufflet in this RP? Or will it be more like the anime, where Pokémon that evolve by level seemingly evolve at random points after getting a decent bit of training?

    Also, on moves, is there a four-move limit on our Pokémon? Are we allowed to let them have rather powerful moves already, or should our Pokémon only have moves that are obtained at low level when we first meet them? On that note, what are the rulings on egg moves, TMs and tutors?

    Nice idea for an RP, by the way. I definitely haven't seen this idea before, which says a lot seeing the massive amount of Pokémon RPs that already exist.
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  5. Name: Lily Mirachi
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Description: Lily is pretty small standing at 5'5, she is extremely slim, although she posseses no sign of muscles, as her slimness comes from eating almost nothing, she has long deep black hair with curled ends. She has dark brown eyes and pale skin. Because of not having money to afford an alternate outfit she uses her work outfit on an everyday basis, a basic hula dancer outfit consisting of a purple bra, a yellow flower crown, flower necklace, flower footbands and flower wristbands, she uses purple harem pants, cut out leg. She has no footwear other than the flower footbands.
    Reason for Being in the Tournament: Needs money to get a better living place, get a better job, and to start a new life.
    Starter: LaLa [Smoochum, Female, Oblivous, Parents: Jynx, Toxicroack]
    Roleplay Sample:
    A crowd of applause started as Lily finished her performance, pokeyen flew through the air directed at the performing stage, Lily swiftly grabbed some of it and quickly left the stage. "Another day at hell is finally over..." She thought to herself, as she was about to exit the building her boss runned up to her and slapped her in the face, she flinched and looked at her boss in fear, she knew she had been caught. "Thought you could steal some money from the stage did you?! Give it back immediately!" He yelled at her. She reluctantly handed it over. "This will cost you in your payment in the end of the month Mirachi! Now scram!" Lily rapidly left the building and hurried home.

    She arrived at home a few moments later, a dirty apartment which seemed like the home of rats. She sat down on the mattress placed in the corner of her apartment, "I wont be able to afford rent this month... What am I going to do... I'm going to die..." she sadly thought to herself.
    Other: Touma
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  6. Hello @Fructus :) There's just one issue with your application. I noticed your starting Pokemon is Chatot. This is my fault for trying to create a roleplay after midnight but those 661 Pokemon Yuki bought were meant to be the starters. Unless Chatot got an evolution I haven't heard about, he wasn't one of the 661 :p I'll update the rules. Just change your starter and you're in ^u^

    As for your questions:

    1) You don't have to follow team growth as strictly as the games but try to not be as random as the anime about it. Levels will just be a number we keep to ourselves for each 'mon. Game information (levels, stats, etc) will for the most part not exist as blatantly. They'll just be a reference for where that Pokemon is in their lives. For example, an in game level 13 bulbasaur would, in this roleplay, be experiencing growing pains as it's evolution is on the horizon. It would also be mastering opening and closing it's bulb for the use of powder attacks and attempting to flex the leaves of its bulb to practice the move Razor Leaf. Again, no need to be as strict as the games- they can learn moves a bit faster than the games would have it- but it is a learning curve and a process.

    Using your example of Rufflet and Ekans, Ekans would, using the data in the games as a reference point, evolve much faster than Rufflet.

    Stats will be a reference point as well. Tanks like Milotic and Chansey won't be getting OKHO's all day every day (not that any Pokemon should but you get my point) but they can take hits for days. And glass canons like Salazzle and Dugtrio can deal a lot of damage but in return can take very little.

    2) Tutor moves can be taught only if you or someone you're traveling with has caught a Pokemon that can learn the move naturally or via egg move.

    For access to egg moves, just be sure to list the parent species of your pokemon so that we can all make sure we aren't just pulling egg moves off the bulbapedia list :p

    TM's will be explained in the roleplay as Yuki will have announcements to make once everyone arrives about how the tournament will work.
  7. Ah, alright, I see! Thanks for clarifying! I wasn't sure whether that implied that single-stage Pokémon wouldn't be allowed, though seeing as Pokémon like Druddigon, Heatmor and Lapras would otherwise be possibilities I suppose it's only fair. My post has been edited with a Corphish as the starter.
  8. Another thing that isnt allowed because of single stages not being used is Ditto. Thank God for that.

    Also, im calling it. Somebody is gonna take Rattata or Bidoof and give it Endeavor, Swagger, Quick Attack, Double Team, and a Focus Sash. And then the rules will probably have to come into play.
  9. Updated. Also, how many more RPers need to join until the RP is released?
  10. Hmmmm... well it is a Saturday. Most people are probably out working or taking advantage of their time off (like I should be O.o); If there hasn't been another application by 6 or 7 o'clock (I'm est) then I'll g ahead and make the thread. Technically there could be 657 more people who join but I'll probably close it at 10.
  11. It's updated ~ Also the effect of the moves will go accordingly to which generation?
  12. @Fructus @StormingCobra55 @Clementina for move effectiveness, refer to their effects in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. In fact, use US and UM as your reference for everything: stats, effects, typing, the works.
  13. Do you need a rp sample from me?
    Name: Takin De-Whea (goes by Yin)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Description: Yin is a normal man with little love for the world. He wears a light vest and black coat. Dark shorts are also worn. Shaving rarely, small markings of hair grow from his upper lip. His hair is black, grown out and wild. His eyes lack pigment, meaning one is black and the other white. Yin has a missing right index finger from a fight, making him lefty.
    Reason for Being in the Tournament: To allow him a life away from the violence of gangs.
    Starter: Chimchar, nick: Fist. Ability: Blaze. Parents: Magmorter, Infernape.
    Roleplay Sample: If needed, link with be supplied.
    Other: Touma
  14. Just provide an rp sample and you'll be good @Mr.Glaceon
  15. Please make a sample for this roleplay. Perhaps a slice of your character's life before the tournament? The link you posted isn't two paragraghs long, I'm afraid, and not having been a part of that roleplay means I have no clue what was going on >.>
  16. Fair enough, I was trying to get a quick post in at the time. My puppy wanted to play.

    Yin relaxed down in the hidden alley between a bakery and lawhouse, his gang with him. He was well liked within the gang, due to his oddly coloured eyes. The leader stepped up onto their makeshift stage. "We have been at toes with the Spiked Skorpi for many days. Today, we send a fighter as champion to fight each other, hand to hand combat. Our champion is Yin, make the Striking Arboks proud." Yin didn't hear the last notation, he was still at his name as champion. Never would he say that he was best, and honestly would point out many others. But knowing the worth of this to his gang, Yin stood up.
    Later that day, the two gangs meet up at the meeting grounds, a clearing in the nearby woods. Yin stood on his side, eyes closed with because of his leader's orders. His eyes would send his opponent into shock. Black and white eyes are never seen. Yin's opponent was a large a large man built well, clad with a long vest and black pants. A whistle sounded, calling the brawl to effect. Yin opened his eyes causing the large man to stumble for a second. By the time the man got over the slight shock, Yin was upon him. He sent an uppercut strike on the chin of his opponent, a powerful strike. The opponent was sent back some, only giving Yin time for a few more strikes. Within seconds, the fight was over.
  17. @Melody-Jez I made some changes to Lily's outfit by the way, just saying. ~
  18. Accepted :) also, on the topic of you choosing playtime with the puppy over an roleplay: Awwwww ^u^ good puppy papa
  19. Even if I wanted to rp, he would've pounced on me.
  20. He sounds adorable :D how old is he?
  21. Four months. He's a red fox lab.
  22. D'awwwwwwww :D My d'aww meters are through the roof ^u^
  23. I had to head to my grandma's house, so he's not with me. But his name's Camo because he blends in with our wood floor and our couch.
  24. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman


    Name: Jaden
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Description: Jaden has tanned skin, mostly because he lives outside. He has blonde hair, which is very long and messy because he never cuts it. Jaden is very small for a male of his size. He is only 5 feet and 4 inches tall, and he only weighs about 90 pounds. One key detail about Jaden is that his left arm is much thinner (even with him being so thin.) That is because of his Osteoporosis.
    Reason for Being in the Tournament: -Jaden is homeless. He had been able to survive for a while, but he is also struggling with Osteoporosis in his left arm, meaning it could break very easily, and it also hurts when ever he uses that arm. He cannot afford food, water, a house, or medical bills, meaning he had to steal food to survive.


    Nickame: Doesn't Have One.
    Species: Bunnelby
    Gender: Male
    Parents: Diggersby (Male), Lopunny (Female)
    Backstory: Bunnelby wasn't really caught by Jaden, rather the two simply became friends. Jaden was alone, very sad, and Bunnelby stumbled across him, gave him a berry, and told him where the best berry spots where. Berries aren't that filling, but he survived just a bit longer on them, and the two are friends. Jaden technically didn't catch Bunnelby, because he didn't want to, and because he couldn't even afford Pokeballs.

    Roleplay Sample:

    "Jaden sat alone in an alleyway, in the outskirts of Lumiose city. He had been barely able to survive all of these years, let alone the past month. Next to him was a scratched up, broken, and torn up leather handbag. It looked as if it had been chopped to pieces and sticked together again. It was almost broken, but it still worked, so Jaden used it as a bag. He reached inside, but could only take out a few coins. He sighed. He had ran out of money. He could die at any point, and with his left arm being so fragile, it seemed like he wasn't going to last much longer.

    Jaden stared off into the distance. He suddenly heard footsteps, and then a small Bunnelby appeared. Jaden couldn't tell what it was doing. The Bunnelby turned to notice Jaden. "Bunnelby?" The Bunnelby tilted its head. Even though Jaden couldn't understand what Bunnelby was saying, he knew what the Bunnebly meant. The Bunnelby approached Jaden and passed Jaden the berry. Jaden smiled a bit. He didn't know that this random Pokemon could be the kindest person, err thing, that he had met. No-one has given him food out of no-where. He pet the Bunnelby. "

    Other: I play Touma-dachi life! uhhh...... uhhh.....

    I hope this is enough.... I'm kind of slow when it comes to writing, so that Roleplay sample took so long to write...
  25. A few things i noticed about your bio:

    1. The Diggersby was the father? In that case, it would be a Buneary, not a Bunnelby.
    2. The starters were provided by Yuki, meaning they were not found in the wild by our OCs.
  26. I thought that's how it worked. You didn't mean to, but you just helped quite a bit.
  27. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    oh yeah, I forgot about egg mechanics...

    Do they have to be provided by Yuki? Or do you mean like for the tournament?

    Well this screws up my bio...
  28. Guys, I'm sorry I haven't been active. I had a bad night last night after my first post and I forgot my phone charger at work so I need to preserve battery until my shift tomorrow. I will go in early so be prepared for a post then :)

    Also, @Froakie'sFrubbles the reason Yuki is providing the starters is because she knows most of the people competing can't afford one before hand. I'm going to go ahead and say that taking one of hers is mandatory because stray Pokemon can introduce new diseases in what is a research facility :/
  29. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Fair enough. Full re-design commence...
  30. No worries. We all get those days.
  31. Okay, so to help clarify what Pokemon can be found where, I'll be updating the rules with each Pokemon having a list of which habitats it can be found in. That way, you just have to check the list and see where you need to be ^.^
  32. Sorry for no post guys. My wifi wouldn't win a race against a turtle stuck in molasses. Working on it now.
  33. You're fine :) I've been so focused on the list that I've been forgetting to post >.>
  34. I JUST FLIPPED OUT! SHINY STUNFISK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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