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DPPt/HGSS Secad's Unremarkable Trading Thread- Reworking. My Diamond died!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Secad MS, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. Secad MS

    Friend Code:

    Hi, my name is Secad, and welcome to my thread. The banner is courtesy of Vice_. I would like to mostly trade (but occasionally battle) with you all. I want and am giving away:

    *Warning* As my Diamond died about a week ago, I am unable to fulfill many requests. I am sorry.

    What I Want:

    All and any shinies
    Regice named Rime*
    Regirock named Shale*
    Registeel named Ore*
    Male Growlithe named Odin
    Two Slowpokes, named Aqso and Psysma
    Level 20 Hitmonchan named Strox
    Level 20 Hitmontop named Round
    Tauros named Van
    Totodile named Remas
    Chikorita named Chiclets
    Cyndaquil named Rodlav
    Quilfish named Aqois
    Teddiursa named Cirlun
    Whismur named Vume
    Phione named Regent

    *Name not needed, but nice.

    These are on my wanted list, but if you offer something that sounds good, I may accept.

    What I Can Give:

    Not much. Right now:

    Level 40-something Dusclops named Manic
    Level 20 Kabuto named Pasta

    Trade and Trade-backs:

    This is basically what I need for Pokedex reasons. I'll give it back afterwards.

    Almost anything outside of Plat. Sinnoh Dex

    What I Can Breed for You:

    No specific natures or moves, but if you just need one of these, I most likely can get it.:

    I will nickname any Pokémon you wish, too, if requested.


    Items I Want:
    Master Balls
    Various TMS
    Grass Knot TM
    Flamethrower TM
    Brick Break TM
    Ice Beam TM
    Rock Slide TM
    Dusk Stones
    Dawn Stones
    Shiny Stones
    Leaf Stones
    Moon Stone
    Focus Band
    Choice Band

    Items I Can Give:
    Water Stone
    Fire Stone
    Hard Stone
    Helix Fossil
    Skull Fossil
    Claw Fossil
    Old Keystone
    Early numbered berries like Cheri

    Current Trades that are Unfulfilled (so I don't forget):

    None. All canceled due to death of Diamond

    If you want to battle, state what you want to do (Like all Water types, must have Smeargle in party, etc.) and your requirements (No Ubers, no NU, no items, etc.), and I will look them over. If I want to battle, I'll edit the first post and put it in.
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  2. Jeydis

    Friend Code:
    I can get you the chimchar with that name ^.^ lvl1 UT with Tpunch since thats what I was hatching. For say that Makuhita?
  3. I can get you a shiny Torchic with Shadow Claw for the Croakagunk, if that is alright with you. Really need it for pokemon ranch =D pm me if you want to trade and we can make arrangements on a time and date we can trade.
  4. Secad MS

    Friend Code:
    Okay, I'll trade with you guys. When and where?

    What are your friend codes?
  5. Jeydis

    Friend Code:
    Friend code's right under my avatar. Just PM if you see me on and ill try to get online then ^_^
  6. I would like the doduo if it could hold an everstone, and I would give you the spheal on that list, with a dawn stone and the name. I'm on this site like, everyday for all of 5 minutes in the afternoon, which is a regular occurance in most forum stuff I join. My friend code shold be in the corner, I believe. If you could PM me with a specific time and date, that would help, although I'm not too sure how that works...
  7. Secad MS

    Friend Code:
    Thank you, Tangrow, for the Spheal. Now I'm waiting for Jeydis.
  8. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Friend Code:
    Hmm. I have plently of Munchlax (with Zen Headbutt), Bulbasaur, and Feebas (with Mirror Coat) on hand, and changing their names wouldn't be a problem. I should have a few extra Houndour on me, too. I'd need to breed them, but getting you Chikorita and Totodile as well wouldn't be a problem. The Totodile would know Ice Punch and Dragon Dance =)
    These are all levels 1, if that's okay.

    I'm also wondering if you have any spare Heart Scales. I know you didn't list those, but some people seem to find them easy to collect (while I can't find 'em for the life of me) ^^; Otherwise, there isn't a whole lot I need beyond Wynaut. A trio of Burmy could be nice, too, and a couple of male Ralts.

    If you're interested, PM me times and ways to contact you. I'm gonna be here for the day but I'm heading to my cottage this afternoon which has no WiFi access (I'll probably be there for number of days, too). I'll be back, though, so as long as waiting isn't an issue I'm always good for the trade.
  9. Secad MS

    Friend Code:
    OMG! Linkachu posted in my thread!

    Yes, Linkachu, I'll breed these as fast as I can, but this week (and weekend, too) I have to study for and take my sociology midterm, so you may get the Pokemon next week or so. Level 1's are good.
  10. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Friend Code:
    Take your time. Gives me more time to get things together and actually contact you, too. My Diamond friend ID listed in my profile also isn't my current one, so I'll need to PM you that. Just contact me when you've got things ready to go =)

    And I'm flattered by your reaction, but it's not THAT unheard of ^^;;
  11. Secad MS

    Friend Code:
    Linkachu, I have bred your two male Ralts, your three Burmies, and your Wynaut. They all are holding Heart Scales. When do you want to trade?
  12. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Friend Code:
    Sounds good! :) Sorry for the lagged reply (I've been away for the past 5-6 days or so). Anyways, I'm not sure if I'm going to be here this afternoon or not, but if I am I'll probably be around most of the day. Otherwise, I'll have to PM you next time I'm home again with WiFi access.

    What are your best online times?
  13. Secad MS

    Friend Code:
    I'm usually on for an hour or so on and off on weekdays. I do plenty of homework, so I have to sneak in time for 'Charms.

    I probably won't be on tonight, though. I have other important arrangements. (a.k.a. doctor's appointment)
  14. Secad MS

    Friend Code:
    I do have to bump this topic so people will look, but there is another reason, too.

    I must thank Linkachu for the Pokemon she has kindly traded.

    I have also updated my first post. Please read.

    Happy tradings!
  15. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Friend Code:
    Thanks much for the Wynaut ^^

    And sorry again that I didn't have more of the hold items you were looking for ^^; Hopefully someone else will be able to get them for you :)

    On a random note, I heard you yell XD
  16. Secad MS

    Friend Code:
    That's odd, I had the sound off. I was supposed to be doing homework, lol. However, climatology can be a little tedious occasionally.

    You're welcome! I hope you pwn people with it. The first time I tried to breed it, the inscense was wrong. That's why I have a Wobuffet named PHAILZ!!1!

    PHAILZ!!1! is up for trade. I can change the name, though.
  17. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    If you still need one, I can supply one with some random moves slapped on. Jolly or Adamant ones, I have, iirc. I'm easy as far as what I can get in return. I'll see if I have a male one, but I definitely have a few up for trade.
  18. Secad MS

    Friend Code:
    *Eyes bug out in amazement*

    *Fi burns me with no response*

    Yoshi posted in my thread! *squeals*

    I am soooo sorry that I haven't responded sooner! I accept the Bagon!

    What do you want? When do you want to trade?
  19. I'll trade a moon stone
    And a flamethrower tm for
    A ralts and an absol
    ill also throw in two of my pokemon from my breeding post because I need to put the items on a pokemon

    also i have a lot of the D/P pokemon so if you want any of them just ask ill see if i have them

    pm me if you want to trade
    #19 Aero, Nov 24, 2008
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  20. Secad MS

    Friend Code:
    Wow, thanks Aero. I'd like the Turtwig (nickname it Bonsai) and the Feebas (nickname it Aphrodite). Don't forget the items!

    PM me when you want to trade.
  21. Secad MS

    Friend Code:
    Okay, this post is for two reasons. One is for *BUMPITY* and the other is for updates.

    I have added a few new Pokemon available for trade and cleaned up the list a bit.
  22. I can give you a grotle or any TM of your choice, and I want that level 53 vibrava
  23. Secad MS

    Friend Code:
    A Grotle or a TM for my parent Vibrava...(I got my Trapinches from it!) I would like a different Pokemon or Ice Beam for it. I just need the Grotle for a trade-and-trade-back for my 'Dex, so I wouldn't want one permanently. I already have an offer for a Turtwig.
  24. I can give you the Ice Beam. But, does the Vibrava have pokerus?
  25. Secad MS

    Friend Code:
    I can give it the virus if it doesn't already have it. But I'll be pretty busy today. Classes start up today.
  26. alright, just PM me when it's ready. I will put our trade on hold for whenever your ready. I have Ice Beam's to spare! :p
  27. Secad MS

    Friend Code:
    Goody. Send me your friend code. I can see it in between classes that way.
  28. alright it's 0945-9918-2459
    And, just to make the trade better, for you that is, I'll give you a level 1 Kangaskhan that knows Earthquake, Facade, Shadow Claw and Avalanche. That is, if you want him. :p
  29. hi does anyone have a low level arcanine that they would like to trade? if you have a shiny one then thats even better. tell me what you wont and ill let you know. no hacked ones tho please. thanks, matt
  30. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Okies, Mr. Scyther. You don't ask this in someone's thread, you make your own. Before you even do anything though, make sure you go into the Hall of Justice and read those threads. Also be sure to check forum descriptions before posting topics.

    And, for the love of gods, please type properly. We like grammar, spelling, punctuation and proper sentences.
  31. Secad MS

    Friend Code:
    Chimera, I accept the Kangaskhan. Do you think you could nickname Gengis, if possible?

    I must thank Yoshimitisu27-er, he's Sir Squigglesworth, now. He traded me a Bagon named Oune.
  32. I can be on tomorrow after 8 pm(EST)... if you are still up for our trade that is.
  33. Secad MS

    Friend Code:
    Yep. I'll try my best.
  34. I can give a fearow for a glameow. It can hold a leaf stone or a TM. If yours could hold a water stone that would be great.
  35. could you breed me a cherubi?! (: every pokemon I'm willing to trade is on my topic 'trading pokemon! (:' which is pretty much right below your topic.
  36. I can breed you the Growlithe and I could catch the Whismer and Duskull in Ruby and tranfer it over when I get my game back. It'll only be a few days.

    I would love to have these Pokemon though I really only want the Weaville... If you want to trade.
  37. ok so our trade didn't work out... i pretty much have all of next week off except Monday before 4pm est
    Tuesday after 4pm est
    and Friday after 4 pm est
  38. Secad MS

    Friend Code:
    Okay, the thread is open again! The Pokemon are ready, and I would like all those who have posted trades here to PM me their codes.

    In addition, I have an urgent trade. I will trade for any untouched event Shaymin for my untouched Level 50 Darkrai. I need this Pokemon badly because I cannot get to the event because of extreme weather.
  39. may i trade growlithe for charmander unless you already got the growlithe
  40. Secad MS

    Friend Code:
    I will see what I can do. This is my only Charmander with awesome egg moves, but it is level one, so breeding it this early would delete them. I'll get back to you.

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