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Secad's Seven Soiree

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Secad MS, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. Hai, y'all. I've finally decided to make an art thread. I'll try to post in this at least once a week.

    I use Microsoft Paint 7, the edition with all the cool brushes like oil, crayon, and calligraphy. I'm not very good, so I would like to improve. This is my first drawing.

    I drew this a couple days ago, using the oil brush function. It's called 'Bronzor Nomming the Apple.' I don't think it is really good, but the idea was interesting.

    How in the world do Bronzor eat, or gain energy? They don't seem to have a mouth or any sort of orfice to put food in. Because of this, I decided to make a little Bronzor struggling to eat an apple with its psychic powers.
  2. xD That's awesome. I like the shading on the apple and grass.

    Keep up the good work!
  3. Hey, guys. Here’s a new picture, one based off a t-shirt I’ve seen before. It has an orange sitting next to a glass of orange juice, with a distraught expression on it’s face, saying ‘Mom?’

    As Mareep is my favorite Pokemon, I just had to do this.

  4. Your pictures are really good and I really like your newest picture. Its cute yet sad at the same time.
  5. Oh noez! ...You really shouldn't have to kill a Mareep for it's wool though XD. Still cute though.

    As for Bronzor, I kinda figured that the middle ball thingy was it's mouth and it opened up or something *shrug*. That has to be the coolest nom ever seen though.
  6. Oh ho ho! I haven't forgotten about this. I've had fun switching cable-bundle packages, going on vacation, and dealing with nasty employees of the cable company. However, that didn't stop me from making this!


    I call it 'Geodude Taking a Camera.' I mean, I'm sure Todd Snap had some issues with Pokemon messing with his camera. In addition, during training, one might come upon rambunctious Pokemon.

    As another note, I based the Geodude's design off granite.
  7. Secad! You're pretty good ^^

    All your drawings are really cute :D
    My favorite is the Geodude with a camera...but I'm probably biased ^^;;
  8. Well, reading Carmen's fics inspired me to draw this. She said Pokemon clothes were made, and the Pokemon were actually forced to wear them. When I asked whether the large Pokemon had clothes, I got a kind of 'sort of' answer. Because of that, I decided to draw a ticked off Onix.

    I call it...*drum roll* Onix in a Tube Top!


    Have to love the cheesey names.
  9. [​IMG]

    This was inspired by my first Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology test. We were given a fifteen page test on the first class! It was a 100 level one, and it counted for a grade, so it really surprised me.

    It’s a pity Fi didn’t burn it… hee hee
  10. That poor Onix... I like that brush you used on it, nice and soft.
    Also, your face is awesome looking XD.
  11. I know this wasn't made in Windows Paint Seven. However, this semester, I am taking an Introduction to Multimedia course. This section of the course I am currently in deals with Adobe Fireworks. Here is a pasta advertisement I made for class. What do you think?

  12. This is another piece of Fireworks art, my favorite of my assignments due to its humorous nature.


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