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DPPt/HGSS Search for the Z

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Hoenn Master, Sep 3, 2007.

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    Okay, bad title I know. But, I don't care. I have finally got a Porygon ( ;D) and I will train it into my final team. I have thought of various movesets, but... okay only three! So I need to know which one is best and how I could improve it. Please. I will change nature since they're wild in the Mansion.

    Porygon-Z (Digi) @______
    Bashful Nature (No boost)
    EV training in SpAtk and Speed (not too fast)
    1) Conversion
    2) Discharge
    3) Psybeam
    4) Tri-Attack

    Porygon-Z (Digi) @______
    Bashful Nature (No boost)
    EV training in SpAtk, Def, and HP
    1) Nasty Plot
    2) Dark Pulse
    3) Signal Beam
    4) Discharge

    Porygon-Z (Digi) @______
    Bashful Nature
    EV training in Def, SpDef, and Spd
    1) Lock-On
    2) Nasty Plot
    3) Zap Cannon
    4) Blizzard

    Yes, they are all terrible movesets, but I tried. Why do you think I posted this here? :p

    AL needs Help, Please!

    I've got my Porygon-Z with Adaptability, so I'm closing the topic.
  2. NonAnalogue

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    Get Adaptability, a nature that boosts Sp. Attack at the cost of Attack, EV train in Sp. Attack and Speed, and use Nasty Plot, Ice Beam, Dark Pulse, and Tri-Attack. It will kill things.
  3. ive always found recycle+berry that heals hp+recover a good combination, got me through most of the emerald battle tower with it, so i suggest to add to hypotenuse's idea by swapping the move that you dislike the most/worst move with recycle and give him one of those berries (dont remember the name) that heals hp, or for recover
  4. Definitely ditch the Lock-on/Zap Cannon combo. People will be able to see it coming a mile off and they'll switch into a ground-type or Electivire.

    Really, Hypotenuse Man's moveset is a solid one. If you wanted, you could replace Nasty Plot with another attacking move and go with the Choice Scarf. Or whatever the speed-boost version of Choice Band is called. Porygon Z's speed is pretty good, but compared to beasts like Weavile and friends, he could use an extra boost.
  5. on the lock on/zap cannon combo, its just fine seeing as you could use blizzard instead of zap cannon for those ground types or electivire
  6. Thanks for all of the help. And it is Choice Scarf, Snapdragon. Here is what I plan on.

    Porygon-Z (Digi) @Wiki Berry
    Modest Nature (+spatk, -atk)
    1) Recycle
    2) Dark Pulse
    3) Ice Beam
    4) Tri Attack/Discharge

    Just in case when Porygon2 evolves and doesn't have the Adaptability, I need a backup. I will use Tri Attack for Adaptability, maybe Discharge for Download.

    AL Thanks You! *POOF*
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