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DPPt/HGSS Scyen's PokeMon Market/Auction

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Scyen, May 14, 2007.

  1. I've got a lot of PokeMon I got through various ways (some more honestly-obtained than others), and I'm feeling generous, sooooooo....

    ~~[shadow=red,left]SCYEN'S POKEMON MARKET/AUCTION WOOO[/shadow]~~

    I'll try to make the auction weekly, and the market is a "PM me for PokeMon (X)" kinda thing.

    First up on the auction block, I have a...

    [glow=red,2,300]Level 52 Deoxys Attack Form![/glow]

    ~~knows Knock Off, Pursuit, Psychic and Snatch (I may teach it some better moves between now and Friday). Has basic (read: no) contest stats, and holds.......ONE MASTERBALL!!!

    The starting bid is always...Level 10 Bidoof (oh, how I loathe them...)
  2. ill trade a level 18 grimer
  3. Alright, we have a Level 18 Grimer for a 52 Deoxys!

    Don't let this one slip away!
  4. A lvl 30 charmander
  5. NMR


    I have a lvl 41 purugly
  6. A level 41 Purugly, level 12 Cleffa, and level 45 Tentacruel!
  7. roserade lv50 and blessom lv 51 both with sunny day and solar beam.
  8. Level 56 weezing and 55 Camerupt
  9. lvl 15 rotom and lvl 85 infernape and lvl 30 charmeleon
  10. Okay. The week is over, so here's how it's gonna be: LK, yy, post your Pokemons moves, and I'll make my decision.
  11. It leveled to 72 Giratina Shadow Force, Heal Block, Earth Power and Slash. I have a heart scale that I gave him incase you dislike his orginal moves of caught.
    Friend Code= YamYam= 0043-9511-0618
  12. How about a lv 80 Lucario Dragon pulse Arua sphere force palm brick break
  13. Already got the finalists.

    I want to make it fair.
  14. Scyen I am sorry to say but, someone already got a deoxys to me, besides these guys are really....desperate
  15. I finally got pal park open so i dont need one
  16. Fine. If YummiYammi doesn't claim it, it's going to the first offer.
  17. skyler

    skyler Guest

    where do u get all theses good things through Wi Fi
  18. I will give you a lv 90 dusknoir, a lv 30 gallade, a lv 30 floatzel, a lv 35 weavile, a lv 40 armaldo, a lv 30 gardevoir, a lv 45 dewgong, a lv 1 phione, a lv 1 cyndaquil, a lv 1 totodile, a lv 1 treecko, a lv 1 torchic, a lv 1 turtwig, a lv 1 chimchar, and a lv 1 piplup.

    I dare anyone to top that.
  19. ..................


    I'll have some other Pokes in my party and you can just...uh...pick them out.

    I'll, uh...the Dusknoir, the Dewgong, and the torchic.

    As for when...how's...Sunday, May 27, 2007, at 4:00 PM Eastern Time?
  20. Yuor throwing alot for a Deoxys you will have to go in to the wifi 3 times
  21. That's insane ...

    Thank God I'll be able to Pal Park legit Deoxys' from Emerald and Fire Red

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