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SCT's barrel of arts

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by SineCosineTangent, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. Yup. A barrel.

    First, a userbar. Made it for fun. Sprite edit used in the bar was done by me. Blaziken sprite was from the game.


    Second, this. It's a cover to a comic version of a comedy Pokemon fanfiction my friend and I are writing. It will be called "Underground Adventure!" Sorry, it's a bit large D:


    Third, a little art cross I did with Jirachan:


    Okay, just wanted to perhaps share some stuuf. And no, I can't shade.
  2. You're wrongggggggggggggg. I can't shade.

    Moving on, nice arts.

    The hand in the second one looks out of proportion to the face, or is that just because the hand is closer? XD

    (I thought I posted this earlier >_
  3. First off, don't save as .jpg! Ever!

    It makes the quality of the image drop dramatically, because when it saves it tries to be economical on the filesize and blur some pixels around when it can. You can see it well on the edge of the red girl's hair easily.

    Save it as a .png, its what your signature is saved as and that has no lost quality at all :)

    Moooooving on, to the actual art. They're great :o Of course you can shade.

    I like the little userbar at the top too :D The only thing I'd recommend on that is a black border around the edge and the font (more personal preference here than critique :p).
  4. Awesome! The red head's finger's look waaayy to big, but it doesn't matter.

    And I second what Lon said.
  5. I learned how to shade off PokeMon. In fact...


    See the checkerboard shading on the right ear? Shading, plain and simple.
  6. Everyone: Thanks for the compliments and such, and yeah, the hand on that second one is giant O_O;;

    Anyway, here's something I sketched out today. Character profile, I choose you!


    If anyone wants to read the party list/ is not able to do it because of my handwriting, tell me and I'll post it with the next arts. ALSO: I know the arms are uneven, noticed that only after I sketched it out in marker. D:
  7. An interesting team to go with that character profile, I like the Greek bits in there.

    As for the actual drawing, I like it. The random hair reminds me of mine... all random... like. *prods it*
  8. Aaand I return. With something else.

    This is what happens when I get insanely bored and decide to draw something. I get stuff like this. I messed up a bit on the inking.

    Also, my scanner thinks it's funny to be a jerk and scan things weird. No, I don't like the scan-y dots either, but I can't seem to fix it, so this'll work for now.


    Like I said, if I were in Pokemon, I'd spar with my Blaziken. Also, Summer means shorts. Long shorts, but shorts nonetheless.
  9. :O SCT, that last drawing is so cute X3 Blaziken looks cute and strong at the same time, which is very hard to pull off. Props for that. :3
  10. I hate when I have weird ideas, and then actually go through with them.


    Behold. Weird. It's a gijinka of my female Rampardos, Eris. She's all Undergroundy.

    ...No, I don't know where the idea came from.
  11. Hey nice! She's fine to me, except for her waist, which (according the the picture) is the about same size as her neck, which would make her waist under a lot of stress to hold her upper body up. You need to be careful with proportions. I know they can give you hell (I have trouble with them aswell!) but if you can get them right, the picture looks a million times better.

    Otherwise, she's awesome!
  12. I agree with Aura, it could be a bit less skinny, and Ramparados is very bulky. The idea of a skinny Ramparados is a bit creepy... I really think it's pretty though ^ ^
  13. I love the sketches the most. Great job SCT!!!! Keep on drawing I love these pictures.
  14. Heh, the idea of a humanized Rampardos is quite interesting. I like the expression and the helmet (both say 'I like to bash stuff!'), but I have the same criticism as the rest when I say the proportions are off and she's too skinny.

    However, on her left hand, the finger outlines are missing.
  15. sheesheesh

    sheesheesh Guest

    Normally, I hate gijinkas, but the one you drew is kinda hot.

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