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Screen Name Changes

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Linkachu, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Since I for one get confused when people are constantly changing their screen names (and some of you are notorious for this :p) I wanted to ask: If you've changed your screen name recently, what was your name before?

    Feel free to include any screen name changes you make, including those you go by most commonly within the IRC chats. I won't be stickying this thread, but feel free to bump it when appropriate.

    Anyways, I personally have nothing to add to this thread. Been Linkachu for ages (here and on the chats), and the majority of you wouldn't even realize that I had a different nickname originally. ;)
  2. Well, as most of the members know, I was previously known as Hunting Rifle, named after the one I have in my weapon collection. I changed my name halfway through Things of Myth and Legend. The reason? There's not really one, except that I grew tired of the name and wanted something different.

    The name Dark Soul sounds better and I'm not planning to change it again. Dark Soul, The Wielder of Lightning, The Emperor of Flames, is my identity and it will be as long as I'm on 'Charms.
  3. Akehkehkehkeh

    I change names on a whim they just come and go sometimes ♥

    Right now I'm Tytannial, so I feel all big and bad and fancy ♥ Before, of note, I've been Tangrow and Helper Bot. I may be Tangrelle or Odette in the future, as a heads-up, and likely change my name to a new cute pet in Grand Chase is one shows up. I dunno.

    Fwoosh fwooooosh, that's all needed to be known ♥
  4. Tun, Blazi and myself pretended to be the Isshu staters for a time. I attempted to rope Flygon Master in as Zorua.
    I might be scheming to change my name to something Billy and Mandy fans will understand soon. Soon.....
    #4 Indie, Jun 14, 2010
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  5. I've been my fair share of names, but more recently I've been going by Meguroko in chat. I'll usually change my name to that of a Dynasty/Samurai Warriors character(and there's a huge amount of them. Almost 90 if you only include unique generals who are the best known from those eras, I'd probably hit well over 1000 if I threw in all of their subordinates).

    Additionally, I've gone by the names of my OCs, but I think I'll just stay Shocari for a while longer.
  6. In case some people couldn't tell...
    I was Cody*implodes* before the change. And before that, I was ydoc567. Or something like that.
    It probably won't be changing very much ^^
  7. When I first joined 'Charms, and up until I had a maaaaaaassive break then came back like ... 10 months after, I was called 'tunduli'. Theeeeeeeeeeen when I came back I changed my name to 'Tun-San', then 'Pixel Perfect', and my Screen Name up until 'Charms died was 'Tsutaaja'. Yay ~

    My chat names vary, mainly from 'Tun', 'Tunduli', 'Tunni'/'Tunny', 'Tun-a', 'Fuwante', 'MagneTun', 'Tunflooni', 'Tunnasaurus' and basically just stuff like that. 8D

    But 'Tun-' is basically the theme. o3o
  8. Here, and elsewhere, I'm Tatile or Kithi (for when I get chat cloned). This is unlikely to change, because I'm too lazy to think of new names.
  9. Y'all know me. Know how I earn a livin'.

    I'm getting tired of "Keleri" actually (after 10 years) but I'd prefer to avoid the confusion. x)
  10. Hoo boy~

    When I joined sometime around January last year, I was Toru202, then I went to Toru The Barbarian, Toru, Tobias Aurelio, but then to commemorate the breakdown of Pokecharms I decided to call mahself Toru for nostalgic regions xP So now I'm just Toru: On chat and here on 'Charms.
  11. I'm Zacky Ira but i usally change my screen name to reflect something odd or something i'm in love with~

    So if you see the follow;

    Natsu Dragneel
    Abel Silvio
    Gaizka the Volcanic
    The Cheeseburger Chronicles!
    or Lunchbox Hero

    It's most likely me~
  12. I haven't changed my name recently, but I wanna post anyway D:

    When I first joined 'Charms, I was Carmen Lopez. I decided to change it to Reina Carmen for undisclosed reasons (ahem) a year into being here. When I mentioned that I wanted to change it again, there was an uproar! :O And I was liek, whatever I change my name too, I'll still be Carmen XD As in even if I were to change my name to something odd, I'd expect everyone to still call me Carmen. Kinda like how everyone called TBA, TBA even when his name was Hypotenuse Man or Alkaline Battery Man.
  13. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I have made the monumentus* change of dropping the 'Silver' from my original name of 'Silver Magpie'.

    Pretty much everyone calls me Magpie anyway, so that's what I may as well be... although to be honest I do miss the 'Silver' slightly. But for whatever reason, I just like being plain old Magpie (although I'm still silver at heart) ♥

    *The spell check is telling me that monumentus isn't a word, but it so is so I'm using it :V
  14. I think its pretty much pointless for me, other than for the sake of aesthetics, to change my screen name. As often as I do it, everyone else still knows I'm RX xD I've gone through a fair bit of names in the past, and the current one is simply because I'm planning an avi and sig set for Bluez, one of my favorite Buizels.
  15. I was gonna post what names I used to go by, but now it's sort of redundant.

  16. Try "monumental".

  17. I was always Blarg88, however, before the site crash, I was going to change my name to Zippy88, just to mix it up a little bit. Blarg and Zippy are both nicknames I have at my school, so they work for me. It is a VERY long story of why I'm called Blarg, but the name Zippy got started in football tryouts when I was the fastest one on the team when we were doing sprints after a three-hour practice, so Zippy was born.
  18. I've always been 'Blisk' as far as I can remember... On sites that 'Blisk' happens to have been taken D: I use 'KatsumeBlisk'. A great example of this is deviantART. Both Katsume and Blisk are original characters. Katsume was created before the name and Blisk was vice-versa. I just recently decided what Blisk was. XD

    Every now and then I have thoughts about changing to 'KatsumeBlisk' on here, but I can never decide, so I don't... I might just because I have been mentioning it... XD

    [sub][sub]Edit: I have now... XD I would like to be called 'Blisk' still though. :p[/sub][/sub]
  19. This is Shocari, announcing my screen name and avatar change, in case anyone wonders where I went, here I am :3
  20. I want to post this for my friend, epicflare, who has changed his screen name to iFlare.

    EDIT: I am revealing a secret. All this time, I really was Zoroark, master of shadow and illusion! Bow down to me!
    ...no, seriously, I'm going to be known as Zoroark, ok?
  21. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    My original username that no one knows me by because I changed it withint 24 hours was Eevee4444. After that, I've stuck to Shiny Eevee more or less the entire time I've been here at 'Charms, with some slight variations like an underscore instead of a space (Shiny_Eevee), or, because at one point in time people called me S_E, that was my username. And if you look at the Forums Archive, my nickname was Shiny Zorua, to celebrate the announcement of Gen V. But it's still me~
  22. I was Eeveon, then I saw this forum's obsession with Eevee, then after the crash and all I went with my original name Raktoner, which is a name of a character of mine.
  23. I was Lucario454 for a while. Just long enough for people to kind of get confused when I changed it, but not long enough for people to really care. I got Denvari by typing some stuff into a nickname generator, switching around some vowels, and changing a T into a V. So, nothing too signifigant. I just figured that I needed to get rid of the generic pokemon+numbers thing.
  24. I've decided I'm just going to be Blarg instead of blarg88, just to simplify it a little bit.
  25. Just posting 'ere to say that I've changed my name to Suwako Moriya because she's awesome and Tan made me~ ♥
  26. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    ... You didn't say who you were before changing your name, tho! XD

    But you're Tun-san, right? :3
  27. That would be Tun, and this would be Tangrow!

    We're a tag team of heaven and nature combined, Tenshi and Suwako! ♥

    We mostly have tea and play with frogs and keystones. :>

    And once I find out who/how I can get to animate a sprite then we will be UNSTOPPABLE IN OUR CONQUEST FOR WORLD...uhm, well, just having tea, I guess.

    Recap: Tan=Tenshi, Tun=Suwako :'D
  28. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Well, I recently changed my username. I believe most people know who I am, but I've decided to post it here anyways. -^^-

    I was originally RedRising24 when I first joined, but dropped the "24" along the way. Then a few days ago Dwayna knighted me and I'm now Sir Red. :3
  29. I was Rinnosuke Morichika for a week, following Tun and Tan as a Touhou Project character. I might still return to that later, but a few days ago my love for Megaman suddenly took over and as the proud owner of Megaman ZX and ZX Advent, I turned into my favourite Megaman: Model P, Megaman of the Shadows. I think I'll stay like this for a while, too.

    But you can still call me Dark or Soul, of course.
  30. I have decided to take on the form of Ranculus, using my ability, Illusion.
  31. Meh, I just dropped the 32. Not like anyone here calls me that any way, so Doubled is here.
  32. It's a minor change but I decided to post anyway ^^

    I decided to change my user name from Reina Carmen to Lady Carmen. Though neither Reina nor Carmen are my real name, I identify as Carmen and it just felt weird when people called me Reina on the forums. I had no one to blame for that but myself so I decided to just drop it use the name Lady Carmen instead.

    ...For now anyway, it'll probably change again soon~
  33. Well, I've decided to go back to being AmethystDragon, once again. I like that name better.
  34. Well, I decided to change my name to TheTurtwigFreak, the exact name I use for GPX.
  35. I decided to change my screen name to one of my favorite characters ever to grace television, The Doctor from Doctor Who ♥

    I believe its a time for it ♥ because I'm currently becoming a huge doctor who fan boy by the day |D

    (I'm Zacky btw xD)
  36. After seeing the Black Rock Shooter movie on YouTube, which was very, very beautiful, I've decided to change my name too the main character. I think it would be a good idea for you guys to watch the movie sometimes if you're a fan of anime. If you want to understand it fully though, It'd be a good idea to take the english subtitle ones.

    Also, seeing as this topic is becoming more important, I think it should be stickied.
  37. Oh, hello. ^^ I'm Yui, Tunduli or Elise's Froslass. I'm in her ghost team and I enjoy cooking and helping others~ Nice to meet you, sir/madam. ^^ I hope we can speak more sometime. :3


    No, but seriously, xD I've changed my name to Yui because I've fallen in love with my Froslass ♥

    And yeah, I used to be Tunduli/Suwako Moriya. c:
  38. Hi there. I'm Jason Wolfe, or you can just call me Jason. I don't know why I changed my identity, I just thought it was time for change. The idea of a wolf trainer just popped into my head one day, and I related it to Pokemon. I use two Pokemon, both Mightyena;Lykos and Lupus. I'm darker than dark; I'm pitch black; No darker than that. But, I can be nice and kind. Well, that sums up the new me. Good bye, all.

    Oh, yes, I almost forgot. I'm Kerauno, by the way. Just wanted some change, is all.
  39. I am the combined form of Doubled 32 (DA) and Colorado 290 (other places)... I am..... DOUBLERADO 3290!

    But you guys can still call me Double, I don't mind ^_^
  40. I change to a play on words of the TF2 scout's line "Freaking Unbelievable" into Pfreaking Unbelievable, Because that's what I am.

    Old names: pokemonfreak387, TheTurtwigFreak.

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