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Open SciFi Horror Rp

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mantisaurus, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. The year is 2573, humanity has advanced greatly in space travel and science and has began to colonize numerous planets across the galaxy. But the colony of one such research colony has gone dark. Everyone sent to investigate has also gone missing, including entire space military forces. Desperate for an answer the Earth government hires a team of elite bounty hunters as they are expendable, although they bear a quite promising reputation, not a single mission failure. And everyone is counting on them.
    You will take the roles of these bounty hunters. You are completely free to make up to two but just one if you'd like and they are completely customizable as you see fit. But here's the character sheet plus my character as an example!

    Name: Tyrius Scion
    Code name: Mantis
    Appearance: Kinda young with Blonde hair and Blue eyes, many scars from previous conflicts, always wears a blood soaked sash around the neck.
    Weaponry: Smartgun with automatic targeting and aim systems, wrist mounted flamethrower and curved machete
    Equipment: Earth Elite Forces captain armor with red etchings and markings covering it.
    Other Skills: Leadership and military training, very strong senses.
    Backstory (Optional): A revered captain in the Earths space military with a dark past of trauma and violence from numerous space pirate wars. Recently returned home after being captured and escaping from pirates yet eager to continue fighting for the earth and given permisson to lead the mercenaries on this new mission to a strange lost colony.

    Rp will start once a couple other people have joined! :D
  2. (I like the concept. Horror Sci-Fi (Like the Alien franchise) is one of my favorite things. Makes me thing of Doom 3, if I'm being honest.)

    Name: Prius Vector
    Code Name: Cobra
    Appearance: The eldest member of the Bounty Hunters, being in his mid-sixties, he's still as bad-ass as he is through cybernetic enhancements. With a multitude of scars cascading down his face and very little white hair, his bulky form intimidates most human foes. Battle worn and blood thirsty, Cobra is one of the living legends of crime.
    Weaponry: He doesn't favor any weapon above anything else, as literally anything serves as a weapon for him, but he does give a little more attention to his binary rifles.
    Equipment: Being as old and experienced as he is, It's hard to find equipment Cobra doesn't carry.
    Other Skills: Along with his keen eye, enhanced abilities and experience, his android body gives him minor temperature resistance, and high durability.
    Backstory: He doesn't share. There are many stories of his accomplishments, but he won't bother confirming them as truth or fiction.
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  3. Name: Halt Feroe
    Code name: Techie
    Appearance: Young and skinny. He has decent height, one of the tallest on the crew. His hair is jet black, same as his attire. His eyes are blue, but are normally hidden to to tech visor.
    Weaponry: Dual energy guns w/ many modes to them. He has stunner blasts on his wrists, and a tech visor over his eyes all the time.(it is permanently attached)
    Equipment: A tech force armor vest, with the tech visor. He also has gun holsters magnified to hold his guns.
    Other Skills: He is one of the best hackers on Earth. Rirod also is quite the fast thinker and can notice things using his visor.
    Backstory: A secret he keeps to himself. It involves many things that would probably cause the people around him to try to kill him.
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  4. (Thanks a lot I love both of those too! And your both accepted so the Rp can start now!)

    Emerging from the cockpit Tyrius takes off his helmet, revealing his scars, to address the mercenaries. "Now listen up Mercs! I don't like your kind and you aren't going to like me! But I'm in control of this mission and demand respect, and as long as you can deliver well be just fine. The colony has gone dark and everyone sent has just vanished so it's up to us to find out what is going on. Unfortunately the only info they had to share was that there is a potential biological threat, all that means to me is that we can kill it! The planet doesn't have oxygen, it's not poisonous but you won't be able to breath without special masks while we are outside. So take a breather and prepare for landing, we'all be arriving soon. Are there any questions, mercs?
  5. Halt pulled out his guns from his side pockets. "Yea, one. Why are you in charge?" He called out from about halfway through the ship. "And I'm not a Merc. It's a bounty hunter." He spun them around and placed them into their holsters. He reached into his visor, and placed his air respirator into his mouth, allowing him to breathe anywhere.
  6. Prius only made an inaudible grumble to himself as 'Tyrius' spoke. He had nothing to say to the man. Then the kid piped up. "Heh." Was all Prius said as he leaned back in his seat, raising an eyebrow at Halt, before pulling out a cigar and lighting it, sticking the butt-end into his mouth and taking a puff.
    Ah, the classics. Unlike those shitty mech brands they sell nowadays. Deciding to remain silent, Prius took another puff, and awaited Tyrius's response.
  7. "Hehe I'm in charge because I've been able to hold my own against merica like yourselves. And the earth government wouldn't prosper a state dangerous as you do such a mission without supervision." He snarls at the two and puts his helmet with a built in breather on. "Were here!" The ships airlock activated and the shuttle opens releasing the extraterrestrial atmosphere inside. "The facility should be just this way, the jungle is a bit dense so watch yourselves. I'm not here to hold your hands!"
  8. Prius was already stepping from the ship, his binary rifle in arms, swinging it about as he looked down it's sights and used his peripheral vision to try and pinpoint anything unusual, but as it was an extraterrestrial planet, he wasn't sure how to determine ordinary from unusual just yet.
    He wanted to still be using his cigar, but smoke inside of a limited oxygen suit was a stupid mistake he wasn't willing to take.
  9. Halt climbed out of his seat. "Let's shoot'em up boys!" He called, not grabbing a parachute, and lept out of the ship. He took out his guns, slammed them together, and pulled them apart. A glider came out from them, and he started a glide down moving faster than the chutes.
  10. ArmedBlue

    ArmedBlue Previously Manu456Alola

    Hope it's not too late to join.

    Name: Manuel Stone
    Code name: Lightning
    Appearance: A bit young, on his mid-20s. He has black hair and brown eyes. He isn't very tall.
    Weaponry: Arm cannon with diferent modes, including a grappling beam and an ice beam. He also has missiles and an energy-based dagger.
    Equipment: An navy blue suit that makes him more durable and helps resisting low and high temperatures. However, he can still move quickly.
    Other Skills: High agillity and great at repairing things.
    Backstory (Optional): N/A
  11. (OOC: I apologize for the delay and not responding, I was unable to get on for a little while but now I’ll be back to posting as regularly as I can. And manu it’s not too late our accepted :D)

    “We’re not even sure if we can shoot whatever it is yet. It may be a biological threat but that can mean anything so stay alert! The conpound is just through this swamp. And be careful, there are a lot of big bugs in this swamp and they really enjoy Earthling blood!” Tyrius waves the team down to follow him and begins to trek the swamp; Immediately stepping into waist deep swamp water. “Ah dang it!” He exclaims frustrated
  12. A sudden, massive arm thrust outward and grabbed onto Tyrius' own arm, before hauling him easily out of the swamp water, and onto a path near it that was nearly unnoticeable, as only a very thin layer of water covered it. "Pick your paths wisely." Prius stated gruffly, before letting go and taking the lead, his weapon at the ready, finger on the trigger.
  13. This rp needs more future ninjas.

    Name: Seven
    Codename: Jackal
    Appearance: Taller than average, Jackal is well-built, and has gray eyes. He usually wears all black, and a gas mask to cover his face. He also wears a hood.
    Weaponry: Jackal uses an Ion sword, a energized metal blade able to cut through nearly anything. He also has two smaller ion knives. Along with those, Jackal carries two pistola. The first one is a plasma repeating pistol with a rifle scope on it. The second one shoots ammunition that detonates on impact.
    Equipment: Jackal's outfit has the ability to camoflauge into his surroundings, making him virtually invisible. Also, the Raitech Clan has genetically altered his muscles, making Jackal stronger and have faster reflexes, at the cost of needing more food to eat.
    Other skills: Jackal is a master of multiple martial arts, including Ninjutsu, Neo Krav Maga, and Gary's super style.
    Backstory: Seven was raised by the Raitech Clan, and taught the way of the assassin. But eventually, he escaped and just did what he was best at, hiring out his skills, until now.

    Jackal stepped off of the ship, casting a weary eye around the swamp. He lifted his bandana over his oxygen mask, and had a strange feeling in his stomach he was not used to. He felt... uneasy. It was to be expect. He been raised and trained in an urban environment, so he wasn't prepared for the enviroment of a swamp. But that didn't seem to be it. Jackal silently drew his sword and walked to the group, wondering what it was that was putting him on edge.
  14. Halt had withdrawn his glider now, and held his two pistols in his hands. "Keep this uptight." With a flick of two wrists, a blade flipped out of both blasters. "Hey, boss man! What are we here for, and what's the pay?" He asked. The two most important questions ever needing to be answered.
  15. Jackal looked at the mercenary that had used the glider with an unimpressed look. He realized that it was the same mercenary, make that bounty hunter, that had spoken out on the ship.
    "You signed on the job without knowing what they were paying you?" Jackal asked in a low, quiet voice. "It's a bit late to ask about money, now that we're already here."
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  16. (Robingogo your accepted! :D)

    Tyrius looked at Prius with a curious look. “Trust me I’ve had been trough my share of mysterious environments. I’ll be fine…” Almost immediately after speaking a large dog sized insect jumped on Tyriuses back and started stabbing at him with a long proboscis. Tyrius quickly grabbed it and flung it over his shoulder into the ground, stomping it into the water
  17. ArmedBlue

    ArmedBlue Previously Manu456Alola

    Manuel stepped off the ship, and set up his arm cannon. He began walking, and following the other bounty hunters. When he noticed the huge insect that Tyrius had stomped into the water, he immediately took aim and shot it three times. "Hm." He muttered, and set up his visor, which proceeded to scan it for more information. It was something Manuel normally did when encountering a new creature.
  18. “Hmm the bugs are a bit smaller than I was expecting them to be… pathetic.” Tyrius then noticed Manuel scanning it. “What do you got on this thing merc?” As soon as he finished speaking a series of unending loud screeches echoed throughout the swamp; growing louder and louder quickly. Similar insects started to pour out of burrows in the tree like structures filling the swamp. They began to swarm in circles around the team like a living vortex; their numbers easily reaching the thousands. “Uhhh can that scan tell us what to do here?!” Tyrius prepared to heat up the wrist flamethrower.
  19. ArmedBlue

    ArmedBlue Previously Manu456Alola

    Manuel's visor had finally finished scanning the insect. "Seems like it's got two weak spots: The bottom and the inside. Something like some sort of bomb could help out." He said. He set up his cannon arm to plasma beam, which could go through certain things. He began shooting at the insects, hoping for the best.
  20. "Bomb, huh?" Prius asked roughly, his scratchy voice loud and bold, but leathery. He quickly grabbed one of three small spheres attached to his belt, and activated it before thrusting it into the swarm of insect creatures. It detonated almost immediately. Prius proceeded to open fire with his weapon, each shot tearing apart the next insect.
  21. "I suggest that a tactical retreat to the compound is in order." Jackal said calmly, drawing one of his pistols. It was the XR- Cobra 5, the one that shot explosive bullets. Jackal's master trainer had been very disappointed when Jackal had chosen this weapon, calling it to loud and flashy, "unfit for a silent assassin". These thoughts were absent from Jackal's mind as he fired round after round at the advancing swarm. Even though each shot took out 3 to 4 bugs, he knew that against these numbers the group might not stand a chance.
  22. Halt took out his two pistols. "Get back guys!" He said, and flicked an option on. A bright blue light shot out, cutting the insects in two as it passed through them. "Titanium lazers work wonders on bugs." Placing one back away, Halt took out a small box. He tossed it into the air, and shot it once with a normal blast. It landed back as a turret, ready to fire the bugs.
  23. As most of the insects fell it seemed like each was replaced by 10 more as they kept emerging from their burrows endlessly. Enraged they all began to sprout out their long pointed mosquito like mouths and quickly lashed and jumped at everyone angrily. Tyrius’ flamethrower began to overheat from such extended use. “Well the guns work but there’s way too many of them! Everyone try to shoot a path through the swarm to the compound! It might be safe inside!” Tyrius activates a beacon to help the team follow him and his pulls out his pulse rifle and begins to gun down all insects between him and the compound.
  24. "Very well." Jackal said, turning and following Tyrius. By now, many of the insects were in range of his sword. Jackal activated the ion energy of his sword, and slashed at any bug in sight. Each slash cut two or three bugs in half.
    Of course, now they decide to fall back, rather than do it immediately when I suggested. This might be close. Jackal thought. A bug leapt at Jackal when he had an opening,in his swing, but he quickly shot it in the head, exploding it.
  25. we need more aliens.

    Name: Xonak Clersuim
    Code name: Clers
    Appearance: Small alien bug. Iridescent purple exoskeleton that covers four sets of wings.
    Weaponry: Even smaller laser pointer medically attached to his head. Laser pointer can change uses, from cutting any living tissue, to straight-up causing explosions. Uses this to communicate with any being. Apparently, every being has some sort of shared language hidden deep within their DNA. that's how he communicates.
    Equipment: Hyper-defense shell, capable of reflecting any bullet and most lasers.
    Other Skills: Humor. Lots and lots of humor. As said before, can communicate with any being.
    Backstory (Optional): Kinda just a bug who signed up at a bounty hunter thing, just because. He didn't know he would actually get it. Apparently small troops are important.

    Xonak followed behind the group, trying to shoot the least amount he could shoot. They were bugs, after all. "Don't you all have armor that protracts your entire body?" He asked, annoyed at the constant firing of bullets. "Bug spray? Or something to that effect?" He had no idea why they had to land so far away from the compound. There were many clearings along the way, at least to him. He tried to look ahead, but all he saw was bug genocide. Xonak had also wished there was a green ogre here. He doesn't know why.
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