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School review of the day

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Louie Forest, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Hey guys! This is a place to say if anything interesting happened at your school/job, etc. It can be what happened today, or what happened a couple of months ago, and so on. OK, I'll start. I have one.

    The first was a year ago, the year before I started High School. My class were on a school trip at Clapham, and we were walking over a bridge, and then a bird did a poo from above on someones head. LOL. :D

    Your turn! Discuss school and Jobs!
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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I love you for creating this topic *smooches*
    nothing exciting ever happens at my school but once we were waiting for drama class and our teacher was making fun of the class beauty and she said "why does everyone pick on me!" and I said "they're all jealous!" and for that on split second remark I became the new target oh noes!
  3. Oh yes! I've been dying to talk of the most amusing thing that happened when we were presenting our G4 projects (eco-friendly household waste furniture). One group used a number of tires to make a chair, which was actually quite comfortable. And this one girl tried to sit on it, and she fell right through. Everyone was laughing and taking pictures for over a minute before anybody tried to help her out. It was funny, but maybe a little cruel... nah, just funny.
  4. I'd just like to remind everyone to take showers regularly and make sure you don't have any bacterial or fungal skin infections. I sat beside one person who smelled like an outhouse and one person who smelled like a big bag of rotting milk today.
  5. The are PANTS. They cost a QUID. Stop bloody arguing, the bin doesn't even say 50 pence.


    Guess who I hate.

    Other than that it was a boring day at work.
  6. Three years ago, I was in sixth grade, and I was in chorus with everyone else. Mrs. Tyner (Our teacher.) Had us sing a note, and we had it the first time. Mrs. Tyner was so surprised, she started to have a heart attack. Not really, but acted like she was. We were all like WTF?! So we stopped singing. Ans Mrs. Tyner was all like "Why'd you stop?!" And we explained, so she neeever did it again.

    And today, I was in Language Arts, and the bell rang, so we all got ready to leave. I walked up to my friend, and we started talking about how we didn't want to go to our next class, and he suddenly said, "There's a Cheeto on my desk." I looked down, and whaddya know? There's a Cheeto sitting there. So my friend said, "You put that there." So I denied, he said I was lying, so I picked up the Cheeto, and threw it at him. He just gave me a look, and we just left.

    You can plainly see that my school life is anything but normal.
  7. Eh, I agree with them~ Thank you~

    I do stupid things lots. :p

    I sometimes go to Dunkin Donuts for a bagel. This time, I had some friends along ordering Hot Chocolate or whatever.
    I ended up forgetting my bagel at the store, and my friends laughed like crazy. I went to go back and get it,
    but the cashier said she'd gave it to her son.

    "My son is over there!" , she exclaimed.
    "Where?" , I said, seeing no trace of any person.

    I searched around that huge parking area, and I went back to my friends. Guess what now?
    Her son gave them the bagel. It was cold and soggy. I literally cried.
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    My science teacher is wierd. Once we were being let out of science class and all the other tables had been let out for lunch break so the teacher came up to our table and told this boy called Jacob to stop being so hyper or I was going to beat him up... no comment!
  9. Ever though you could fart and cough at the same time? Well, I did.
    #1- Spoiled Food (Fart.)
    #2- Being sick. (Cough.)

    Despite my good hygiene, I had to keep on washing my hands with soap.
    Don't go to school if your sick. Even if your parents tell you to.
    Fake it or something.
  10. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Today I had a very subtle talk with a co-worker explaining that I am not lazy, and I am not her photocopy-bitch. This took many choice words and much fake smiling. In the end, when she realized she was getting nowhere, she dropped her manipulative attitude and returned to her usual fake buddy-buddy "I love everyone!" ways. :p

    At the very least, it gave me a good story for my other co-workers. ^^
  11. My job was boring as anything, but high school... THAT was where it's at.

    *cue the nostalgia that only I care about*

    My best year was easily sophmore year for many reasons. The food fights, the talent shows, the footall games, etc. Many times we'd go across the street to the store and waste money on food and stuff like that. Plus staying after school until around 10 PM doing absolutely nothing but goofing around on school grounds and my cousin doing burnouts in the parking lot. There was also the locker room "rave." (Won't go into great deal about that one...)

    And then there was Freshmen Friday. Aaaahhh... Freshmen Friday... I NEVER did anything but throw a few batteries (school tradition.) Some kids however tok it a little too far and started a lunchroom mob against the freshmen, all of which that were involved were hastily suspended. Funny, yet veeeeeeery brutal.

    All in all, high school was great, but my job sucked. xP
  12. Gah! This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but you may know my mother, A.K.A the Laptop Thief.

    It was a slow day, and my school is making it's own newspaper. Who's in charge or organizing all the stuffs on the front page and likely more?
    Clap your hands if you got it right.
    Click the spoiler tab.

    Me, myself, and I.

    Not only am I busy with a newspaper, I got a presentation, a couple of essays, and 10+ homeworks, on short notice.
    God, help me...
  13. I shall tell you now, that there are too many great high school moments for me to choose from. But I'll list a few.

    My friends and I were sitting in the cafeteria at lunch and were teasing my friend, Aldra a little about her hair and saying it was ginger and eventually she got so mad she just yelled really loudly;
    It went kinda silent after that untilthese two ginger kids in my brother's year yelled back really happily, "I AM!"
    I was creased.

    And another that I can think of was when I was out on the playing fields with nischi and she told me that we only had a minute or two until the bell went, and I was rolling over the grass really lazily and just said, "or six" as in "or we have six minutes left" but Nischi turned around and said to me, "Did you just say 'butt sex'?"
    To this day I deny it -_-"

    Lastly, was just last year when my best friend Adam was still in my registration class and we came into the class and sat down and I started reading things off of our teacher's whiteboard before nudging Adam and going,
    "I'm kind of concerned; it says on her whiteboard 'bullying, punching, swearing and running someone over.'"
    Adam replied, calmly as you like, "It's her checklist."
    Oh how I lol'd :3
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  14. Oh dang. :T

    Just this last Friday I was invited to the Head Teachers' 'Golden Tea Party' (- this stupid party with themes that four people from each year/class/whatever get picked to go to). It was me, my friend Andrew, and these two boys who I sometimes talk to and one of them I kind of like .///////.. The theme was Cowboys. Waheeeyyy.

    First we played this game which was boring and I came third and the other boy from my class not the one that I like - let's call him the boi so as not to confuse :> came second and THE WINNER ONLY WON BECAUSE SHE CHEATED. :|

    ... ehem.

    And then, once we had finished eating, we done these things with 'lassos' (or rather, peices of rope we use for gymnastics) and stuff. That was alright, I guess. :x

    Thennnnnn we had to dance. D|
    First we done some weird Western dance that they do at weddings (what i don't know D:) . I was standing next to the boi, which was a bit urrrdurrrrderp for me. :x
    What was even more derpy, you ask?
    I forgot to turn around and the boi needed to take my shoulders and turn me round for myself D| I felt so stupid </3333

    Then after that, we danced to this song (oh my god i don't know why hnnnnrghhhh hatehatehate). The teachers that were there had forgotten the dance but, lucky me, I used to love this song when I was like 6 so I remembered some of the dance moves. We heard the teachers talking to one another and saying "The 5 6 7 8 song" and I turned to my classmates and said "... what, the one that goes like ... ?" and half-heartedly done some of the dance moves. Connor, one of the boys, shouted "Miss, Elise knows it!" and then the teachers were like "olol do you well do it and show us gooo awwwnnnn" but I denied it. :x

    ... bah school.
  15. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    So, I work as an English as a Second Language instructor. Got it? Good.

    Some young Chinese guy, low level English, was goofing off in the computer lab. I told the kid to stop, but he either didn't understand what I told him or pretended not to because he continued to goof off. My answer to this? I grabbed a higher leveled student who also speaks Chinese (and happens to be a rather tall, noisy man) and had him tell the kid off for me. The poor delinquent looked like he was about to cry, and I enjoyed every second of it. :)
  16. You're cruel Katie... on many different levels...

    In any case, don't ask me why I didn't post this when it actually happened but it's here now.

    Last Sunday, I was minding my own business early in the morning before school actually started. Then out of nowhere, my Physics teacher; a very powerful, muscular, and vicious lady, who is somehow still very fun when in a good mood, suddenly came up to me and dragged me into her classroom with a few other students, demanding that I better have this home exam done. And I'm just bewildered, shocked, and stammering. Physics was an important class for my education, and my parents threatened to butcher me if I screwed up the class this quarter. Then she looked at me and saw me in shock, and nearly burst upon realizing that I didn't know what she was talking about, let alone have this very important assignment. It was just then that someone asked "Does he have the same assignment?" It turned out that my teacher was jumping on my for an AP assignment when I was in SL. We both fell silent, and I just left the room...

    I swear I felt like I was going to get a heart attack then
  17. I will tell the story that I tell everyone, because I find it hilarious:

    Spring semester of this year, I was in Bio II. It's a fairly basic class, with an obvious prerequisite of Bio I. Now, let me first say that Bio I is the only one of the two required for gen ed. So if you're sitting in that Bio II class, chances are you really enjoy biology.

    So one day, we were discussing the evolution of multicellularity using Unirans slime molds as the example. You know, the little fellas who usually subsist as individual cells, but also have a form in which they join as one organism in order to further propagate/eat more/be awesome. Basic premise of evolution, right?


    Someone actually raised their hand, and asked, and I quote: "If they, like, couldn't think yet, then how did they decide to get together?"

    Uhm. What? Seriously? Did this girl just ask if these cells... had conscious thought? Yes, because they -obviously- have the complexity and differentiation to be considered conscious. >>;;;;

    I understand this type of question if, say, you were not a bio major, and were not interested in biology at all/hated biologists and just wanted to make them wring their hands and tear their hair out in shame. Or if you were in high school, maybe. But in college, in a second level class? Really? If I were that professor, I would have laughed, then pointed her out of the class, because obviously something's not quite right there. He actually tried to explain the concept to her. He really, really tried. I commend him for that, as he has infinitely more patience that I would have XD
  18. Thank you guys for posting here so much and making this post popular! I have another review for you! (Accidental rhyme.)

    I had just got some really nice smelling curry that looked really nice. They had these things in them which I thought were prawns. So I bit into a 'Prawn' and guess what it was. It wasn't a prawn, it was a BANANA. Yes, for lunch I had banana curry and an Appletiser drink. Remind me never to get school curry again. (I wasted £1.50 on fruit curry. :'()
  19. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    You mean the boy cells didn't buy the girl cells pretty things to win them over, or write little notes that said "Do you like me? (Circle one) Y or N"? D:

    ... I love idiots in biology classes. XD
  20. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    I'm glad *something* else happened to you, because I read your first post and was sitting here saying "this poor child's life is so boring that the only interesting story that he, or possibly she, can tell is when a bird did a poo on someone's head A YEAR AGO"! I was thinking that I might have to tell you the story of when a bird pooed on my head when I'd just washed my hair, just to add a bit more excitement to your life! ;)

    By the way, they probably weren't bananas, but plantains - they're common in certain types of African & Caribbean cooking. I personally don't care for them.

    But I like Appletiser. Which used to be called just Appletise. Don't know why they added an extra R, and none of my friends call it by the new name. Because we are Old, and don't like it when companies change perfectly good brand names for no apparent reason. Like Marathon changing into Snickers, and Opal Fruits changing into Starburst. Bah! *waves walking stick and goes off, moaning to herself*
  21. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    On the subject or bird poo...

    (Oh yes, I said it)

    I once spent ages on a project at college for the RSBP (Royal society for the Protection of Birds). I made a lovely poster with a starling on it, spent all night making it perfect and then what happens? As I go outside to catch the bus, a stealth bomber of a Starling pooed on it. I kid you not :V

    Just felt the need to tell you all :p
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  22. Well, my school is making us buy new ties because we "aren't wearing them properly."

    Basically, my year group, the one below us and all the ones above us have this Red and Blue striped design. For my year group, clip-on ties were introduced, same design. Then, two years later, a new design was introduced, a navy tie with the school's logo on it. However, a few people got the old, tie on ties from their older siblings, and some of them started wearing the ties incorrectly. If someone is caught wearing a tie incorrectly, they have that tie cut off and replaced with the new tie.

    However, using a few isolated incidences as an excuse to replace the old ties with unnecessary new ones, we now have to buy a new tie by the start of the next school year. What makes this even more ridiculous is that people who wear their ties incorrectly get free new ones, whereas those who wear them normally have to pay for a new one. They are actually encouraging people to wear their ties the wrong way.

    There is a massive petition that got 5 pages of signings in under a day and they didn't even mention it in assembly. Ugh, I'll probably just not wear my tie on the last day of the year and get a free new one.
  23. Okay, I have another one, but it is kind of inappropriate. So if you are under the age of 11, please go onto another age to avoid getting told off by your mum.

    Let us just say a Year 9 found a condom, blew it up WITH HIS MOUTH and used it as a balloon, whacking people with it. And guess what, he didn't get told off! How annoying... >:(
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  24. Is this supposed to surprise us? What else was he going to use - half of what a condom is used for involves oral faculties. Be glad he didn't boil it and find a phone booth.

    On the case of whacking people with his over-sized manhood balloon: find a pin. Demonstrate that, despite their being some of the best protection around, condoms still have a failure rate.
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  25. Later, someone pushed him over on the grass and he fell on it. The Condom popped. Also, the next day, my friend called James found a condom packet on the floor. I wonder who dropped it. Ew.
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  26. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    If you're under the age of 11, you shouldn't be on this site. Remember, to register for an account here you had to click to confirm that you were 13 or over?

    Also, Toastie: that's ridiculous!
  27. Thanks for all the school reviews, friendos! Anyway, I have two more for you:

    1. One day in primary school, (Year 6) we were having a lesson on puberty. I was sitting next to my friend. He is one of those people that are really sensitive to people talking about body parts. And the teacher started talking about kidney stones, and guess what. My friend fainted. Then the guy sitting at the other side of him pushed him onto the stone hard ground and his head hit the ground head-first. He started screaming like those weirdos in horror movies. Then he had to be carried away screaming by teachers. And I was sitting right next to him. It was creepy.

    2. I was walking home by myself and then this guy who was my age ran up to me and said ''I stole ten quid of this guy, man!'' Then he shoved the ten pound note in my face. Then is started to rain. ''It's f*cking rainin', man!''That is what he said. Then he just ran off with the note. I didn't even know the kid...

    EDIT: Why bother posting in this thread this week? It's half term! School's out! ;D
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  28. So you should know a few things first.
    My friend Rose is obsessed with this band MSI. She's been raving that the next time they go on tour, she's gonna follow them to every show, and each time, be holding a sign that says 'GET IN THE VAN' on it.

    So one day, my friend Alec has a pep band concert, and the whole school's in the assembly. We hadn't seen Rose earlier that day, so we didn't know what was going to happen. But about midway through the concert, Rose, who had been sitting in the front row, pulls out a great big, folded-up sign from her backpack, and waved it around, smiling at Alec madly the whole time. You probably could have guess what it says-


    Nearly got the poor girl suspended XD
  29. Derp :>
    School's are off again today because of the snow and stupid people at Fife Council that can't get us to school~
    So I'm sitting inside bullying my brother and making music videos ;D

    The way to live? I think so :}
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  30. HAH! The bus didn't come! Cue unscheduled day off!
  31. Thanks for more comments, guys! I have another two to share with you folks!

    1. I was walking to my next class, when two girls I didn't know came up to me and went "Happy Birthday!". Then the other one whispered this to her friend: "Ask him if we can rape him." Then they ran of giggling. My school is very strange...

    2. In PE, we were playing tag, and this kid came up and rugby tackled me! Then he ran off, and rugby tackled me again! I think my arm might of been dislocated. Oh well.
    And baratron, those things in the curry were bananas. I asked the cook.
  32. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    My class is REALLY crazy so I might be posting a lot.
    so like a couple of years ago my teacher she had to get some copies of a test. Of course everybody started talking and ignorant people will be like "SHHHHHHH! GUYS BE QUIET!" Which always pissed us off. Then this boy named Francis (I took his name last week ;D) Said "Guys I'll sing barbie girl for you only if you be quiet!" We stared at him as if he had two heads. He jumped on his desk and started singing it. About 25 seconds later our teacher walked in. ;D It was sooo funny. Teacher know were crazy so they don't really yell either they laugh or smile.
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  33. Bloody exam tomorrow. Woo, can't wait. -_-
  34. Well, Exams begin next week for me, and I've got to attend at least 5 exams. Hopefully, that excuse I gave to the office will check through, that way I can get out of another class.

    As for the day... Boring. Journals were due today, and I also forgot to read three acts from The Glass Managerie. I soooo bombed that test D: Also, my Chemistry teacher is apparently writing an auto biography. Watch out for it, I believe in his story, and that it will reach book shelves everywhere. The Life and Times of Fonzy Berthy or something like that XD

    Also, I made a joke out of an old Ben Franklin saying. What does it mean to "Make haste slowly"? I thought it meant to jog XD

    Also, not looking foreward to reviewing. I hate it because we skipped our 9 weeks exam, so now we have to take longer tests. Which means more to study in less time.
  35. Wellz. Test week is ovarz and I managed to get out with acceptable grades. -today was the first day of our new period, meaning Bio and Physics for the first time this year. Bio seems fun but Physics... I'd rather not :/ Also, Math tomorrow, which should be interesting as I (should) have switched to SL Math now. I hope our coordinator didn't forget about it or anything :/
  36. You play tag in P.E?! We're forced to play Cricket. Which should become illegal.

    The Permed Pikey (AKA Shaun) is morphing into a dog. I'm sure. He howls, barks, and growls. This is a 13-year-old pretending to be a house-hold pet.

    On the bus we discussed British comedy. And Misfits (Channel 4 drama seres). I ♥ Misfits ;D
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  37. Today in school they were raffling off 6 pumpkin woopie pies and me and my friend wanted them reaaaaallllllyyy bad. So we bought 20 tickets and decided we'd each get three woopie pies if we won.

    But we didn't win. And I was looking forward to those damn things all day. And now I am at home and there's no fooooooooood.

  38. Well, I fought off sleep again today. It's odd, I can't sleep when the teachers are done lying lecturing, but I'm more tempted to fall asleep while they talk. Damn insomnia!

    Anyway, today went okay I guess. I'm kinda nervous about Business law, but everything should be fine. I hate my Psychology teacher though. she doesn't have anything to give us, and we have a room filled with computers and online games. So, she makes us type our notes! God, sometimes I wanna give her an F, so I can say I've given her something she's never given me.

    Anyway, later on we had to talk about Poor Richard's Almanac. Then we actually reviewed in history. I'm kinda shocked. Coach (he also coaches football) is the one I despise the most, however his class was rather easy today. I'm still scared about Algebra though. I may act like I know how to work it, but somehow I end up making one small mistake and get the entire problem wrong.
  39. I haven't been at school all week (apart from Monday). Flick yeeaaah ♥

    Me and my mum made tablet for the school's Christmas fare which was supposed to be on Monday. But it was cancelled due to snooow ; A ; So we have like 20 cupcake-cups full of tablet to eat |O

    Oh, a few weeks ago when we went to this thing with a bunch of other schools, me and my friend Lauren were sitting together and chatting to each other; then these two boys who were sitting together on the bit beside/slightly higher up than us starting talking to each other and pointing at us. I told a guy in my class, Declan, and he shouted "Hey, what are you two talking about?" Me and Lauren just stared at each other until one of them pointed at us and shouted "Are you single?" I looked up with a "O__O" look on my face and the blonde-haired one done the 'call me' sign. Me and Lauren were freaked out when they kept on doing stuff like that ; A ;
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  40. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Ok this happened awhile ago. So my friends and I think theres a gnome in our school and that the janitor gnomenapped it and then it escaped. Then he bought a santa that stays in our boiler room its EVIL. Anyways it was picture day we all took our pictures (I got a crooked smile) and we were just hanging around the boiler room my two best friends were leaning agianst the door and BANG! The santa somehow went off so then we went to listen to it agian two minutes later it hit the door agian I jumped atleast five feet into the air hit my head and landed on my pokemon rival Kevin. We kept shaking the door and screaming. It was funny but scary ;D

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