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Open School of the Plifal Realm

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Clunpsy, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. You wake up, only to find yourself in a completely different area. Or an entire dimension? You've find a mansion nearby and enter. A crazy looking man explains that he had a malfunction on his machine, transferring random teens to this dimension, Plifal. He shows you the way to a school where individuals are learning how to harness powers they never knew they had.

    I made this for no apparent reason. It just sounds cool, ok?

    1. All Pokecharm rules, obviously
    2. Romance is allowed, but keep it PG 13
    3. No autoing/bunnying
    4. No godmodding either
    5. Two characters max
    6. Swearing allowed at a minimum

    Well here's how it goes. You choose whether you want to be a Protean (Has multiple weak powers) or a Stipulate (Focus on one strong power). An example of a Protean would be the ability to summon small flames as well as being able to conduct electricity. An example of a Stipulate would be being able to summon flames the size of your forearm or being able to generate electricity.
    Each character gets two weapons.

    Also, I made the age 12-14 so that it would seem they were all there at the same time.
    Nickname (optional):
    Age (12-14):
    Protean or Stipulate:
    Crush (optional):

    Name: Sultana Lunamy
    Nickname (optional): Sully
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    Appearance: Sully has brown hair, green eyes and has braces. She stands at 4'7 and is quite chubby. Sully usually wears a black and white striped t-shirt. She has black suspenders on a black skirt, with grey knee-high socks. Her shoes are black and flat heeled.
    Personality: Sully is quite upbeat and energetic, often risking important things because she gets bored quickly. She likes to annoy people and mess with them, and usually gets away with it. She doesn't work well with anyone equally annoying, though.
    Protean or Stipulate: Stipulate
    Power(s): Deceit; she can trick minds into thinking things are there when they aren't, by creating false images. This often makes people fear Sully when there isn't anything dangerous about her. e.g. making a false image of a grenade and her throwing it, to scare her opponent.
    Crush (optional):
    Weapons: When Sully was transferred to Plifal, she found a sword made out of stone, a bag of wooden darts, and a blowpipe (A dart shooter, basically).

    Feel free to ask questions, I didn't go over much in this explanation really.
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