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School and Stuff

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Black Heart, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. Since school is starting soon, or already has started, and there are probably tons of school-attending people here on Pokecharms, I think it would be appropriate if all you fellow Charmsians out there know their student friends' schedules. So, to make this easy, just post what time you go to school, and what time you get out of school. Include any extra-curricular activities, or any other obligations as well.

    Johnny's Schedule
    • School from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
    • Football practice from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm
    • Work from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm
    It doesn't have to look anywhere near as fancy as this, but just simple to read so all your buddies that don't go to school know when you will be on. If there is no specific time you have to be at school or work, or the time you need to be there changes, then just put "n/a" or "varies."

    Black Heart's Schedule:
    School A Day: 9:50 am to 4:10 pm
    School B Day: 8:50 am to 4:10 pm
    Work: Varies
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  2. I started school on Wednesday~
    I haven't joined any clubs or anything and I probably won't (they're all either things I don't like or taken by teachers that I dislike) buuut meh. Whatevs o:<

    • Monday/Thursday:
      • Start School: 8:50 am
      7 periods, all 50 minutes
      • 3 periods - interval - 2 periods - lunch - 2 periods
      • End School: 3:50 pm
      • Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday:
        • Start School: 8:50 am
        6 periods, all 50 minutes
        • 2 periods - interval - 2 periods - lunch - 2 periods
        • End School: 3:00 pm

    Sometimes I go to my friend( Lauren)'s house in the morning and we walk to school together, then we walk back to her house and my dad picks me up there, and each walk usually takes 15 minutes or so? Well, sometimes it takes longer after school because the street outside school's basically just a huge row of shops. And we buy stuff.

    hurpdurp I'm so boring.
  3. My schedule is all over the place, as most uni schedules are.

    MWF- 9:30AM-10:20AM - Break - 1:30PM-3:20PM (two classes in that block- oddly enough, they're back to back and in the exact same classroom XD)

    T: 9:00AM-10:15 AM, TH: add a lab to that from 1:30PM-4:20PM.

    I don't have a job yet, but hopefully I'll obtain one this semester. There's also kung fu MWF 6:30-7:30 |D
  4. My school doesn't start till September 12th...

    It's a pretty weird schegdiminal cuz I'm starting college and junk.
    Monday/Wednesday/Friday starts at 9 and most days end at 12:30. I have a chem lab that's 3:15-5:15 on Mondays... Mondays are gonna suck.
  5. Well, my school normally has seven periods, like Tun's, except, since I am a senior at my school, I get out two periods early.

    Start School: 8:00 am

    2 periods: 8-9:45 am

    Breakfast: 9: 45-10:15

    3 periods, 10: 20- 1:15

    Optional school lunch

    Meh, nothing too special, as far as classes go, I have Accounting, Am. Govt., Physics, British Literature, and Survey of Math. (aka "Senior Math"). I don't play sports, unfortunately, even though I've been told repeatedly by everyone that the team "needs me". Oh yes, they definitely need a tank like me, but for a number of reasons, I can't. I also need to get a job soon, I'm running low on cash.
  6. Wheeeee, college~ I started yesterday :D

    MWF: 9-9:50, 10-10:50, 11-11:50
    TR: 9:30-10:45, 11-11:30

    That's my schedule for the first semester. Pretty empty and full of free time, huh? >:D
  7. Ergh. College. Started Monday. Due to financial aid issues, I applied and got admitted at the last minute, meaning I applied for classes the day they started. It wasn't fun, especially with some of the books I needed being out.

    Four of my five classes are online, meaning I can do them anytime. However, one for my Biology major, Biodiversity, was out of books meaning I have to make do without them for a week.

    My one on campus class is Geological Hazards and the Environment. I have it Tuesdays and Thursdays for an hour and fifteen minutes.

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