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Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Snow the fox, Jun 17, 2007.

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  1. Listen now children for I am about to tell you a story of an age long past, however, first there is something you must know.
    Some wounds, never heal.

    Long ago, when the world was still young, and peaceful, Vectos god of Darkness and Koltes god of Light were in what seemed an endless war, they created several beings, both flora and fauna alike. Their quarrelling went on for years and years, until both could fight no longer. Realizing what they had done the gods sealed themselves away forever, and in doing so, allowed chaos to seep onto our once peaceful world.
    This chaos was known as magic, and its powers were beyond that of normal strength. From this was born, the beast, its name was Ikatsui Karite.

    It's been over 10,000 years since then, and magic had all but disappeared.
    As some lives have become forgotten, others have come into place.
    A small crimson creature, followed by a larger and equally vibrant color of red strode down a path in a large forest.
    The tress cradled them inside the protective leaves, while small patches of light shined upon the two.
    The small one looked up to the other. His eyes shined with a luminous emerald color.
    "Blade, how much longer do we have to patrol the outskirts of the city? I'm pretty sure that there haven't been any intruders or flames engulfing the place"
    The taller creature looked down to his friend. He gripped his sword and sighed.
    "Spike, do realize that just because what you say may seem true, it not always."
    The small creature grumbled and they continued on with their duty.
    Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the two patrolling an entity created solely of dark mist looked upon the vast forest.
    It continued to survey it's surrounding when it seen a small city dead center of the forest.
    Quietly it hisses.
    "To utterly destroy something, it must be taken by root."
    The being zips through the forest with a powerful gust along with it.
    The two patrolling are taken aback by a powerful surge. The leaves and tress are thrust back. Branches are ripped of large tress, plants begin to wither and die....Then there is a loud call.
    A voice echoes causing the very earth around it to tremble "So now I say, GOODNIGHT"
    The two red beings look at each other, and dart back to the city, however before they could make it, they were engulfed by the black mist, and consumed by it entirely and crushed into nothingness. "Chaos is power, Chaos is everything" the mist whispered

    [Welcome to scars, this is was originally a final fantasy project, but eventually drifted of into my own creation, ill post a map and other such things later for you to get an idea of the surroundings, but for now, you begin your rp adventure anywhere you want, and ill add your new locations to the map]

    {Member list:


    [ Have a question? PM me and I'll clear it up]
    [Have a suggestion? Send it right away, and I'll add it asap]

    [ Pointed out by Gardevoir Master:
    The two creatures in the prologue were creatures similar to a wolf/fox Hybrid, with humanoid qualities, however most of the world is populated by humans, these creatures were created during a biological experiment, while studying recreation, some fragmented fox and wolf DNA got mixed in with human DNA, the result was these creatures, they now live among humans.]
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  2. Life is made of many paths…It contains many pleasurable and blissful moments inside agony and destruction. The agony of death to the bliss of the kill, life is determined by the view of the individual. Destiny is also determined by the individual. The only reason destiny is true is because it's the individual's actions that lead up to that point that let's destiny be assured its vision. Some would say they can change destiny. The only way something of destiny can change is if the person who destiny belongs to is changed their self.

    When the world is filled with light, then Shall Chaos fully be shielded!
    Blinded by man's own ignorance will it be swift and painful. The death of the world.

    These are the scars that run deep through our world, like a wound in our skin. Now each life on this earth is beginning to fade, the plants and soil around them are beginning to rot, massive tremors are cracking the ground like glass, and every living thing is beginning to get weaker, all because of one thing, the beast's return.

    Influenced by its chaotic nature, humans have begun to lose themselves. Now three groups have risen from the chaos, one group who have all but gone insane, thinking they are the rightful owners of this world, one group who try to help fix the earth, and the few who are strong enough to fight back but are too frightened to do so.

    Life went on like this for a century, no good, no bad, however, when the new chaos once again rose, it is up to new heroes to take a stand.
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  3. Saira slithered through the alleys of the city. Between the heat of the sun and the warmth of her uniform, she was glad to have a little shade. Besides, she was going to have to be out of public view for what she was about to do. She brought with her the tools of her trade. Many of them were in the pack on her back, but a couple of the larger implements were carried in her hands. If she were to eliminate her target, she may need each and every one of them.

    She was in place soon enough. It was an alley on Sephiroth Street between Cloud and Cid. Saira looked around. Her target wasn't at ground level. Ah, there it was. She saw the target up on the second story of the five-story building. Her superiors were correct to dispatch her. A job like this would prove difficult for a mere human, but as a Naga Saira had an advantage often necessary in this line of work. She rose up on the emerald, serpentine tail that served as her legs on this otherwise human body. Her full length was over twice the size of a normal human, perfect for reaching her target.

    "I bet you thought you would be safe up here, didn't you?" she said to her target. "Well, you were wrong. And now, I'm going to rub... you... out."

    And that she did. It took a couple hours, but she got it done. It was hard work, but she managed to scrub every last bit of grafitti off the wall. Granted, she could've just painted over it, but then she'd have to paint over the entire wall.

    "Man, how did they paint that all the way up here?" she asked herself. "Must've been another Naga or something. Not a shining example of our race, I'd have to say."

    Saira rolled back the sleeve of her industrial beige jumpsuit and looked at her watch. Just about quitting time. Finally. She didn't mind her job, in fact she kinda liked it, but this heat was just too much. She couldn't wait to slide into a pool of nice, cool water, or even just crawl under a rock or something. She wasn't picky at this point. She quickly gathered up her supplies and began slithering her way back to the office.
  4. Raela roamed the streets in search of a weapon. He knew magic, except it was sucky. He then was challenged to a fight:

    Raela lvl: 1 Hp: 100/100 Takar Weapon: Metal Blade Magic: None
    Weapon: None
    Magic: Fireball, Dark Charge V.S Hp:150/150
    Item: Small Potion

    Result: Raela uses Dark Charge and knocks out 100 hp. Takar swings and does 75 dmg. Raela: 25 Takar:50

    Raela Uses Fire ball and does 55 dmg. Takar dies. Raela gains a Metal Blade!
  5. Copy this and use it as a Battle Screen:

    Lvl: Badguy Name:
    Lvl: Name: Hp:
  6. Map:

    Area 1: The Streets of a city
    Important areas: Shop
    Required things: Go in to a random house and talk to the man sitting there. He will give you Dark Charge, a spellbook, Fireball, and a small potion.
  7. Raela was badly injured. She had arrived at The Temple of Light, hoping to find out about the god's plan about the war. He was spying for the Temple of Darkness. Suddenly she was engaged in a fight:

    Raela Mystery Guy
    Lvl:2 Lvl: 2
    Hp: 100/150 Hp: 150/150
    Weapon: Metal Blade Weapon: Elven Sword
    Magic: Dark Charge and Fireball Magic: Elven Sword Dance
    Items: Spellbook and Small Potion

    Raela Casts Fireball and mixes it with his Metal Sword and it becomes a Flame Sword! He swings. 110 dmg! mystery guy uses Elven sword dance 95 dmg.

    Raela: 5 hp Mystery Guy: 40 hp Raela Uses dark charge 100 dmg! Mystery Guy dies. Raela levels up! Lvl: 3 200 Hp! He learns Dragon Punch! He gets Flame Sword! He gets Mystery Guy's Elven Sword!
  8. "I Am The legendary.......... Elven King...................... My people shall hear of my death............................ They shall hunt you down.................... Fear my forces of nature.................................... LEAF HURRICANE! SWOOSH!!!!!!!! ouch!

    Raela is knocked out from the Leaf Hurricane spell, and The Elven King escapes
  9. Yeah....you're banned. Bye bye! Locking topic to keep it from idiotic morons like you, Hal.​
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