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Open SAO RP discution thread

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by GameBug03, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. Im about to post now, Get ready
  2. also please tell me its a coincidence that the leader of your guild is NOX and the leader of Laughing Coffin, a PKing guild so notorious that people like the Holy Dragon Alliance, Anicrad Liberation Force and Knights of the Blood Oath, plus solos like Kirito, found it necessary to band together to stop them,'s leader is named PoH
  3. actually nox is the latin word for night that is why I went with it Sam's username is Dark then there is shadow, and souledge all kinda dark naming
  4. Im planning on when one of us touches the sword, It will crumble and will reveal that Excalibur is only able to be found by using a secret code
  5. Good, also if you can spot the joke in PO-C3 (Programming Operative C3)'s name, you win a follow :)
  6. its C3-PO but the main parts are backwards
  7. Youuuuuuuuu Win! Also Excalibur will probably be generated by either Yirril or Kayaba for the final battle
  8. dude. I'm a huge Star wars fan man.
  9. I'm one with the force, the force is with me
  10. eh. just fall to the dark side already
  11. You watched rouge one?
  12. no and I will never the way they got the death star plans should be a mystery. All though I might watch it for the rumored ghost crew cameo
  13. Watch it, its amazing! Its funny in a good way, every single character has so much development and depth, and the Vader scene... and the links to the first scene in a new hope
  14. I'll watch it if you tell me if the ghost crew cameos.
  15. Fine... yes... not all of them, just certain scenes one or two. Chopper is somewhere in there, during one scene an intercom asks for "Commander Syndulla", the Ghost is somewhere in Yavin Base, stuff like that
  16. cool I'll watch it when I can
  17. We've already reached the Fifth Floor, Luke just returned down to floor 3 in order to meet another guild and make a deal with them, now i will neatly sum up what we did, starting from the King Minos boss fight in floor two

    We reached the Labyrinth, lair of king minos
    Ty, being suicidal, quit the guild and ran into the dungeon himself, telling us not to expect to see him alive again
    Naturally, Richard and Heathcliff (Yes, THE Heathcliff), follow him inside, following a convenient trail of enemy drops
    Luke also goes in, and gets there quicker via shortcuts or something, confronting Luke.

    Richard and Heathcliff watch in horror as the two argue, before Ty runs off.

    We all try to stop him, Luke following Ty while Richard and Heathcliff attempt to find a shortcut, but get lost

    Ty and Luke meet in the boss room, together they kill Minos’ first General

    They then fight a bit more, the second general appears, but they don’t care, and continue to argue.

    Luke punches Ty and in face, Ty is on low health, Luke maxed out his punching skill previously in the RP, yea…

    Ty dies, his soul fragmented into three pieces

    One part goes to the afterlife in an honestly disturbing scene of self-reflection

    Another inhabits Ty’s sword, and binds it together with Luke’s

    Another becomes the soon-to-be infamous glitch, Yirril, the part of the soul which cannot move on

    Luke picks up the Ty-Sword, and kills General 2 with it, before falling down in self-pity.

    Richard, Ren and Heathcliff arrive, together with the Bull-Boar Army (Long Story), kill King Minos

    We all leave the dungeon, then there is a timeskip, the last things our characters did are as follows

    Richard – Goes to floor 3

    Heathcliff – Argues with Yirril about how his game is invincible

    Yirril – Argues with Heathcliff about how Yirril will defeat him

    Luke – suddenly logged out, Yirril joins so there is one more person than Cardinal expects, which makes it seem like a Glitch, so they kick someone at random and it happens to be Luke (That's my headcanon at least)

    Ren – Goes with Richard

    Then we TimeSkip to floor five, watch out, this bit is about to get EXPOSITIONY, CONFUSING AND MIND-BOGGLINGLY COMPLICATED so this is the simple version

    Richard is revealed to have spent the last month riding the Boar King across Floor Five, fighting and freeing trapped souls in return for quest items, with only one left to go, he returns to the base

    Together with Heathcliff, Richard discovers the location of the last item, a Ruined Church, and together they plan to go, when someone arrives at Guild Castle

    Sam, @DarkEmporer’s new OC, arrives, saying he is the representative of another guild, and would like to speak to Richard
    Meanwhlie in the real world, Luke decideds to return to SAO to help his friends, with the help of a hacker group, he brings himself back inside

    Due to Luke’s return, leadership is passed to Luke and he decideds to meet with the “representative

    Note: here is where the complicated stuff happens

    Luke and Sam’s Guild agree to meet on the floor 3 boss room

    Richard and Heathcliff go to the final trapped soul, and begin to fight it

    Yirril, not being able to die, challenges and kills the entire Holy Dragon Allience and steals their power, he is now powerful enough to manipulate the code itself

    Yirril steals Heathcliff’s admin powers

    Luke battles an optional Mini-Boss

    Heathcliff moves in to tank a blow from the boss, but is sent flying out of the ruined church without the additional defence given by Admin Powers

    Heathcliff realises he lost his powers

    Luke dashes in and saves the day (again)

    Heathcliff contancts Yui, who begins a quest to find the Seed and return Heathcliff’s power
  18. you kinda skipped out on the whole offering Luke a seat in the Knights of the Dark Sword. (Sam will start to become more important in the story)
  19. @DarkEmporer, I did say simplified version. if i went into the Phantom Weapons and their uses, the names of the Trapped Spirits, the entire Dark Sword Arc, The Psychological Effects the game had on everyone, their roles in the story, the Yirril-Heathcliff Conflict, our plans for the future of the RP, everyones relationship to eachother, we would be here a while
  20. I know that is the fun part in story writing.
  21. Actually the relationship thing isn't hard, here is a chart of what everyone thinks of eachother, lets start with Yirril

    Richard - (??? Please explain)
    Luke - Rivals/Enemies
    Jack - (??? Please explain)
    Heathcliff - Enemies
    Ren - (??? Please explain)
    Sam - (??? Please explain)

    I'm assuming most of the ??? is obstacles he has to Overcome

    Now lets do Luke
    Richard - Good Friend
    Jack - An Ally, perhaps a friend
    Heathcliff - Friend
    Ren - Friend
    Sam - Suspicious of him, i think
    Yirril - Enemies/Rival

    how about Richard?

    Luke - Friend/Ally
    Jack - Friend/Ally
    Heathcliff - Friend/Ally
    Ren - Friend/Ally
    Sam - Suspicious of him
    Yirril - Not convinced he Exists, Enemies

    That was easy, now onto Jack

    Richard - His old boss, friend/Ally/Advisor?
    Luke - His Boss so i'd assume Ally/Boss
    Heathcliff - Ally/Boss
    Ren - Friend/Ally/Advisor?
    Sam - Suspicious?
    Yirril - Not convinced he exists, probs enemies

    Richard - Suprisinly feels a strong bond between them
    Luke - Interesting, surprising Bond
    Jack - Interesting, surprising Bond
    Ren - Interesting, surprising Bond
    Sam - Interesting, hopes to learn more
    Yirril - Enemies

    Don't know about Ren, need @GameBug03 back for him, or Sam, dunno bout him, did
  22. Richard doesn't think Yirril exists huh.................................................................................................................................. *maniacal laugh*
  23. He is sceptical, he knows that something lurks, and that it is possible for a soul to split, both in SAO lore and in real life, but he doesn't believe Yirril is really Yirril, rather some afterimage made from hate which just can't move on. All the supposed killings he believes are just PK Guilds covering their actions with the Legends, and remember this is a guy who spent the last month tracking down Ghosts.
  24. This is true, Except the one with Sam, Luke is SUPER Suspicious of him

    good as well but that part, Soon that is going to COMPLETELY change
  25. I think people are copying us... I have seen way more SAO RPs since this got alot more posts
  26. I know, about to post the exact same thing you just posted. Here's what I was going to say

    "Hey look, someone else made a SAO RP, actually an Alfhelm one but same difference"

    Anyways, I looked at that and it got me thinking, we are progressing much faster than in Canon, and the entire Yirril thing would bring the plot to an end around floor 50, and we can assume that would place us near the release of ALO, Allowing us to join, then we can have Races and Magic and Stuff!

    Only problem would be finding motive to join, after SAO's incidents it would seem like we would never want to join one of those ever again, and then with Asuna dead in the first Boss Raid, the "Fairy King Obreon" wouldn't have a magnificent cage with her in it for a group of terrifyingly determined players to find, therefor we wouldn't go in as a rescue mission either, and the timelines don't match up. Maybe if one of us conveniently dissapears, we can use them? Some convoluted plot explaimatkon?
  27. Perhaps Yirril hid his remains in ALO, where Oberon/Sugiou found him and their mutual hatred for Kayaba caused them to team up to hunt down any trace of him left
  28. Good idea, I feel as if there should be more push for LUKE, He would not care about Yirril since ALFheim has respawning and leaving so we should figure out a way to get back, He KILLED a person remember?
  29. Something Yirril could play on, remember that's Yirril is a fragment of Ty. He shares the same face, and has the same voice. Perhaps this is something personal, which Ty could use as a weapon
  30. Also Yirril could perhaps kill with his powers, or at least delete/consume the entire account, something our main heroes would notice
  31. Actually thoughts I've been having are Ty never actually left the world he is in two right now Ty the sword and Yirril the virus. He is still alive in a technical way but is still there. Mainly cause I want to experiment with his real life.

    (Also do you guys watch walking dead)
  32. but Yirril can still be a looming threat. DEATH GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  33. I mean Yirril could use as a weapon

    Also only two pieces? So Ty's soul is doomed to forever being trapped without a body in the virtual world? In ALO anime, Kirito kept his stuff from SAO, and the same went for all Seed-Generated Worlds, which would theoretically include GGO... Maybe he could be the spirit in the cage, and Yirril keeps him there to torment him for... reasons...

    No i do not, stop trying to advertise your rp, its dishonourable, I would have joined if i had, http://pokecharms.com/works/pokemon-theme-magikarp-seller-edition.28346/, lol i just broke my own rule, who cares? Read the tags of the later ones
  34. that is not what its about I need people to talk to about the show okay.
  35. Its a joke, also sorry no
  36. They killed a fan favourite in the most brutal way possible. I can link it but it is very gruesome.
  37. I'm sorry for your loss...

    I feel as if Richard is, unintentionally progressing. He used to be scared and alone when we first joined SAO but how he is a brave and capable Leader with command over the Bull-Boar United Army and the biggest clearing guild in SAO. He is becoming braver and less afraid of the death game, In face when this all ends i would be surprised to see him just a tiny bit upset to see Anicrad go
  38. I can see that happening.

    (Do either of you have Xbox live)

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