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Open SAO RP discution thread

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by GameBug03, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. Ah you know Richard should have a bit of character development I mean I write short stories for friends one of them recommended the site to me so I can be around other writers and all around creative people. Ok that is beside the point what I'm saying is character development can help Richard become a more likeable character like say you post something about what Richard's life was before he got SAO like I did for Sam with him in a guild with actual friends.

    Also I must ask where is Richard at irl what I mean is what city state and country is he in I'm curious because when we beat the game I want my oc to meet up with someone and seeing as Devlin and Gamebug are gone for the time being I thought I might as well as you.
  2. Like you said, Character Develpment is important but I feel like that Development would be better used on Heathcliff, remember, in the original SAO he was in power, in the final battle against Kirito he wanted to lose, if he wanted to he could have taken his sword out of Kirito and decapitated him then and there, and he smiled when Kirito stabbed him. Why? Because he wanted them to beat the game, he was fighting on the side of the players!

    I think it would be really interesting to see him in a position where he is not in control, where the emotion he so obviously lacks in the Anime comes seeping back in. Guilt and Anger, Fear and Grief, for once he is able to experience what everyone else did inside of his death game, and seriously this time, not faking it.
  3. Also will the RP go past the point it did in normal SAO? Like will we have our characters trying to cope with the real world once again? Because I remember Kirito saying that the SAO players needed to go to a "Rehab" place and it would make sense considering how different life would be in the real world
  4. Well, I was playing Overwath while typing and i was Playing a Sombra, I wanted to think of something cool but then I got killed by a Genji that just used his Ultimate
  5. My friend has the weirdest way of saying sombra it's weird but hilarious.
  6. @SMRPG64 are you gonna post or do you want me to post?
  7. I thought you were meeting with that one guy
  8. I thought i was gonna meet with him after the boss battle

    @DarkEmporer Should I go to the meeting now or go to the Ghost Scythe
  9. Ghost Scythe i said tomorrow in the rp.
  10. Also I'm changing the name a lot, call it whatever you like
  11. alright, Ill go post, We should get more people to join...
  12. I am going to recommend Azrael cause if you know Hebrew mythology (I,think) you'll know who it is
  13. Alright, I posted, We can do a timeskip to the next day after we get back to the guild house and do stuff
  14. Wait since when did you have two OCs?
  15. 29 posts ago
  17. No you don't i already did because i posted as her :) (Ish) and i have plans...
  18. Damn, I also have an idea

    We add ANOTHER person like Yui

    (RPed as by me)
  19. Ok, I feel like there has to be more considering the name, «Yui-MHCP001», which is established as Yui-Mental Health Counselling Program 001. So there are probably more things

    Also whats your plan, mine is for Yui to be a mole, converting more and more programs from the Cardinal's side to Heathcliffs, because what better to kill a Code Killer, than Code?
  20. Mine is going to be Zey-MHCP002 She will break away from her Mental Health Counseling code and become a Player, Joining the United Swords before leaving and creating her own Guild, She will die and reattach to her code and watch over the Players before Breaking away from her Code again in ALFheim (If we get there)
  21. So Zey is like Yui's... partner? Also can you post on the RP, that way we can get both Yui and Zey into the story (Yui will answer Heathcliff and either send Zey to help or go herself)
  22. Alright, What will we be doing AFTER the boss fight with the 5th boss?
  23. I dunno, the fight will be quite long since we will have to contend with a literal Ghost Army so... decide in the morning
  24. alright, I say we should do a massive battle against the 5th boss, Luke goes to see Sams meeting thing, Jack Heathcliff and Richard arrived at Floor 6 which is....

    A MASSIVE SEA (You teleport onto the only town in the entire place and you have to buy a boat)

    Travelling from island to island, hiring better and better boats while avoiding raids by the Pirate King who owns a massive fleet

    After we all think we are ready, we find out when and where PK is and attack him from both land and sea

    And I get a Narwal which shoots Rainbow Lasers
  26. I get to ride Dragon Ty and crash it into the ship, Blowing it up
  27. hey I'll be gone for awhile due to semester finals I won't be back till 11:50 I'm stopping my early morning posts starting right after this.
  28. alright, We won't try to do anything big
  29. MY SCHOOL IS HAVING THE FINALS THIS WEEK I LITERALLY ALREADY SAID THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  30. I know, how did you go on your finals? How do you think? You don't need to answer if you don't want to
  31. Sorry... if you've taken physics class you'll know my pain.
  32. Anyways so we have multiple plots moving at the same time

    Main Plot - Clearing Plot

    With the Five Ghost Guardians defeated, we have the means necessary to fight the Floor Five boss, but with an entire army at his disposal, the Boss is going to be more powerful than any seen before it, it will require a plan, and we will actually have to Siege the castle with a group of other Guilds before we can fight the Boss

    Subplot - Dark Knights Subplot
    Currently, Luke is about to go meet with them where something will probably happen or it will branch out into even more Subplot

    Subplot - Heathcliff vs Yirril
    Heathcliff's powers are taken by Yirril, who is now essentially God, but he is still trying to stop Yirril without his Guildmates finding out that he is in fact Kayaba. He has contacted Yui who he orders to bring him the source of his power, the Seed.

    Subplot - Yui's Quest
    Yui will be travelling through the code and convincing more and more A.I.s to help her raid the Cardinal System, get the seed, and reprogram it to recognise Yirril as a threat

    The last two, perhaps even three will not be resolved for a long time. Also Gamebug hasn't been on for three days...

  33. we can continue, He said he would come back

  34. So, Are you guys gonna post?
  35. I did, a while ago, waiting for you to post so i can continue

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