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Open SAO RP discution thread

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by GameBug03, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. The reason I want Kayaba to be good is kind of the opposite, no matter how evil you are, you always have good inside of you. You can always change. I believe everyone deserves a second chance, especially since Kayaba was never evil, allowing Kirito to kill him and then returning to help him.
  2. Its funny how this Discussion is almost as long as the actual RP
  3. So I must ask what did you guys think of Yirril being recreated by force any personal reactions to it
  4. I think its interesting
  5. so uh anyone going to post to the rp.
  6. I can't post since Luke Collapsed so.... GameBug or SMRPG need to post
  7. I just don't know when/how to do the Timeskip, do I do it now or later?
  8. Lets wait about five more posts to do that. So do you guys also listento Epic Rap Battles of History while your waiting for someone to post to an RP?
  9. Z, is it ok if I pick up Luke and carry him out of the Labyrinth
  10. yea sure

    But, Can we have a Page of Luke getting over the Guilt and everyone get over Ty's death? I have some good ideas
  11. I am going to just start referring to you as devlin
  12. I have always used that Last name because it was my Favourite Last name since i was 4
  13. same here with Kiuko as a last name
  14. Whitman, the last name of most of my OCs was a pretty recent one. I made it up out of a pun on a friend's name.
    Anyways yea, we need a grace period between fights and plots, i say once we get five posts on page 8, thats when we timeskip.
  15. Timeskip to Floor 5 right?
  16. So we have a Devlin, Kiuko, and Whitman so yeah. Does anyone else have an Xbox 360 or Xbox live in general.
  17. you know I just thought of this we are the U.S.A. the United Swords of Aincrad.
  18. That is amazing

    So when are you gonna post your new Character?
  19. dunno right now I'm thinking on how I'm going to build Yirril as the villain so. Yeah
  20. hey guys is this still up and going?
    also can i join.
  21. Hey guys, would it be Ok if i did a thing where, The Dragon Ty in Luke's sword was half a Virus and ejected Luke from the Game? Not killing him but pretty much logging him out but then he decides to continue helping his friends by Logging back in?
  22. that would be awesome but that should probably wait till the time jump so his family his very grateful when he wakes up with tears of joy instead of just being "oh thank god". So I say we wait till after the time jump.
  23. I dunno, you have to ask @GameBug03, there is a lot to catch up on and really no explanation as to why a new player would join SAO after so long
  24. eh i think i'll just not join it would be best.
  25. When Luke comes back, I can imagine him leaping in at some crucial moment to save us after we are almost beaten, we can say that sometime during the third floor he just disappeared, and has been gone for a month
  26. Alright, That would make more sense to what im planning to do

    I want him to contact Hackers who could up his Guilds Levels and Gear to beat the Game to save everyone
  27. @Tsu You could be a Player that was already in the Game, SMRPG can PM you everything that has happened, He is great at that
  28. Alright I have a new character to replace Tyler here it is:

    Name: Samuel Perce (user name is Dark)
    Age: 20
    Sword type: kilij
    Appearance: Sam has short spiky maroon dyed hair, wears an assortment of red coloured clothing ranging from a deep red jacket much like Kirito's but dark red to a light red shirt underneath it.
    Personality: Sam is an anti-social person but played SAO to escape his reality. Once one gets to know him he his kind and will help no matter what even if it puts his life on the line.

    just a bit of backstory Sam was a fighter on the second raid on the first floor boss being scarred by the death of Kirito and his guild. When everyone got to the second floor he went on keeping a watchful eye on the United Swords to see if they can beat this game but lost track of them right before they entered the labyrinth.
  29. You could technically now join us if you wanted to, after all Me and Z are about to leave the Labyrinth. One thing though, Should Heathcliff Join the United Swords
  30. I think he should
  31. there is info I'm holding back by the way
  32. Woop, time skip time
  33. Yep, we do it now. Wait we need @GameBug03's permission as well
  34. No, he was fine with it, Who wants to do the Time Skip Post?
  35. on second thought actually you should do it Devlin you should have a post in the real world to show your family have things about the SAO crises like news reports have some fun with being back in reality after killing a man.
  36. Alright, Ill do it now
  37. Guys, I think while Luke was away, Ren or Richard recruited a Bunch of new members and bought a Massive amount of Land on Floor 4 to Build a Castle, The Guild has become to Biggest and Strongest Guild with the Strongest Players Co-Leading the Guild (By that I mean Ren Richard and Heathcliff) is this a Good idea? I have a bunch of ideas if we choose this

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