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Ask to Join Sandolyn: Three islands of new Pokémon! RP Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by 13InHeaven, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. This is the rp thread, and if you want to join, make sure to sign up here:

    Azure walked up to the airport situated a half mile away from his hometown, having heard of four new trainers arriving in the region.
    "Boy oh boy, I can't wait to have a journey with three trainers from other regions! I wonder if they have region exclusive Pokemon there, or wait! What would the region look like? Any way, I can't wait!"
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  2. Lucy was running to the airport while her pokemon were following her. " 5 minutes before it flies!" Lucy shouted. "Can you follow?" She turned her head to see her Pokemon at fully speed running behind her. Suddenly Lucy rushed into a boy who was walking to the airport. "OW!" Lucy fell on ground with loud CRASH! Her Pokemon was standing by her while she was laying down on the ground like Slakoth. Her shoulder bag was on the ground too and all her items scattered around.
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  3. A young girl walked through the airport, carrying a small black backpack and an Alolan Vulpix. She let out a small shriek as another Pokémon charged towards her. Another trainer picked up the Patrick at her feet and apologised, before hurriedly rushing away. The girl, Alana, took a deep breath and smiled. "This'll be an experience, right Isso?" She asked her Vulpix, "And if we try, we'll make it a good one!"
  4. OOC: @AnnaFox, i'm already in Sandolyn xD But go on with your flight :p
  5. Lana walked through the airport, clutching Isso. She watched as two trainers smash into eachother, one falling over. She quietly stood in the backround, not wanting to be noticed.

    (OOC. Not trying to Mini-Mod, but for the sake of this RP, no pure OOC posts. It's a rule and I don't want this RP to be shut down. Sorry BIC)
  6. "Oh my, i'm so terribly sorry. Wait..." He stared at Lucy for a few seconds, before realising he was supposed to meet her. "Are you... Ehh, i'll help you up." He put out his hand to help Lucy up again before their flight to Sandolyn would leave. "Come on, we have to leave, if you're... Lucy..."

    (OOC: New idea, we're at another airport to transfer to another flight going to Sandolyn)
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  7. "Yes, I'm Lucy." Lucy stood up. Her Pokemon help her to collect her items and put them in her red shoulder bag. "Thanks for helping me." Lucy smiled to boy who helped her to stood up. "And sorry, I try to be careful, but It looks like am not." Lucy blushed for a second. "Are you Azure?" Lucy asked boy
  8. Lana watched the two trainers, a pang of envy running through her. She dismissed that feeling. Isso rested in her arms, looking around shyly at the people in the airport. Lana remembered that she was meant to be meeting a few other trainers that were also going to Sandolyn, she wondered if the two trainers she had been watching were 2 of the 3.

    She looked up at the big screen hanging from the roof, her flight started boarding in 15 minutes. She was in Premium Economy, luckily the flight wasn't too long. She started walking in the direction she was meant to be going in, walking right past the two trainers. Wondering if they'd notice her. She doubted it, why would anyone pay attention to just another trainer walking through the airport with her Pokemon.
  9. Shane was walking aimlessly around he airport with his partner Zoroark trying to find his flight. "This is gonna be an experience of life time right Shadow, Well get to see a brand new region with lots of new Pokémon" Shane said to Zoroark. Shane walked around to see two people with their Pokémon. "Those two, look like the people we were meant to meet." Shane thought. He approached them asking "Are you two the people I was meant to meet?"
  10. Alana turned, there were now three trainers gathered. They looked like they were looking for one more. She walked over to them and took a deep breath. "Are you the trainer I'm supposed to meet?" She asked, "I'm Alana"

    "Vul?" Isso said.
  11. "Yes I am Azure. I was meant to go here to gather. Shall we find the gate?"
    He looked around for the announcement sign to see Gate 3 Flight SW1832. LAST CALL.
    "L-last call? Last call! We need to hurry!" Probably (idk) with the group, he ran to Gate 3.
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  12. Lucy picked up her Pokemon and started to run "Hey, about the others?! Aren't we suppose to meet with other 2 trainers?!" Lucy shouted while running with Azure to Gate 3.
  13. "Yes, I know, but we're extremely late! We'll find them when we land! We need to run!" He ran to the gate, hoping for the other trainers to follow. He entered the plane and found his seat.
    "I really hope they will come. But for now... I look forward to travelling home again!"

    (OOC: Let's get this going again! Time to go!)
  14. Robin grunted as she rushed through the airport, after about three minuets of panicking and rushing she found the plane and boarded, taking her seat next to Azure. Robin was from the Alola region, so she wore pretty thin layers, she turned her head and sighed as she looked out the window "Hmm I wonder what this knew region will be like" she mumbled as she rested her head on her hand. The ginger squeaked as she sat talk in a swift motion, her hands grabbing her old bag and looking through it to find something.
  15. Azure saw the girl sitting next to him and looking in her bag. It brought to an idea: his souvenir from Alola in his bag. He always carried it with him in his bag, sometimes it was out of his bag. He took it out of his bag. It was a Rotom-Dex! He woke it up and started talking to it. Rotom seemed confused, as it didn't know where they were going. "Rotom, we are going back to my home region! You will be able to see the wonderful landscape and pokemon that are exclusive to that region!" Azure said, on which Rotom answered: "Aha! A new region with new Pokemon! I finally get to see them! I can't wait to take so many pictures!" Azure laughed and answered: "Hopefully you can give me their information too!" "Sure thing, buddy!"
  16. Robins head popped up after she finished looking in her bag "A-a Rotom-Dex? your kidding!" she squealed "I've always wanted to see one!". Robins red hair was flying around as she spoke, so before she continued she tied her hair up in a pony tail "There see all better". Her violet eyes then went back to the Rotom-Dex before she chuckled nervously "Wow, sorry! I always forget to introduce myself, the names Robin!".
  17. "Hehe, I always have that too! My name's Azure, i'm from the Sandolyn Region, which is where we're currently flying towards!" Azure chuckled. "Nice to meet you, Robin!" Rotom-Dex said. "This is the Sandolyn region. We'll land here, near Quatzil Town." He pointed at a small dot on the map, located in the center of the South-Western Plains. "The region also has a small island, of which there are stories of it originating from another region. This is the western half of the island. The other part is at East Sandolyn. It is located quite far away from West, so I'm not really planning on going there." The plane would slowly glide through the air between the two airports. (OOC: Man, I just discovered I'm good at writing paragraphs. I never thought I was xD)
  18. Robin smiled "Nice, I'm from the Alola region, and that's why I got my partner Tide!" she lifts up a small white and red pokéball and chuckled. "You can come out after we land ok?" she spoke softly, after placing the ball back in her pocket she looked up at azure "What this region like? I've never been.". Robin turned her head as she saw the plane moving down to the ground "This fast? wow, that was quick!".
  19. "It's made up of three islands, two are next two each other and form a r-shape, and there is that third island i've talked about already. Island one contains a good stretch of plains, it is seperated by a mountain from a small area of savanna. There is a -[]- shaped river with desert in the middle of it. At the north of that river is real large plains and at the south-east of it is a cold area with lots of snow. Seashore is a tropical resort island that also has a gym. Last off we have a large volcano on this island, but it's asleep. Luckily." Rotom said, giving a full description of what it looked like.
  20. Halt turned around from the row in front of the two. "So you guys are going there to. Sorry for not introducing myself, but im Halt, from Sinnoh. I didn't know a rotom could go into a a pokedex. All I knew it could go into is a microwave, fan, lawn mower, and some other things."
  21. Robin looked to where the voice was coming from "Ah, yea I guess you wouldn't since the Rotom-Dex is only up in Alola!" she stated before noticing they landed "Well anywho the names Robin!". The red-headed female then looked around as others began to leave "Guess we should get going then huh?".
  22. "Seems so." Halt climbed up, and headed back down the stairs. "Welcome to the mainland, Noibat." Halt said, as he tossed out his Noibat. The Noibat flew up, and landed on Halts shoulder. "I was told to go to some lab. First time here, so Im drawing a blank on where to go."
  23. Robin chuckled "Come on out Tide!" she tossed her own pokéball into the air, releasing a Brionnie. "Hey, how about after you find that lab your looking for we battle?" she asked. This made her Brionnie chirp "Bri, Brion!" Robin squatted down to pet her friend, but right when she squatted her other pokémon pyre releasing himself.

    The Houndour barked as his noticeable black blindfold started to slip "Whoa hold on Pyre let me fix that for you".
  24. "He's blind, isn't he. Lucky for him he has exceptional sence of smell. Noibat, how about looking for a map. I doubt they would send me here for this journey thing with no information what so ever." Halt turned around. "Are you gonna come with us, or hang over here?" He said, bolting after the noibat.
  25. Robin piped up her head "C-coming! Pyre return!" the Houndour glowed a faint red before being returned into his ball. Robins bare feet hit the floor hard as she chased after her new found friend. Tide was in her bag falling asleep before she suddenly stopped "Found the maps!" she called.
  26. "Noibat." Halt called. "Over here!" Noibat flew over, and landed on Halts head. He picked up a map, and held it up above his head so Noibat could see it. "Nice job finding the maps. I was given a letter to meet up a the lab to meet a group I was set to travel with around this region." Noibat flew off, to the left. "He found it. But why are you here?" Halt asked as he walked after his Noibat, who flew off slower so we could walk and chat.
  27. "I needed to get away for awhile so my friends suggested going to another region, to be honest I kinda just bought tickets and had no clue where I was going!" Robin chuckled, the red-head walked along side Halt and looked down into her bag with her partner and started Brionnie Tide. "I'm going to miss Alola but we needed to stay away for awhile" The female commented before sighing "Oh well, at least I made one friend!" she chirped at the end.
  28. "Thats a male, isn't it. Most people would think its a women right? My uncle owns a daycare, so I learn a bit about pokemon." Halt takes out a pokeball, and throws out an eevee. "We made it." He told it, and the eevee lept onto his backpack. "I have a few friends, but none came, excluding my pokemon. I do my fair share of traveling. Are you planing to go somewhere?"
  29. "I kinda just wanna travel the world, there's really nothing left for me but some old friends back in Alola" Robin replied. The Brionnie sitting in the bag popped up its head as Halt said it was a male "Bri!" it replied with glee. Robin smiled at her partner and looked outside "Oh hey, there's an arena out there, how 'bout it wanna battle?" she said with excitement "I haven't battle anyone since I left Alola two weeks ago! it's been plane after plane!".
  30. "Why not, I could do a battle. You like double battles. Those are my game." Halt ran over to one end. He reached back, and took out a fast ball, and tossed out his monferno. "Blaze, battle time." He said as the pokemon came out. As it came out, a long mark is shown across his head, going down halfway from his eye. "Single, or duo?" Half asked Robin.
  31. Azure noticed the landing. "Aww yeah! Finally back into my home region!" He then said to everyone who was going to travel with him: "We'll meet at the lab, it's easy to find!"
    He then ran into Quatzil Town, and found the Pokemon lab. He quickly went to the professor and told him about the several trainers that were going to get there soon.
  32. Robin thought for a moment then nodded "Single for now!" she took Tide out of her hand bag and placed him on the ground "Ready Tide?". The Brionnie chirped before getting into a fighting stance "Your move first!" she called.

    (OOC:Haven't roleplayed a double before so single for now XD)
  33. Azure then took his old pokemon team from the computer and sent them out. "I will use you... Someday..." He threw out his strongest pokemon. "Hey there Spot... Wanna train?" His voice flared up as a campfire being ignited. He walked outside of town to find a tree. "A tree, always a perfect target. Now use Wing Attack!" The pokemon would strike the tree with a hard hit from the wings. "Hurricane!" He whipped up a tornado and destroyed the tree, which landed half a mile away. Azure started laughing and trained on.
  34. "Alright." Halt called back. He looked over at his pokemon. "Brionnie has the type advantage, but its slow. Your fast. Remember that as you battle." Monferno walked forward onto the battlefield, across from the Brionnie. "Mach punch, and keep close." Halt said, and the Monferno raced across the battleground, and started to spin before slamming his attack at the Brionnie.
  35. Serah walked in Quatzil Town in a stealthy manner after the landing was over earlier much to Tyler's relief. She decided to take a brief rest on the bench that was about a dozen feet from the Laboratory that someone had beaten her to already. Knowing that the other possible trainers were not even here yet, she decided to groom Tyler after managing to keep him still and quiet for at least a good minute. She combed his fur, cleaned his face and brushed off particle after particle of dust on his lab coat.

    In the interim, a peculiar Pokémon flew towards the laboratory after dodging the tornado that destroyed the quite unfortunate tree he was next to earlier. He folded himself to take the shape of an apache chopper seemingly in toddler size after jumping from one of the branches in a swift manner. He gave a quick check to make sure that his headlights were shut off, as he rotated his rotor blades in a silent manner while attempting to keep a moderate distance from the ground. His yellowish body reflected from the relentless solar radiation, as he landed near the laboratory with almost no sound whatsoever. His rotary blades came to an expeditious stop soon after, as he slowly unfolded his body in a discreet manner in order to avoid giving himself away from the extreme noise the unfolding typically generated under quick circumstances.

    His now humanoid body lied prone within the numerous bushes adjacent to the Laboratory's walls, as his rotor blades were condensed into what seemed to be a tiny arm cylinder with a small bucket that gave off the impression of a tail. His grayish face was shielded by the glass-like pane composed of numerous, hard microfibers that was typically kept on, as he wiped off the dust that attempted to gather on his tail from the earlier, brisk flight. After briefly dusting off his tail, he continued to lie in the bushes for a short period before making his next move.
  36. Tide was knocked back as he winced in pain "Bri!" Robin grunted before calling out "Aqua Jet!". The Brionnie's body started to engulf in water, he made eye contact before leaping into the air and spinning. Tide slammed into the Monferno before the water vanished.
  37. "Thunder punch!" Halt yelled, and monferno slammed a thunder punch at the Brionne, knocking it away. Monferno stood his ground, and got back in another fighting stance. "Ready another one in case it does that again."
  38. "Brion!" Tide yelled as it was thrown to the side, Robin winced her mind was racing on what to do "Alright, Moonblast!". Tide then nodded before standing up on his tail, his flippers in the air curved to make a circle "Bri, Brionnie!" a pink glow form in the circle as it launched itself at the Monferno.
  39. "Flame wheel to dodge!" Monferno jumped into a flame wheel allowing him to excape the attack before it hit, and raced to the Brionne. "Thunder punch!" And monferno lept out of it and slammed down with a thunder punch.
  40. Robin smirked, right before the thunder punch landed she called out "Hydro pump!". With the grunt Tide created the water sphere blocking the thunder punch and hitting the monferno in-front of him. Tide panted as he stood up, his red eyes following the fire-type.

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