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Sami's Paintchat Doodles Thread

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Sami, Dec 23, 2008.

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  1. Hello! Hello! It's been awhile, neh? A fair warning, as it is Paintchat, the lineart isn't perfect or anywhere near it. These are for doodles, with a few really nice pieces here and there. Nothing too special. ^_^

    Well, I've been mainly drawing in a Paintchat program as of late, and have decided to post my more recent Paintchat doodles here! Every once in awhile there'll be some openCanvas piece, but this'll mainly be for my Paintchat doodles and quite possible, later on...requests. *GASP*

    But there are no requests right now. D:<

    So, to the art! And what better way to kick it off than with my various Poke'sonas around Poke'charms?


    My very first Poke'sona here on Poke'charms, Spriteon! Of course, it only had one tail in it's first incarnation, but I decided to give it a little revamp, complete with cute little poofed ears! =D Note the tails are shorter than Pixeity's and more like the length that an Eeveelution would have.


    The second Poke'sona after I switched off of Spriteon. One of the other most highly popular, cute Poke'mon next to Eeveelutions is Pikachu, so it was only natural I assumed a similar form. Again, a little revamp, putting poofs on it's cheeks since I have no need for cheekpads. Pixelchu's tail is more ziggy, like a Pikachu.


    And my current incarnation, Pixeity. This form is a cross inspiration between Mew and all those odd little useless but cute Legendaries that pop up. Long tail is loooooooong with many, many shades. The poofs this time around, have moved to just below the ears but above the cheeks.

    Will be posting more soon! Since I have a nice little stockpile all set up. Bedtime, however, is now. Oh yeah...before I forget...


    Stel, you still owe me a cracker. D=​
  2. Sami is awesome, yes she is.

    Of course, Spriteon, Pixelchu and Pixeity have to to be here. They're awesome.

    Honestly the only person with more names then you is me. And really, it's just a name change.

    Back on topic now. Awesome Sami. I want to see more.
  3. [size=8pt]: D
    : D
    : D
    : D
    -hugs Sami-

    Of course, I've already seen most of your stuff.
    If not all of it.
    Because there's a lot D:<
    -showers with praise anyway-

    ilu Sami.
    And your arts are epic in any style and on any medium : D[/size]
  4. As always, Pixeity has such adorable little critters. Pixelchu is still my fave between the 3 pixelmons. And I'm sure Stel's going to love that Elsydeon there. I just love the proportions and the large, emotional eyes :D

    Its also awesome how her lines are so neat. Sami, how long have you been using a pen tab? I can't muster such accuracy.
  5. I don't see how you could EVER have gone off Spriteon! I love it! Its sssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooo cute! *is still befuddled*
  6. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Awesome-ness ahoy! I've looked through your old threads in the past and loved all your art... and your spriting ability is just amazing. It's nice to have a topic I can comment in ^^

    Your Stel picture is just epically beyond words, the line art and shadings is perfect... the whole thing is really XD
    I look forward to seeing more!
  7. Baw, your stuff is adorable! I like the little tufty things on all of them. So fuzzy. I don't think that you need clean lines, it works out nice anyways. *Holds a ticket for hopeful future requests.*​
  8. D'aww, ya'll making me blush. ->w​
  9. Emo wrist blades for the royalt- err....win. Excuse that. Moment of mental combustion. It's awesome like always Sami. You are the best.
  10. Weee, Gardevoir has a sparkly dress. Looks purty, blue-psychic fire ftw. And emo wristblades...lol... I really want to go sledding now, there's actually some snow where I am.​
  11. Absolutely fantastic art, here and elsewhere (other topics, don't worry--I'm not stalking you). I love the cleanness of the art, the nice shading, the effects... everything. I honestly cannot find a fault in any of your artwork, for as far as I can remember. Keep it up, can't wait for more! :3
    In no0b: Teh cuteness is overwhelming! You ftw! (God, I suck at this.)

    Anyways, your Pixelmons are adorable, I love how you can tell the bases, but they're different... in a way it makes them very original. StellarWind Elsydeon's anthro looks fantastic, great job. That's such a detailed creature, anyways, and the emotion in it is great. Emo Gallade and sparkly Gardevoir are awesome. And finally, I want to sled, too... our snow has mostly melted. =/

    So yeah, altogether, your artwork (computer and non) is fantastic, and I can't wait to see more.
  12. Lol, 'nother update. xD Trying to post everything I already have stockpiled because then I can post new stuffs! Everything so far has been drawn within a month or so. =D


    Alas, my mini-me had to show up sometime. She's affectionately referred to as Misa. xD Not Deathnote inspired, seeing as how it's just 'Sami' mixed up and it's more often than not a video game name I use alot. I was drawing a more badass Magmar, and the moment I did his back spike, this image invaded my mind. Magmar makes a cute Yoshi, no?


    Misa doesn't really do much walking herself, I've noticed. I​
  13. Sami is awesome,yes she is.

    At this rate, I'll be saying that a millionbajillion times Sami. You never cease to amaze me.

    *Has to go to Paintchat later.
  14. That is so sweet, the pics of Pokemon mounts. I think my fave there is the Magmar, simply because of how annoyed it looks. The Srs Aggron and Srs Doduo are also cool. Wait, does Paintchat allow the ability to smudge your colors together, because I am totally loving the metal effect on that Aggron.
  15. Wow, really awesome art! I love the Dodrio(?) and the brown tribal looking wolf in the first post.
    Great job, your style is really cool!!
  16. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    The chibi stuff is really cute, but I especially like that OOC Aggron pic of Misa. Very cool ^^

    That first post with all of your Charms persona forms is awesome, too. For some reason I'm liking the original Spriteon's style the best... It's just so huggable ^^;

    Lovely anthro Stel, Sami. Just lovely ^^

  17. Thankies for the comments, guys! ^_^ (See, I can abuse ^^'s too.) I appreciate the compliments, don't be afraid to give feedback! Like I'm pretty sure there are things off when it comes to Aggron/Dodrio or something like that. xD Even doodles can be improved! ^_^

    Besides Poke'mon, I'm also a Sonic fan. And since the Painchat I go to is made by a Sonic person, it's only natural that I have a few Sonic doodles to share.


    Star the Cat, Alissa the Hedgehog, and Mery the Hedgehog respectively. None of these characters are mine, but I was bored and drew them by request by their respectful owners. Out of the three, however, I personally like Mery's design. It's so playful! And I haven't seen many blonde non-Super form hedgehogs out there.


    This little vixen, however is mine. Despite the fact that she's not a vixen, but actually a Coyote. You get what I mean. Her name is Lillian or just 'Lil', and yeah, she has a robo-arm. She's full of referances. xD Her robo-arm is a play off the "Coyote Ugly" joke and her name is a tribute to the Coyote Ugly's barline, Lillian. Even the bar my character owns is called Wily E. xD Hurrrr, I'm lame.


    This is my other character, Sienna Pierce. She's a porcupine. =D A NINJA porcupine. She's a bounty hunter/mercenary so I posed her with the newest hunter to the Sonic character collection; Rouge the Bat, a hunter of rare jewels and gems. Sienna's ponytail eats most of the picture though. xD;


    So much for limiting posts to just 3 pictures. But I figured I might as well take out the entire Sonic folder while I was at it. Venus the Hedgehog, beloning to WinonaHeart on DA. She's a good buddy and hella' fun to be around. Steal her character and I will personally grant you a columbian necktie. D:<

    Next up tonight are some Digimon! And tomorrow I'll be putting up some Christmas'y pictures to get in the spirit. Thanks again for all the lovely comments. ^_^​
  18. Of course, I saw this coming. I think at least.

    And I so remember Venus and Lillain and Sienna. They look so awesome Pix. And the other three, they look swicked as well.

    Amazing Job Sami.
  19. No Digimons yet. I got lazy and forgot to post them. But now it's Christmas for me so I'll put my first lil' installation of Christmas-y pictures!


    I know the colors are in the wrong spots. xD I did it by memory, m'kay? My favorite littlest dragon, Snapdragon! =D And because in 'lolcanda' there is snow, so a scarfy and gloves are muchly needed. Snowball fight anyone?


    You've recieve the Master.....Candycane?
    "How odd...it seems the Master Sword's blade has transformed due to all the holly jolly in the air. Wield it with good will, Warrior!"

    HEY! LISTEN! It seems all the happiness that Christmas has brought about has turned the Master sword into candy! D: OHNOESPASS. We must all go kill and ravage to restore the blade to it's former glory...before Katie eats it. D: Linkachu is not amused. It's hard to look badass with a hunk of diabetes on a hilt.


    Since Stellarwind does not live in 'lolcanada' he doesn't get much snow. D= So in the meantime, we'll just make due with his rather sad looking Sandman. Hey, maybe Sandman will go rob a bank or something and then have an anticlimatic battle with Spinarakman? Golly gee, I hope so, because I'm hoping to see how Spinarakman defeats Venomuk! *headdesks*

    So, more to come later after I draw them up! ^_^​
  20. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    ... Now that's not the sort of "Cane" Sword I was expecting to see xD Must keep it away from greedy little candy cane eating childrens... ;-;

    Sami just won Christmas. Yep yep. CHRISTMAS.
  21. Sami, I find your recent pictures amazingly cute. ^^ Especially Lillias and Sienna (NINJA ftw)

    I feel almost sorry for poor Stel. Sandman ^^;;

    And that hunk of diabetes on a stick is very amusing. And hilarious. *laughs*
  23. I also lied about the moar christmas-y pictures, lol. 9w9 I'mma pathological liar, weee!


    Because Chibi people running around on a srs!Torterra is too awesome. =D Misa and Mini-Stel all chibi chillaxin' on a Torterra. Yaaay, tree. Torterra came out nicely. :3 I shall call him, Spike. And he shall never speak. Unless Psyduckie gets into trouble...


    AQUAMOR DICTATOR, ACHTUNG BABY. Stealthy fanart of Sem's little critter, and poor Pixeity clinging for dear life. ;o; It can't swim. Hang on Pix, hang on! Because I fail at depicting movement, make do with my "WOOSH".


    Only two this time, because they were kinda' big. Who will I draw next, hmm?​
  24. *Wishes she were Sami's friend* ...And that I had a Torterra to ride on! He looks pretty cool, though in the official art and crud, they're a bit more stubby. But that's official stuff (yours is way cooler). Gyrados is really awesome, with banana sized fangs and a fierce expression.​
  25. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

  26. Amazing. Aquamor commanding Gyarados into battle/whatever he's commanding Gyarados to do.

    Pixeity is soo cute.

    Torterra looks awesome too. Epic.
  27. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Aquamor dictator ftfw XD

    And who doesn't dream of relaxing on the back of a Torterra? ^_^
  28. Rawr! Haven't updated inawhile, lol.


    These are just headshots of my twin, OC's, Christine and Elizabeth. :3 Chris and Liz preferabley. In this shot, they have opposite high and low ponytails to better distinguish themselves, but normally the only way you can tell who's who is because Chris prefers blue clips to Liz' green ones. Their hairstyle constantly changes and they don't have a default outfit yet. :3 I'll definately draw these two moar on the PChat. ^o^


    I told myself I would'nt post this til' I finished the rest of the Eeveelutions, but I gots lazy. :C It's a pending character design for a Poke'mon Fanfic I've been pondering on. Yes, it doesn't look like a normal Vaporeon. xD That's because it isn't. I wanted to tie in Supernatural Elemental Spirits and them taking form of Modified Eeveelutions seemed appropiate at the time. So I started to revamp some Eeveelutions. I used a Husky like model for it, if you notice how the darker blue runs down the body and how it doesn't have stocky nor particularly thing legs.


    And a modified Leafeon. :3 Complete with badass vine-age. ^o^ I really like how the two back vines look like extra little tails.​
  29. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I said it in chat, but they're awesome. I love them all so much, they just look... better XD
    I love your shading and lines, especially on the Twin's hair.

    Leafeon is just too cute and awesome looking.
  30. Me likeys the Eeveelutions! Vaporeon looks like it could survive much colder conditions and beat the crud out of other stuff. Leafeon has a very nice touch of Stel in it, makes me happy. Never really liked Glaceon, but well, now it's a cool ice fox dealio that's appreciable. And I love what you did to Flareon. I mean, who couldn't love a fox-lion with blingage?
    Chris and Liz are really nice too, I'm loving the hair shading.​
  31. The eeveelutions look awesome Sami. I love your designs for them. Awesome job.
  32. Those Eeveelutions are so cute! *huggles* The Leafeon is my favorite, and you can tell Stel helped you with it. And then there's Glaceon, whose muzzle reminds of something from Okami....*ponders* Flareons bling=win
  33. Yaaay!​
  34. Nice. Frizzy hair wins.

    Definitely draw the rest of the modified Eeveelutions, they are awesome ^^
  35. Manetric and Poocheyena look awesome.

    RX's Persona looks awesome too Sami. Love the way you drew it.
  36. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator


    Manectric is just... *Dies*

    XD I love him so much, your style and shading is just awesome on him. I seriously can't tell you how much I love him, so thank you so much for drawing him
  37. Wow, I absolutely love the Vaporeon and the Flareon! They look totally awesome xD. And I think I already said this, but your style is amazingly schweet :3.
  38. Your Magmar looks like he's getting ready to smack someone, and that is awesome.
  39. Thankies for the compliments, you guys! And I'm glad you like it, Magpie!​
  40. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Gary Oak and Silver? (GS Rival) :O
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