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Sami's Artwork

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Sami, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. Yes...another Angry face. I do like angry things.

    Getting actual hand-drawn artwork is quite harder than spriting for me, since my scanner is a tempermental thing and hates me.

    Though I do have pixelart I can also post here, all pixelart is done on MSPaint, since I have nothing else to really work on.

    I'll only post 1 hand-drawn picture per post, since I don't want to swallow the page.

    I'll try to update this page as much as I can, though I can't take requests because of my scanner issues; unless you want Pixelart. Requests for Pixelart I will take.​
  2. The first thing I'd like to pin up is a sample of Pixelart. It was a banner for the RP that my two characters dwelt in. Yes, this is made on MSPaint.


    Featuring a small little love-triangle that involved one of my girls; Alexis, she's a wee bit emo at times and Red Eye up there is Ramiel, one of the main bad guys of the RP; and blondie with the eyesore for a Fedora is Jalen; her childhood friend.

    Hope you like!​
  3. Here's the first hand-drawn I'm going to pin up. The scanning is rather light, but I do like it.

    Someone requested a Buneary girl, and she gave me the clothes and color scheme, so I drew it and here it is;


    Ah yes, this is sort of my style that's between Chibi but between Regular drawing.

    Hope you like it!​
  4. This was a request for the same RP; turning a Poke'mon human with still some parts. This guy was uber-creative and I had tons of fun drawing his little Emo-Zubat boy.


    I also have another one that I'll pin up later.​
  5. Wow these are really good!! I love them ^_^(especially the buneary girl X3)

    Can I request a Vespiquen lady?
  6. :o Wow. Simply wow. You've got some real talent - To begin with, your drawings are perfectly proportioned and pleasing to the eye, not to mention horribly cute. Also, the coloring and shading is kick-ass! How long have you been doing this stuff? I wish I could do hair like you do :'(
  7. Alex, it says right on the first post that you can't really request hand-drawns thanks to my el'crappy computer and the scanner issues. :-\ And pixel-arting a full-body pose would take forever on MSPaint. Would if I could...but theres also another thing; I'm not fond of Vespiquen. If she was a lady, she'd have a HUGE rump. :-X

    Dax, thankies for the compliment! I've been drawing forever, but I've only recently this year to like...finalize my style of coloring; love me some color pencils.​
  8. Heheh, thankies! I actually have another bat-boy you can fangirl over if you so wish.


    His shoe looks a bit weird though. :-\​
  9. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    That one right there is my favourite so far. Loving the ears on the hoodie. The creases in the clothes and shading looks pretty good, too ^^

    Just a question, Sami, which is a bit off-topic. Any reason why you center all your text when posting? ^^;
  10. I dunno. It's just one of those 'things', really. Kinda irks me whenever I don't center it.​
  11. Maybe you like to be the "center" of attention xD *insert da-dading drum noice here*

    Nice drawings btw, I like how you thought up of a zubat hoodie, its preety sweet 8D (allthough a regi hoodie would loook soooo sweeter)
  12. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    He's Zubatman. He can breathe in space.

    (Dies a thousand little deaths for making that joke).
  13. I think thats enough corny jokes for one day xP
  14. I like them, especially the 2nd Zubat Guy. I really wish I could make requests. I'd ask for a MEW BOY!!!! or maybe a Squirtle Dude or even a Noctowl Man. (My 3 favorite pokemans)
  15. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

  16. SWEET!
    He has Zubat guy as his avvy!!!
  17. Wow, I could never draw like that...The coloring is wonderful, and I can just imagine these characters running around in the anime...

    It's already been said, but the characters are perfectly porportioned, and the shine on the hair is done really well (looks real enough to touch, even.) Looking forward to seeing more!


    This Spinda is my own OC, so no stealing!

    And this was a gift to StellarWind awhile back, thought I'd show it off.

  19. HAHAH! Oh man, I love the "spot pattern" on that Spinda. That is a good picture...made me laugh. Actually laugh. I like how the knife looks bloodstained...XD

    Edit: comment on the latter drawing removed. I didn't mean for it to sound insulting, Stel, I'm really sorry! :'(
  20. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Persian, for future reference, what I draw isn't intended to be cute. Or rather, if it's supposed to be cute, it's supposed to be cute in the animal-ish way rather than the chibi-kawaii-cutie-pie way. So I'm really not sure how to take your comment here.

    Eh. matter of preference, I guess.

    ... Also I'm not too much of a lepidoptera person to be honest. I do love a few species of moths and butterflies, though. ^^

    But right. Let's leave the Out-of-topic banter for elsewhere.

    Sami: I think I already told ya what I think of these over MSN. ^^ The Spinda is an awesome idea - I never thought I'd be so amused by one of these demented drunk teddybears.

    Except for a few minor details which we've already talked about I really like your take on my anthro form, even if it is semi-chibi and a touch more felinid than I am used to. It was really nice of you - most people avoid drawing my anthro-form because he's so flipping detailed. XD Thanks again. ^___^
  21. That Spinda is SCARY Good! It falls into both categories. It's awesome, Spriteon.
    I really like it!
    Creepy giganto-knife.....Evil grin......Skull-heart...*Shudders* I'm gonna have nightmares for weeks!
    On a happier subject, The Stel's Anthro-Self is AWESOME!
    You're great at drawing, and Spriting!
  22. Stellarwind, how can you not like little demented bear-things? Haven't you ever read Sam & Fuzzy? That Spinda is totally resemblant of Fuzzy. It's AMAZING. X3
  23. Nice artwork there Spriteon. I remember you showing the Spinda in chat. What an effective picture describing your annoyance, heh. The spot pattern is theoretically also possible too which is neat. If they're random -eventually- one will look like that. Nice going once again.
  24. I said it once, I'll say it again, everything here is better than ANYTHING I will ever Draw, love the knife wielding Spinda
  25. Kah. -dusts off thread-

    Been awhile, neh? Well, I just finished a picture I'm quite happy with.

    She is a violinist, yes. :3 I adore Violins, I even tried to learn how to play it once upon a time, but my left hand couldn't quite keep up. In order to draw this properly, I used many referance pictures. I even found a new anime while looking for reference pictures; La Corda D'Oro or Primo Passo as it's also called. Great anime, I totally recommend it. I'm only up to Ep. 18 though. Waiting for Ep. 19 to be subbed.


    I very much like this one, but my scanner kinda killed it, being the relic of a scanner that it is. This girl may very well be my next Poke'mon RP character; I'm thinking a Co-ordinator who uses her violin as a way to call out commands, practicing with each individual of her team so they know what means what. So this would be her contest outfit. :3

    And yeah, she stands pidgeon-toed. Because it's cute. =D​
  26. Thats amazing. I like it alot. Only criticism I have is the forehead.....it could be larger....

    Yeah...don't judge me. ><

    Hahahaha but I love pidgeon toed things....Bwahahahahaha
  27. That's very nice Pix. The violin certainly seems accurate, even if the shin seems to be placed in an incredibly uncomfortable position on a ridge. Her outfit looks great, so no doubt it would be interesting to have RP about her in contests using the violin. Different, that's for sure. It's nice to see more of your art.
  28. PIXEL ARTS, AHOY! These are kinda old, so bear with me. Each is from 1 to 2 years old. :3 All done on MSPaint with a mouse.

    I found theses on my brother's computer, meaning their from my most active days as a Gaian. :D I liked to give out free pixel arts alot at one point. :3

    Revien; He was pretty fly, and I stuck around alot in his Quest Thread. He was an amazing pizel artist on MSPaint if I recall. :D He was my favorite for awhile. Yeah, I pick favorites on Gaia.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ToastyTau; He was my favorite for quite a long time. He's gotten so many sprites outta me over time it was ridiculous. Unfortunately, I don't have the sprites anymore. I also donated to him like all get-out. XD

    Saffron: This was a random gift to her, just because she was questing so hard. She was a nice person to talk to.

    Egostrife: My brother. No, not my "LoL, Gaian Familyz!!11one!!!" My actual brother. I got him hooked to Gaia at one point and made him a few piccies for his signature. Egotistical douschebag...

    Garnet233: She hung around alot in ToastyTau's thread. She was awesome and hilarious. Her pixel art was one of my favorites at that time. :D I do still rather like it.

    HuggieBear: Came acrossed one of her Quest Thread. She's a Gaian 'o3 Veteran, so that alone deserved Pixel Arts. Her's large pixel art is also one of my favorites. Huggie changed outfits alot too. x_X;

    These are all just a string of random pixel art giveaways that I did, I didn't really hang out too much with these peeps in the Forums. Nuttsack though, is freakin' hilarious. Nuttsack and Hatake are both DUDES so don't let the hairstyle decieve you. :D Jeisu was a sweet guy, friendly to everyone. These are supposed to be sketchy, since they were meant to be quickies, each done in less than 20 min.


    And this was my old Avatar when I had been on the Pixel Art spree. I often joked that the paintbrush on my Avi represented just how close me an' MSPaint were. XD

    Ohtay, I think that covers my old Gaia pixel arts. XD Unless I find more. :3

    Now, these three Pixel Arts are from RP'ing in a Poke'mon Roleplay; The "Anu" Region. Twas' where I met Snapdragon, actually, before dragging him here. :D These are roughly a year old. :3

    In order; Tobias/Izzy, Jalen, and Dacia.


    Tobias/Izzy; Well now, Tobias is supposed to be a oh-so-heartless thief ((Snapdragon's charry)), but he took a tumble into a river and the poor boy can't swim. And who should save him? Izzy, my character. Izzy was originally created to save poor Tobias from being paired with another RP'ers super god-mode Mary-Sue character. XD And the two have pretty much been a pair since.

    Jalen: Snapdragon's character, again. As if you couldn't tell by the color scheme. ;3 Jalen's signature is basically that pink Fedora, which was to much of a bish at the time to draw on his head. XD Jalen is sorta the reason me and Tama became such good friends, by silly coincedence before Tobias and Izzy were created. Jalen and Lexi ((My charry)), just so happen to both be from Lavender town. At one point, the same Mary-Sue character's RP'er had set her sights on Jalen as well. -shudders-

    Dacia: Not my character, but another girl, Sway Pandora. :D Dacia was an awesome character. Tomboy-esk, but not afraid to be like, "Look at my awesome curves, yo." She was also another RP'er in the Anu Region. Her spiky, deep green hair was a signature thing for Dacia. And if you wondering why her ears look funny, their gauged. :3​
  29. This whole thread is filled with awesome.

    You are certainly a master of pixel arts.
  30. It's great to see how your style has changed over the years. I like sketchy style arts, and your pixel ones are simply excellent. All the Gaia pixel arts are fun to look at, especially your one since with the spriting reputation you have the paintbrush is apt indeed. Also the more recent one have shading that would, quite frankly, put a lot of pixel arts I've seen to shame. They gaia avatars also remind me of a trend of Deviantart at the moment, those of the pixel character battle card things. Pretty nifty really.
  31. [size=8pt]I thought I was your favourite. D:[/size]

    Kidding. XD
    These are pretty amazing for being a) old and b) mouse-drawn in MSPaint. There are some missed pixels in the lineart of some of these that are kind of distracting, but I'm going to assume that's because those are the oldest, considering how smooth the others are.

    Wow... it's been a long time since Toby has been that colorful. Wish I could say the same for Jalen. XD
  32. Thankies for the compliments!​
  33. Nice clothing design Pix. It also has a vaguely chibi-aspect to it, which is quite nifty. The facial expression also conveys a sense of character. Nicely drawn. :3
  34. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    Out of interest, how much smaller are the scanned copies of the pictures compared to the original hand-drawn versions? I'd like to see the full-size versions of the Buneary girl & Zubat boys & Anthro-Stel to look at the pencil shading in more detail. Not to copy it - I can't shade to save my life :D, but just for interest, to see how many different colours of pencil you used and how they blend together. It's rare to see decent coloured pencil shading.

    I like the ridiculously cute hats on Saffron & Huggiebear's pixel arts. I think I'd like a kawaii panda-hat in real life. Do your skills extend to sewing? ;)
  35. Yay, necromancy!

    Anywhoo, Sami just downloaded a trial version of OpenCanvas. =D And I was farting around on it, 'bout a half hour later, tis' what I got.


    A simple lil' mugshot of myself, minus the bags under my eyes, save those for another day. ;D

    The linework is horrid. Haven't quite figured out much about it. XD Like the shading on the hair though. :3 Watercolor and Fingertip smudge abuse, oh yes.​
  36. YES Opencanvas.
    If I ever figure out how to get that paintchatty sort of feature working, you'll be the first one I call. :F

    It might be more due to me than you, but I'm having a little bit of trouble finding the guidelines on this one. The anatomy's a bit loose, especially around the eyes, but the shading and coloring on the hair is absolutely lovely.
  37. Pssht. Anatomy is for losers.

    Alrighty, well, my second attempt at OpenCanvas definatley beats the first. Definately.


    Meet Sienna Pierce, my second Sonic OC. She is a Porcupine. She is bad-ass.

    I LOVE how this came out. =D I kept to a constant light source, which I think made it look LOADS better. I tried to throw in a lil' perspective, but that didn't really come out. It's supposed to be from a 'She's looking down at you view.' but unless you're a cat or a chihuahua...I don't think it worked very well. Not as dynamic as I wanted it, but I do like it. =D Makes it more bad-ass. The linework is still sketchy, but I do like it.

    Yay! First picture of the New Year!​
  38. I think you mean anatomy is for hippies. :V
    And I'm not gonna shut up about it because I think it's one of the most important things for an artist to have, so nyah. *dons hippie shades*

    I know I already commented your porcupine on AIM, but eh, may as well. xD
    This is really good for your second OC piece ever; you've gotten the hang of the program very quickly. Layers are a godsend, aren't they?
    I get the impression the original of this pic is much larger than what we're being shown now, if only because the lineart's a bit rough for OC. You could probably work on making the shading smoother if that's the case. It looks a bit strange being that jagged, unless her fur/quills/clothing fabric has a horizontal grain. I can kind of see a "halo" around her, too -- if that's the base sketch, it'll look much more polished to delete that layer.

    I'm not going to comment on the perspective, since I fail at it, and for once I'm not going to say anything about anatomy, if only because Sonic-style has none whatsoever. XD

    Just out of curiosity, is Sienna a new world porcupine, or an old world one?
  39. Actually, that is the original size. The linework looks sketchy because I don't have enough room on my desk to do one long, smooth line, so I zoom up like all get-out and take it bit by bit, making it sketchy. The base sketch did get deleted. :3 Trust me, you'd notice the base sketch if it was there, I use neon and flourescent colors for my bases. XD I'll take the tip on the shading, though. =D​

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