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Sami's Actually-Counts-As-Art Thread

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Sami, Feb 12, 2009.

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  1. Since I count very, VERY few of my PChat'd doodles to be 'art'. As that PChat thread has been closed and locked, I suppose it's time for me to make a new thread.

    Why a new thread? Why not just play off the PChat thread? Well, the PChat thread isn't what I call 'art', it's really doodles and what not. There's maybe three or four things in that thread that I actually consider 'art'.

    This is also going to be largely dominated by traditional art and openCanvas things, which I spend actual time doing, unlike the majority of the PChat scribbles that were posted. So there's the jist of it.

    Now, as a heads up. xD Forgive me for I don't know how to work my scanner very well, so some of the quality as far as coloring and sizing goes is a bit off.


    To start we have a Sem-Otter. =D Was drawn, inked, and colored all in one go, no breaks or whatnot. Roughly and hour to an hour and a half of straight work. Maybe two hours as I was also chitchatting on MSN at the time. ^ u^ It had been awhile since I drew the Aquamor traditionally, so I decided to give it another whirl. I purposely avoided doing the same pose as the first one though, even though I was tempted to. All in all, I rather like it.


    Since I had made and Elleon in the PChat thread (who is bound to reappear on paper sooner or later), I decide to make a Stelleon. Because I can. Anywho, I rather like how this one came out. The coloring and shading of the crystals was hella fun. Eyebrow crystals, lololol. But since Stel's fan-region Miato introduces a "Crystal" type, that's what I based his Eeveelution off of. As much as I like Steleafia, Stelleon has a crystal blade tail thingy.

    Again, sorry about my lack of scanner know-how if the color seems a bit faint or the sizing degrades the quality of the lineart.​
  2. Celadon

    Celadon Guest

    First reply!

    Aquamor Sem looks very cute =D Nice Shading. The pose is nice, too.

    Stelleon looks cool. Very Cool. Dangerous stare ^^ Shading is great.

    The expressions on both are nice. They really are much better than your PC art.
    All in all, Great work! ^^
  3. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    You already know what I think of Stelleon. ^^ And Aquamor Sem is always awesome to see. His face is effing adorable.
  4. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Yey , Sami has an art thread again! ^^

    Sem Otter is just the cutest little critter ever. I love the pose you drew him in, especially because he seems to flow like water. I'm loving his tail, the shading on it is awesome and I love the webbing between his toes ^^

    I know how much of a pain scanners can be, but your pictures still manage to look uber great, even if the scanner stole some quality.

    Stelleon is so pretty (Handsome for the sake of gender), I love the crystal blade on his tail and the markings down his back. His eyes are very fitting too...

    Awesomeness, Sami ^^

    *Stalks this thread*
  5. You have a great style of drawing. I really like the eevee evolution, what kind of type is it? :3
    Also the otter is very cute!
  6. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Forest green, crystals, a double-helix-like design running down the back, and a blade tail... Yep. Definitely a Stel-based creation, and it looks awesome. Gotta love that look in its eyes XD The lineart seems smooth to me, so if there were resize issues with the scanning I can't notice 'em.

    As for the Aquamor... It's just as adorable as the last time you drew it. ADORE those paws and the webbing between the digits... I think it looks great overall - pose and coloring included.

    How did you color these? Paints, pencil crayons, markers, etc.? Just curious XD
  7. Sami makes me feel really bad that I can't draw like her.

    Aquamor is awesome and Stelleon is freaking amazing.

    Spectacular job.
  8. Aquamor is win. I loves it, especially the tail and fin, and his eye too.
    Stelleon is awesome, and has the basic awesomeness of Stel within.
    Yay. [size=2pt]*Short post XP*[/size] ​
  9. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    ... Holy crud, Sami. Your work amazes me again. *dies*

    Anyways, that Aquamor is so freaking adorable. That pose makes it look soooo cute. The coloring and shading looks really good on it as well. Stelleon is... pure win. Crystal-type ftw, and the color choice was perfect. And the pattern on its back is a very nice touch to it. ^^

    Awesome job as always.
  10. Saaami these are amazing. Aquamor Sem just looks adorable and cuddly, I think I like the eye and webbed hands the most :p

    Stelleon is win as well ^^ I love the color you gave him, although I am green biased >>' He is very...pointy o.o and would probably make someone bleed if they touched his tail or ears :p
  11. Thankies for all the lovely comments.​
  12. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    No zoom? That's like... my best drawing friend. I draw zoomed in... I is impressed by your none-zoomed skill XD

    Great characters, Sami, I think the shading on all of them is really good. They certainly have an Anime feel about them and I love the eyes on the Mugshot. I've always liked how easily you seem to get emotions into character's eyes, and these are no exception.

    I love the eye and ear markings on the Bangaa, he's done really, really well.
    Awesomeness as usual, Sami *Hugs*
  13. Nice Sami^^

    At first, I thought Stelleon was one of your updated Eeveelutions. The one of Glaceon, because at first glance, the crystals look like Ice XD
  14. I may not reply to your thread that often, Sami, and I don't really know why.

    But I definitely read it, no doubt about that. :)

    I really find your interpretations of the Bangaa and Feol Viera quite amazing, being a Final Fantasy fanatic myself :p Nice work on there, especially the eye pattern.

    Stelleon is probably my personal favourite, I like how you implemented all of Stel's 'features', if you will, into this new form. Great job and keep it up!
  15. Squeeeeee!! Aquamor Sem is so adorable! I just wanna cuddle him. *cuddles*

    *looks at other creations while cuddling* hm, green, crystals, twrily designs...Looks like Stel. ^^ Out of all the things on Stelleon, I find the crystal ears and the helix patterns the best things. It love how the ears just seem to melt into crystal and helix dsigns are always win.
  16. Totally forgot to answer Katie's question; I usually color these in color pencils. Crayola, lolz. Because I'm too broke for fancy Prismacolors that I totally want. Though the only place around here that sells them wants an arm, leg, and legal rights to your firstborn for A pencil. >:[

    Anywhoo, so I wanted to start a themed project along the lines of Masquerade, with people using Legendaries as bases for their outfits. Well, I have the attention span of a gnat, so I only ever got two done. xD I have roughs of a Katie and Sem though. =D So they might be the next to show up.


    Because me and RX waltz all the time. :V And this is spawned from WAAAAAAA-AAAAAAAY too much Phantom of the Opera soundtrack, after realizing Darkrai is totally a Phantom with a bear-trap necklace. The Giratina dress was based moreso off his Otherworld forme versus the Origin form and now I kinda' regret that. xD Not pleased with the dress, hella' pleased with the Darkrai coat. Love all the crinkles. Got way to engrossed with them. xD




    Anywhoo, the outfit is based off Suicune, but I didn't want to make it so blantantly obvious. Fedora = the smex, so I translated the crystal atop the fedora versus a feather of some sort. I felt so clever when drawing it. I like the tassly-things off the vest. Alot. Mostly because of the line weight seems to just flow right with them. Though this definately doesn't have a Masquerade feel more of a Casino feel. >_​
  17. I'll give a chance to those who have yet to see this awesomeness.

    I am loving {Biznatch}'s look here. HAWT PURPLE VEST WITH CRYSTAL BUTTONS FTW.Also Suave Suicune Fedora is just neat. Of course I've already expressed my complex emotion of love and hate for the sheer detail you are capable of with the wrinkles in the coat. I curse myself for only having 12 colors available in my stash of colored pencils. It also just came to me, but Sami would look rather nice with a Giratina wing-veil draped around her arms, but then the detail in the back would be lost.

    Still love this pic, now I shall whisk thee away on another waltz of
  18. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Sexy biznatch, eh? That's gotta be El :3 *Steals the cookie*

    And AHAH! The secret's finally revealed! ... I can't say I ever imagined you were doing something like this when you originally messaged me XD

    Both of these pics look great, and I happen to really like that dress to be honest ^^ I see what you mean about the Darkrai jacket, though. Great style. I'd totally steal that off RX's back :3

    I personally like the less chibi-ish take on these (you're really good at drawing people), but I'm sure either style would be fun ^^
  19. I love it all! Incredible detail in yours and RX's costumes. And you were right, Darkrai jacket ftw! I love the Giratina dress though, it is quite lovely. And El is of course fabulous, the tassel/ribbon thingy coming off the vest is quite neat, although the crystal topped fedora is what makes it for me! Can't wait to see the rest of the mods done. :3
  20. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Such pretty clothing ^__^

    The designs are just so beautiful and well drawn. I love the dress, all the folds and detail are just perfect. The Darkrai coat is epic too, and both outfits fit so nicely together. They'd look so awesome real.

    I think I'm with Linkachu on the style, they do look awesome as they are, but since it's you I'm sure a more chibi-like style for these would be just as awesome.

    I sometimes find that the cheaper pencil crayons work better... I've only ever had one expensive pack and they broke quite easily and didn't seem to colour as nicely. The cheaper ones I have are so old now. They've lasted for forever ^^

    El = fabulous. I love his pose so much XD
  21. I saw the El pic in chat ^^

    I like the Masquerades, especially the Giratina dress ^^
    Shame you can't to a translucent veil with colored pencils. Then it would be win XP
  22. Oh my...o.o The Giratina dress is beautiful Sami ^^ I love it. Combined with RX's mask and outfit it's just so win. Very much Phantom of the Opera
  23. El's hat is gorgeous! I want one of those! :p

    The Giratina dress is very, wonderfully detailed. Using Giritina's crest as a tiara-sort headdress was a wonderful idea.
  24. Thankies once again for all the lovely comments. First thing first, I pelt you with an old art project that's about a year and a half old. It's amazing as to how much I've improved since I made this. CAUTION: OLD ART PROJECT IS OLD. DO NOT EXPECT MUCH.


    Done on clayboard with paints and pens. Based on the Four Celestial Guardians that originated in Chinese Myth but quickly spread to Japan and other regions. Also known as Four Guardians of the Compass or Four Heavenly Emblems of the Emperor, ect ect. So, starting in the East, you have Qinglong (Seiryuu in Japan), the Azure Dragon. Totem of Virtue and Season of Spring and representative of the 'Wood' Element. Often depicted as a Blue/Green Dragon.
    To the South you have Zhuque (Suzaku in Japan), the Crimson Phoenix. Totem of Knowledge and Season of Summer as the 'Fire' Elemental of the bunch.
    To the West you have Baihu (Byakko in Japan), the White Tiger. Totem of Righteousness and Season of Fall and corresponds to the 'Metal' Element.
    To the North is Gui Xian (Genbu in Japan), the Black Tortoise and Serpant. Totem of Faith and Season of Winter and reigns over the element of Water.
    Then you have the red eyes in the middle. Huang Long is the Golden Dragon that represents Life and in the original myth was the representation of China itself, being defended by the Celestial Guardians but ruling over all four.

    Phew. It's a wonder that I remembered that from my report that long ago. Ah well, I love Mythology so it sticks. _o I remember I knicked my finger on some random thing during the project and didn't notice til' it was dry. xD; So there it stayed.

    Okay, enough of old stuff. Onto newer things!!! *points dramatically*


    This is a chibi of the anthro counterpart to my fursona. Phew, that's a mouthful. Normally, my fursona is small and cat to fox-sized. But I got bored. Anywhoo, you've all yet to meet any persona of mine besides the Pixel variants. So here is one. =D Yeah, the end of the tail is a claw-like hand. xD When the hand isn't in use, the fingers are together and it looks quite normal, though you can still see the lines inbetween the 'digits'. I'll draw up more of my fursona some other time. Pink paw pads.​
  25. I loves your old art! Very neat, and I love mythology myself, so I am intrigued now by all five of the beasts represented. Love the fursona, quite awesome. And symmetric tribal Dodrio ftw! Keep pumping out the masterpieces! ^_^
  26. I like the Chibi anthro fursona. =D

    Nice concept ^^
  27. The Four Celestial Guardians are wonderful, no matter how old they may be. They are not bad, but in comparing them to your newest works, I think your style has changed. That's not bad, so please don't take that comment as an insult.

    I think the tatto type picture was based off a Zangoose. The 'claws' at the bottom make me think that.

    The fursona pic looks cute, but deadly. I wouldn't want to mess with her.
  28. Ooooooh pretty! The Four Celestial Guardians are so beatiful, they remind me of Okami. ^^ Lovin that bitchin tiger.

    Your fursona pic is so...cool, and yet it reminds me of something...*thinks* Ow my brain. I love that little claw/hand/tail thing, so much better than Aipom's asshand. It looks dangerous. ^(^_^)^

    And I have no clue what that tribal tattoo is. But I'm agreeing with Dodrio, even though the legs are the only things I can identify.
  29. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I did a project on the four guardians, my choice of course. I loved Suzaku, and I found the duality between Suzaku and Seiryuu very interesting. I think you represented them beautifully, especially on the old-style paper complete with blood XD

    It's nice to see some of your older work. You have improved, although from that picture, you only became more awesome. Methinks you were born brilliant ^^

    Awesome fursona, I love the hand on her tail and how her ears are pointing forwards. She looks like she has attitude. Nice subtle detail on the hair too, very flowing.

    The tribal tattoo is just so epic and real looking. I can imagine some biker guy with it centered down his spine or something. I think Phoenix guessed guessed right, but he's already had the cookie. I love how you drew the heads, the fit together so nicely and artistically.

    *Bows to your greatness*
  30. Sami, it's amazing. And, a grass starter that isn't dinosaur theme.....*runs to the bomb shelter*

    I love how Oceleaf's tail is a vine branch thing, I think it's a great concept. Though, Vinyx seems a bit..Raichu-y....still uber cute.

    All your work is amazing, keep up the awesome work.
  31. These fakemon are really well done, I don't see any flaws very good job Pixeity =D
  32. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I know I haven't seen the Fire and Water starters but I want this Grass starter so badly XD

    Vinyx is just so cute. His vines are awesome and I love his stubby little tail. Oceleaf's tail however has to be my favourite. I love how it looks like thorns and not like the rest of his body. The leaf shoulder-blades are a wonderful touch too.
    Jagaea is just incredible. Everything about him is epic. I love his Grass/Rock typing, methinks his tail whip attack would do much more than lower defense XD

    Your lineart looks so clean and the coloring is as well. Methinks your evil scanner tries to sabotage you, but fails miserably. Awesome work
  33. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Well, I've been continuously dropping comments at you about this line for a while, but I might as well make an official thread comment, m'dear. ^^

    For one, even with the scanner having issues, the coloring is nothing short of fantastic. The vines on Vinyx's neck make some sense to me now - I had my misgivings about the design being a tad simplistic when you first showed me the design, but now it seems fitting.

    Oceleaf is a winful name, and I approve of the facial markings and leafy ridges along the shoulders, as you very well know. Jagaea looks much better now than it did when you initially designed it - and the muzzle looks JUST right - which is good to see. ^^ Although I'm thinking Zelgadis-cat for no good reason. Too much Slayers on yours truly. XD

    Also I like its tail MUCH better this way. ^^

    I'm not sure I would have personally chosen it as my starter, but it certainly gets the StellarWind Elsydeon Grass-Type Fanatic Seal of Approval. ^^
  34. I remember Vinyx. =D

    Don't ask but I thought Vinyx was a rock starter, and Clawdinal was a Flying starter.

    I was part right, Jagaea part rock type XD
    Interesting type combo. Nice work. ^^

    You fooled someone XD
  35. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Now that I'm well rested, proper reply time XD

    I would totally train this line, and not just because they're kitties. I actually find kitty starter lines overused. Honest truth is that I just find this line great.

    One word: Chi-kor-i-ta! XP

    Vinyx would be cute to see animated, me thinks. It might be on the simpler side, but as far as basic stage starter Pokemon go it seems appropriate enough to me XD

    Oceleaf is helluva cute, kinda in a Quilava-like way. I adore that tail and all the thorns along it, and the leaf shoulder blades look awesome.

    And Jagaea... hehehe. Like I said in chat - LEAF MOHAWK FTW! All the blade-like leafs down its limbs suits it nicely, and I love the rocky, craggy look of the scales. Random thorns are always fun, and me thinks that tail could do a nice bit of damage with some momentum behind it.

    Can't be sure which stage I like more - Oceleaf or Jagaea. Both of them have their own unique traits that appeal to me...

    Looking forward to seeing the fire starter line ^^
  36. Awww grass starters ^^ All of them look cute but deadly. Rock tail and leaf mohawk for Jagaea ftw xD

    I think the color and lineart look amazing, scanner aside.

    I can't tell which I like more though, Oceleaf or Jagaea, both have killer tails. >>'
  37. Hey! I remember those! If you took Vinyx from PChat and turned it to this then I know Ill adore your Fire starter more than this! I love the planty dog concept (it is a canine right?)

    And like Cody said, which I never realized until he said it, a non dinosaur Grass starter for once. I am seriously in love with Oceleaf, I adore the eye markings and thorn/leaf tail.
  38. The shading and line art on Fan'mon is amazing. I love the shading as well. They're both out of this world. Everything about them is awesome.

    Personally, I've never been a true fan of Grass-types (Grovyle aside), but this line does change my opinion greatly.
  39. Today's update is a one month old result of intense boredom.


    Timespan: Two hours. Materials: Crayola Markers (lol, I'm a walking Crayola adverstisment), my Inking Pen, Pencil, and White Nail Polish for the highlights. This was done January 23rd, so it's not that old. But still. xD It'll be fun to reattempt someday.

    This was hella' fun. And still pretty trippy to look at. Don't really have much to say about this one other than I'll have to try something like this again but more expansive to my hand and arm. Making the skin look aggitated and doing the veinwork was loads of entertainment. The veins kind of gross me out though, but I guess that's a good thing. xD Because usually only -real- veins gross me out.

    Still doodling other images that I want to put up. And lol, my nails have grown alot since this picture. Anywhoo, enjoy and thank you for such positive feedback of Vinyx, Oceleaf, and Jagaea.​
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