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Ask to Join Same Story, New People. A Mass Effect AU RP.

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Dapper_Cat, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. (First thing's first, the discussion thread is here. Wait for my approval before joining in the RP, and be sure to state where you will encounter the main character and company: http://pokecharms.com/threads/mass-effect-alternate-universe-rp.14932/#post-336787
    The link above also has the rules and edited lore for this Roleplay, and anything else that may be important. The story will take place from the beginning of ME 1.)

    Cyreena maneuvered past the crew of the ship, heading for the bridge of the Normandy. The ship was built by both Alliance and Heirarchy techs, more as a way to help settle old grudges between the two, was the popular opinion. Personally, it was one she shared. She managed to make it past her crewmates to the cockpit of the Normandy, seeing two persons of note in there already. One was, of course, the Normandy's pilot, Solus Brunis. The other was a Council Spectre, and a human, by the name of Jayson Hawke.

    The first thing Cyreena heard was Solus's report as they entered the Utopia System, not too far from their target, Eden Prime. "Thrusters, check. Navigation, check. Internal sink emission engaged. All systems online. Drift, just under 1500 K," her fellow turian reported, to the Spectre standing behind him. The Spectre, face covered by his helmet, simply nodded, and turned to walk away. When the Spectre was out of earshot, Cyreena asked, "Is he causing any trouble?" Her pilot didn't turn, but replied, "No. I just don't like having a Spectre on board. It seems suspicious, don't you think?" Solus asked her. Cyreena nodded. "They don't send Spectres on shakedown runs. There's something else going on here. I'll let you know-" She was cut off by a message on her omnitool.

    She opened it. It was the Normandy's Captain, Gatius Doninian. "Commander. Spectre Hawke and I need to speak with you, in private. Meet us in the debriefing room." The Captain ordered. "Yes, sir. On my way now." She replied, before the Captain cut the link. She nodded to Brunis, and walked back through the C.I.C. to the debriefing room.
  2. ~Meanwhile, on Eden Prime~
    Alpha was heading to Eden Prime to refill his Space Scooter, he took some Liquids from the Animals, Then Noticed a Geth ship Land, he quickly got the rest into the Jar, realizing his Scooter was in Plain Sight, He hid behind a rock, Seeing Other Geth Put Turians on "Dragons Teeth", Being a geth himself he couldn't Barf, instead he got out his Geth Rifle and Hoped for the best.
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  3. Chris O'Neil laid on his bed and looked at the bunk above him. He was currently off duty.
    It's been three months since O'Neil was transferred to the Normandy. Do to some political relationships they allowed an Alliance solider to be stationed onboard the Normandy. It was alright for the most part. though he didn't much care for Turian cuisine. He thought the species might be more aggressive from what his Farther said about the incident. Or what his brothers Keith and Brady told Chris about what farther said.
    " Sargent." A Turian officer said. O'Neil stood up and saluted the man.
    "Yes Sir." O'Neil said.
    " Report to the Airlock." The Sargent said. "You've been assigned to the Eden Prime mission."
    "Understood sir." He said as the Sargent left. At least He'll finally be able to say that he did something.
  4. Alpha Continued to Hide behind the rock as they set up more Dragon's Teeth, After Awhile he thought they were done, That was a bad idea to look Their, The moment he looked to the side a Geth seen him and Started Shooting, He started Shooting Back and Shot a Geth right in the arm, he was lucky it was only 2, or else he would be Fried Metal Toast.
  5. After meeting with the Captain and Hawke, Cyreena found out the real reason the Spectre was sent on the pickup, and they also saw live footage from the planet. A Turian squad, being cut down by Geth. The sight of the Geth themselves were unusual to begin with.

    "Commander, grab your gear." The Captain ordered. "I've already had my men inform O'Neil and Narisius to meet you in the hangar." Cyreena nodded, before replying. "Understood, Commander."

    As Cyreena arrived in the hangar, she already had her armor on, her helmet clipped to her belt. She reached into her locker and pulled out her Phaeston and Black Widow, setting them in their respective areas. Hawke arrived shortly after.
  6. As Alpha keeps Shooting the Geth, making sure it "died", He seen some more Geth Appear, WIth his Space scooter Nowhere to be seen, He hid behind the Rock again, Hoping They pass By the rock, He seen them Put more Turian's on "Dragons Teeth", "Just my luck i landed here" He Said, Attempting to keep quiet and Wait for them to pass.
  7. O'Neil walked to his locker and got his uniform on. He took out his M96 Mattock Assault Riffle and Kessler Pistol. He figured He'll only need these on the mission. He took a deep breath as he walked towards the Hanger ready for whatever this mission was going to throw at him.
  8. Cyreena looked at the human as he entered, giving him a friendly nod. "Sergeant." She said. Shortly after, Narisius arrived in the hangar, grabbing an M-22 Eviscerator shotgun and M-6 Carnifex pistol. The young Private gave a salute to the Commander, and fell in beside O'Neil. "The Op has gotten a bit more complicated than we initially expected. The package, a Prothean Beacon, is in the middle of a hot zone. We suspect hostile Geth forces." The Commander informed her squad members. "Remember, securing that beacon is priority one. Survivors are a second priority. We give assistance to those who need it." She ordered. While she wasn't particularly fond of survivors being priority two, it was the Captain's decision.

    "Nearing insertion point one." Bruins said over the radio. "Hawke will get off here. We'll deploy at insertion point two." Cyreena informed her squad members. As she said that, the docking ramp lowered, and Hawke jumped out, N7 Valkyrie in hand. After a few minutes, Brunis informed them. "Nearing insertion point two." Cyreena nodded, more to herself than anyone else. "Everyone has all the necessities, right?" She double checked, and the other Turian nodded, leaving O'Neil to give his answer.
  9. "Yes Commander." O'Neil said. Looks like he might actually see some action. Though he hated the fact that survivors was the second Priority. As if some Prothean beacon was more important than a Countless lives. He waited patiently for the mission to begin.
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  10. Once he Made sure the other Geth were gone, He hurried to Another Rock and Acted Dead, Though this wasn't the first thing that came to Mind, It was the smartest Thing to do, so He waited Impatiently For The geth to flee the planet.
  11. "We have reached insertion point two." Brunis said over the radio, as the cargo ramp lowered. "On me, you two." Cyreena commanded, before taking out her Black Widow, and running towards the ramp. She jumped off and landed firmly on her feet, quickly followed by Narisius. "Narisius, scout ahead. O'Neil, help me secure the area." The biotic ordered. As Narisius moved ahead, Carnifex raised, Cyreena looked through her Black Widow's scope, checking the nearby hills.
  12. Alpha soon got up and started shooting Other Geth, But not before Going to the Rock again and Throwing Grenades At the Opposing Geth, Then Hiding Again, Waiting for them to swarm, Surprisingly, it Dident happen.
  13. "Yes Commander." O'Neil said as left the ramp. He took out a pair of binoculars he had on him and looked through them. He didn't see nothing but grass and rocks. " Looks secure commander." He said. Even if it looked secure he couldn't but feel like there was something off about this place. " So Eden Prime." He said. " What's it expose to be like when there isn't any threats?" He asked
  14. Narisius came in over the comms. "Commander, Sergeant. So far, the pathway to the package is secure. Should I push- Gah!" The sound of plasma fire filled the comm. "Narisius? Narisius, respond!" Cyreena said, almost shouting. "Damn it! O'Neil, let's move." She ordered, following the path Narisius went at a fast pace. After only a few minutes, they arrived at the turian's corpse. She crouched down next to Narisius and closed his eyelids. "Spirits, watch over this one as his soul makes his way to you." She murmured, barely audible even to herself. As she stood back up, Geth scout drones appeared, firing at them. "Get down!" She ordered. As she moved to a nearby rock, she fired a round from her Black Widow, hitting a drone, destroying it.
  15. O'Neil took cover under a rock. He took out his Mattock and fired at one of the Drones destroying it. He then rolled a few inches left and took out another one before taking cover again.
  16. Only two of the drones remained. Cyreena switched our her Black Widow for her Phaeston. Quickly, Cyreena slid out of cover, popping a few rounds at both the drones. As soon as it was clear both their shields was down, she loaded her Incendiary Ammo into her rifle and fired once more, quickly taking down the two drones. Upon watching the area ahead, in case there were more, she moved up, slowly. Cyreena signaled for O'Neil to follow. "Stay close." She muttered. She wasn't going to lose another member of her squad.
  17. O'Neil shook his head in agreement as he fallowed the commander. He said a silent prayer for his fallen comrade. He wondered just what exactly was happening here.
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  18. Alpha went back to the rock and Hid again, As they put up more Turians on 'Dragons Teeth", "Gods..Just the Perfect Place to land, i did shoot some of them down, but who knows what else they have here..."
  19. Epsilon stood in a elevated area watching through the scope of his sniper rifle. He cursed under his breathe as he noticed Alpha. He turned his rfle and started firing apon the geth invaders.
  20. Alpha noticed the Rifle Shot when he looked up to see where it was coming from, he seen a Blue Geth, "Aye mate, I gotta thank you for that" He yelled, Shooting the Other Geth Troopers
  21. Epislon gave a small salute and continued his support fire. He noticed a geth sneaking up behind him. He warped to Alpha and Shot the imposing geth in the lens."hey," he said to alpha.
  22. Cyreena arrived to a field to see two Geth fighting the other, invading Geth. "Those two Geth twelve o'clock? Not hostiles unless they open fire." She muttered to O'Neil. The turian Commander then turned to the two Geth. "Friendlies, six o'clock!" She shouted to them, before firing her Phaeston into the lens of a hostile geth, and the torso of another.
  23. Alpha Noticed the Geth Warp, "Aye" He said, Then hearing the Turian, Jumping to the Ground, "Thanks! They've been giving me Trouble! My name is Geth Unit 17c, At your Service" He said, Getting up and Putting his Gun back onto his back.
  24. "I'm Commander Cyreena Sevesis of the Turian Hierarchy. This is Sergeant O'Neil." Cyreena replied. "Could you two join us? We're attempting to meet up with someone else, near the spaceport."
  25. "You got it, You saved my Circuits, And besides, I dont Really have anything else to do." He said, Kicking one of the Dead Geth's Head off, "that and i know lots of stuff about the Geth, im guessing the other one does to, Right?" He asked Esplion
  26. "Yeah, I had received orders from the Citadel to protect a certain party traveling through Eden Prime, I'm guessing your that party," Epsilon said as he holstered his gun.
  27. "Well, it would make sense." Cyreena replied. The turian reached to a collapsible datapad on her hip, and took it out, opening it. After pressing a few buttons, it displayed a map. She displayed it to the two Geth. "This is where we need to be." She said, pointing to a red dot on the map, leading to the spaceport. "AA guns made air travel impossible."
  28. "I Was just Riding on my Space Scooter" He said, Pointing Towards it, "and i just happen to be by here" He said, "and if the AA Guns dont allow air travel, im guessing we just Walk?" He said.
  29. Typhon was trapped In a containment pod by the geth, they had found the mysterious collector creature in hibernation hidden on the planet. But all of the activity and fighting had stimulated and reawoken the collector, without being in control of the reapers. Typhon blasted out with a powerful biotic shockwave, sending all nearby enemy geth flying through the sky. "Where… where am I?!"
  30. Cyreena opened her omnitool as she received a com from Brunis. "What is it, Brunis? This had better be important." She said, wondering what could be so important. "Commander, something's happening near you. High traces of Element Zero, and a bunch of Geth units just went offline. Captain is having you investigate." Brunis informed. Cyreena nodded. "New priority, people. On me!" She ordered, moving to where Brunis had mentioned.
  31. "Aye!" He said, Following Cyreena to where they need to be, and getting his Geth Rifle in case, "So whats going on? Element Zero Doesn't seem that good if where going to it."
  32. Typhon was looked around and noticed the strange mechanical beings all surrounding him ready to fire. "Hmm, must be a new type of reaper soldier. Regardless I'll destroy you all!" He yells furiously as he surges with biotic power and begins to shred through the enemy Geth, one by one, with dark blasts.

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