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Private/Closed Saffron City Gym: The Wallflower

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by TheEveOfDarkness, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. {{ DISCUSSION THREAD --> https://pokecharms.com/threads/saffron-city-gym-discussion.19592/ }}

    ~ @TheEveOfDarkness ; ~

    It had been a busy day for the trainers of the mysterious Psychic gym in Saffron City. Four trainers had come to battle Sabrina, the gym leader, though only one made it all the way to her. Before she would consider battling anyone, they first had to beat her four underlings. The first was a pushover, the second and third more of a challenge, but the fourth seemed too strong for three of the challengers. This fourth challenger, the only victor that day, came prepared with his Pokemon team and won with only using a single Ghost type.

    Now that the day was over, there was still much work to be done. The floors needed to be cleaned, the pokemon tended to, and more importantly the potions and revives used on the house trainers needed to be replenished. These tasks were all left to one individual, a young girl not quite strong enough to be a gym trainer yet. Her name was Evelyn Tenebris. She was fourteen years of age and only had two pokemon. Only one of which was psychic and that was her darling Kirlia. Evelyn had found Kirlia when she was a Ralts, the stage one form of her evolution chain. She loved Kirlia because like her, she could use psychic powers. That's what brought Evelyn to Saffron City.

    While being born in this city, her parents actually lived on a farm some several miles south of the city. But when her parents discovered Evelyn's powers, they sent her to the Gym with Sabrina who agreed to take her in and teach her how to control her abilities. While Evelyn missed her parents greatly, she understood she was a danger to people around her without Sabrina's guidance. But all of her training came with a price, one Evelyn was more than happy to pay. Since she couldn't leave the city without someone watching her, she had no way of getting more Pokemon on her team. And she couldn't very well battle with Gastly as he wasn't a Psychic type. So, without being able to pay her way in the gym, she agreed to tending after it. Which is what she was doing today.

    Evelyn had just finished healing the trainers' Pokemon and making sure they were all fed and groomed for tomorrow. The markets would be open for another few hours so she'd leave after her own dinner to go to the Pokeshops. Once she got home, like always, she'd then get to cleaning the gym to make sure it was spotless and pristine for the morning. Locking the door to the gym she tugged her backpack over her shoulder and headed down the main road when she saw someone coming towards her....
  2. Down the streets of Saffron, a boy was running. He looked like he had been running for a while, and in fact this was his third lap of the mile-long loop the boy ran. He was dressed in a traditional gi that the members of the local dojo wore, and was barefoot. Sweat soaked the gi, and the boy wiped his brown hair out of his face, looking quite determined. As he approached the old fighting type gym, which was now a dojo, he put a burst of speed.

    The history of the old fighting type gym in Saffron City is quite an interesting one. Located right next to the current Psychic Gym, it was open many years before anyone had ever heard of a certain young prodigy from Pallet Town. It was quite a strong gym, but that all changed when it's leader stepped down. He was replaced, of course, but by a much more incompetent leader. A group of trainers specializing in psychic Pokemon saw their chance, and quickly overthrowed the Fighting type Gym, forming the Saffron City Psychic gym.

    From their on, the Fighting Dojo changed hands many times. You see, the original leader of the fighting dojo left a rule that said the most powerful fighter in the dojo claimed ownership of the property. As of now, the dojo just happened to belong to the parents of our running boy here, Kale.

    If one were to walk past the Fighting Dojo as Kale ran past, you might have seen out of the corner of your eye what looked like a Pikachu sitting on the steps. However, if you were to look closer at the small electric Pokemon, you would find that this was very much not a Pikachu, or even native to Kanto. Shine the Emolga perked up as her trainer ran to the finish of his loop. The Emolga looked quite normal for an Emolga, with the exception of a gold earring on it's left ear and a stopwatch worn around it's neck. Running quickly, Shine jumped and glided to her trainer's shoulder as he slowed to a walk.
    "Mole, mole!" Shine said excitedly, handing her trainer the stopwatch. Kale stopped it, looking at the time as he walked. He sighed. There was a decrease from his previous time... But only by a few seconds. It had been around that time for the last few tries he had. Was he reaching a plateau?

    Glancing up from his stopwatch, Kale found himself walking towards the Psychic Gym. It was quite late, but someone seemed to be leaving. They were locking up for today. The person doing closing up was a girl, strangely. She was about Kale's age, and Kale thought she looked a little pretty. He didn't recognize her.
    "Good evening." Kale said to the girl, still a little out of breath. Shine smiled and waved cheerfully at the girl.
  3. "Good evening."

    Hearing the boy speak to her the girl would smile and bow her head to show a greeting. "Oh hello! Good evening."

    Eve then noticed the pokemon sitting on his shoulder. She thought to herself, "Pikachu? Oh wait. No." It wasn't Pikachu. It sure did look like it thought. There were just so many different kinds of Pokemon in the world and she was no professor. She'd seen several come through the gyms but unless the trainer called them by their actual names and not a nickname, she'd never know what they were actually called. If only she had enough money to buy a Pokedex. Not that she'd ever need one. It's not like she was going to ever go on an adventure.

    Automatically judging that the man was here for the gym, her tone would become more apologetic, "I'm so sorry, Sir. The gym is actually closed for the day. You'll have to come back tomorrow."
  4. Alex scraped together some ₽ from his pockets to buy some berries. Usually he got his and his Pokémon’s food from the forest, collecting wild berries and other things like that. Ever since arriving in Saffron he didn’t have much luck collecting berries, probably because it was such a big city with so little wildlife nearby.

    Alex cranked up his music and, for the sixth time that day, thought of what people would think of him. They would probably call him “Nomad” or say he was lost. He knew exactly what he was doing, escaping the pressure of the high expectations his parents had for him. He thought of what his mom had told him when he was little: “You will be a great trainer someday, with powerful Pokémon and all the gym badges from every region!” Yeah right Alex thought, I’m no trainer, I’ve declined almost every trainers invitation to battle them.

    Alex continued down the street, noticing two figures talking. Finally something he was good at! Making friends. He had numbers in his pokegear from people all over Johto and Kanto, even his hometowns gym leader. Alex sent out his Staravia, a gift from Falkner, and told him it was time to make new friends. He confidently walked up to the two and smiled.
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  5. "Hm? Oh-" Kale said, looking over to the gym. He looked down at his gi, then over at Shine. "I'm... I'm sorry. I'm not- I'm just walking."
    Kale looked over at the gym, and laughed a small laugh.
    "I don't think I'm anywhere close to being able to face Sabrina yet." Kale said. Shine looked at her trainer, offended, and lightly smacked her trainer on the side of the head.
    "Hey!" Kale exclaimed, looking over at his Emolga. "It's true, you know! We were only just barely able to beat Erika."
    Shine sighed and cross her small arms.
    "Mole, mole!" Shine said, which probably meant something along the lines of "you never know until you try". Kale shook his head, then turned back to the girl.
    "Do you, eh, work there?" Kale asked, gesturing to the gym.
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  6. "Hm? Oh....I'm... I'm sorry. I'm not- I'm just walking. I don't think I'm anywhere close to being able to face Sabrina yet."

    As the boy apologized Eve would make a simple, humble smile not really sure how else to respond. So instead she was beaten to the punch by his cute little pikachu-lookalike who smacked him on the head. This of course elicited a long giggle from Evelyn and her face turned red when she realized she was laughing at his expense.

    "Do you, eh, work there?" Kale asked, gesturing to the gym.

    "Sorry," she said apologetically., referencing to her own humor at his pain. "Um..Yes. Well. Sort of. I mean I do work in the gym, but not really for the gym. I'm not a trainer by any means. I'd like to be. One day. Really would. But well....I don't have the Pokemon. I mean I do! I've got two of them. But Sabrina won't let me battle with the one I have because only one is a Psychic type."

    It was clear the girl was not very good at talking to people as she stumbled through her words. She hung her head some and her bangs hid her eyes. Why she felt the need to apologize at all was beyond her. But she felt like she was nothing but a bother to people. She was always in someone's way. When she looked up again she noticed another boy walking towards them, a bird type pokemon flying around him.

    "Oh dear," she said aloud. Then, clearing her throat, she would speak a little louder so he could hear as well. "I'm so sorry. The gym's closed for the night."
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  7. “Gym?” Alex looked at the building behind the two. He had never payed much attention to gyms. The main focus of them was for battling. “Oh,” he scratched his head, “I’m not collecting badges”. He looked at Staravia who was staring at the Emolga.

    He glanced at the gym. He had heard stories of the psychic gym leader. Stories that he was sure would keep people away from it, yet it seemed that there was another trainer eager to battle, or at least his Pokémon.

    “I just came over to say hello.” Alex waves at the two. “I’m traveling to meet new people and you guys look nice.” He examined them both and realized how awkward he was, he had interrupted their conversation. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt.”
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  8. Kale gave a sheepish smile when the girl started giggling. He always liked hearing people's laughs. Turning to notice the appearance of a new person, Kale took in Alex's appearance. He was a teen about Kale's age, with a green jacket and brown messy hair. Not only that, he was wearing some pretty sick looking beats, and had a bird Pokemon that Kale didn't recognize. Judging from it's appearance, it looked Normal/Flying, but Kale wasn't quite sure.
    "Naw dude, it's fine. You weren't interrupting anything. The name's Kale." Kale said, offering a hand to Alex. "Sorry, I'm a little sweaty right now tho."

    Meanwhile, Shine noticed that Alex's Staravia was staring at her. Slightly uncomfortable, the Emolga shifted before deciding to smile and wave at the bird Pokemon.
    "Mole, mole!" Shine said cheerfully.
  9. “Oh ok good.” Alex sighed with relief. He shook Kale’s hand. “Nice to meet you Kale, I’m Alex.” He looked over at his Emolga, who looked a little intimidated by Staravia but quickly changed its mind and waved a friendly wave. Staravia stared for another second before deciding to wave back at the electric type and dance a bit in the sky, probably trying to play with him. Alex turned to the girl and put out his hand for a handshake. “What about you? What’s your name?”
  10. “Gym?...I’m not collecting badges”

    "Oh my; my apologies. I'm "oh for two" it seems today."

    “I just came over to say hello. I’m traveling to meet new people and you guys look nice. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

    "Naw dude, it's fine. You weren't interrupting anything. The name's Kale. Sorry, I'm a little sweaty right now tho."

    “Oh ok good. Nice to meet you Kale, I’m Alex.”

    "Mole, mole!"

    Evelyn smiled politely at the boys as they greeted one another and then her attention was turned away by the Emolga who was trying to also become friends with the fellow Pokemon. Her smile got a little brighter seeing the joy in their tones and the pure innocence that came from them. Her attention was then drawn back as Kale spoke towards her.

    “What about you? What’s your name?”

    "Evelyn," she replied and shook his hand; she could still feel a little residual sweat coming off his hand from when Alex shook his a moment ago. "Evelyn Tenebris. I work here for the gym. But I'm not a trainer or anything. Not for the gym at least."

    She would then reach into her bag and pull out a small strap that had two Pokeballs on it. The first was a regular ball, the second a Luxury ball. Evelyn plucked the regular one out of its bag and gave it a small toss in front of her where it opened and released a Kirlia from within. She gave out her adorable little cry, "Keyy-uu!" as she twirled twice in a pirouette.

    Evelyn smiled and introduced her by saying, "This is my Kirlia. She was my first Pokemon. I caught her as a Ralts one day when Sabrina took me out of the city for the first time. Well, since I came to Saffron city I mean. I was born here and all, but my parents actually live down one of the South roads from here."

    The pokeball, now empty, then fell to the ground beside Kirlia and bounced twice before coming to a rolling stop. Most trainers caught the ball back in their hands but Eve wasn't the most coordinated of people. She outstretched her hand and closed her eyes as a greenish energy surrounded the ball then lifted it all by itself into the air and back to her hand. Eve opened her eyes and let out a deep breath. She'd just used telekinesis to float the ball and it looked like it took quite a bit of concentration to do it too. Now back in her hand she dropped it back into the slot on the ball-strap and returned it to the inside of her satchel.
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  11. "Aww, a Krilia! How cute, you don't see many of these here in Kanto." Kale said, bending down to get a closer look at the Psychic Pokemon. He had seen both it's evolutions, Gardeviour and Gallade, on TV in Pokemon tournaments. They both were pretty tough Pokemon, and pretty powerful to boot. And she caught it as a Ralts in Kanto? Well, maybe not, she hadn't really specified.

    Out of the corner of his eye, Kale saw the Pokeball begin to float. Looking over, he watched as it floated back to Evelyn's outstretched hand.
    "Whoa!" Kale exclaimed, standing back up. He looked at where the Pokeball had been, then back at Evelyn. Well, he probably should have expected it. She was working at the Psychic Gym, and Kale didn't know a trainer there that wasn't some Psychic or Medium or Hex Maniac of some kind. Still, he hadn't really seen someone use their psychic abilities that close before. Kale could see why his father wasn't a big fan of them. It was kinda strange.
    "You're... A psychic." Kale couldn't help saying.

    Meanwhile, Shine had taken to the air to try to play with the Staravia. The Emolga wasn't as good at flying as the bird Pokemon was, however, and struggled to get to the height that the Staravia was at. Glancing down, Shine noticed a new Pokemon, Evelyn's Kirlia. Gliding down, the Emolga landed next to the Kirlia.
    "Mole mole!" Shine said happily, greeting the Psychic Pokemon.
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  12. Alex crouched down and waved at the Kirlia politely. He remembered watching a trainer using a Gardevoir in a battle, they were pretty strong Psychic Pokémon and he decided that this Kirlia had the same potential. As for Evelyn’s psychic powers Alex wasn’t very surprised, he’d seen a few psychic trainers on his travels in the path and knew that most trainers with such abilities would be compelled to be around the strongest psychic in Kanto, Sabrina. Although it was still quite impressive, moving objects with ones mind undoubtedly was no easy task and probably energy consuming.

    Star followed the Emolga down to greet the psychic Pokémon, causing a slight breeze with its wings. He inspected the Kirlia a bit before finally landing and flapping its wings cheerfully.

    Alex looked at his watch, it was starting to get late. “Hey, could I maybe get your numbers? Then we could all meet up again sometime soon?”
  13. "Whoa! You're... A psychic."

    Evelyn looked at Kale and then to the gym behind her, "Uh.....Yes? I thought that was implied?" Obviously it was not. She'd been around psychics for so long she'd forgotten that other people weren't like her.

    The Emogla had most adorably tried to fly around with Staravia when it noticed Kirlia breach from her ball. She then came to join the ballerina who too was followed by Staravia.

    "Mole mole!"


    “Hey, could I maybe get your numbers? Then we could all meet up again sometime soon?”

    "My number?" Evelyn asked and then realized he meant her phone. "Oh of course!" She pulled out her pokegear and would allow Alex -Kale too if he so wished- to register hers in their phones.
  14. "Sounds like a good idea to me!" Kale said, pulling up the contacts function on his Xtranciever. The watchlike device was a gift from Kale's Aunt Izzy, and he liked it much better than the old Pokegear he had. Sure, he might not be able to use the video calling function when contacting some of his friends, but it was still pretty nice. Taking Evelyn's and Alex's devices, he registered his number in them.

    After he finished registering his number in his new friends devices, a thought suddenly struck Kale.
    "Hey... Do either of you have the time?" Kale said, looking a little nervous.
  15. Alex was pleased that the two agreed to share numbers and noticed that Kale had a fancier device. Undoubtedly an Xtranciever. Alex had wanted to get one himself when he started his adventure but didn’t have enough money so he had settled on a Pokegear. “Hey... do either of you have the time?” The boy had said. Alex nodded and looked at his pokegear. “It’s almost 8:30.” He replied.

    Alex took out his pokeball and returned Staravia to it. He looked at the pair and said “Sorry, I gotta go set up camp.” He turned and began strolling down the street with a grin. The Saffron City Gym May be scary but he decided it’d be worth staying here for a while.
  16. "It's almost 8:30." Kale's eyes widened, and a bit of panic came across his face.
    "Oh... Oh crap! I gotta go." Kale said, starting to run back to the dojo. Shine, noticing her trainer was leaving, quickly bounded of to Kale and jumped onto his shoulder. Kale turned and waved to Evelyn and Alex.
    "Uh, see you guys tomorrow, or something!" Kale said, then began to sprint back to the dojo.
  17. "Bye!" Evelyn called after them both and then blushed a little as she realized she'd shouted. It wasn't like her to raise her voice. Sheepishly she looked around and realized she was alone.

    "Well.....looks like it's just you and me, Kirlia"

    "Keyy?" she'd reply and give a little smile.

    Evelyn returned the gesture and would return her friend to her ball. She then sighed and put her hands on her hips. Back to business. Like every other night she went out on her own, tonight would be no different. It's not like anything bad ever happened to people in the city....

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  18. Alex yawned and got out of his tent. The surrounding woods were covered in a light dew. He rummaged through his backpack and pulled out a some berries. He decided he would make Berry Juice Soup for him and his Pokémon as breakfast.

    Once he and his Pokémon were done eating he noticed there was still some left so he packaged it up and put it away. Alex returned Smeargle to its pokeball and walked into town. He decided to do some sightseeing for an hour and a half before calling Kale and Evelyn. “Hey guys, if you’re not doing anything right now I was thinking we could meet up in front of the Silph Co. Building?”
  19. "Huh? Meet in front of Silph?" Kale asked. It was quite clear from his voice that he was straining, or exerting quite a lot of effort. "M'yeah I'll be there in half'n hour. See ya bye."

    "Kale? Who was that?" Kale's mother called from the other side of the dojo. Today was strength day in the dojo, and the members were attempting to roll large boulders from Victory Road.
    "Just my friends, ma. Wanting to hang out today." Kale said, rolling the boulder another quarter rotation with a great effort.
    "Ah. Well, have fun." Kale's mother said, pushing a boulder with ease.

    29 minutes later, Kale had showered off, changed into normal clothes, and made it to the front of the Silph Co. Building with Shine in tow.
    "Hey." Kale said, raising a hand in greeting to Alex.
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  20. Her morning routine was very much the same as everyday: sleep until noon. So when her pokegear started going off Eve groaned and rolled over seeing who it was that was calling her.

    “Hey guys, if you’re not doing anything right now I was thinking we could meet up in front of the Silph Co. Building?”

    "Um....?" Eve groaned and looked at the clock. Trying not at all to sound sleepy she would then reply, "Yeah sure. Give me about a half hour...?"

    Hanging up she tossed the stupid device down at her feet and groaned. "Why did I agree to this again?" she thought to herself. Moving out of bed she quickly headed to the showers -that was one downfall of living in a would-be dorm: shared locker rooms- and bathed as quickly as she could. Luckily she was alone at this time of day and didn't need to worry about someone judging her for her petite figure. Too big? Too small? Too short or tall? It was impossible to be a girl.

    Once dressed and presentable she left the gym and passed a few trainers on her way whom she gave polite smiles to. Eve headed into the city and waited for several traffic lights to get through to the Silph Co building. It wasn't hard to miss. Just a lot of roads were between her and it. Good thing she didn't need to take a cab. She was last to arrive which made her feel a little self-conscious, but she wouldn't let them know that.

    "Hi boys!" she'd say happily. "So what made you choose this place? Is there an event or something going on?"
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  21. “Hey.” Alex heard someone say out loud. He turned and saw Kale and his Emolga. Alex waved and decided to send out his Staravia so the two Pokémon could play. Then Evelyn called out from behind Kale, seemingly a bit more energetic from the night before. When she got there she said, “So what made you choose this place? Is there an event or something going on?”. Alex looked down and turned a bit red from embarrassment. Whoops, he thought, I completely forgot to think of something to do.

    He looked up, the red mostly gone, and replied, “Actually, I’m completely new to this area. So I’ve got no clue what to do. If there’s an event here then I sure don’t know about it, I just figured since it was in the middle of the city it would a similar walk for the three of us.”
  22. “Actually, I’m completely new to this area. So I’ve got no clue what to do. If there’s an event here then I sure don’t know about it, I just figured since it was in the middle of the city it would a similar walk for the three of us.”

    "Oh," Evelyn would say with a smile. "Well I've got just the place. There's an amazing little fountain a few streets away. Pokemon love to play there. And speaking of which..."

    Reaching into her bag Evelyn would again throw Kirlia out of her ball, this time catching it in her hand as it closed back up. Kirlia appeared and gave its adorable cry of greeting and then would start to dance around with Staravia. Evelyn then reached for her second Pokeball and hesitated. Maybe it wasn't the best time.... Shrugging the motion aside she closed up her bag and gave the boys a smile.

    "So what do you say?"
  23. Kale shrugged.
    "Sounds good to me!" Kale said. Shine seemed quite excited by this prospect. She had visited the fountain Evalynn had talked about before, and she really did like it there. The Emolga glided off of Kale's shoulder and over to the Kirilia and Staravia, greeting the Pokemon with a smile and a wave. Taking a relaxed stance, Kale gestured onward.
    "Lead on!" Kale said.
  24. Alex smiled back. “Sure, that sounds great!”
    Getting to see new places and do new things is exactly why he had set off on his journey and it seemed like he had found both here in Saffron.

    Staravia took off into the air in excitement, a fountain would be a great place to play! He did a few barrel rolls and caused a slight breeze with the flapping of his wings before being returned to his pokeball.

    Alex put the ball in his pocket, seeing as how he’d be taking him out soon enough, and moved out of the way to follow the other two.
  25. "Sounds good to me! Lead on!"

    Sure, that sounds great!”

    "Excellent!" Eve replied and followed suit with the other boys to return their Pokemon to their balls, if only temporarily.

    The walk would take them only a few blocks away. The worst of the time waiting was spent at cross walks where they had to let several minutes of drivers by. But they got to their destination soon enough. The fountain was a large spectacle and could be seen even before they reached the gardens. The fountain itself was wide enough for three rings or tiers to be set up all dancing with shooting streams of water.
    The gardens had many walkways to get to the fountain with plenty of benches and tables to sit at for leisure or to eat from one of the food venders by the pathways. Several other trainers had come to this fountain and their water Pokemon filled the fountain as if it were a children's swimming pool.

    Evelyn releases Kirlia once more and she would guide her to the fountain in a peaceful gesture so she and the others could all go play without worrying about where Eve was. Like a parent she'd watch her child from afar, carefully making sure that they were not getting into any trouble.

    "I love it out here," she would admit. "We put our Pokemon through so much. It's refreshing to just let them sit and enjoy themselves every now and then. Not being...you know...enemies or whatever." Her tone made it seem like she had a certain distaste for the way battles worked in this world. Gym battles specifically. But she wouldn't outright say this.
  26. Shine had rode on Kale's shoulder on the way to the fountain. When they had made it, the Emolga let out a small squeak in delight, and her eyes seemed to shimmer brightly. Letting out a joyful cry, Shine jumped off of Kale's shoulder and glided to the highest tier of the fountain, careful to avoid the streams of water on her way there. Kale sat down on a bench, letting out a relaxed sigh. It felt good to sit down. He looked quizzically at Eve, not fully understanding what she was saying. Enemies? Was she referencing battling Pokemon? Hmm... Speaking of enemies... Kale looked down at the two remaining Pokeballs he had. Slate was definitely too big for right here. And Nina... well, Nina was still a bit aggressive. There were too many Pokemon here, and Nina would definitely cause a scene. He'd have to give them some alone time later. Looking back up at Eve, Kale decided to voice his confusions.
    "What do you mean?" Kale asked.
  27. The fountain had been a great idea with plenty of things for the Pokémon to do. Alex sent out Staravia who immediately bolted towards the water. “It's refreshing to just let them sit and enjoy themselves every now and then. Not being...you know...enemies or whatever." He looked at Evelyn and nodded. He completely understood how she felt. For some people, Pokemon battles are a way of life. Even some Pokémon enjoyed fights. But what about the rest? During battles Pokémon always get hurt one way or another. Even if it’s for a short time before they’re healed is it right to put them through that? He turned back to watch the Pokémon play in the fountain, his Staravia perched on the top. “Oh! I just remembered!” Alex pulled two containers of berry soup and put them on the table. “I made a bit to much for breakfast and I thought you guys would like some”.
  28. "What do you mean?"

    "Huh?" she asked in sudden confusion. She had to think about what he was asking for a moment. "Oh! Sorry. Yeah you know...like we make our Pokemon fight for us. For some trainers, that's all they do. Fight fight fight. I see so much of it at the Gym. Trainers who want the badges so badly they train night and day with their Pokemon. All they ever do is battle. It's hard to see sometimes. I mean, I would want my team to be strong too....but not at that cost."

    “Oh! I just remembered! I made a bit to much for breakfast and I thought you guys would like some”.

    Eve turned her attention to Alex as he pulled her out of her sad rant and looked at the soup he set out in front of them. It looked and smelled sweet. She recognized the scent of the berries immediately.

    "Oh wow! That smells delicious! You sure you don't mind?" With his permission she'd scoop some into a small bowl and taste it with a smile on her lips. "This is really good. You have a talent for this."

    Setting her spoon down she would give out a whistle to which Kirlia -and several others who heard her- turned to see what the noise was. Eve gestured for her to return and the little dancer glided her way back over. She seemed a little upset that her trainer was calling her back so soon but that all changed when Eve scooped out a spoonful of the soup.

    "Here, sweetie. Try this"

    Kirlia was happy to taste the berry soup and shrieked with delight before asking for more. Eve giggled and gave her another spoonful then shooed her away to go play again. The little thing spun a few times then ran off to go jump into the water once more.
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