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Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Sem, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    OOC: Kay. This RP was by invite only, sooooo... if you didn't get an invite it doesn't mean I don't love you; it just means I don't love you enough to let you in. =) (Zacky is the only exception, as I need a constant source of hatred towards my person to stay healhty~)


    Lilycove was a vacation hotspot around this time of year. The sun was always shining, making the weather blissfully warm and the water refreshingly cool. The streets bustled with tourists, enjoying whatever time they had off from work and daily routines.

    Sem Aquais strode casually by the docks, enjoying the invigorating scent of the sea. The boy was eighteen, though could pass for being a couple years younger, given his below average height of 5' 5". He had dark hair, which was short in the back and longer in the front with a silvery-gray streak on his fringe. His skin was a warm bronze color, and one of his eyes was an aqua-blue while his right was a pale white due to blindness. He wore a light, short-sleeved hoodie un-zipped with a sky-blue shirt underneath with a black leafy-vine pattern and a silvery under-pattern. On his legs were coal-gray cargo shorts with an assortment of zippered-pockets while on his feet he wore a pair of flat-soled skater-shoes with white outsoles and black leathery tops and laces; his socks didn't go past his ankles and weren't all that noticeable. Around his neck he wore a pendant shaped like a raindrop, it was blue-tinted with sapphire-colored liquid inside.

    "We need something[ to do…" the teen murmured to the purple creature on his right shoulder, gems covered its gremlin like body. The sableye mere flashed a smile in response.

    Eventually he settled on standing in line at a stall for a bite to eat. The food didn't look particularly amazing, but he was a bit hungry and it was something to do. He simply observed the people around him, listening to bits of conversation.

    "I swear, there's this Sinnoh-girl that frequents the public arenas," said another teen that was ahead of Sem in line. "She has this freaky gardevoir and battles like a pro. Thing is though, she doesn't even battle with the gardevoir; it's always with something else."

    "I would like a battle…" Sem thought offhandedly as he moved a space up in line. It was his turn to order and he got a generic cheeseburger with a soft drink, which he ate as he walked. He found himself walking along a row of boats after he had finished the burger and was now left with sipping at his lemonade.

    "Hey, you!" beckoned a man as Sem walked past.

    Stopping, he turned on his heel and raised his eyebrows slightly at the man, who was a big large with slacks and a Hawaiian-styled button-up shirt. His hair line was receded and he hadn't shaved recently. "Yes?" Sem replied.

    "You look pretty bored there, kid; can I interest you in some excitement?" he said quickly, expression of his eyes hidden behind a pair of sunglasses.

    "Err-" Sem uttered, taking a step back.

    "Here I have a ticket," he continued, holding up said ticket. "For a small price you could board a ship," he leaned in and whispered enthusiastically. "Destination: unknown."

    Sem raised an eyebrow, Sableye cackled.

    "Exciting isn't it?" the man continued, not deterred by the obvious criticism he faced. "It's a ticket to adventure I'm offering you! It's not like you have anything better to do, right?"

    The teen considered his options. It was true that he had nothing better to do; he was in Lilycove simply for the sake of being in Lilycove, and even though he knew this could only be some kind of scam, there was something intriguing about the offer. The amount the guy was asking for the ticket really wasn't too much, totally worth it, especially if the trip proved interesting. Then he took in the idea that the man could have malevolent intentions, but if that were true he would likely go after people who weren't obviously pokémon trainers.

    The boy shrugged. "Why not?"

    "Excellent!" he practically vibrated with joy as he exchanged the ticket for the money. "You won't be sorry!"

    "I bet I won't…" Sem murmured. After receiving the location of the ship Sem made his way directly there.


    The boy found himself standing before a ship about the size of a medium sized fishing troller. The white paint was a bit worn and it looked creaky, but otherwise stable. He looked around, seeing if any of the crew members were around. One this trips surprises was probably going be that he, along with anyone else who walked into this, were going to be the crew.

    He was a bit unsurprised to see the man from before walking towards him, only this time with a captains hat on his head, which totally unsurprised Sem.

    "Good news, kid," the man started. "Got some more people to come on this voyage." He took Sem's ticket and tossed it out onto the water before getting onto the ship, beckoning Sem to follow.

    The boy was told that he could place his belongings below deck, which he did before returning up to the top deck. He sat on the rail as he waited for the others to arrive. The weather was perfectly fair as it reached about 1pm in the afternoon, a good day for boating at any rate.

    During the course of half an hour a small band of people showed up for their 'ticket to adventure.' One of whom, Sem was surprised to recognize.

    "Hey, Burlane!" he waved at the older trainer. "You bored too?" Sem joked as he went to shake the young man's hand.
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  2. OOC: huuurrrr... this took entirely too long for me to post, and I completely blame Sem for cornering me into the first intro post. :3 Anyways... I feel like a rambled a bit and blah blah blah excuse excuse excuse. Either way, enjoy!

    The warm sunny air surrounding the beach had the atmosphere of complete relaxation about it. The frolicking citizens of Lilycove definitely agreed as young children scampered back and forth in the sand and softly breaking surf while parents relaxed on beach towels under large umbrellas carefully watching over their young progeny playing nearby. Teenagers were playing on the beach too, fun competitions with frisbees and footballs and volleyball nets. A scattering of pokémon were playing with their companions in the sand and surf, enjoying the day as much as their human counterparts were. Amongst all these people sat a young man in his early twenties just people watching and enjoying the warm weather with what appeared to be a full team of pokémon around him while resting on a beach blanket of his own.

    Burlane Sartanus put his hand up to shade his eyes, moving his now slightly shaggy brown hair out of the way so he could see better. Nudging his small frame glasses up his nose he looked to the sky to see if he could spot Grunthor gliding around. The giggling form of a Gardevoir and a slightly disgruntled Abomasnow played in the sand nearby, the former slowly burying the latter in a large mound of sand. An ever watchful Aggron sat behind them, sunning herself while keeping an eye on the playing pokémon in front of her. A Swampert was dozing nearby, along with an Exploud, both enjoying the simple summer warmth of the air and the ground beneath them. With a slight sigh, Burlane got up and dusted the bits of sand from his dark blue swim trunks and started to put everything away. Gathering up his blanket and umbrella and stuffing them into a rather well worn large backpack that was previously being used as a pillow, he finished off by glancing to all his relaxing partners before returning his gaze to the sky to spot his free roaming Salamence.

    Pulling on a simple white t-shirt, Burlane waved his dragon down before turning back to the rest of his crew. "Alright guys, I think we have done enough beach stuff for the day. Ali… help Frosty out of there, heaven only knows how many times he has let you bury him today." At this, Burlane chuckled a bit to himself, still amazed at the childlike glee his Gardevoir still seemed to show even after all this time. Frosty seemed to look relieved that he was finally allowed free of the fun loving psychic and immediately started to wriggle himself free.

    "I sure have missed the warmth of Hoenn over this past year, but I think the trip to Sinnoh was worth it. There were some neat sights to behold. Heck, I never imagined I would have placed in the top eight of the League there. But you guys were all awesome, I can't believe how well you performed. I know I have said it before, but I am really proud of you guys." At this statement, most of the pokémon just grinned at him, glad they had made their trainer so happy.

    Grunthor finally landed next to the group, nuzzling his trainer with a happy look on his face, having enjoyed his relaxing flight around the beach. Burlane patted his flying partner on the head while considering things. While it was great to be back in his home region, he really hadn't done anything to celebrate what he had accomplished in Sinnoh except for some extravagant dinners he went to with Lanis Patrell, his traveling companion through that region. Thinking back on it, he was happy that Lanis had performed nearly as well as he had in the League tournament, placing in the top sixteen. They had never managed to be matched together, and for that Burlane was glad as it would have been a bit awkward for more than one member of his team. Lanis had said he was going to try out the Johto League Challenge next and they had parted ways soon after the League Tournament was over.

    Shaking his head to clear himself out of the reverie, Burlane started digging out his pokeballs. "Time for a good rest everybody. Hopefully I can find an appropriate surprise for you all to really celebrate what you guys did with me." With a satisfied smile on his face, Burlane started to recall most of his pokémon. Only Alysandra remained outside her ball as he figured she would probably be popping out soon enough just to pester him about resupplying their berry horde. That Embrace Pokémon had an insatiable appetite for those naturally sweet treats and Burlane had been forced to keep a large supply handy on him at all times to satisfy her voracious appetite. Ali began dancing along beside him, and soon enough pulled a berry out from her ‘skirt' to munch on, as they finally left the beach and headed down to the open market by the docks.

    Shopping for fruit with Ali was always a wonderfully exhausting experience as she literally bounced from bin to bin, an exuberant expression on her face as she sampled nearly ALL the wares, tossing handfuls into the basket Burlane would be carrying when she found ones she liked, and then skipping off to the next bin while Burlane paid the vendor before chasing after his companion. Today was no exception. Burlane was hard kept to keep up with his excited charge as she bounced around picking sweet treats for herself and the favorites of everyone else on the team, always liking to share with the group.

    Finally after settling the final bill with the last vendor, the two started wandering through the city. Ali was busy stuffing her face with some of the freshly bought wacan berries and making a total mess of herself in the process, yellow berry juice dripping all over her face and hands, but wearing the happiest expression ever, so Burlane was happy to let her have her fun. Starting to consider what exactly he wanted to do for his team, Burlane started to keep an eye out for posters or advertisements for fun things to do. Walking past what appeared to be a travel agency and spotting an advertisement for a fancy cruise, he thought how great that would be to do. He went inside to check on the pricing, but even with a discount booking, it looked entirely too expensive for a traveling trainer.

    Exiting the agency with a downtrodden look, Burlane plodded down the street, Ali still dancing along next to him, but now more subdued. Being a psychic type was a burden sometimes when you could pick up on the emotions of your trainer.

    Not really paying attention to where exactly he was going, Burlane wandered along, his brain still occupied with how wonderful a cruise vacation would be for him and his pokémon. Eventually he looked up and realized he had somehow worked his way down to the docks and was walking along row upon row of boats, some small, some very large. He soon stopped however when he spotted a large berth with a very large cruise ship docked in it. He stared wistfully at it, completely lost in thought.

    "Hey, you!" beckoned a man as Burlane walked past.

    Jolted from his thoughts, Burlane turned to face the person who had shouted to him. At first glance, there was nothing outstanding about the man, but upon closer inspection little things started to stick out, like the greasy receding hair line, the slightly stained Hawaiian shirt, the unkempt stubble on his face, the only slightly hidden large gut, and the relaxed yet not relaxed posture his body as it leaned against the alley wall next to a dockside warehouse. All these signs screamed out that this was not the most trustworthy of sorts to be associating with. But the next words out of the man's mouth overrode Burlane's senses.

    "You in the market for a boat trip?" the man asked, letting his sunglasses slide down his nose slightly as he looked over them.

    "What kind of boat trip?" Burlane asked, hesitant of the man and his apparent shady outlook. He stepped slightly in front of Ali, shielding her from this shady looking character even knowing she would be the one protecting him if anything reckless happened.

    "The exciting kind, what else?" The man grinned. "A once in a lifetime opportunity, an adventure to far off places, a relaxing vacation, whatever you want to make of it. It is the kind of boat trip you take when you want to get away from it all!" he finished with a flourish, spreading his hands wide and looking around.

    "What's the catch? How much does this ‘trip of a lifetime' cost?" Burlane hesitantly questioned, afraid this was probably going to be too good to be true.

    "Catch? Why whatever do you mean? I am but a humble man trying to make a living by giving people exciting ocean trips that are relaxing and fun, with maybe a dollop of excitement thrown in." the man smiled as he finished what he thought was a rather cunning answer. "And the price is far too reasonable to pass up, just a pittance of a sum for the time of your life."

    This screamed scam to Burlane, but Ali suddenly tugged on his arm and nodded to him, indicating that she believed he was being as sincere as could be expected. She also looked rather excited by his descriptions. There was no way Burlane could say no to that face. He gave a small happy sigh and then turned to the man with a smile on his face. "It appears you talked us into it sir."

    "Really? Fantastic! I have everything you will need right here." The man responded looking almost surprised that he had talked them into it so easy. He quickly pulled a small ticket package and money was exchanged hands. "I will see you on the boat then!" the man cheerfully shouted as he moved away from the pair and disappeared down another alley.

    Burlane turned to his partner, then looked down at the bags they were still carrying. "Well Ali, lets go get these packed away and we will see about finding this ‘cruise ship' that we are going to be on."

    Burlane and Ali spent the next couple hours putting away all their perishable goods and packing them away in specialized berry cases that Burlane had long ago invented just to keep the rather massive supply that was needed to not only satiate Ali's appetite for them, but also for the rest of his team. This was the only use that Burlane had for item balls, and when he bought them it was for just this purpose. Carrying around what would normally fill most of his bag, if not more than the entire capacity, would not be conducive to traveling.

    After everything was finally secured and he had double checked everything in his pack for any kind of emergency (he was rather fond of being prepared and of the mind of the saying ‘better safe than sorry') he returned Ali to her ball after giving her a final treat. He headed back down to the docks, glancing at his ticket to find the berth that held the vessel that would take him away on this ‘adventure' the man spoke of.

    Finally finding the spot he was scheduled to depart from, Burlane stood in front of what looked to be a medium sized fishing troller. It wasn't much to look at, what with the faded and possibly worn away white paint, a little banged up here and there, but on the whole looking quite seaworthy. He looked around trying to see if he could spot any crew members that were handling boarding or anything. Not seeing anyone, he climbed aboard and called out, "Anyone here? I have a ticket for a trip on this boat…" His voice trailed off when he saw the man who had sold him the ticket easily rolling down the deck towards him, a captain's hat firmly atop his head now.

    "Right on time, my boy. Only waiting on a few more passengers and we can get going." With that he took the ticket Burlane was holding and casually ripped it in two and sent the pieces floating over the side to fall to the water below.

    This did not bode well for the adventure ahead, and considering the lack of other apparent crew members, this man either was fantastic at being able to handle the duties of every position on this boat, or the crew would be comprised of conscripted passengers. Burlane thought it would more than likely be the latter option. Oh well, at least this is going to be interesting.

    Suddenly he heard, "Hey, Burlane! You bored too?" A young man that looked vaguely familiar to him was approaching. The slightly shorter stature, the black hair with the silvery-grey streak, and the Sableye affixed to his shoulder with that interminable grin jogged the memory back for Burlane.

    "Sem?!" Burlane burst into a warm smile. "Bored? No, thought this would be a good vacation slash celebration for my team. Just finished up traveling through Sinnoh and placed in the top eight in the League. I still haven't had the chance for an appropriate gift for them, and then this came up and it sounded too good to pass up." At this he shook Sem's hand, which had been extended for just such a gesture. "Although from the looks of it, this might be a bit too good to be true," he chuckled.

    Waving goodbye to Sem for the time being, Burlane went below to stash his stuff and get prepared to finally depart on what would turn out to be a very interesting adventure indeed.
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  3. ((OOC: This seems very short, but alas, I am very rusty still. D: I promise I'll get better!))

    "Water Gun, Tank!" A young female voice called as the stream of water made contact with it's foe, sending a Ryhorn skidding backwards towards its trainer. The said trainer looking full of surprise at how much the Ryhorn had moved. "Don't take that from that little pipsqueak, Dozer, I trained you better than this! You'd better smush that puny turtle!" The boy called to his Ryhorn, who gave a fearsome roar of agreement in response before staggering a few steps to the left. The female trainer gave a triumphant smirk, a similar expression on her companions face..."Time to finish this!" She called out to her Wartortle.


    "UWWWAAAAAH? You had a battle while I was gone!?" Elizabeth exclaimed, flailing her arms in an overexaggerated manner. She wore a long, flowing trenchoat. It was white but oddly enough, had no sleeves. Instead, she wore a green shirt with longsleeves that completely fell over her hands, the ends wildly flipping about with her arms. She wore a pair of denim short- shorts and a trendy pair of running shoes that were various hues of green and white. Her hair was to her waist and let down straightened and smooth, firey orange in color.

    "Oh relax, I won. Besides, we could use the cash." Christine grinned, thwapping Liz in the forehead with a small wad of cash. "Besides, where HAVE you been anyways?" Chris put a hand on her hip, staring at her sister. Like her sister, her hair was the color of flames, but greatly differed, up in a high ponytail, her hair spiked out at the base of the ponytail and her bangs were wild compared to Chris, though her hair was roughly the same in length. Chris wore a quarter-sleeved baby blue shirt underneath a black, short-waisted vest. She likewise wore denim shorts, but they were boyish and fell to about knee length, topped off by a pair of boots that were many shades of black and blue that reached about mid-shin.

    Physically, the 13 year old Regael twins were identical, fashionablly, they were polar opposites. As the two spoke, they were interrupted by their Poke'mon. "War! Tortle tort!" Tank grabbed Chris' pantleg and pointed to a poster on the wall, the picture of a luxiurious cruise ship. "Hmm? You want to go sailing, Tank? I dunno', looks pretty ritzy." She raised a brow to the Wartortle. This time, it was Liz who brought the attention to herself with some inconspicious coughing. "Actually I had a similiar idea. As a matter of fact, I already bought the tickets for us." Liz looked proud as her companion leapt onto her shoulder, the pink mass giving an excited mewl. "Skiiiiitty!" It purred and nuzzled into Elizabeth's cheek.

    "...say wut?" Chris looked to her sister in disbelief.


    "Oh, stop pouting! It'll be an adventure, I promise!" Liz chirped cheerfully before she gasped. "I see the boat, oh, it looks like it's been on quite a few adventures! Let's go!" She ran towards the boat, her slung backpack bouncing as she had a rather expensive looking case clutched in her hand, it was shaped like a small guitar case. "A-hey! Wait up, Liz!" Chris ran after her sister, easily catching up, even in her heavy boots. Her backpack was rather full looking; packed with supplies as usual. She afterall, had to pack for two; since Liz was never prepared for things.

    Easily outrunning her sister to the boat, Chris rather gracefully, just hopped over the side from the dock onto the boat. Turning, she watched with amusement as her sister came to a grinding stop at the end of the dock, systematically trying to board the ship. "Hello there!" Liz called out and waved, friendly as ever to the two already aboard and to the captain, stumbling overherself as she did so. She would've eaten the deck had Chris not caught her arm and pulled her back up to her feet, Liz giggling and thanking her sister as Chris sighed and smiled, turning to the boys on the ship, offering them only a slight smirk of a smile, mischief glinting in her eyes.​
  4. ooc| Hurr this took a while to write, whoops |D

    Amidst the rhythmic crescendos and dropping notes of metal against metal, and even the soft crackling of popping steel reacting to the focused blue flame of the blowtorch, a soft female voice became distinguishable from the surrounding ruckus.

    "Hmmm, hmm.. Devils and black sheep" A loud crack as the girth of the piping started to snap under it's own weight, no longer being supported by its own structural integrity since the piercing flames of the blowtorch had made a clean incision across the berth.

    ".... And really bad eggs~"
    The pair of legs that had been the only telltale sign of human life stretching out from beneath the heavy contraption that occupied most of the space in the room now bent, curling in tight to the girl's body until the smooth length of her mid-calf boots met the tattered, dusty fabric of her shorts. Popping her heels off the ground and onto the edge of the dolly she lay on, a pair of grimy hands appeared from under the edge of the machine as she pulled herself back out into the artificial light with a soft grunt. As soon as her head was clear of the metal, she planted her feet on either side of the wooden plank-on-wheels, stirring up tufts of dust as she inched her heels back and forth until she felt secure. In a single, fluid motion, the muscles throughout her legs tensed and straightened, pulling her upper half off the dolly as she curled into an upright position. Wiping the oil that had collected on her hands onto the already soiled gray tank she had stripped down to in preparation for the grimy repair work, she inspected her fingernails with slight distaste before packing away the piles of spanners and drills and other various tools littering the floor, humming to herself once more.
    "Drink up me hearties yo ho~"

    Peering up from the floor sat the cleanest sentient being in the room, his mane of white fur clean in spite of the grime and dust spread over the expanse of cement flooring. With his head craning around the assortment of looming fixtures, his sharp amber eyes managed to pick up the movements of his trainer as she bustled around her work station, scooping things into her arms and organizing them just so in the pack settled lazily on top of the counter on the far end of the workshop. For a moment, the smooth pelt stretched over his haunches shuddered as the muscles tensed, and the absol crept to his feet with a single push of his back legs. At full height, he was easily two or three feet taller than the average height of his species- a colossus by all means of the word. His cobalt face was just as dark as his cohorts, the scythe-like growth sprouting from his temple looming over his head in a pointed, malicious curve. The roll of his shoulders as he prowled, the soft clicking of unnervingly sharp claws against the cool floor, and even the lazy swinging of his bladed tail radiated his predator status. He made no effort to use stealth in his approach, and even sniffed casually at the messy bun the young woman had pulled the thick mass of chocolate curls into. Aware of his presence, she turned with a grin spread across her face, unaware of the smear of oil across her forehead and following down the length of her jaw.

    "I know Kodent, I know. I'm almost finished packing, we'll be out of here real soon. I just need to have a word with the big man, and I'll even treat you to a snack now that we have a little cash in our pockets." A pleased expression in his bright eyes, the looming creature sat himself beside her, observing her organizational process with mild interest.

    It only took a few minutes for her to gather what few things she had brought with her back into their respective cases and packs. Certain that she hadn't missed anything or left any stray tools around the work area, she hoisted the pack onto her shoulder and let it swing lazily from her side. Turning to her companion, she smiled gratefully and scratched gently under his chin, a gesture that brought a smile into the amber eyes and a pleasant rumble from the throat of the disaster pokemon as he rubbed the smooth side of his head affectionately against her arm.

    "Thanks for keeping me company today, boyo. I'll call you back out as soon as I've gotten a nice meal for us all, and we'll have a nice lunch down at the beach."
    Satisfied with her proposal, the absol took a step backwards and sat obediently, smiling up at the girl before losing definition in a burst of red light, holding his shape as a red silhouette for a moment before the stream of red matter jerked back to the metal capsule from whence it came as the polished black cap snapped back into place, sealing the pokemon back into his luxury ball. Turning her back on the rest of the room, she slipped quietly through the heavy basement door and strode down the narrow hallway with an index finger tracing the molding on the walls.

    As she approached, she could hear a pair of rumbling voices from the connecting room. She wasn't much for eavesdropping, but it was hard not to pick up snippets of their conversation when the rest of the house was so quiet.
    "... heard you had the young mechanic here."
    Oh. They were talking about her.
    It wouldn't do to sit and listen in to their conversation, that could only end messy. Especially since the unfamiliar baratone voice had made a direct reference to her- so far as she knew, Lilycove only had three regular working mechanics. The geezer, the not-as-old-geezer, and her. Figuring that she may as well make her presence know, she eased the door open and stepped into the room without a word, maintaining a smile that would ensure the man of the house that the job had been completed with efficiency and ease. Making an effort to not snap her attention over to the strange man with the greasy head and bad taste in ugly Hawaiian shirts. She'd never seen the man before, and felt uncomfortable addressing him directly. Luckily for her, the client was willing to do that for her anyway.

    "Thanks for fixing that up for me kiddo, the noise was starting to become bothersome."

    "It was no trouble sir, I was glad to help."

    The man smiled, his cheeks dimpling lightly and casting shadows in the creases of his tanned face. "Belle, you know about the ships coming out of the harbor, and how they all have engineers tending to the boats at all times?"

    A suspicious look crossed her face as she shifted uncomfortably beneath the stares of the two older men.
    "Of course. Did you lose a crew member, sir?"
    When the strange man laughed, his gut jiggled under his shirt and created creases in the pattern of his gaudy shirt. It was hard not to stare.
    "How'd you guess, missy? He retired. I'm looking for someone familiar with engines, and your two co-workers said you had more experience than them."
    Figures that the two men who had been living in Lilycove for years and years and years and years and, they were very old, see, and it made sense that they would volunteer their younger counterpart to go travelling on a ship with a captain they wanted nothing to do with. Thanks guys.


    However it happened, hours later Belle found herself standing before the ship with a less-than impressed expression. Having utilized the bathing facilities at the pokemon center in town, she approached looking significantly cleaner than before. Any hint of grease or filth was gone, her hair back to its usual luster and hanging freely in loose ringlets over her shoulders. Her face was free of the grime that had previously streaked the edges of her jaw, and her hazel eyes were framed by carefully manicured lashes, long enough that they left a thin line of mascara dotted on her brows from when she had looked up and the lashes were still wet. Minding this error, she rubbed at the smudge as her cheeks flushed, and she turned her attention to the clothing she had pulled herself into.She hadn't bothered to change the boots, there were plenty comfortable and they matched well enough, not to mention there probably wasn't any room in her pack.
    Her shorts remained unchanged as well, by means of design at least. Same color, same design, less filthy. A solid brown pair with the cuffs rolled up and buttoned into place, deep pocket for holding whatever, cute embroidery on the back pockets.. nothing unusual.
    Her shirt however, was less conventional. Having expected a chilling sea breeze, the tan-and-white pinstriped blouse had long, loose and unbuttoned sleeves, and creased under where the tight leather vest was bound around her ribs and chest, flattering the flayed collar and displaying the jewelery she had decked herself with.
    Ranging from thick leather bands buckled with a decorative brass brooch to chains from which hung her collection of antique knick knacks- a polished monocle, a skeleton key, a tiny hourglass, and other assorted goodies. Satisfied with any tugging or adjusting or lacing that needed to be tended to, she started to approach the boat herself, surveying the chipped white paint and slightly dented hull. The railings were still sturdy and the ship was otherwise intact, but it wasn't the exterior she was here for. Hesitating for just another moment, she finally jogged up the plank that connected the harbor to the boat, peering around for the ship's captain.

    When he lumbered up beside her, he patted the messenger pack swinging at her hip with a rumbling chuckle.

    "You brought all your tools?"

    "Of course."

    "Of course." The laughter faded but he retained a smile in his small, sparkling eyes. "Everything is below deck, so feel free to make yourself comfortable before giving the old girl her check-up."

    Nodding her thanks, she ducked through the rounded frame that opened the staircase to the upper deck, and trotted down the skinny steps before pausing in the hallway, hesitant to approach as she had already spotted one of the ship's passengers strolling into one of the numbered rooms.
    It occurred to her to wonder how many passengers the ship had, and she pondered this as she slipped into one of the rooms across the hallway.
  5. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    OOC: OH MY GODS IT LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVES. K, here it is. Pardon the crappiness.

    Sem waved to the newcomers as they came, commenting to himself that was certainly going to be an interesting trip, especially since Burlane would be coming along.

    After a few minutes the captain announced that it was time to shove off and immediately set the trainers to various tasks to help the man with his ship. They sailed out of Lilycove and were out in open ocean rather quickly, the old volcano in which Sotopolis sat was just visible in the distance.

    The afternoon went by rather uneventfully and by nighttime they were outside of Hoenn waters. By the time they weighed anchor for the night Sem was sweaty and didn't like one bit of it. All he really wanted was a shower at that point as he straddled the rail for a rest.

    Sableye looked particularly miserable, which really only happened whenever the pokémon was on a boat, away from land and his precious rocks, dirt, and sand. Sem always liked this. It was the only time the boy could laugh back at the purple demon, which was normally the other way around.

    His attention drifted to the horizon as he swept a hand across his forehead. He looked down at the inky blackness of the ocean underneath them. He realized that no matter where this boat took them, it would be fun so long as they made the effort to make it fun.

    "I'm going for a swim!" Sem announced. "You're all welcome to join me." With this he went below deck, finding his bag and pulling out a pair of trunks. He went into the small closet of a bathroom and changed, quickly stripping down and slipping into the trunks, and grabbing a pokéball from the bundle of clothes as he set them by his bag.

    Running back onto the deck he released the contents of the Dive Ball into the water before jumping in himself, feeling instantly better as soon as the rush of cool water enveloped him in its black embrace. After diving some more and moving his limbs about he felt the sweat and grime come off of him as he surfaced.

    He floated there for a while before his pokémon joined him. Starmie floated next to him, its giant gem blinking an array of green, blue, and purple as it faced the stars above them. Taking a deep breath Sem dove down again, Starmie swimming ahead of him, being the adept swimmer that it was. It's gem shone a pure white, a Flash maneuver. There really wasn't much to see, the ocean floor was who knows how far down, but it was nice to see the light and to know he wasn't going to run into anything or get eaten by a sharpedo.

    After perhaps half an hour of swimming the boy climbed back into the boat and dried himself off. After he had done so it wasn't long until the captain served dinner, which wasn't the best food Sem had ever had but it was turning out to be a good experience.

    After everyone was sitting down and eating the captain went ahead and told them that they would just sail for a few more days. He didn't sound like he had much of a plan, which disconcerted Sem a bit. It was good to have some kind of idea of where you were going. In his mind he decided to keep track of where they were as best as he could. Currently they weren't far from Hoenn or the Orange Islands. Putting his mind to rest he finished his meal.


    The next few days at sea were certainly an interesting experience. The five trainers were put to work with the various tasks that needed doing around the ship, leaving them sufficiently tired by the end of it.

    Sem found himself trying to see the looks on the others faces as they went about their days, seeing if they were enjoying it or wanted to leap into the mouth of the next pelipper they saw and get taken home. He wondered especially about Burlane, since the older male had mentioned that this was a celebration trip of sorts for him and his team.

    At this point they seemed to continue going east of the main regions, going past some of the lesser populated regions which were mere strips of green in the distance until there was no land visible at all for two days. At the end of the second they stopped early, and enormous mass of black cloud in the sky hovered a few miles ahead of them. There was a small island in the distance.

    "We'll let her pass over us and then we'll stop at the next speck of land we see," the captain said as he hobbled below deck.

    "I might strangle the guy if all he's done is sail us around the world," Sem muttered. A clap of thunder reached their ears from far away and the teen looked warily at the storm.

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