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Private/Closed S.H.I.E.L.D.: Paragons (MCU RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mechanist Gamma, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. [RP Discussion]
    [RPers: @Eeveechu151, @Shadow_Pup, @Fraseandchico, @Rohan Kishibe, @Martin Pine, @FrostCrispz, @StormingCobra55]

    "This could be a problem."
    "You're telling me." Nick Fury sighed, looking at what was on the screen. What the hell were they looking at? It seemed to be an abandoned HYDRA base, and all the soldiers inside were dead. Whatever killed them was nowhere to be seen. "You see that man thrown through the wall? No normal human could deal with that."
    "Should we call Stark?" Maria Hill asked.
    "No chance. You want the government figuring out I'm alive after I "died"? And after all the trouble we went to to assure the Sokovians weren't talking?" Fury sighed. "Call in Lightning Rod."

    "So what am I looking for?" the hooded agent asked, walking through the facility. Clarke Evans wasn't often called for active duty, and he was psyched that he was being trusted for a mission.
    "Whatever killed those HYDRA agents." Maria Hill explained over the comms.
    "What agen- OH." Lightning Rod turned the corner to see the disfigured, dead soldiers. "Holy... wow. I'm investigating." Lightning Rod ran over to the body, checking it over. "This guy died from a snapped neck, it looks like. Excessive force. Wall's cracked, someone or something slammed him into it." He turned to look at the other guy down the... hall? "And that guy got thrown through the wall. Didn't kill him, though. Looks like... oh god, is his neck crushed?!"
    "Right, sorry, Hill." Lightning Rod took a deep breath. "Oh hey, it's a computer." The agent ran over. "If this thing's connected to the mainframe, I might be able to access security camera footage. It looks like a security terminal." Lightning Rod tried turning it on. "Damn, no power. Give me a second." Lightning Rod started rubbing his hands together at a rapid pace, creating static. As he did, the marks on his arm stretched and tensed. Eventually, he had enough of a charge built up, and grabbed the power cord of the computer with one hand. The computer flashed awake. "Password?! Oh come on."
    "The USB."
    "Right!" The agent pulled a USB out of the pocket of his cloak quickly, jamming it into the harddrive. The special SHIELD tech sequentially ran through billions of possible passwords until finding the right one. Lightwood. What does that mean? Lightning Rod thought as he opened the files, searching for the camera footage. He found it, rewinding it until he saw the guys alive. Then he watched as some crazed, insane man smashed through the base with incredible speed and strength, strange black tendrils gripping the HYDRA agents as he killed them. "Uh, Hill? Hate to say it, but you lost the bet. We got a metahuman. Possibly inhuman."
    "Download the footage and return to base. We'll extrapolate info from there." Maria replied, waving an agent off from her command center to prepare for retrieval. "Move to the rendezvous point."
    "Right." Lightning Rod downloaded the footage to the USB, and when it was done he pulled it out and let go of the plug. The computer instantly fell silent again, lacking an internal battery, as Lightning Rod released the remaining electricity he had by shooting sparks into the air. The agent ran back towards the helicopter SHIELD had waiting for him.

    "What do you make of this, Doctor Brown?" Fury asked, sitting at a table with him, Hill and two other scientists as they looked over the code.
    "Your agent was right. This is definitely an Inhuman." The Doctor replied, pointing towards the back of the man. "Look where these tendrils are coming from. It's a mutation. We've seen weirder ones."
    "He's dangerous." Hill said. "We have to find him and put him down before he can cause any more trouble."
    "First, we need to know who he is." Fury interjected.
    "Already done, boss." one of the other scientists said, turning around his tablet. "Bellamy Lightwood. Vanished a year ago at the same time and place as Morana Blake."
    "Ghost Jumper?" Fury asked incredulously. "Her story was true?"
    "You thought it wasn't?" Brown wondered.
    "There was no evidence to support it, only the word. When she said it she was practically mad. We thought this Bellamy might just be some coping mechanism she had created." Hill explained. "But if what she said about what he's capable of is true... I think it's time to call the Avengers."
    "We do NOT contact Stark." Fury ordered.
    "If I may..." the scientist with the tablet spoke up. "We have several metahumans and inhumans in SHIELD at the moment. If we're not getting the Avengers to deal with this... how about a new team?"
    "You know, Doctor McCoy, that may not be such a bad idea." Fury smiled. "Doctor Brown. Would Firebrand be up for active duty?"
    "One hour." Doctor Brown said with a smile, his finger blazing alight with a small ember.
  2. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Morana was bored, she was in a room at some S.H.I.E.L.D base. She was lying in bed and staring at the ceiling. She was thinking about Bellamy, she had told them about him, but she wasn't sure they believed her. She sighed to herself.

    Bellamy was hanging of a tree in some park, he was thinking about his recent memory flashes, recently they had been more frequent, along with the girl's face, he had seen a lab and a doctor, he was currently hunting him down. He had got to that Hydra facility, but that had been a dead end. He was now at the apartment building where the doctor lived. He entered the building through a window but as he was climbing in a police officer walked by and saw him "what are you doing" the officer asked. Bellamy dropped down and walked towards the man his tendrils waving in the wind. The officer grabbed his radio and said "require back up at the apartment building near Central pa.." Bellamy cut him off by smashing his head through the seat of his car. He turned to head back into the building only to hear sirens and a helicopter in the distance.
  3. "What would you like today sir" A dull voice arose from the otherside of the counter, an aged teen wearing shaded black glasses lifting his head to face whoever he was serving. "Just a talk, maybe a favour" Samuel froze upon hearing the voice, frowning slightly as he paused and used his telekenesis to feel the face of the man sitting on the stall. Nick Fury. "Right, of course, figured you'd drop by eventually" He wasn't an idiot, he knew all the stuff that had happened with the avengers recently which would of course leave Nick without a team to drag into play whenever he wanted. Sam was aware that shield hadn't fallen, he also guessed that Hydra hadn't either and predicted that no matter what, in one form or another they'd always be there.

    "Nice place, you own it" Despite not asking for anything Sam had made Nick a glass of water, putting it down on the counter and folding his arms as he replied. "No I just work here" Nice place- yeah right. The diner was on the outskirts of a small desert town, it was about as rundown as the road just outside. Sam wasn't having any of it. "I've never been one for talking so just tell me what you want already so you can go away and leave me alone" "Pulling together a few people, got a problem I need help with" "And you can't call the Avengers because of the rubbish that you landed them in" That was a sour point but Samuel didn't care, he knew this day would come. Where shield would want payback for helping, nothing came for free of course.

    He was surprised to find Nick hesitating for a moment but listened when the older man finally started talking again. "Look, I'm not forcing you to do anything, just asking if you can help" "Why would I want to help you? Why would I want to help shield?" This was the most Sam had talked in a while and he was clearly getting a little bit agitated from it. "So you can help people not go through what you went through" Sam's eyes flared a bright orange beneath his shaded glasses, his hair lifting for a moment as if pushed by a breeze and the glass by Nick exploding into a thosands shards. He was blind but glaring straight at Nick. Knowing it was his time to leave Nick rose to his feet, still remaining calm as he revealed a file, placing it onto the counter and then walking towards the exit, leaving Sam in there alone.

    Nick walked out to be greeted by a much older man who had a strange pair of goggles over his eyes and a big grin over his face. "Take it didn't go, huh?" "We'll see, kid could come around" They began to walk towards a vehicle parked close by, Joe stuffing his hands into his pockets as he looked to Fury. "That's the problem with kids Fury, always a risk- at least with adults you know they have to do what you say, cuz you're paying em" This got a scoff out of Nick, Joe grinning and then looking to the truck. "What's even his deal" "Back in the day shield ran into a rather bad hydra experiment, busted some civilians out but most of them were showing signs of powers. Shield took a few of them in, trained them to control their gifts and then try use them for good. Lightning Rod, was one of them" "So how come Sparky's all buddy buddy but that guy doesn't want you to drink?" "Mistakes were made in direction, got put in the ... wrong side of shield and did some wrong stuff under their orders" Fury was silent for a moment, slowly nodding."Blames himself most of all"

    Joe was a bit speechless for a moment until he realised they'd reached the car, grinning as he moved into the drivers seat "Shotgun by the way- we both know I'm the better driving" "You keep telling yourself that" The goggled man gave a heart chuckle as he turned on the ignition and started the car. "Oi Nick, how come you didn't come out to where I live" "Said so yourself, I pay you" Joe laughed "Plus I knew you wouldn't need convincing, you want this" "Well..." There was amused guilt in his voice as he slowly nodded. "I'd be lying if I said no"
  4. Amalia was in her lab, not long ago that day, she had been given an offer, she was going to help S.H.I.E.L.D with in particular situations the Avengers couldn't help in. She had accepted this offer. She was thinking about this whole thing, what other Meta-humans and Inhumans were going to be in this group. She hoped Firebrand. He was the only one she could stand. She smiled at the thought, and got back to modifying The Artemis Armour, and upgrading the rocket shoes.
  5. Suzy Diamond, an Inhuman, currently sat on the side of the bed in her room looking at the wall across from her. Having grown up within the walls of the inhuman kingdom, Suzy never got to experience the outside world but dreamed of doing so one day. When S.H.I.E.L.D came to find members for their Paragon team, Suzy jumped on the occasion and joined the team. Now she can help people and fulfill her dreams of seeing the outside world with her new environments.

    Hilde stood in her room, looking out the window to the outside. It had been a couple of years since she landed on Midgard. Director Fury had given her a place in his team, and she aims to redeem herself from her past.
  6. Kaleb was in his room. He had been recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D. for an operation with a group called “Paragons”, apparently because the Avengers couldn’t handle it themselves.

    He had been recruited for his skill in the Mystic Arts. Because Strange was currently missing and Wong was guarding the Sanctum, Kaleb was the only one the Paragons could turn to. He had been trained by Strange and Wong, and he was guarding the Sanctum in Korea when the Paragons came to him. He accepted, wanting a little more action than he had been getting.
  7. Suddenly, a door at the other side of the room opened wide. Nick Fury walked in, his eyepatch glistening, with Doctor Brown and Lightning Rod at his sides. "To attention, all of you. You're probably wondering why you all are here. Well, that's simple. You all are Paragons now. We're still waiting on some of the others, however." Fury looked towards the door.

    Elsewhere in Hydrobase, Maria Hill rapped on the door to Morana's room. "Ghost Jumper? Director Fury wants to see you." Hill was with Samuel, as Samuel was the only one who hadn't been at Hydrobase beforehand and had needed the tour.
  8. Amelia looked in the direction of director Fury, and smiled as she saw doctor Brown. Firebrand, she thought. She still heard and understood what the Director said. Well, most of it, anyway. She smiled as she put on her rocket shoes and the rest of her armour in the background. She smiled even more when she was finished suiting up.
  9. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Morana was looking through some old pictures of her and Bellamy, when Hill nocked on the door to her room. Morana sat up, quickly put away what she was looking at, went to the door, opened it and said "Ok, what room?" she was preparing to teleport but then stopped and asked "Or.. do you want me to follow you."

    Bellamy decided he needed to do this quickly he shot a tendril into the window of the scientists room and pulled him out, he lay him on the floor holding him down with a tendril. The scientist looked at him and said, eyes wide "You!", Bellamy was about to crush the man when he heard another police officer, "Leave the man alone". Bellamy turned and saw a ton of police cars and a helicopter, they had surrounded him he stared the officer right in the face and grinned, he closed his eyes for a second and when he opened them a wave of tendrils shot out from his body and hit the mass of police cars and officers, by the time he was finished the park was in flames as the helicopter had crashed, he turned back to the scientist and said "Look what your creation can achieve" he started to drag the man into the building, it was time for some fun.
  10. Samuel, rather reluctantly, had decided to come along, to at least give shield a chance at redemption even if he thought they were going to blow it. He didn't arrive with Fury though, he arrived with the other option given to him on the file and accepted the tour around the Hydrobase that Maira had offered once he arrived. His attitude was rather neutral, he made sure to keep to himself as he followed Hill and listened to the few words she said. When they stopped at the door to Morana's room Samuel raised an eyebrow, his head turning to face the direction of Morana. There were still a pair of black shades concealing his blind eyes, Samuel using his telekenesis to feel the area around him, to "see" He said not a word, he didn't even acknowledge Ghost Jumper.

    Joe was in the room that Fury had entered, leaning against the wall and looking around at the other people in the room. He was minding his own buisness until Fury walked in, Joe's attention turning to his as he grinned and then folded his arms. It was about time.

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