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RX's Unova Ranch

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Satoren, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Oh yay, I can finally start one of these myself :D.

    Right, as I have already noted with several people, I'm currently playing a Japanese copy of Pokemon Black. While I will be playing White more once I can get a copy, there are a couple of perks that come with using the Japanese version. For one, I have access to exclusive Wi-Fi events.

    Here's a brief list of what I can offer atm:

    Zorua w/ Shadow Ball and Snarl
    Snarl is a base 55 power Special, Dark move, and is the only other Special Dark option zorua gets besides Dark Pulse (which is another egg move) and Night Daze (learned at level 57)

    Karrablast w/ Megahorn

    !new! Ferroseed w/ Leech Seed and Stealth Rock

    Vullaby w/ Roost and Aerial Ace
    Vullaby is a Pokemon exclusive to Black version

    Pansear w/ Fire Punch or Nasty Plot
    Pansage w/ Nasty Plot
    I have yet to acquire another female panpour, so at present I can only offer these two.

    Speaking of Pansage and Pansear, I am also offering a rare female of both Pansage and Pansear, if you would like to try breeding them yourself.

    With regards to any of these Pokemon, I can offer them newly hatched, or still as an egg. If they are newly hatched, you may choose a specific nature for it; However, I cannot name them as my game only allows me 5 characters to name Pokemon.

    So that's pretty much it for now. If you're interested in any of these trades, let me know here and I will PM you my friend code after all details are settled.
  2. Re: RX's Unova Trade Ranch

    I would like to take up the offer of the Pansear. Just one thing; is it male or female? i would prefer male. And I know nothing on natures. And with the name situation, is it possible to have 4 letters? If possible, call it Onyx. Thank you. :3
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  3. Re: RX's Unova Trade Ranch

    I do have a Male Pansear up for grabs, and I can indeed name it Onyx. Would you prefer it to have Nasty Plot or Fire Punch as an egg move?
  4. Re: RX's Unova Trade Ranch

    I'd really like to get that Zorua since I can't get one myself. I don't know what I'd offer, but I'd like Female if possible.
  5. Re: RX's Unova Trade Ranch

    I would prefer Onyx to have Nasty Plot, as it increases it's attack stat quite a lot. He learns flame burst at level 22 anyway. Also, a quick note, I can't trade until my DSi's wi-fi is back up. And what Pokemon do you want in return? :3
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  6. Re: RX's Unova Trade Ranch

    I honestly wouldn't mind anything, really; so long as its female. I'm going to attempt to build up a breeding stock. But hmmm, I certainly could use a female Solosis and a Petilil as well.
    #6 Satoren, Mar 15, 2011
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  7. Re: RX's Unova Trade Ranch

    Ok, I can get you a female Solosis. I could evolve it too, maybe.
  8. Re: RX's Unova Trade Ranch

    Got the female Petilil. It's level 15. :3
    #8 Louie Forest, Mar 15, 2011
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  9. Re: RX's Unova Ranch (PokeShifters Wanted!)

    Updated the first post with a new Pokemon to the list, as well as special request on my part. If you are able to Pokeshift Pokemon from the 4th generation to the 5th, and are willing to do so for me, please let me know asap.

    Also Sir Onyx, I have the requested Pansear ready to trade. Please arrange the time and date with which we may engage in the trade via PM. (a Timezone might also help so that I can synchronize my watch)

    As for Stam's request, I'm afraid I have yet to acquire a female Zorua as per instructions. If you would in the meantime, like a male Zorua, you may very well trade for one of mine. Please also arrange for a time and date with which we can trade via PM.
  10. Linkachu

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    Re: RX's Unova Ranch (PokeShifters Wanted!)

    I'm more than willing to lend a hand with this, but I technically haven't reached the PokeTransfer Lab in the games yet and wouldn't be able to help immediately. :X

    I guess I'll just put the offer out there for now, and in the meantime if someone else offers to help you then you can just ignore my offer. ^^
  11. Re: RX's Unova Ranch (PokeShifters Wanted!)

    I have got to the PokeShifter, but my Wi-Fi is dead at the moment. Until it is fixed, I can't trade. Sorry. :3
    #11 Louie Forest, Mar 16, 2011
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  12. Re: RX's Unova Ranch (PokeShifters Wanted!)

    I'm not sure how this all works, but I was wondering if you had any more Zorua? If you did, what should I offer?
  13. Re: RX's Unova Ranch (PokeShifters Wanted!)

    Well, if you have a Rufflet, I could trade you one of my Zoruas for that. Don't worry, I have plenty to spare~
  14. I just looked up the Rufflet and it isn't in my version:( I have the black version. What other pokemon may I see if I can get you? Sorry I am so lame, I never traded with anyone before:(
    #14 Tahlise, Mar 24, 2011
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  15. I've got a rufflet if you want... And I will really like a zoura =3

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