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Ask to Join RWBY: The New Hunters Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Iced_Tae, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. It has been 20 years since the fall of Beacon, but in those times Beacon was rebuilt and all the students had grown up and had their own children, while Ruby Rose became the new headmistress for Beacon. So join the amazing school and and learn the ways of the Huntsman and Huntress's of the world with your team and help protect the world against the Grimms.


    • All Pokecharms rules apply
    • Romance is allowed
    • Cursing is allowed
    • Be discriptive
    • Your character is allowed to be the child of an existing character or a made up one
    • Once an existing character is tooken as a parent by another person, you have to ask them permission to be your sibling
    • You can have up to 2 characters
    • Have Fun

    ♡Character Sheet♡
    Last Name:
    Physical Appearence:

    →My Character←
    Name: Wisteria
    Last Name: Arc Schnee
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Physical Appearence: Long white hair with blunt fringe bangs, crystal clear dark blue eyes, fair skin, 5'4", petite figure, and she has a scar on the back of her right hand and on her back
    Outfit: wears a white halter skater dress with off shoulder long sleeves, the dress ends abover her knees, and the dress is kept up by a noodle strap that goes around her neck. Paired up with white ribbon wedges, and her long white hair is tyed up in a high ponytail and around the ponytail is a single wisteria flower, and on her ears are sapphire stud earings.
    Personality: she's very spoiled and can be a little cold towards others, which she gets from her mother. But she also gets her father friendliness, which draws people towards her. She is usually smiling towards others, unless they ask her about her scars or mock her strength, and she knows that she's drop dead gourgeous, but she still likes getring compliments from others
    Weapon: Multi Action Dust Rapier named Angelique
    Semblence: Glyphs and Summon, due to her being a Schnee
    Family: Weiss Arc Schnee (Mom)
    Jaune Arc (Dad)
    Backstory: Ever since she could remember, Wisteria was talented in the art of ballet, but as she grew older, she used that talent to become a prodigy in battling. From tournaments involving duels to free for alls, Wisteria won them all, she was the pride and joy of the Schnee family, and it was no suprise that Wisteria got letters from both Beacon Academy and Atlas Academy. Though she wanted to attend Atlas Academy, both her parents thought that it would be an amazing idea for their precious daughter to attend Beacon. In order to shut both her parents up, Wisteria accepted the letter from Beacon.
    The story behind her scars was a gruesome tale, and it haunts Wisteria for as long as she can remember, but it was the day that the Nuckelavee appeared once again to destroy the ones that once killed it, but it was that day it found Wisteria, still a young child, and attacked her, and the only reason that she had gotten out alive, was because her parents had heard her screams of terror and pain. Even though she got out alive, Wisteria is still haunted everyday by the scars that she bears, and everyday she hunts down grimm in order to be able to summon them, and one day to be able to kill Nuckelavee once and for all, that was her purpose in becoming a Huntress
    Other: Though she is not able to summon a powerful grimn like her mothers Arma Gigas, Wisteria is still able to summon powerful grimms, such as her Manticore and Sea Feilong

    Link to the official thread!

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  2. Sounds fun!

    Name: Nova Aster
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Physical Appearence: Nova has short black hair and grey eyes. She's shorter and lean, not very muscular or strong looking.
    Outfit: Nova wears a black vest jacket, with a normal t-shirt underneath. She also wears simple jeans, with an ammo belt. Nova wears fingerless gloves and sneakers. Her vest jacket also has a hood, which she wears sometimes. When she goes to fight, Nova usually smears eye black under her eyes to reduce glare.
    Personality: Nova is usually pretty shy, and nervous about becoming a Huntress. She usually isn't great with talking to people, but will try to make an effort with the members of her team. Even though she's pretty shy, she trys to stay cheerful. Nova is also not very skilled at melee combat or weapon making.
    Weapon: Long Range Sniper Rifle named Titania, no modifications. She also carries a small grapple gun, to help her get around quickly on a battlefield.
    Semblence: None has developed yet, but she has a lot of Aura.
    Family: Nova was adopted as a baby by a Human and Faunus couple, Gaia and Luna Aster, who raised her with a lot of love. She has two siblings, an older brother named Pulsar that is a dog faunus and a younger sister, Nebula, that is a human. Pulsar is currently a second-year student at Beacon.
    Backstory: When she was a kid, Luna would tell Nova and Pulsar stories about when she was a huntress. Luna had given up that life to marry Gaia, who was a farmer. Nova and Pulsar helped out on the farm, but both of them wanted to learn to fight and become huntsmen and huntress. Luna was all for this, and while Gaia would have preferred one of his kids to stay behind and work on the farm, he didn't get in the way.
    Training from a young age, Nova found that she had a natural eye for accuracy. So Luna helped her make a rifle that she still uses today. After a lot of work and training, Pulsar got accepted to Beacon. The next year, Nova was accepted.
    Other: N/A
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  3. Love it! You may post now! ♡
  4. Name: Sterling
    Last Name: Lycan
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Physical Appearance: Stands at 5'8" with near Pale skin, Orange eyes and a decently athletic build. His most noticeable feature is his Medium smooth Silver hair along with wolf ears of the same color as his hair as well as the fact his Orange eye pupils can be seen in the dark.
    Outfit: Wears a Gray hoodie with fur along the hood and a Black peacoat above it, Dark olive baggy pants tucked into Brown boots. He also wears dog tags around his neck.
    Personality: Very laid back and never afraid to talk back to anyone regardless of the consequences. As someone born in Vacuo, it would come as no surprise as to why Sterling would behave in such an informal manner, he is however a very friendly person as long as people are friendly to him, otherwise the bad people will be seeing the extremely sarcastic side of him. In combat, he may seem to battle aggressively, but he does think on his actions first and mainly fights aggressively in order to see how they defend and in turn, how to counter it and find their weakness, he is also extremely adaptive and loathes losing above all else. He is also known to be very cruel when angry, the fact that he growls very much like an angered wolf is a clear sign as well.
    Weapon: A Silver Kanabo named Anileis which can transform into a Bazooka capable of shooting many varieties of elemental shots. In Bazooka form, the rockets can also home in on a target, but it would take a while for them to lock on and the missiles don't always turn very sharp. In Kanabo form, the rows of spikes can horizontally spin and emit elemental energy depending on the dust used.
    Semblance: His Semblance isn't used very often as he can't control it like Qrow's. His Semblance is greatly enhanced reflexes at night time and gets stronger depending on how full the moon is, he is at his strongest on the night of a full moon.
    Family: Gladion Lycan (Father), Daisy Lycan (Mother), Holly and Heather Lycan (Younger sisters).
    Backstory: Born in Vacuo between two wolf Faunas, Sterling didn't have the easiest childhood given what Vacuo was like, but he adapted to it very quickly. The day he heard about huntsmen and huntresses, Sterling wished to become a huntsman himself and in turn began to train hard with his father. Sterling showed promising potential as he trained, even after his father stopped training him once his younger twin sisters were born. Sterling made sure to teach his sisters everything they needed to know to 'live' in Vacuo. Eventually, Sterling decided that he wanted to train at Beacon Academy instead of Shade as he wanted to see what the city was like, it took a bit of time to convince his parents, but they let him in the end. The main reason he wanted to become strong was mainly to protect his family from Vacuo's rough lifestyle.
    Other: N/A
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  5. Accepted! Have fun!
  6. Nice! Now all we need for our team is a character with a name that starts with an F, then we got team NSFW! XD
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  7. As great as the idea seems, it's a shame that every name required has to be color related. I also edited my bio and gave my weapon a name, which is Greek for Merciless.
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  8. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Midori
    Last Name: Cooper
    Gender: Male
    Physical Appearence: Lean yet muscular, brown hair, green eyes and tall.
    Outfit: Black sleeveless top, black khaki trousers, black combat boots, black trench coat and a black cowboy hat.
    Personality: Midori is semi layed back, he is smart and funny. He also likes to make new friends. Midori hates bullies and hates it when people call him useless or weak.
    Weapon: High tech bow called Speedy. Has multiple different arrow types.
    Semblence: (I don't know what this means)
    Family: Ao Cooper (Father) and Ki Cooper (Mother)
    Backstory: Midori was a well of kid, his family loved him and he was pretty rich, but he decided he wanted to do something for others and decided to become a huntsman, so he train every single day to become stronger.
    Other: Ao is Blue in Japanese and Ki is Yellow in Japanese so the two together creates Green or Midori which is Green in Japanese, thought this would be an interesting family dynamic.
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  9. Accepted~♡
  10. @Shadow_Pup So, in RWBY characters have a Semblance. It's kinda like a super-power of sorts, and each character has a unique one. I would check out this article here for info: http://rwby.wikia.com/wiki/Semblance (Semblance) All people have a Semblance, but not all people discover theirs as easily as others.
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  11. Lol, wouldn't it be funny if the other students went and killed Wisteria's Grimms thinking that they were actually Grimm?
  12. That would be hilarious, but if I were Wisteria, I would make sure they all get eaten by actual Grimm
  13. Oh my gosh! Can we the team fight the Nuckelavee at the temple where the original RWBY team fought the Nevermore?
  14. Yeah, that could also explain why Sterling can hear something 'ominous' maybe it could've been the faint sound of the Nuckelavee's scream.
  15. I dunno... Our characters are still starting out, and a Nuckelvee is RIDICOUSLY strong...
  16. Well our team is supposed to lose, so that they can all get closer, once seeing each other in harms way
  17. Well if our team (SWMN? WSMN? NWSM? Lol, what is our team name?) Is going to lose, how are they not going to get eaten/killed by the Nuckelvee?
  18. We really need to find a color related name for our team that has those letters in the name or a way to add them in to make said team.
  19. What if Ruby helps save our team?
  20. Given her ability, I think that'd be best, maybe she thought we got a bit overconfident.
  21. Ideas for names-

    SWMN- Swimming
    WSMN- Wisemen
    NWSM- Newsmen
    MWSN- Mawson (name means Mason, as in Stone-Mason) I like this one the most.

    SWAM- Swam (Sterling, Wisteria, Aster, Midori)

    *Shrugs* doesn't really matter to me about the Nuckelavee. As long as we don't beat it or die.
  22. We need to vote a leader first, since the leaders letter is always first
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  23. Okay so since Wisterias Nevermore is still physically there. I was thinking that maybe it swoops in at the last second and saves us
  24. I thought she had made all of her summoned Grimm disappear?
  25. No just the team of grimms that were sent out to hunt down other grimms
  26. Omg! I love Ruby! Can I join?
    Name: Chartreuse Garnet
    Last Name: Rose
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Physical Appearance: 5'6". Caucasian skin, silver eyes, long bright red hair with dark green highlights, and Faunus bull horns.
    Outfit: Emerald boots with ruby bow ties on the front, yellow stockings with a green rose emblem, a ruffled three layer battle skirt (top layer is emerald colored, middle is red, and bottom is yellow), emerald halter styled tank top, yellow undershirt, yellow rose choker, and a black bracelet with a white fang.
    Personality: Bubbly, loves to battle, and almost never talks about her innermost feelings/fears. On the opposite end, if she's scared, a savage personality only concerned with killing comes out.
    Weapon: Scythe sword named Bulldozer Thorn.
    Semblance: Rose Slice n' Dice--Inheriting rose petal speed from Ruby and aura breaking from Addam, Chartreuse can cut through a person or enhanced Grimm hybrid. The downside of her semblance is that it can drain her own aura extremely quickly if she uses Addam's side of it.
    Family: Ruby Rose and Addam Taurus (Yes, I ship it.)
    Backstory: When she was five, a teenage babysitter who appeared to a adore Chartreuse tried to murder her. If not for her parents coming home, she would've been murdered by a Grimm empowered huntress from Salem's forces. Addam was able to defeat this person once Ruby activated her silver eyes. Ever since, Chartreuse has never been able to embrace the mindset needed for her silver eyes to activate. Ruby and Addam helped her advance enough through the years to be acceptable for Beacon in the hope their daughter could embrace the light of her eyes. Because of her sheltered life, Chartreuse's never met someone who would discriminated against her Faunus features. After one week at Beacon, the girl began to hide her anxiety and fear underneath a layer of bubbliness she remembered a friend of Ruby's named Nora always showed.
    Other: Loves caramel sauce and cannot eat chocolate. Does not respond well to life's setbacks. Is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off on her bullies and it frightens Addam, who normally steps in to stop them if Ruby is busy.

    Well, how's that?
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