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Ask to Join RWBY: Origins

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Tatzu, Oct 31, 2016.


Should we have more teams? (Four or five?)

Poll closed Jan 10, 2017.
  1. Yes

  2. No

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  3. Have different roles (Teacher, White Fang, Transfer students [For the Vital Tournament]

  1. Well i have always wanted to make a RWBY RP and so im making one now
    Things to know:
    This is set 4 years before the start of Volume 1
    You are new Students at Beacon Academy
    each team will be each 4 people that join
    Eg. Albert joined the RP then Jessica then Jordan then David, That would make your team in the RP JJAD (Jade)
    Normal rules set by mods
    Your weapon cannot be a copy of a already existing weapon (But your allowed to combine weapons)
    Make your weapons logical (My knife turned into a massive laser cannon!)
    You cannot have Silver eyes
    Make your sembalence not to OP
    Your name has to start with a Letter that is the first letter of the colour of your weapons and clothes
    Anything else:
    My bio
    Colour: Crimson
    Name: Cayden Devlin
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Sembalance: Pyrokinesis
    Personality: A happy nice person but in battle, He is a Fire breathing demon
    Appearance: Has Short crimson hair and Wears a Black Hoodie with Shoulder, Knee Chest and Hand Armour
    Origin: A Criminal In Atlas until he came to Vale to become a Hunter
    Weapon: Dual Ice picks which are also shotguns
    Anything else: Nothing
    We will start when we have enough people
    We will have up to 4-5 teams if needed
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  2. Colour: green
    Name: Gale Animikiikaa(ana-I-mikey-kaa)
    Age: 17
    Gender: female
    Semblance: able to create bursts of wind to propel herself, others, and objects. This also allows her to block attacks for as long as she can generate the wind blast.
    Personality: not the best in social situations, easily embarrassed, tends to stick as close to her teammates as possible
    Appearance: long slightly curly brown hair tied into a single loose braid that is adorned with gold flowers, dark forest green eyes, olive skin, wears a light green tanktop, dark brown loose fitting pants, dark green boots with a golden vine design on them, and a short dark green shall that had a hood and golden feather designs on it. She also has brown bracers.
    Origin: born and raised in Vacuo, she travelled a lot with her hunter parents and two older siblings.
    Weapon: dust is weaved into her shall and bracers.
    Anything else: has a bird tattoo on her upper shoulder.
  3. @Stormursa accepted
    we need about 6 more people
  4. Bio:
    Colour: Red
    Name: Ray Redwood
    Age: 16
    Gender: male
    Semblance: The ability to Mind Control living things by putting his hand on the location of their brain and a flash of light will appear, the time used for the control depend on the creature
    Personality: Ray is a fun loving goof that is really loyal to his friend and will risk his life for them
    Appearance: Ray wears a red cloak, dark red boots and pant and bright red glove, has short red hair
    Origin: His mother was a huntress, one day, a pack of Grimm attacked his house and his mom died protecting him and his dad, now he want to learn to be a hunter so he can protect those he love
    Weapon: two red arm blades that has a sword on the top and a small cannon on the bottom. The inside has two slots for dust inserting each
    Anything else: use fire and electric dust as his cannon ammunition the most
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  5. Bio:
    Color: lime green
    Name: Kathleen chaser
    Age: 16
    Gender: female
    Semblance: Ability to move plants. She can command them to do anything along with harden at will.
    Personality: She has a bubbly personality. Kathleen tries her best to be happy and make other around her happy. At times she will just give up or risk her life.
    Appearance: She is smaller then average. Kathleen wears mostly a brown hoodie, a purple undershirt and blue jeans. She has short brown hair that covers her green eyes. Kathleen always wears brown combat boots.
    Origin: Her dad was a hunter before he died when Kathleen was 5. She has 4 other siblings and her mom is a store owner.
    Weapon: She mostly uses a bow, which can turn into a large sword. Kathleen also has a pair of knives in her boots.
    Anything else: burn-scare on her arm from an accidents long ago.
  6. NewBio:
    Color: light blue
    Name: Cito Makoto(C for short)
    Age: 15
    Gender: male
    Semblance: Ability to create small stars. useful for a burning weapon, or a light.
    Personality: A good natured and trusting guy, C tries to get along with his comrades
    Appearance: He has light blue hair that falls a little bit past his chin. His eyes are yellow but change to gold when mad. He wears a black t shirt with white shorts and blue shoes.
    Origin: he used to be a pirate but decided to go to beacon since he got bored and wanted to meet new people.
    Weapon: Dual wield daggers that turn into mp40s
    Anything else: besties with a girl named Nico Robin.
  7. Just a question: Do you guys want to just have set Teams already or do you want to just RP and see who finds who?
  8. Well I say let's make teams now, and add another team when new people come.
  9. Alright, If thats it then...
    The teams will be
    (Sea Jerk?) Leader is ME! HEHEEHEHEHEHEHHEH
    (Something) Leader is Cito (@TheRagingSSJG )
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  10. Nice. But my teams gonna destroy the sea jerks.
  12. What about rgck or rock? Or crgk =crack
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  13. Hey i'm on Z's team Yay

    also I agree with the idea of CRGK
  14. Wait how about CGRK for cygrak
  15. Hey idk what a semblance is cuz I watched volumes 1 and 2 and got halfway through 3, and never checked out 4.
  16. You know how Ruby is super fast? Thats her Semblance
    Blake can create Shadow clones, Thats her Semblance
    Its a power that everyone has, They're all different and are used in Battle

  17. (It was a while ago. Also I thought ruby was just fast for comic relief:D
  18. darn why is nobody joining, everyone please tag people you know to this RP so we can get it started
  19. Yea, We only need three more People
  20. just the thing we need
    thank shadowgirl
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  21. Can't wait to get this started!
  22. Sorry! I still have yet to watch the series
  23. Its fine

  24. RBWY is an anime (that what I consider it anyway :/). You can look it up. It is really good.

    Sorry if I taged you anyway. We needed more people to start the rp.
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  25. Hate to say it, but I actually had to opt out of a different RWBY RP due to my lack of knowledge and time to watch it, so I can't really participate in this one, either...
  26. well we all know at least blue dragon knows RWBY
  27. No, But I don't think he knows anything about RWBY...
    He might though
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  28. Nooooooopppppppppppeeeeeeeeee :)
  29. How about anyone other than stellar wind because he's intimidating and a little spooky?

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