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Open RWBY: Legends of Humanity Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Generation Sect, Feb 14, 2019.


Which Kingdom, and Academy, should the rp take place in?

Poll closed Feb 21, 2019.
  1. Vale - Beacon Academy

    1 vote(s)
  2. Mistral - Haven Academy

    4 vote(s)
  3. Vacuo - Shade Academy

    0 vote(s)
  4. Atlas - Atlas Academy

    1 vote(s)
  1. Anyone have any other suggestions on how Sterling can land or shall I go with my ice choice?
  2. I mean it seems fine. Although IC he should probably remember that no matter which way you land, you end up using up a part of a valuable resource you may need later-
    Dust, Aura, or well... your bones. Just a little detail for everyone to remember later.
  3. When you haven't logged on in two days and need to read an essay to catch. Me lol
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  4. I’ll try to get a post in the RP later today.
  5. Finally done it, now to wait for a certain Bull Faunus for Sterling to track via scent.
  6. Attention Ryan: A woman who is supposed to be your future partner and teammate is in trouble with an Alpha Beowulf and has dropped her weapons, IMMEDIATE assistance is requested. - Mission Control
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  7. Olive priorities

    Killing the threat that is right in front of you < Getting a cute lil’ tiny flag that might possibly get you some extra brownie points.
  8. Also, when’s @SailorInSpace gonna post, (Not that I’m trying to rush anything.)
  9. Mission received
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  10. Will probably wait until I get home thought, in school right now answer there is a lot to read
  11. I'm going to work on my post today.
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  12. Hi guys, just letting you know my post will be done tonight. Its halfway written now! I look forward to you all reading it! I'm really proud of what I'm getting at now!
  13. When you say she has a "white fang" on her bracelet, do you mean the White Fang logo or just a literal fang that is white. Also, who/what is Verte?
  14. I mean she has a white fang. I doubt she'd get in the school if she dawned their logo. Verte is someone that was important to her that died who'll I'll reveal through flashbacks.
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  15. Waiting for Olive to react
  16. I’ll make Sterling’s next post soon, if not sniff out Chartreuse, perhaps he can hear her song. And then there’s the issue on finding his flag which completely slipped my mind.

    Edit: Where exactly is Chartreuse atm?
    #336 Red Gallade, May 9, 2019
    Last edited: May 9, 2019
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  17. Does he like her voice? :3
  18. That and his wolf ears can make him hear it from a good distance away; he could follow the singing out of curiosity due to the fact he'd mainly hear Grimm and fighting, so singing with be unusual, also, what's her location?
  19. Seeee. That I don't know. I know there was a rivine to go into and get flags...Considering she was running and fighting, she is probably right at the end of the entrance to the ravine near a flag.
  20. I'll have her meet at the entrance then, perhaps a few Grimm try to sneak up behind her and Sterling takes them out with an ice rocket.
  21. Sounds good. She got distracted with the song and her memories at the end their when she got close to the flag.
  22. The ravine is a giant crevice in the ground filled with monsters with a steep, rocky edge. The area is a rocky wasteland, presumably with trees capable of surviving in an environment with little water. It’s pretty much a deadland. There’s a few caves that lead to the tunnels within the ravine, though they’re often populated by Grimm.
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  23. @Red Gallade After our characters meet and have an interaction, do you want to head off to a cave and have Chartreuse cover you while you get a flag from it? You know, to be impressive and stuff.
  24. That doesn't sound like a bad idea, I'm hoping they gain a bit more teamwork as a result. If they come across a major Grimm, what would you choose it to be? Sterling won't be able to use his Semblance so brute force is all he has.
  25. She's fought Beowolf and a bear already....Let's fight a scorpion together!
  26. I don't remember who else is the team with me and Sterling rip.
  27. I’ll try and make another post later today.
  28. Well, Gamma might not be active for a bit. Has some internet issues at home.
  29. Oops, i’ll have to get a post up today. Really soon, hopefully.
  30. I'll try and think of a post for Sterling sometime today.
  31. @Red Gallade @SailorInSpace @Stormursa, how should our characters meet? I'm not sure where everyone is exactly, though it does seem like we're all near the ravine. Should we hop into the ravine first and meet within it?
  32. Not sure either. Maybe when Sterling and Chartreuse make it outside the cave, you guys could appear and help us take down the grimm?

    Also, I should get my post out, sorry its taken so long.
  33. Second ever mobile-written Pokécharms post. Topaz and Aryle will get into some trouble soon! This is supposed to lead into them teaming up with Ryan and Olive.
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  34. I should also get a post up soon
  35. So I'm assuming the Deathstalker attack is happening now, or am I missing something?
  36. The Deathstalker is ABOUT to attack, and is a fight only Aryle and Topaz will be involved with. It's how they unite with Ryan and Olive.
  37. Uh...Our deathstalker or your deathstalker?
    Cause the scorpion thing is what I was using for chartreuse and sterling
    I didn't realize you were using it to...
  38. well, I called it a giant grimm atm
    We can always change it if need be, but we need to decide like NOW what it will be

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