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Open RWBY: Legends of Humanity Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Generation Sect, Feb 14, 2019.


Which Kingdom, and Academy, should the rp take place in?

Poll closed Feb 21, 2019.
  1. Vale - Beacon Academy

    1 vote(s)
  2. Mistral - Haven Academy

    4 vote(s)
  3. Vacuo - Shade Academy

    0 vote(s)
  4. Atlas - Atlas Academy

    1 vote(s)
  1. Oh, also I have finished composing one of the fodder/maybe slightly just a little bit relevant at one point later teams for the Vytal Festival. And uhh... lets just say their entire gimmick will make them pretty fun for the Faunus and Vacuans here, specifically Sterling.
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  2. How so? Or will you be revealing later in the RP?
  3. Well actually I can totally just say this now

    They’re gonna be Shades main team in the tournament, and it’s an entire team of Wolf Faunus
    Team FRRN (Team Fern/Fenrir)
    Flax Akela
    Romulus Violet
    Remus Violet
    Noir Garmr

    They were trained by a famous huntress called Fuchsia Raksha, who has only recently ended up in some controversy due to a rumour about connections between her and the White Fang. Nothing of that could actually be proven, however people tend to give her a wide berth nowadays.
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  4. Sounds interesting, will they know him through the rumours about Sterling as The Big Bad Wolf, or will they just be pleased to see another wolf Faunus?
  5. Well see, they were the team i specifically wanted to assign as JCDS' main rivals/important battle in the tournament.

    So my thoughts is they'll kinda have a whole Team SSSN presence/role in the plot up until that point, and their attitude towards Sterling will kinda be like "Why are you hanging with these losers when you could be ONE OF US, ONE OF US, ONE OF US"
    also i highkey wanna have them start reciting the Law of the Jungle at some point
  6. Apologies on my end, IRL crap got in the way of my draft. Looking to finish it before lunch. Will try to get in in ASAP
  7. I feel like there should be a funny moment where they go. "You could be a part of our family." Only for Sterling to get out and show them a picture of him and his sisters and says "Thanks mate, but I already have one right here."
  8. Pffftt XD There's gonna be a running joke where they act really weird, because most of them grew up on Menagerie with absolutely no human presence, so they are fully in embrace of their... weirder tendencies. Also if there is something ball shaped that can be thrown, that distracts them for at least 10 minutes.
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  9. Olivia and Perceval: >>
  10. Shush those two are uhhh
    just gonna Randy Orton in from outta nowhere and attempt to RKO team TARO
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  11. I forgot...I'm on Sterlings team right?
  12. I believe so. I think it might be easier if the current (Would be) teams were put down on the first post of the discussion
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  13. Ah, yeah. Lemme do that.
  14. Added the teams to the first post, and finally set up the initation! i didn't end on it, but feel free to go all the way to your characters getting onto the Bullheads in your next post, then i can have Olive board and start up the initiation in the same post.
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  15. I was also thinking that maybe Sterling finds Chartreuse via smelling her.
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  16. I like that idea!
  17. Not to rush anyone, but is anyone else gonna post at some point?
  18. I left Chartruese out and in the open. So if you want, you could totally approach her now.
  19. Nah, I think I'll save it until the initiation. Speaking of which; my last post had Sterling head toward one of the dropships so he can go to said initiation location.
  20. Wait has the test started?
  21. Not yet, but after the speech, I believe Lionheart said for the huntsmen and huntresses to make their way to the dropships at the landing pad so they can go to the location of said test.
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  22. Sorry to double post, but is anyone going to reply to this RP, I hope that we can at least get it active(ish) after not getting a post in for two weeks.
  23. I do too. Who still needs to get to the Bullheads?
  24. Stop. Apologizing. For. Double. Post. On. The. Discussion. Thread.
  25. I should get a post in, what’s going on right now?
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  26. The speech is done, now we're just waiting for people to get into the Bullheads so we can get the initiation started and show off our chars' skills.
  27. Most of us have explicitly moved to the Bullheads, or moving with the crowd that's moving to the bullheads(me, @SailorInSpace, @Mechanist Gamma, @Stormursa, @Red Gallade, @Generation Sect)

    @Godjacob's last post also has his character moving "with the crowd" but it was before the crowd began moving towards the bullheads, idk if that counts

    @Grand Master Koop you're still in the elevator. There's been an initiation speech by Lionheart, and now everyone's moving back towards the landing pad where we arrived, to fly to the initiation trial
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  28. I’ve been a bit busy. Going to try to get a post up
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  29. Aw yeah my notifications finally fixed themselves
    Okay so in my next post, I should be good to just skip straight to the start of initiation right? Because we really need to get this party started
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  30. I think we’d all be cool with that, yeah. It’ll be good to have some action
  31. I'm dying to let Sterling get wild at this point.
  32. Wait this thread still says open while the other thread is on closed, which one is it?
  33. I presume it was Sect forgetting to change the discussion’s label :p
    Yeah, I’m ready to get into the action. Topaz needs to get a partner and start having some form of social interactions with those beyond his dad.
  34. Well, that chance comes now! I moved on a lot. For once, Olive's Semblance actually saves her a lot of trouble!
  35. Can I join this Roleplay?
  36. Awesome, now to try on think of Sterling's landing. I'm open to suggestions; one of mine includes that he shoots an ice missile to create a little ice slope that he could slide down.
  37. Hope that was a good opening for Topaz in the actual exam! @Godjacob hope you don't mind me putting him and Aryle close to each other - we were going to pair them up anyways, so I figured that'd be a good way to end Topaz's first little action scene.
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  38. Alright that mean Ryan is meeting with Olive
  39. Figure i’ll have Olive run into a Boarbatusk while trying to find a flag, might be a good way to get Ryan involved.

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