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Open RWBY: Legends of Humanity Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Generation Sect, Feb 14, 2019.


Which Kingdom, and Academy, should the rp take place in?

Poll closed Feb 21, 2019.
  1. Vale - Beacon Academy

    1 vote(s)
  2. Mistral - Haven Academy

    4 vote(s)
  3. Vacuo - Shade Academy

    0 vote(s)
  4. Atlas - Atlas Academy

    1 vote(s)
  1. What about a Beringel? (Grimm Gorilla)
  2. That works for me! I think its your turn to post next also ~
    Feel free to introduce it and start attacking. I'm not used to fight scenes that are a team effort, but I'll do my best after it starts!
    I do want to ask. How do you want that to go? You type Sterling doing things and attacking, then I post Chartruese attacking, us bothing autoing the grimm?
    I assume this is how it would go normally.
  3. Pretty much, but you should remember that Sterling can;t use his Semblance willingly so his fighting style will have to rely on a little bit of planning, adapting and a lot of brute force, he still has his dust clips so he should be able to fire off a good missile or two provided Chartruese can distract it long enough.
  4. Yeah, Chartreuse still has one use of her diamond aura semblance for protections when its needed. Perhaps they should talk during the fight a bit so Sterling can up with a plan based off their strengths?
  5. I'll make my next post sometime tomorrow, no guarantees though as I'll be quite busy.
  6. I mean our Deathstalker :p There can be multiple
  7. Sorry for the super late reply but the ravine or the helping with the bigger grimm could work. We could even merge the two and say that sterling and chartreuse were pushed towards the ravine by it, raising the stacks like in show where they have to progress but are fought between a drop and a hard place?

    Also meant to ask if I could change Dia’s Weapon. Just been think about her swords don’t really fit her more tank fighting style as they are finesse weapons.
  8. I don't see a problem in changing the weapons so long as previous posts are edited to reflect it. Maybe she uses a war shield or gauntlets?

    Believe it or not Storm... That was my plan for Topaz and Aryle in their Deathstalker fight xD Their flag would get dropped over the edge of the ravine, forcing the pair to descend into the ravine to retrieve it, leading them to Ryan and Olivia... We need to get those two inside the ravine for a better flag, whoops. Anyways, if Aryle and Topaz don't kill the Deathstalker before meeting up with Ryan and Olivia, Team TARO will fight a Deathstalker. If they do, Team TARO will fight a new Grimm I've created that dwells within the caves.
  9. I'll start my post with the Beringel attack, maybe have it throw a large rock that'd grab other people's attention (hint hint) if not Sterling fires a dust rocket.
  10. Well I was gonna have a Boarbatusk or two show up, and the use of their rolling attacks would be how Olive ends up in the ravine.
  11. And Ryan would follow, presumably. If we spare the Deathstalker for now, that means we could get Team TARO battling the Deathstalker and Boarbatuskes.
  12. yes because a giant bird is the perfect fit for the cavern system of a ravine
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  13. Ok I'm at loss here and wanted to ask first before doing it.
    @Red Gallade Should Chartreuse get a bit surprised and back away for a bit and let Sterling show off fight for a bit and then she come in and help after relaxing herself some so she can think straight on her attacks?
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  14. Oh no, Chartreuse can interfere if she wants, I think that boulder destruction's proven enough spotlight for Sterling, if you want to join in, please feel free to say that Sterling might have gotten overconfident and not realized the Beringel's charge. I'm willing to wait until a little later in the fight for Sterling to go toe to toe with the Beringel.
  15. Hmm you could use the snake Grimm or make up a whole new one? Maybe based on badgers? Honey badgers are terrifying.
  16. I'll get my post up one of these days
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  17. Oh yeah they are, fearless little rascals that goes for the balls
  18. I'm sorry for taking so long on the next post guys. I'll get to it soon enough!
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  19. @Red Gallade Can you take over the fight? TBH, I am new to RWBY role plays and didn't know if I should back and aufdisdjf;ojdi. I didn't want her to seem op or a mary sue so I just left it open to where Sterling could handle the rest.
  20. Sure, should I wait for the other two members of JCDS to find us before Sterling deals the potential final blow or do they have their own ting going on?
  21. We're fighting a King Taijitu right now but it's pretty much dead. I'll finish my post and have Josh come to you. Where are you two?
  22. If I remember, somewhere near the ravine? The Faunus went into a cave and back out to fight a Bengirel.
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  23. Topaz and Aryle are meant to be headed to the ravine as well. For the sake of team organization, perhaps TA is in the south part of the ravine and CS in the north part?
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  24. Yeah, I didn't really place them in a particular spot in the ravine...I put them into a cave to get more flags to look good, but uh, the grimm said YEET to that. Hey at least they did what they were supposed to do and got their flags. xD

    Perhaps more members arriving would be good though. Chartreuse is out of aura now and she still has to fight with the rest of everyone to get out of the ravine and not fail the assignment without being carried the whole time.
  25. I'm still here, can't think of much for Sterling to do other than incapacitate the Beringel with an ice rocket.
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  26. I'll try and write up a response tomorrow
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  27. Go for it
  28. Remind me where we are again pls? (First time I've been called that of all things btw)
  29. We are fight a Beringal Grimm, Chartruese is out of aura, and Sterling pretty much needs to take it out now.
  30. Josh and Dia are on their way. I can have Josh do something if you want?
  31. Want me to just have Sterling finish off the Grimm?
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  32. Imagine being a rotten banana
    Wouldn’t be me
    Wouldn’t dare
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  33. Didn't get notifs for any of this for the past few days. No idea why. Is the rest of our team going to be brought in soon or are Sterling and Chartreuse going to tag team it for awhile?
  34. I forgot to go about and make a response for Sterling. He'll respond to Josh a bit, but he'll likely check up on Chartreuse.
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