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Open RWBY: Hunter of the Huntsmen

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Mr Fishykarp, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Welcome to Atlas Academy, one of the four prestigious schools for Huntsmen and Huntresses, along with Beacon, Haven and Shade. Here, you will be able to hone your skills, semblance and most importantly, form life-long bonds with your teammates. Please, fill out this basic application sheet and our brilliant professors shall either accept you in the school or reject you (Note: Our brilliant professors are currently on strike protesting a lack of security in the workplace, even though they literally are surrounded by warriors and are warriors, so we hired a random Fish in their place)

    Here are a few guidelines that should help your application get approved

    1. Remember your manners! Here at Atlas Academy, we pride ourselves on a safe, accepting school environment, so please, no Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, or any other form of discrimination or rudeness.
    2. Follow the official Pokecharms rules to ensure a fair experience for all of our students
    3. Make sure all written assignments are written in proper grammar, spelling and punctuation, and that they are all of a suitable length. We at Atlas Academy are pretty lenient with this, however it is still important to maintain a good standard of writing.
    4. Please do not try to control other people, known in some circles as 'Autoing', as each person should be responsible for themselves and their own decisions
    5. Do not try to make yourself out to be more powerful than you really are. Despite your training background, you are still first year students and our staff team can easily tell if somebody is out of place and forging their transcripts (maybe that'd get past that idiot Ozpin's school but not ours)
    6. Write your application in third person, it may seem a bit strange now, but it just streamlines the acceptance process
    Name: (Feel free to add in any nicknames, or if you prefer being known by your Surname or Middle Name)
    Species: (Human or Faunus)
    Type of Faunus (If Faunus): (Defining trait should go in the Appearance section)
    Appearance: (Describe basic physical traits, E.G. Hair Colour, Eye Colour, ect)
    Personality: (How would you describe yourself? Try to be as honest as possible and let a friend check this over, as so you don't give a puffed up impression of yourself)
    Weapon: (Your weapon, which should be crafted by yourself or with help of a teacher at your old school. Weapons can be rented for a fee if you don't have one, but only for the first semester)
    Semblance: (Your semblance)
    History: (Any relevant background information: be truthful)
    Other: (Anything not covered by the rest of the list)

    Attached is an application submitted by another student, for reference

    Joshua Whitman

    Species: Human

    Josh is an all-around unimpressive-looking guy, with just above average height and brown hair. His face is almost always a scowl of annoyance over something or other, and stands normally with his arms crossed.

    Josh can be a tad arrogant at times, often overestimating his own abilities while underestimating the value of help from others if he believes he can do something himself. While outwardly it seems he does care a lot more about himself than others, he does at least a little, care about those around him too, and is fully aware of his faults. He's also kinda racist

    Weapon: Josh wields a simple sword and shield, which by can combine to form a small pistol that can fire different kinds of dust. There’s nothing really special about it, he isn’t that good at making weapons admittedly (or wielding them. Or fixing them. But hey, isn’t that why people go to the school?)

    Semblance: The Applicant requested to keep this part a secret, as he doesn’t really think it can benefit him in any way

    History: Josh was born to an Atlas Soldier and a Rich Atlas Businessowner. Having a mostly easy upbringing, Josh still desired to go to combat school and trained with his father. Though their jobs often took them far away, both of Josh’s parents loved him dearly and he loved them back, until Josh’s father was caught in an explosion from a misplaced barrel of Dust while on border patrol. He’s fine and recovering though, dead parent origin stories are overrated.

    Thank you for choosing Atlas Acadamy, from Headmaster General James Ironwood.

    Please note that as of late, a mysterious killer has been spotted at multiple areas of the city targeting civilians for no apparent reason. Please take care when travellinng to the school, though you’ll be fine once you pass through the gates. There’s no way the killer would ever try to break into the school, and even then, he couldn’t possibly fight off a school of professional soldiers... could he?
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  3. It’s ya boi!!!!!!!!!! This is a RWBY character I’ve tried RPing wiht, but the RP died every time. But I have a feeling.

    : Yuuji Gull
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Species: Fawnus
    Height: 5'11"
    Appearance : Yuuji has unkept dirty blonde hair, along with golden eyes. He has tan skin, and looks quite handsome. He is quite fit, thin, and is always smiling. On his right knuckles there is a faint scar, that stretches across. He has a long dirty blonde tail, that acts like a monkeys tail. Yuuji wears a golden shirt with a silver open vest over it. The vest has gold accents along the seams, and holes for his arms and the edges. There are also gold markings on it. The gold shirt is pretty average design, with a v-neck. He wears light grey pants and gold combat boots. He also wears a golden one strap backpack. Now it may look like he has no protection, but his vest has hidden armor and can take multiple blows due to a combination of Kevlar, and strong fireproof polymers, makining it immune to most explosions. He also has a pair of gold earbuds, and an iPod, which he uses to listen to music. (Note, these things are colored Gold, not made of Gold. He isn’t a rich id or something like that.)
    Personality: Yuuji is a happy go lucky kind of guy. He cracks jokes, goofs off, and a joker. He risks his life for others, if needed, but acts goofy about it. He's hard to upset, and is hard to insult. He is generally well liked by other people. If someone gives him shit, he doesn't care, and is quite oblivious. He loves to fight, but smiles the entire time, in the middle of the fight. He always can get back up if he is knocked down and has incredible willpower. He love to eat and loves food.
    Weapon Name: Golden Upbringer
    Weapon Desc: A broadsword with a silver blade and golden hilt is it's basic form. However the blade and split in two to create two Katana like blades. Within the hilt of the broadsword is a compartment, which he can add dust to make added effects with his blades when he separates them. He can also connect the bottom parts of the hilts together to create a boomerang thing he can throw. And the piece de resistance, is the actual hilt. He can remove it, and it becomes a pistol.
    Semblance Name: Jokester
    Semblance Desc: His speed triples and he becomes much more agile. He jumps around to avoid attacks, and slashes quickly. His attack also is boosted. However afterwards, he becomes very hungry. And kinda tired.
    Backstory: As a young boy, Yuuji was often bullied around the playground, due to him being a Fawnus. They would often tease him. He never let it get to him. When he was 12, there was man who broke into the school and separated his class from the others, planning on sing them as hostages. While the other kids freaked out, Yuuji made jokes and still smiled. Then he singlehandedly beat the man and freed his class. During that entire endeavor he never stopped smiling. He seemed to it as a game. His parents were separated, with his father leaving when he was a young baby. However he shows no remorse for his father’s actions.
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  4. @Ry_Burst your application has been viewed and accepted. Welcome to Atlas Academy!
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  5. Name: Indigo Roose

    Species: Human

    Appearance: Indigo has pitch-black hair and dark skin, and mostly the first thing you see about him is his bright indigo eyes. They always look like they’re waiting for trouble. Anyways, Indigo wears a sleeveless blue vest and cargo pants, and anything in his wardrobe is evidently worn-out and a bit torn.

    Personality: Considering Indigo tried to attack me when he read the draft for the application, this is the vanilla version of it. Indigo’s really easy to snap, and he doesn’t like being interrupted or questioned. Overall, though, he’s really mischievous and sometimes just looking for a fight. (he forced me to put the sometimes there) But, you can always trust him to keep your secret or finish the deed, or promise, or whatever. He’s really reliable and knows everything about everyone in our village.

    Weapon: Two rubber-like spiked wristbands that automatically spin off Indigo’s wrist on whichever direction he would like. They work like those watches you can slap onto your wrist, truthfully. His weapons don’t have any special effects, don’t change into anything, and don’t have anything dust-related, as these are homemade.

    Semblance: Indigo never uses his semblance, which renders it useless and tiring for Indigo to use. His semblance is to see a few minutes, hours, or seconds into the past. For example, if he looked at a particular spot, he would see an army marching, a few hours ago. (Credits for Fishy who gave me the idea)

    History: Indigo never knew his real parents, to be honest. He was put into foster care early in his life and one day, never returned to the large stone building he had lived in.* Afterwards, he spent his childhood stealing from villagers with a childhood friend named Lavender Keys, who later left him for Signal. He visited her after hearing that she had gone to Haven Academy, had a duel with her, and shot her.** He vanished from the situation deciding to apply for Atlas.

    (OOC) Other: * - but foster children is an overrated subject, so lets stop talking about them
    ** - this is one of the more iffy parts of this app so.
  6. @DaVioletAce it took a lot of thinking, especially with this potential student’s history of harming a fellow, however myself and the other professors have decided to accept the application. Welcome to Atlas Acadamy!

    Also yay for giving people ideas

  7. Yay to RPs who put a thread in the discussion area!
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  8. Name: Rotguss Lycaon (prefers to be called "Ly" by friends)
    Species: Faunus
    Type of Faunus: Wolf
    Appearance: Ly is a pale, fairly skinny boy with dark grey hair, red Eyes, and about average height, he also has wolf ears and his preferred clothing choices are silvery grey jeans, a black hoodie and a grey sleeveless winter jacket, he has a few small scars on his forearms.
    Personality: Ly is smart and analytic, but not very patient, he also has a fear of fire and feels cold easily (reason behind the unusual hoodie-winter jacket combo), and lastly he is a great cook according to his friends, but he is modest about his skills in the kitchen.
    1. Heaven's Wrath - a bow crafted out of Rain dear antlers, for ammo he uses arrows with Lightning dust infused arrows.
    2. Hunter's Blade - a Hatchet that doubles as a Magnum pistol.
    Semblance: Lycanthropy - Ly can transform into an albino Beowolf Grimm for a quarter of an Hour and has full control of his body, the trade-off is he is no longer capable of speech and his IQ is decreased
    History: for most of Ly's childhood he lived in the forest in Vale after his widowed mother lost sight of him at the age of 7, in his years of forest life he had to learn basic survival skills, that was no easy task, but 2 years later at the age of 9 he pretty much got the hang of it, at 13 he found his way back to civilization and home, his mother was thrilled to see him, his new step father not so much since Ly is a faunus and his abusive-but-wealthy-and-we-need-the-money step father didnt like Faunus, once he was of proper age he decided to become a hunter, to get money and rid his mother of his step father, the first school he went to was good, not too shabby, but Ly wanted to go to a better school, one that will make him a great Hunter, after all if he wants to compete with his step father's wealth he cant accept any normal school can he?
    Other: he crafted the bow during the time he spent in the forest, and the hatchet in his first school.
  9. @Lord Of Pain, your application has been viewed and accepted, it is a very noble cause that you fight for. One thing we must ask is that you inform your fellow students about your semblance as soon as possible, and we as the faculty will do the same, as we do not want you transforming on campus and causing any dangerous misconceptions. This is necessary for the safety of both the other students and yourself.

    Welcome to the RP, Pain!
  10. Thanks Karp! you dont know how long ive been searching for an RP To Join im glad i found this thread :D
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  11. Well, that brings us to a total of four people, so we should probably think of a team name

    Josh Whitman
    Yuuji Gull
    Indigo Roose
    Rotguss Lycaon

    J Y I R
    W G R L

    Should we start the RP now or wait for another four?
  12. Name: Ryan Green
    Species: Faunus
    Type of Faunus: Green Tree Python
    Appearance: wears a green t-shirt with a black jacket over it, wears grey pants and black shoes with green stripes. Has wavy gray hair, fit physique, has retractable snake fangs and a skinny and long snake tail
    Personality: He is a laid back and lazy person, but he is very capable in a fight and get really exited while doing it. He is very loyal to his friends. Kind of oblivious
    Weapon: Great Volts: A Great sword with a small cannon extending from the guard in the middle of the blade, has a gold colored guard and a black handle. the blade can open up from the middle allowing the use of the cannon. Dust can be inserted through the bottom of the hilt.
    Semblance: QuickTime: Can Briefly slow down time in a small zone around him(Tried to make this as weak as possible for the start of the RP)
    History: Ryan spent most of his childhood in the prairies near Vacuo with his parents. His mother was a huntress that Ryan looked up to, one day, a pack of Grimm attacked his house and his mom died protecting him and his dad, now he want to learn to be a hunter so he can protect those he love.
    Other: Prefers using Lightning Dust, the Cannon fires like a shotgun
  13. Honestly, I don’t really care about how we set it up. I know I had two teams in a RWBY RP, and one got behind and the others could do nothing until the other team caught up, which made it die. However if done right, it can work. So I don’t really care.

    As for the team name, maybe something like WYRL. Or maybe WYRR.
  14. Name: Platina Tarnen
    Species: Faunus
    Type of Faunus: Raccoon
    Appearance: Platina is a 5'1" tall Faunus with shoulder-lengthed black hair that fades to grey on her bangs. Her skin is a slightly darker shade of beige, while she has brown eyes and a Raccoon's "Bandit Mask" markings over her face. Commonly, she wears a grey sleeveless top with black shorts going up to her knees. She has black boots that are highlighted with grey on the buckles.
    Personality: With how she was raised, Platina can act pretty naive not truly aware of how people treat Faunus. At times, she can seem a bit sarcastic and loud. She can get a hold of situations in combat as Platina is logical enough to know when to fall back. Occasionally, they'll try to avoid any drama around others.
    Weapon: Silver Coil. A chain-knife weapon that consists of a metallic, 10-foot long chain and a knife blade on one end. She can attach the weapon using a bracelet-like thing to wrap around one of her wrists then wield with both hands. Due to the length of the chain, she doesn't feel the need to carry a firearm all the time. Platina often has a dust-carrier to help compliment her semblance.
    Semblance: Paint A Target*. She uses her aura to basically give what looks like a hand-shaped tattoo to her targets. Those with the marking are then identifiable by Platina from a distance and act as a tracker, if used with dust it can cause additional effects depending on what type (Fire = Short Explosion Afterwards, Water = Slightly Freezes, etc). The markings can be easily removed by water, wind or merely be wiped off, so its suggested to make the most of the semblance. It requires physically touching the target with her palm.
    History: When she was growing up, her family was often uneasy around humans. The Tarnens often tried to hide their animal features in public -- a few of which were successful, while others who couldn't merely left. With how her family reacted in their attempts to hide, they also started to paint Platina's face to hide her facial markings. They would lecture her on how to act when they were around humans so she wouldn't end up feeling the same discrimination that Faunus often felt. At the age of 13, Platina started to ignore her family's teachings knowing that those methods wouldn't last forever.

    *Tell me if I need to nerf this, I'm aware I probably didn't make this clear enough to understand and made it even more confusing trying.

    Plus, been awhile since I've seen a RWBY RP. Hope this one goes well.
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  15. Hell yes! TGRE must be ressurected and the world must hear our roar! (Or at least Mistral :p)

    Name: Topaz Stone
    Species: Human
    Appearance: Wears an imperial topaz shirt and black jacket with black track pants. Also wears black headband, black shoes and black fingerless gloves. Has brown hair and imperial topaz eyes. His peach skin is scarred by a gash next to his right eye.
    Personality: Quiet and focused, but merciless in combat.
    Weapon: Vim and Vigor, dual swords that can transform into machine guns to tear through enemies.
    Semblance: Warrior Focus. Allows Topaz to forget about everything but the battle. The enemy and surrounding terrain become all Topaz can see, and he forgets about all pain. He can still be hurt - he just doesn't feel it. Pain registered when semblance is deactivated.
    History: Topaz comes from Vacuo, but not much else is known about him. His emblem is made with foreign material, assumed from Vacuo. His worn jacket indicates a past of combat, most likely against grimm. However, the only one who truly knows Topaz is himself. For the time being, at least.
    Team: TGRE (if the others join in)
    Other: Used to go to Shade Academy.

    A more detailed sheet I made for this guy with a crap ton of more details can be found below;
    Name: Topaz Stone
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Height: 6'3
    Emblem: Two blades crossed through an orange moon.
    Outfit Desc: Wears an imperial topaz shirt and black jacket with black track pants. Also wears black headband, black shoes and black fingerless gloves.
    Physical Appearance: Has brown hair and imperial topaz eyes. His peach skin is scarred by a gash next to his right eye.
    Personality: Quiet and focused, but merciless in combat.
    Backstory: Not much is known about the shadowy Topaz.
    Weapon Name: Vim and Vigor
    Weapon Desc: Two swords that can transform into machine guns.
    Semblance Name: Warrior Focus
    Semblance Desc: Allows Topaz to forget about everything but the battle. The enemy and surrounding terrain become all Topaz can see, and he forgets about all pain. He can still be hurt - he just doesn't flinch. Pain received when semblance is deactivated.
    Team they will join: TGRE
    Hometown: Vacuo
    Transfer School: Shade Academy
    Strengths: Fast and strong with an almost unbreakable focus. Is a master at swordplay.
    Weaknesses: Often throws himself headfirst into situations without thinking, quite headstrong and brazen.
    Likes: Swords, books, training, battle, his dog
    Dislikes: Conversation (for the most part), Grimm, evil, being told to do something he doesn't like
    Melee: 9
    Defense: 5
    Range: 5
    Speed: 9
    Aura: 7
    Dust: 0 (Doesn't use Dust.)
  16. @Koopa6000 your application has been reviewed and approved, welcome to Atlas Academy!

    @Absol_Chiliarch your application has been reviewed and approved, welcome to Atlas Academy!

    @Eeveechu151 your application has been reviewed and approved, welcome to Atlas Academy!
  17. Name: Evelyn Evergreen
    Species: human
    Appearance: (Describe basic physical traits, E.G. Hair Colour, Eye Colour, ect) wears a hooded mint green poncho, dark grey t-shirt, black shorts, dusty brown combat boots and green thigh high stockings. short dark green hair, brown eyes, dusty brown skin
    Personality: she relaxed most of the time and likes to be outside and to be around friends though she's good with being alone
    Weapon: willow's thorns: two rope darts. Green light chain with a black blade
    Semblance: Rebuild- able to summon pillars of earth
    History: home town is a small place in vacuo named Greens, family owned a green house before they moved to atlas.
    Other: owns several tiny cactuses.
  18. @Stormursa your application has been reviewed and approved, welcome to Atlas Academy!

    That brings us to eight, I'll make the RP later today then. More people can still sign up though, but I'll probably stop at twelve
  19. Let's at least wait for @Dapper_Cat, that way we can have Team TGRE again.
  20. But we already have a group of 8. Having another person would take away @Absol_Chiliarch ‘s part in the team. That’s not really fair to be honest.
  21. Well we already kinda have a thing going with our last team member and TGRE, as well as a very interesting chemistry and team bond... Plus we can get more.
  22. We don't have to figure out the teams right away, since we still have the trials, but wouldn't it be more fun to branch out and RP with other people?
  23. @Mr Fishykarp has a point, and it is his RP too. So what he says goes. That and 12 people is a lot in an RP and that is what it would take a lot to keep it going. It’s already hard to run with just 2 teams. Three will make it even harder.
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  24. Hello, there. It's up to Fishykarp if he still wants a third team.
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  25. Well, I mean, the more RPers, the better. Even if it's going to get a bit confusing with everyone doing differnet things at differnet times, I think we can manage a third team
  26. Alright team TGRE is back!
  27. I honestly think teams should be based on the order you signed up. Cause it really isn’t fair otherwise, for @Absol_Chiliarch as she signed up beforehand, but now doesn’t get a team, until more people join.
  28. Bringing back TGRE would be neat, but I agree it's unfair to Absol. Only thing is, I'm using a different OC. Been wanting to RP this guy.

    Name: Rivera Gorge (like, the valley)
    Species: Faunus
    Type of Faunus (If Faunus): Wolverine
    Appearance: Rivera is tall, standing at 6'5", and very bulky. He has black hair that goes down to the bottom of his neck and thick sideburns. He has caramel-colored skin and bronze eyes. He has a black leather jacket, baggy grey, faded jeans, and black combat boots.
    Personality: Rivera is very protective of people. Those he thinks of as family are very precious to him, and he'd give his life for them. He's very loyal to his friends and family. He's usually cautious around new people, though. When he gets angered, he gets *very* hostile and can very easily hold a grudge. He's naturally more suspicious of humans, and more cautious around them than he is around other Faunus. He has wolverine claws sheathed in is hands.
    Weapon: Rivera's weapons are two black-and-silver metal flying claws, attached to gauntlets on his wrists via chains. His left chain transforms into a katana, while his right transforms into a handgun. Rivera uses his claws in melee one on one combat for the most part, using the chains to ensnare his opponent and draw them forward. Against multiple foes or enemies who constantly change their attacks, he mainly uses his handgun and katana. His weapons are named "Loyalty" and "Family," respectively. If he's unarmed, he uses his actual claws.
    Semblance: Rivera's semblance allows him to create a barrier around an ally. It protects the ally from harm, but in turn, he takes the damage meant for them.
    History: Rivera was born in Menagerie to two Faunus parents. His mother was a panther Faunus and his father a wolverine like himself. They were members of the White Fang before they became the more violent organization they are today. They were killed in a protest while Rivera was still small. From then on, Rivera began to train himself under skilled fighters in Menagerie. He was already familiar with using his claws, so he styled his weapons after them. As the White Fang became a more violent organization, they offered the Faunus boy a chance to join the organization. He declined, however. He didn't attend the elementary huntsmen academy, but used his already-honed combat abilities to apply to Atlas.
    Other: He has a deep, calm voice.
  29. I missed a lot of stuff. Anyway, I think we should just use a randomizer honestly. If not, I'm used to the order people sign up as their teams..
  30. Alright, fine. I miss TGRE, though.
    But in theory, what if I created another RWBY OC that would be put on Absol's team, and Dapper also used a second character? That way Absol wouldn't be alone and we could still have Team TGRE. But alright, if that's really what you're saying, then I'll concede.
  31. eeveechu i know how it feels buddy, also i dont care who i end up with for teams, so dont ask for my opinion on how to split teams
  32. Honestly, a randomizer would be fine. Though, just like Lord, I'm fine with anything that happens in terms of how the teams are formed.
    It should be up to Fishykarp overall. Besides, extra people doesn't seem that bad (although I agree that some slight confusions may occur).
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  33. I'm 100% chill with however this works out. I see a randomizer being the best course, personally, but it's whatever our local fish decides.
  34. The fish is literally in charge. RP and OOC RP.
  35. I also just realised someone here is named Evergreen.

  36. Since we don't have a third full team yet, should I wait until they register?

    And am I accepted or no?
  37. Here's mine karp
    Name: Zila Noapte (Blue Night in Latvian)
    Species: Faunus
    Type of Faunus (If Faunus): Fox
    Appearance: Her appearance seems to go around the red and
    blue theme, but hair is black with a ponytail and has blue eyes. she is about 5 feet tall with a small build. For clothing she a red sleeveless turtleneck sweater with a blue skirt, also with black sneakers and blue and red striped socks. plus two bracelets two match the color of the gun is hold in that hand, blue in the left and red in the right.
    Personality: Mostly easy going, her light hearted attitude can be useful in most situations like to cheer someone up, also sometimes gets angry easily. She's known to take big risks mostly in combat. her fighting style which is a more defensive type of run and gun, she stays a distance form her attacker. This also makes a big weakness, her hand to hand combat lacks and she more likely to using her semblance.
    Weapon: two mini Uzis, one being red and the other being blue. Both have more a retro look, rather then present look.
    Semblance: Ability to slow down time, allowing to improve her shots and goes with her combat style.
    History: Zila grow in a small part of Beacon not having much friends and one's she had weren't really great friends. she always a great student in school and always cheerful. most of her life she had no problems mentally or financially for the most part. Zila what's to go to Atlas Academy to become a true Huntress.
    Other: N/A
  38. Oh, oops. You can post whenever, since the teams won't be decided at the start anyways

    @Dapper_Cat your application has been reviewed and approved, welcome to Atlas Academy!

    @Palusokudo your application has been reviewed and approved, welcome to Atlas Academy!
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