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Private/Closed RWBY: A New Story

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Ry_Burst, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. "Hello future Huntsmen and Huntresses. As you all already know, my name is Professor Ozpin. I am the Headmaster of Beacon. All of you are first years so tomorrow morning you will have teams decided that will have your back during your entire stay here at Beacon." The man paused to let his last statement sink in. "But tonight, we will get some sleep and deal with that tomorrow." The man left, leaving the students to their own whims.

    Yuuji Gull didn't really seem shocked by the big announcement. He slung his bag, which had been resting by his feet, over his shoulder and began to wander around. His weapon, Golden Upbringer, was currently as his side, strapped to it's scabbard. He was fine. He noticed a few people were eyeing his butt. Well not really his butt, but the long monkey like tail, that was beside it. He pulled his eyelid back and stuck his tounge out at one of the more noticeable onlookers, before crashing into someone.

    "Sorry, didn't mean to bump into you. My name is Yuuji Gull, and if you can't tell I'm a Faunus, so don't even ask." Yuuji said giving a grin. He stuck his hand out for a polite handshake, while his dirty blonde tail, began to sway a bit.
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  2. Sky_

    Sky_ Previously Sky5372

    (Iz spelt Faunus, not Fawnus XD)

    After listening to the speech, Xailiar quietly attempted to walk away. With so many people around, his own special claustrophobia was starting to set in, and he decided to leave. Looking down at his wrist, he quickly tapped in his code, then navigated to the appearance change. After that, his suit shuddered, and phased to a deep black. Unfortunately, whilst he was focusing on this, he wasn't watching where he was going, and bumped into a teen around his age, wearing bright golden clothes. Said person then introduced himself as a Faunus, and held his hand out for a handshake.

    After noticing the tail the boy had, Xailiar's wings gave an involuntary shift, and he made a quick glance backwards to check that it wasn't too noticeable, before looking back at the Faunus. "Um... Yeah. Hi. I'm Xailiar." He murmured quietly, almost too quietly to hear, and hastily shook his hand. Suddenly realising the social situation he was in, he took a running jump at the wall, his armblades sliding out with an audible 'Shink', and digging into the stone. He then climbed upwards with incredible speed, sliding over the top and disappearing
  3. Yuuji lifted his armpit and sniffed. "Wow, I don't think I stank that much. I even took a shower today for the special day," he joked. He waved his arm into the air and called out, "Nice to meetcha Xailier!" He called out, happily. Then he contiuned to wander around. Most students were talking, and laying out their sleeping bags, to sleep in the floor.

    "I hope the next person I meet doesn't run off, like Xailer," Yuuji joked, as he contained his stroll, soon beginning to hum.
  4. Sky_

    Sky_ Previously Sky5372

    Xailiar glanced down from the roof, and decided to do the same as the students and camp out. Except in his case, on the roof. Quickly scrolling through his wristpad, he selected several different items, namely a sleeping bag and pillow, and lay down on the surprisingly clean roof. I think I heard something about pairs being selected randomly. That doesn't sound good. He thought to himself worriedly as his eyes closed
  5. Niko had stood with his arms crossed throughout the entire speech, his eyes never leaving Professor Ozpin as he listened intently, eager to learn everything he could about this place. Partly because being a good student would be nice but mostly because he was determined to show up his Grandfather. Who was that old bag of smoke to tell him he would never make it as a hunter? The young man simmered in his own silent rage, the tiniest of smoke wisps escaping from the corner of his mouth. No, no this is exactly what his Grandfather had been on about, he couldn't let it agitate him, this was a joyous occasion after all! His first day at Beacon and it was going just swimmingly. And with that in mind Niko broke away from the crowd a bit and migrated to the great hall where everybody was meant to be sleeping for the night.

    The hall wasn't actually very full yet, only occupied by a few other early birds who had the same idea as him. The thing being that they were likely here for comfort, he had to bag a very particular spot for safety. It was one of the first things he had drilled into him as a child, fire safety. Due to his semblance it had always been a looming threat and after he burnt down that preschool well.....lets just say things didn't get much better. All the same he was going to need a "Safety buddy" again for the night. Laying down his bags beside one of the rooms fire extinguishers Niko laid his oddly chrome coloured sleeping bag in the middle of them so that he was surrounded on all sides by a sort of tiny wall. That would do for a start. It was only one night after all, he would be in a real bed again tomorrow. Hopefully the school had gotten his note..

    Standing back and admiring his little nest the faintest of smirks began to creep on to Niko's face, the scar on the edge of his mouth giving the illusion that it was slightly wider on one side. Tomorrow's trials would be a great time that's for sure, even if he didn't get the kind of team he wanted he would still get to kick some ass of some sort. It had been a while since he had been given the opportunity to fight anything but his sister back home. Even better he would get to see some of these other kickass weapons that literally every student had in action, there had been some guy with a chainsaw/ rocket launcher for crying out loud! That was just badass. Anyway time to get back to business.

    Turning towards the entrance of the great hall Niko introduced himself to the first person to come through the door. "Hey there, sorry to do this to you but I'm gonna need some help and you've drawn the short straw. How good are you with fire extinguishers?"
  6. After hearing Ozpin's speech, Topaz had decided to go wandering around the courtyard. He kinda felt lost. Why had he come to Beacon, again? Because of the adventure? He could get that back in Vacuo. To make friends? He had those back with his old team. To make a difference? He had already been doing that. To become a better fighter?
    ...that was it.
    Topaz was lost in thought, recalling past mistakes and successes. He was so lost in thought that he didn't see the large, black trenchcoat until he walked into it. Stumbling back a bit, he regained his bearings, snapping back into the real world. "Oh, sorry." he said. "Didn't see you there."
    (@Eevee E)
  7. Vanyali Gray had been outside, at Beacon's courtyard after Ozpin's speech. She was to be in a team, with three other students? While the idea of making a few friends hadn't sound absolutely horrible, 'Yali had never exactly been good at making them. She'd always preferred a good book. Well, that, and because of her being a Faunus. Sure, people didn't mind the cat, or dog, or rabbit Faunus, because their animal features were cute! But a scorpion Faunus? Not so much, it seemed. Her mind-rant was cut short when someone bumped into her, making both of them stumble back. Fortunately, the person was quick to apologize. "Oh, uh, it's no big deal. Lost in thought?" She guessed, as she tilted her head.
  8. "Yeah." Topaz said slightly embarrassed. "Name's Topaz Stone. Nice to meet you." Topaz looked around. "This place is so beautiful, compared to Vacuo. Sure not many others would appreciate this view as much as I do. Anyways, what are you doing out here?"
  9. "Vanyali Gray. Nice to meet you as well." She replied, before looking back up at the sky. "Why I'm out here, huh? In truth? I dunno why I came out here. Guess it just became a habit for me to do over the years. Always did like looking up at the night sky and the stars. I'd be lying if I said I didn't agree with you. It really is beautiful here."
  10. "I do that a lot too." Topaz said, smiling. "So, you excited for the final trial tomorrow morning? I've already got a battle plan for it and everything. You know what the goal is, right?"
  11. "We're supposed to find relics in the Emerald Forest, right? If memory serves right, we get launched in to the Forest, and we then find a partner. Afterwards, we look for the relics. Is that about right?" She inquired. I have to admit, I'm actually getting along with this person. Who would've thunk I'd be getting along with someone already?
  12. "Exactly." Topaz said. "But they don't tell us what the relics are, so we have to find out ourselves. But going in without a strategy can be dangerous. I do know where they're going to place the relics, at least. I've also got a strategy to get there." Well, what do you know? Someone I can get along with. he thought.
  13. "In that case, you wanna look for each other during the trial, then? Judging by you being by yourself, and that you said you're from Vacuo, I'd guess you don't know anyone around here. And, I don't know too many people here personally. At least not on good terms, anyway." Vanyali muttered that last part, more to herself than to Topaz.
  14. "Heh, right on the mark." Topaz said. "I'm fine with meeting up. I have a special strategy for what I'm going to be doing. For the first half, I'm going to use the trees to propel myself forwards. This means I'll be keeping off the ground, so the Grimm can't touch me. Unless, of course, a Nevermore shows up. During the second half, I'll hopefully meet up with my partner and follow the river to the cave. From there I'll head west to the Abandoned Temple and get a relic. On my return trip, I'll climb the Emerald Forest Ruins to return to Beacon Cliff and give Ozpin the relic. That's my plan, at least."
  15. "I've had some experience with fire extinguishers, probably because I've had to use it on myself many times before." Yuuji said scratching his head awkwardly. "So what kind of help do you need?" He asked giving a slight shrug.

  16. Niko was actually pretty surprised at this monkey faunus' response, it may actually have been the first time the person he was asking didn't need some serious convincing before they would actually help him. A good start.
    "Well....." Niko began as he led his new acquaintance over to his make shift man nest. "You see this? Well as I'm sure you've gathered its gonna be my bed for the night. Now I've made it as fire proof as possible, the sleeping bag would have to be dipped in lava or something to ignite, but regardless I have a really bad sleeping habit." The boy winced as he struggled to formulate a sentence that would ensure this guy wouldn't just think he was some werido and walk away. This was going to be a struggle.
    "So basically I snore....but like...fire snore? If that makes sense? In other words I kinda need you nearby so that if I light up in the middle of the night you can put me out and I wont have to explain why the building burned down overnight."

    Niko paused to see if any of this was getting through to blondie. It was a big ask and he hadn't exactly explained it well but verbal communication had never really been his strong point. That was more his sisters thing.
  17. "I can see that plan-" Vanyali stopped mid-sentence to let out a long yawn. "'Scuse me. As I was saying, I can see that plan working. The only thing you'd have to worry about in that case is Nevermores. What's your plan if you run into one of those, though?"
  18. Ryan laid on the floor uncomfortably. "Man, I hate sleeping indoor, trees are way more comfortable." He looked out the window. "Well I guess its only tonight." He said to himself. as he moved around in his sleeping bag. He groaned.
  19. "Shoot it out of the sky." Topaz said, drawing his blades. With a quick flick of the wrist, the blades morphed into machine guns. "I've memorized the layout of the forest, and I know exactly how to navigate to where I need to be. There's only one river, so meet me there. You'll be able to see it from the cliff we get launched from. If one of us gets to the larger pond-like portion of the river, then we'll wait there for each other. Sound like a plan?"
  20. Evelyn sat back in a corner. She had a potted plant in her lap, her fingers running over its leaves. She checked to make sure it was growing properly and smiled when it was. She placed the pot beside her, pulling her poncho close to keep her warm.
  21. Orchid, to say the least, was pretty impressed with the speech. More-so that the others, but she wasn't distracted by the grandeur of the school. It was probably because the girl was blind. She stood in place for a long while, waiting until a sizable group of students filtered away to set up for the night. The ripples of sound they made from their constant chatter, while painful to listen too, were crucial if she wanted to know where to go.

    The constant chatter around Orchid allowed her to easily weave her way through the great hall. Which meant she could save her voice for tomorrow, she would need it. The sound rippled from around her feet, allowing her to nimbly and gracefully trot around the bodies of students, but there was little to no space left at this point. She continued to weave her way quickly through the piles of people, until she looked up and the rim of her had hit the wall.

    She fell backwards and onto her rear more from the shock and recoil rather than pain. Muttering slightly about saying hello to the wall sarcastically, she pat around her with her hands, eventually deeming there was enough space to lay out her sleeping bag for the night. With a small nod, she set up her spot, not seeing the rather messy rats nest it was, but hey it was comfy. Settling down against the wall, she pulled the brim of her hat further down her face to hide her eyes. She wanted to avoid conversation, and her eyes usually started them. It wasn't that she was antisocial, she just really needed to preserve her already hoarse voice for tomorrow. It wouldn't do her good at all to go blind in the middle of a Grimm infested forest.
  22. "Sounds like a plan to me." Vanyali responded, giving a slight smile now. "In the meantime, we should probably turn in for the night, huh? Dunno if there's some curfew for us on the first day, but I don't fancy getting expelled before we even get into our teams. 'll see you tomorrow." As she said that, she turned and headed back to where everyone else was sleeping.
  23. "Sure, see ya." Topaz said, smiling. He had slept quite often without normal sleeping arrangements. All he needed for a good night's sleep was a good... tree! Topaz spotted a tree and jumped up, swinging around onto the branch. It was a pretty large branch, so he was able to safely lie down. Resting his head against the hard wood of the tree, Topaz drifted to sleep.
  24. Upon entering the room, Vanyali could see she should've set up a sleeping place beforehand. "Not a problem. I can make do." She murmured, surveying the room. "There we go." She said, eyeing one of the supports near the ceiling. It probably would've been more fit for a different kind of Faunus, say, a monkey one, but she wasn't going to complain. She leaped up, and grabbed one of the supports, testing it's weight. It held her weight, so she climbed up, and laid down, doing her best to go to sleep.
  25. Yuuji gave a grin. "So you snore fire. That's pretty cool, but yeah, I'll help." Yuuji sat down on the floor, leaning against the wall. "I'm a light sleeper so if something happens I'll wake up," He said giving a thumbs up, before falling asleep.
  26. Niko couldn't help but grin a little. This guy actually liked the idea of him snoring fire? Maybe he had lucked out here and discovered somebody who may be worth getting to know. And having friends in a place like this certainly couldn't do any harm, after all one false move and you could have a lot of angry and deadly enemies.

    "Awesome man, sleep tight, dont let the beowolf bite." The pyro replied back as he settled down into his own sleeping bag. Once inside it was only a matter or minutes before his soft snoring could be heard coming from his little nest. No flames though, not tonight.
  27. "Good morning students, please go to your lockers and retrieve your gear. Meet up at the cliff and go to stand on a platform. There you will await my instructions." Professor Ozpin said over the loudspeaker.

    Yuuji woke up with a start and shook Niko's bag. "Hey, we gotta get going. We get to beat stuff up," he exclaimed happily.
  28. By the time the announcement had gone out, Topaz had already been up training. He had found a training dummy somewhere on the premises and had been practicing his sword training. Your skill must be as sharp as your blade, and that means daily training. That was one of Topaz's many creeds. He sheathed his blades and grabbed his backpack from the tree before heading out towards the cliff, as Ozpin had instructed him to.
  29. Evelyn put the plant in the window and got it some water quickly before collecting her things. She made sure her weapons were in working order. She then sat out in the sun, smiling up at the sky as she woke up, "good morning world".
  30. Sky_

    Sky_ Previously Sky5372

    Xanadu woke with a start to the loudspeaker, and swiftly packed away his sleeping bag. After everything was stored in Skydancer, he spread his arms out, triggering the memberane between them to extend, and glided down to the floor. Although most of his stuff was already in his suit, Xanadu had already left a few specific items in his locker, which he ran to promptly, and pulled out a grappling hook, several long pieces of rope, a small camera which could synchronize with his suit and provide images, and a small pack of food, since he didn't know how long they'd be out there for.

    Once he had finished preparing for the landing, Xanadu darted through the hallways, to end up at the cliff. He picked a platform with not many people around it, and waited
  31. Vanyali bolted upright as Professor Ozpin's announcement came over the loudspeaker. Sighing, the Faunus girl made sure that her trenchcoat still hid her tail hidden, then let herself drop from her perch on the ceiling's support. She landed next to a student, who wa sstartled by the girl landing next to him. "Sorry." She murmured, as she made her way to her locker and retrieved Soul Shredder. Upon retrieving her weapon and confirming she had everything necessary, she headed to the cliff.

    Upon reaching the cliff, Vanyali quickly deduced that there were still several people they were waiting on. She picked the empty one nearest to her, and sat down, awaiting Professor Ozpin.
  32. Orchid woke with a start, before quickly gathering her sleep gear hastily. She struggled quite a bit with her locker, given that she can't see in 2D she had to listen for the clicks until she managed to open the darn metal box. With a sigh, she trudged her way up the hill, a bit on the early side. If she hadn't chosen to start chirping under her breath to find a platform she very well could have walked right off the edge of the cliff. Luckily, she didn't. Not today at least.
  33. Niko's brown eyes shot open as he woke with a start, springing into an upright position to find Yuuji shaking his sleeping bag. Morning already and by the looks of things there hadn't been any incidents in the night. No smoke at least, normally a good sign.

    "Beating stuff up? Your talking my language now mate." Niko smirked, quickly removing himself from his sleeping bag and packing it away again. His weapons were ready to go already of course although you wouldn't know that by looking at them. A watch and a wristband hardly look like the kind of tools to be used when fighting literal monsters. The pair swiftly made their way to the afore mentioned clifftop, it was easy to see that both of them were eager for this first challenge. It would appear that they were actually the last to arrive so Niko quickly settled on to the nearest launch pad and prepared for lift off. Or at least he was about to when he realised he hadn't actually introduced himself yet.

    "Hey man, names Niko by the way." he said casually to Yuuji, extending out when hand in greeting whilst Ozpin gave his speech.
  34. Evelyn made it to her platform. She crossed her arms under her poncho. She looked out over the land below the cliff with happy look to her eyes. She blew a lock of her hair out of her eyes and rolled her shoulders. A whistle leaving her mouth, "beautiful".
  35. Ryan woke up. "Man that was a rough night sleep." He got up and stretched. He walked to a place out of view of everyone and a snake tail came out on a hidden opening in his pants. He grabbed it and pulled on it to stretch it. "Man I hate tail cramps, Well better put it back, I think it would be better if no one else knew about me being a faunus." he said quietly to himself as his tail wrapped around his waist. He got his stuff ready and headed towards the cliff. He walked to the pad next to Evelyn. "You look very impressed." He said to her.
  36. "It's beautiful. Untouched and amazing," Evelyn looked at him and gave him a thumbs up from the side of her poncho before turning back to look at the trial ground infront of them, "can't wait to get down and see it".
  37. Yuuji shook his hand and gave a grin. "Yuuji Gull," he said letting go and walking to a platform. He gave a thumbs up to Niko from his platform and said, "Good luck Niko."

    "Okay kids, I will fling you into the forest. The first person you see will be your partner. You and your partner will go to the ruins, collect an artifact and return here. Any questions? Okay good. Off you go!" Ozpin said bluntly. Then Yuuji's platform sprung up sending him off the cliff.

    "Wagh!" Yuuji yelled as he soared through the sky. He tried flapping his arms, but it didn't really help.

    "And watch out for Grimm, they're all over these woods, so look out and be ready to defend yourselves." Ozpin added as more students platforms sprung forward.
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  38. Hold up Orchid thought, but at that point and time she was flung right into the sky. She refrained from screaming, reminding herself she had to use her voice to see. Once she got her adrenaline under control, she relaxed some and sighed lightly. Crossing her arms and leveling herself out, she fell through the air blindly. She chirped once. The ground was still a long ways away. She chirp again-ok now she was getting a little too close. Chirping madly, her vision lit up with outlines of tree tops, she flipped once, gripping branch with her gauntlet enclosed hand, stripping away the bark as she flung herself towards a thick trunk and slid down. She kicked off, flipped again, and landed with the claws on her boots digging into the ground. She sighed, lifting herself off the ground. She chirped a few more times to get a general layout of her surroundings, pausing to rub her sore throat. Just great... She thought.
  39. Topaz was next, and smiled. Being the only one so far actually prepared, the position he was in flung him forwards like a missile. When he saw himself approaching a tree that he remembered from his plan, he drew his sword and stuck it into the tree. The stab stopped his velocity, as he had planned. Drawing his sword out, he calculated his route. He figured out which branches were and weren't safe to jump on, and began to leap across the forest.
  40. Sky_

    Sky_ Previously Sky5372

    Xanadu's eyes relaxed as the pad shot him into the air, being in familiar territory. His suit expanded, and he dived down on a warm current, laughing as he did so. The air was the only place you could really see what he was like, being free to do what he wanted. He could feel his wings extend below Skydancer, straining to try and level him out. Xanadu eventually leveled himself out, and skimmed over the top of the trees. Then he saw somebody flying through the air, passing straight through his current trajectory.

    Xanadu's pale, blue eyes widened, and he dived diagonally, barley missing the flying boy. Unfortunately, as he did so, they aligned in direction, and his eyes met the Faunus'. Damnit! He thought angrily, as he recognised the person as the cheerful Faunus from yesterday.

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