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  1. (This is my first Fan Fic in a while, some criticism would be appreciated. Thank you)

    Chapter 1

    'Life sucks, then you die' If that was true, then how come I wasn't dead yet?

    The night was crisp from the winter air, and every step echoed off the cobblestone streets of Veilstone City. Herds of Murkrow flew over head and the dim lighting from the street lights made the city seem eerie. The usually busy city was quiet; the perfect time for her walk.

    She couldn't quite remember when she started this tradition of hers, walking around aimlessly at night. But if you call escaping from a worn-down-poor-excuse-of-a-building-that-happened-to-have-parents-in-it a reason, then yes that was why. It wasn't that she didn't like her parents; her life was boring, nothing special about it at all, no friends, and she certainly didn't waste her time at school. She did the same thing everyday: sleep and watch what ever was on TV. She had zero interest in becoming a Pokemon Trainer, the thought of it made her laugh. What was so special about collecting badges, camping out and defeating other trainers? Nothing. It was boring, just like the rest of her pathetic life. When she saw other trainers giggling and laughing with their precious Pokemon it made her sick.

    Blaire continued casually walking through the streets, her light hazel eyes scanning the area of anything unsuspecting. She was comfortable to say the least, in black silk pants and black tank top, this was her outfit of choice. The wind was gradually picking up, rustling the small trees and taking her dark thick curly hair with it. There was no destination tonight- as like every other night, she walked around the block and snuck back home to then resume the usual routine tomorrow. She needed more out of life, some excitement for once. Something new, a challenge. Walking past the Pokemon Center, the too happy of a nurse smiled at her from inside as if giving her an invitation. Narrowing her eyes at the nurse, she walked past the Center and started heading home. The second she saw her house however, she stopped immediately. What was stopping her from leaving, from excitement? Nothing. Turning on her heels, Blaire's grin stretched from ear to ear and began walking.

    Approaching the Galactic Warehouse with a sign the clearly said "NO TRESPASSING", Blaire could feel the adrenalin in her blood slowly rise. This was it! But, what exactly? Join them, an evil organization? On one hand they did use their Pokemon for more beneficial reasons other then pathetic trainers. To change the world of course. On the other hand, Blaire hated to be ordered around, and with a short temper, things could get ugly. The wind picked up then, and with it, whispers that made her eyes sparkle. She was going to steal a Pokemon. Even though she hated them to pieces, she was doing this for fun, and didn't mind the adrenalin rush either. Suddenly becoming over cautious she whipped her head left and right and snuck into the shadows. This had to be thought out, timed, and for the most part: what in the world was she going to do with this ‘thing' after she stole it? Sighing, Blaire looked above her at the crescent moon. It seemed to be smiling at her, encouraging her to go on. It couldn't be that hard anyways and with that she smiled back up at the moon and walked into the building.

    Oh how she was wrong!

    The Warehouse was extremely over crowded with boxes, and guarding the door to another part of the warehouse were two weirdly dressed Grunts. Taking a deep breath she hid behind a group of boxes, her heart rate speeding. Her muscles soon relaxed when she realized that she wasn't caught. Could the boxes have ‘Pokeballs' inside it and contain a Pokemon? Opening the box swiftly so it could make little noise as possible she found the box empty. What a waste of time that was. Slowly peeking around the other boxes one of the grunts twitched in his sleep, and noticing his movement Blaire looked at his belt containing Pokeballs. Piece of cake, take one and go. It felt as if she was walking on thin ice, she had never been so cautious and quiet in her life. Slowly reaching for the one nearest her she snatched it and let out a sigh of relief. With that sigh, the grunts eyes snapped open and looked Blaire straight in the eye, then at the Pokeball she clutched in her hand. Enraged he was on his feet at once and Blaire took a few strides back.

    "Who are you and what are you doing here! Give me back my Pokemon now or prepare for the consequences!" The grunt roared.

    She didn't dare answer, she only looked dumbfounded at him her eyes wide. Her palms began to sweat and her heart rate started to increase again. Soon enough the other grunt woke up, and the two started slowly advancing towards her.

    "C'mon we won't hurt you just give us the Pokemon back..." The other grunt said smoothly.

    "Are you kidding!? If I don't get that pokemon back, Cyrus will have my head!"

    Finally getting the courage and enough oxygen to speak she laughed darkly then smiled all her fear gone. She could do this! She was almost out the door!

    "You have to catch me first!"

    And with that, Blaire sprinted off out of the door into the cold night hearing yelling demands to chase after her. Glancing over her shoulder she saw several grunts chasing after her all looking dangerous to the fifteen year old. She continued running blocks after block and after each block, the number of grunts increased. Finally hiding in an alley she caught her breath, letting her numb body slowly thaw out. It then hit her: she didn't even know what Pokemon was in the Ball. She was about the throw it when her hand stopped mid-throw. What did trainers say again when they had to release Pokemon? Wasn't it Go something...then again it would help if she knew the name of the Pokemon that gotten her in so much trouble. With that she mumbled, "Go! You...thing!" and threw the ball into the night sky. The ball opened revealing a red light and a moment later a Pokemon appeared out of the ball staring at her straight in the face.

    It was a Sneasel.

    "Okay look you thing, you better be powerful and fast because were going to need it to get out of this stupid City. To sum it up your stolen and were being chased, got it?"

    Sneasel gave Blaire the you-have-to-be-joking-right look then turned around not facing her. Blaire's temper began to rise and her eyes narrowed. Putting the Pokeball in her pocket after it decreased in size she looked around the corner. Grunts were closing in on her! Looking behind her they started coming into the alley as well.

    "There she is! Get her!"

    Sprinting out of the other side of the alley she headed North with Sneasel the moon grinning down at her brightly.
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  2. Wow, this is a really good introduction and very different fic--in a good way. I'd say that Sneasel really does suit Blair. I can't wait to read more.
  3. Psycho Monkey

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    Holy **** that was epic! I'll be waiting for the next chapter.
  4. D


    *Giga gasps* That was a great intro! Keep it up! ;)
  5. *pokes head in and procedes to faint.*

    Awesome fic! Keep writing...
  6. Very cool concept! A Pokemon villian fic, not a hero. I love the villians.
  7. (Thanks guys so much, I hope you enjoy the next chapter)

    Chapter 2

    She had been running for hours, not daring to look back to see if they were still giving chase. After the numbing came back into her legs and she continued to struggle forward, she doubted if she even had legs. The cold night air ached in her lungs making it harder and harder for her to breathe; she felt light headed and close to sick. When her body could struggle no more, she collapsed in the heavy rain of Route 215, and fell into a deep sleep.

    When she awoke again, she was drenched, cold, and utterly confused. What time was it? Why hadn't she dressed warmer? But most importantly, why was that thing staring at her again? Sitting up,she realized that the Sneasel didn't like the rain as much as she did. It was glaring at her and had its arms crossed. Moving the wet hair out of her eyes, Blaire looked up into the sky. The rain didn't seem to be stopping any time soon, which for both of them, was a bad thing. She knew she couldn't go all the way back to Veilstone, everyone would be looking for her, and there wasn't a doubt in her mind that it wasn't already on Tv about a young girl gone missing. She felt sick to her stomach, and was guessing that if that thing didn't eat sooner or later, it would probably go crazy then eat her. Standing up, she stretched her tired limbs then looked at the thing that was still staring at her, arms crossed and glaring. Blaire glared back down at the Pokemon then started walking again, despite the pain in her legs. It would go away sooner or later, besides its exercise, right? After walking a few feet and not hearing footsteps behind her, she turned around and faced the Pokemon who was still standing there ever since she woke up.

    "Look, thing, I don't like this anymore then you do. Sooner we get out of the rain, the better. Come on or I'll return you back to that stupid Warehouse."

    Sneasel who had looked like it was about to kill someone, relaxed a little,then walked toward Blaire. It glanced at her, then started walking in front of her, not looking back. Maybe the Pokemon would respect her more if she called it by name..yeah, right. Like she cared anyways, she was doing this for fun, not what the thing thought about her. After walking for ten minutes, and continuously ringing the water out of her hair she stopped and looked at the Sneasel, eyeing its claws. Sneasel slowly turned around to face her.

    "Hey thing, can you make like, a shelter or something? You know...using those claws you have to cut something down so we don't get wet? Why are you looking around like that? Thing! I'm talking to you, look!"

    The Pokemon just stared at her, then turned its head in the direction of trainers around them, staring at Blaire. She glared at them, then the trainers looked away and went back training their Pokemon. Embarrassment washed through her as she cursed herself under her breath. Looking at the ground she mumbled, "Sorry" then continued walking with the Sneasel at her side. Stupid Pokemon, embarrassing her like that. What nerve! If the thing really wanted out of the rain it would build a house or something. Wait, they can do that right? Of course it could, it could cut and tie things down, its smart. Maybe the thing was doing this on purpose, just to make her mad. She began arguing with herself in her head until she got a headache, then sighed. When the rain finally ceased, she encountered another problem: tall grass. Right when Blaire stepped into the grass she began a sneezing frenzy, and when she looked at the Pokemon, it was chuckling at her. Her eyes narrowed, and as soon as hers did, so did the Pokemon's. Their eyes were locked, never moving, and Sneasel slowly raised a claw. Eyeing it Blaire got an idea that made her smile.

    "Hey, you can be useful after all! Wow, what a surprise. Cut down the grass and make it fast I hate this stupid grass."

    Rolling it's eyes, but not moving its gaze, the Sneasel cut down the grass in front of them in a flash. It did the task with such ease it actually surprised her. There the glass lay on the ground in front of them, the cut clean and straight. They both seemed to slowly release there gaze on each other, and crossing its arms and grinning the Sneasel gave her the how-do-you-like-that look.

    "Show off..." she mumbled, "Get to cutting."

    With that they-or the Pokemon- began cutting there way through the thick grass, leaving behind finely cut pieces behind them. Looking up at the sky, Blaire guessed that it was sometime in the afternoon, and her hunger seemed to be feeding on her insides. How much longer could she go on like this? Well, she knew it wasn't going to get any easier especially if she encountered more problems along the way. The last thing she needed was Team Galactic finding her, the police, or in general people just looking at her funny. She really hated that. What if the thing ran away and showed Team Galactic where it was hiding? What if it was some sort of double agent? She would have no idea what to do if that happened. Rest assured if she had any suspicions about the thing being a double agent, she would mail the thing to some random place and hopefully never see or hear from the thing again and live a nice happy life hiding. That would be worse and more boring! Looking up, the Sneasel had stopped and they were finally out of the tall annoying grass. In the distance there was a farm and it seemed to be packed with Miltank, glancing at the thing she made a small grin.

    "Want lunch? Of course you do. Since I have zero money on me, we are stealing Moomoo Milk, some cheese and bread, then hitting the road again, got it? Good."

    Sneaking up to the window sill, Blaire and Sneasel crouch down and observe what was going on. There was an old man inside sitting behind the counter selling Moomoo Milk to a customer. The two seemed to talk for a while about their lives and if anything new had been going on. Blaire rolled her eyes and grew impatient. She then noticed the small phone sitting on the counter. The old guy made deliveries?! Talk about serving the community, that was weird. Finally after five minutes of the guy not leaving, she walked around the corner to the entrance with Sneasel, kicked the door open and slowly grinned.
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  8. Once again, a really great chapter and really interesting. Seems like Blair and Sneasel have an intriguing relationship. Either way I can't wait to see where this goes. Keep it up! ^^
  9. Have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this tale of a wayward miscreant. Keep up the good work! ^^
  10. Chapter 3

    Slowly walking into the door, the old man looked like he was about to have a heart attack. Fear played into his eyes, as sweat poured down his face. The customer, who obviously have never seen a robbing in his life, looked to the old man for answers. They were both frozen with fear; this made Blaire grin even more. Glancing down at the Pokemon, she could tell that the thing was enjoying this as much as she was. Frantically looking around, the old man reaches for the phone. Taking another step, she glares at the old man.

    "I wouldn't be doing that if I were you, old man. Dangerous things could happen here, and you wouldn't like that, would you?"

    Widening his eyes, the old man slowly shook his head then put his hand back at his side. The phone would definitely be a problem, all she had to do was get rid of it. Glancing at the other man, he looked like that kind of man that would make a run for it and tell the authorities the second he got the chance. Now that would be a problem. But how exactly could she stop them? She had no rope, nothing to tape their mouths with. What if they started screaming for help? Fear. She needed them to be more afraid, they could do nothing when they are frozen with fear. What a great way to have some fun, of course, she was no expert at it, it didn't hurt to try. With that, she looked down at Sneasel who had the if-looks-could-kill expression on its face. Slowly turning her face, she looked up at the two men once again, and smiled.

    "Thing, take care of them while I get the goods."

    As soon as Blaire spoke the words ‘take care of them' Sneasel slowly started advancing towards the men with its menacing glare, its claws ready to strike if needed. Backing up, more scared then ever, the men become cornered and Blaire proceeds to look for the Moomoo Milk, cheese, and bread. After five minutes of looking through cabinets and drawers, she turns to the two men who were at this point, shaking and trying to get as far away from Sneasel as possible. Each time one of the men tried to move forward, the Pokemon would swing a claw a few inches away from the one who moved forward. Stomach growling, Blaire turns on her heels and walks towards the men, pointing a finger at the old man. She was growing tired of waiting for food. If she didn't get food in her system soon, she would probably let the Sneasel murder the two men.

    "You! Old man! Tell me where your hiding the food or you will die where you stand!"

    Scared for his life, the old man snatched the bag the other man was holding full of food and held it towards her, his hand shaking. Clearly, he was too scared to speak, even when he was trying to defend his life. The other man didn't seem the least bit upset that his food was taken, it seemed he was trying his hardest to breathe evenly. Checking the small bag, it was filled with the bottles of Moomoo Milk, a loaf of bread, and a few cheeses of different kinds. Smiling Blaire turns on her heels and started heading for the door.

    "Nice doing business with you two, it's been fun. Chao!"

    As she was about to walk out the door, she turns and looks at Sneasel who was still, as it looked, enjoying her time. Smirking, she points to the telephone wires and makes a cutting motion with her index and middle fingers. Grinning, the Pokemon went to the phone, and in a flash cuts the wires for the telephone. Grabbing a block of cheese from inside the bag, Blaire begins ravenously eating, taking big bites of the cheese chewing quickly then swallowing. The Pokemon was at her side then, and Blaire threw down a loaf of bread as a reward. This had been way easier then she thought! Plus, this food was going to last her a while, and when she ran out she could always stop by here again. Maybe steal a Miltank so she didn't run low at all. Now that was an idea. Then again, she wasn't much for the appearance of cow-like things, so she put that in her ‘maybe' options. She turned around again for the last time, and in sweet yet piercing tone told him,

    "You be a good old man and pretend this never happened okay? Just go on and do what you were doing, or else we're going to come back and it won't be pretty next time. Next time, you'll loose a limb."

    Sneasel walked out the door and when Blaire walked out, she kicked the door shut and continued walking. Up ahead there was more tall grass, but this time, a path. How convenient for the both of them, rather Blaire. Looking down she could tell the thing was quite enjoying the bread and was still nibbling away at it. Well, now at least it won't starve and eat her so that was off the list. Although, she was still pondering what in the world the things name was. What were those things called that recorded Pokemon? Pokedox? No, that sounded stupid...but she knew it was Poke something, as was everything that had to do with Pokemon. Well, she could ask someone. It had to be someone unsuspecting and ill-informed, though. Like...a little kid that could barely talk. Peering up away on the road there was a little boy sitting underneath a tree fiddling away with something in his hand. Grinning once again, she walks over to the little boy, looking as innocent as she could possible do. How hard that was.

    "Excuse me, young boy?"

    "Yes ma'am?"

    "You don't mind giving me that thing you have in your hand, do you?"

    "My Pokedex? But my father—"

    "Young boy," Blaire said her anger slowly returning, her voice rising, "Give me that thing, or I will do something not so nice.."

    The boy, who started to cry, quickly got up and ran away from the tree to two other figures in the distance. Taking a few more steps in the boys direction and squinting, Blaire could make out two parent figures. Not only parents, but also reporters. The boy was the child of Tv reporters, great. Moments later, three figures began slowly advancing in her direction. Blaire leaned her back against the tree, waiting for them to come.
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  11. Midnight, you are quite good with this whole evil without a care thing you have going on. ^^ Keep up the good work!
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    She keeps getting eviler every chapter! Simply magnificent! Here's a villian smily for you >)
  13. Awesome chapter, and awesome story. I've been reading it from the start.

    I love how stealing Miltanks is just a casual thing. :)

    Just be careful with your tenses. You kinda hopped around from present to past tense and it was a bit confusing.

    I look forward to this whole interviewer parents battle. :D
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  14. Lost me a little bit there as well, but I'm loving it. :D
  15. Thanks guys I'll work on it next chapter :)
  16. ........

    She's getting evillll....

    WHICH IS WHY I LOVE IT!!!!! *glomps and refuses to let go*

    I would give you advice of being evil-sounding, but mine are very sadist and violent. Continue your writing please!!
  17. (Hope this is better ^^)

    Chapter 4

    As the sun slowly began to set, the colors of the sky turned from clear blue, to various shades of orange, purple and red. The shadows of everything around them grew longer and longer until they were intersected with each other causing different types of patterns displayed on the ground. Glancing down at the thing the pokemon seemed relaxed, no sign of worry on its face; it was prepared to fight if needed. Although it wasn't her intention, because she had no experience in the field. Though she was positive that if it came down to that, and the waste of space little boy and his parents were itching to battle so much, then she probably would battle them. That is, if the reporters didn't know who she was already. She had to think of a Plan B if they already knew who she was. Run again, avoid the question, threaten their lives? Of course, this tree she was leaning on did have some pretty thick branches. Blaire then decided, that if things got ugly, she would knock them all unconscious. Tapping the Pokemon on the head a few times to get its attention, Blaire points a stabbing finger upwards into the tree.

    "Thing, cut down a thick branch for our visitors. If things don't go in our favor, we're going to be turned in or worse. Now come on, get to it."

    Nodding once the Sneasel obeyed and climbed up into the tree, seeking a thick branch high up in the tree. With a menacing snap, the thick branch the Pokemon picked out fell to the ground with a thud, and a few seconds later the thing appear at her side again, relaxed as ever crossing its arms and closing its eyes. What was taking them so long so walk back! It seemed ages ago that the little boy had run off to tell his parents about her. Maybe they were walking slow on purpose, just to annoy her. Maybe she looked threatening to them, even at a distance. Looking at them now, she guessed that they had moved a total of twenty feet in the past fifteen minutes. Did they really have a deathwish? Or rather, were they giving her a chance to run? Either way, she was prepared.

    The full moon finally rose, casting a slight glow on the field. The night air was cold, and by seeing her own breath, Blaire knew it was only getting colder. They were getting closer now, only ten feet away, and her hazel eyes pierced them in the darkness, as a warning. She knew she seemed invisible under the tree, and looking at the Pokemon, she could hardly tell where it was beside her anymore. This was good, she had the element of surprise which in any case, was always a good thing no matter the situation. The little boy, with tears stains on his dusty cheeks pointed in her general direction, then hid behind his father shortly after. The mother who kept looking around, obviously didn't see her. The woman would often switch the microphone between her hands, and the father put his camera down. Taking another step forward, he starts talking in Blaire's general direction.

    "Young girl, we know your hiding somewhere in that tree, come out so we can talk."

    Blaire grinned, and chuckled a few times. She shook her head, although the three couldn't see it. He called her young girl, how funny that was. She wondered what the woman would say, or if possibly the boy would speak again. Picking up the thick branch from the ground, she passed it between her hands, bored. She looked down in the general direction of the thing, who was at full alert now. Maybe the thing was more dangerous at night, Blaire smiled.

    "I'm very comfortable right here actually, but I just wanted to borrow-"

    "No she didn't Momma! I swear! She wanted to take my Pokedex that daddy gave me!"

    Glaring at the little boy, Blaire gripped the branch tightly. He would be the first to go, such a nuisance at a young age that boy was. Then the father, he was next, if not before the boy. The mother was last because she seemed the weakest. Looking at her son, the mother picks him up and holds him, comforting him.

    "It's okay sweetie, Mommy and Daddy are here, she won't hurt you....where ever she is."

    Try to be calm, and everything will be fine Blaire kept telling herself. It will all be over soon then you can go back to running. Looking at the little boy, she noticed he was glaring at her, and that was annoying. The parents seemed to be calm and unafraid looking at Blaire like they had known her their entire lives. The woman set the boy down, and when she did he spoke, jabbing a small finger in Blaires direction, looking at his father.

    "Daddy, why aren't you turning her in? She's a bad lady."

    "No she isn't son, she just ran away from home and is lost, she's lucky to have her Sneasel though.."

    "But Daddy! No, listen! She didn't catch that Pokemon, she stole it from Team Galactic back in Veilstone my friend told me Daddy, honest!"

    Blaire now gripped the branch in both hands, ready to swing it at any moment. This was it she could feel it. Looking down at the thing named Sneasel, the Pokemon tensed and both Blaire and the thing returned their glare. She stepped forward, inches away from the man who now looked speechless. The wife was looking down at her boy, not believing what she had heard. Blaire couldn't imagine what was running through their heads as of this moment, either way, she was getting out of this and not getting turned in. The boy took another step forward and started to whine.

    "Daddy, the lady-"

    Smack! Swinging the thick branch swiftly into the boys stomach it sent him airborne slamming into a nearby tree. The boy didn't say a word, and the mother screamed terrified. She reached for a pokeball on her belt.

    "I'll teach you, you little brat!"

    The pokeball was empty, and the mothers eyes widened. Chuckling, Blaire shifted her weight to the other foot looking at the father who was now fuming with rage. Both parents ran to their son worried, the mother was already crying over her son, thinking he was dead. The father comforted his wife, although there was a hint of fury still on his tongue. Blaire quietly walked behind the three of them, Sneasel seemed to be glaring at all of them.

    "He's unconscious! We need to take him to the hospital right away he's bleeding heavily."

    The two stood up and turned around, and right when they did Blaire swung the branch swiftly yet again, both parents slamming into the tree already bleeding and unconscious. Blaire tossed the branch on the tree of them, letting the blood soak into the bark. Glancing at the Sneasel she looks up into the tree again.

    "Get some leaves and cover them up."

    Obeying once more, the Pokemon leapt into the three and a few moments later returned with alot of branches thickly covered in leaves. Scattering them among the bodies so they couldn't be seen, Blaire turned on her heels with Sneasel and began to walk away.

    "Our job is done here, lets go."
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  18. Tha's evil. Tha's...really evil. Who hits a kid? I love it! :D
  19. Interesting style you have. It's very intriguing, but incredibly interesting. I'm looking forward to reading more.
  20. Wow... you really do have a gift for dark storytelling. I am well and truly intrigued by this point. Keep up the good work! ^^
  21. Holy crap....who DOES that!?!?? Brilliant, I love it all. Keep writing.

    But like Jey said, be careful with your tenses,it's getting better for sure, but there are a few times.
  22. This was definitely my favorite chapter so far. I laughed so hard at the little boy being smacked with the branch. :p
  23. Psycho Monkey

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    Armed Robbery
    Attempted Murder

    She gets better/worse every chapter. What other crimes are going to be added to that list I wonder.
  24. don't forget she's technically guilty of kidnapping that sneasle
  25. This just keeps getting darker and darker. Your writing just keeps getting better, Midnight ^^ I love this fic :)
  26. *leans forward, eyes glued to the screen*

    OOHHHH!!! For once someone who can write so evilly! I love it!! *hugclings* Keep writing please, I wanna read more! (I also lol'd at the kid getting hit with a brach.)
  27. YES! For once, we have a Trainer who isn't afraid to hurt people. I love the dark style of your writing.

    Villians are sweet.
  28. Chapter 5

    Blaire watched the moon go down and the sun rise, slowly bringing back warmth over the horizon. Despite how tired her legs felt, the rest of her body was somehow still moving. Was it the excitement of what had happened with the parents and the little boy? Or was running away from fear keeping her awake? She couldn't think straight; thoughts and emotions ran through her head that made her head spin. Looking down at--Sneasel she saw that its eyes were starting to droop, she dug in her pocket for the Pokeball and tapped it once making it increase in size.

    "Come on back thing."

    Her voice sounded dead, and it was hard to believe that it was her own. A bright red light took over the Pokemons shape and it returned into the white and red ball. She didn't feel like playing baby-sitter right now, and the last thing she needed was a game of hide and seek. Taking a loaf of bread out of the bag, she munched on it slowly, getting every last crumb. Taking the now sour Moomoo Milk, she drank the remains and dropped the bottle to the ground not bothering to look back. She needed sleep badly, and she last place she was sleeping was on the floor again. It couldn't be that long until she was close to a town or city. Why were they all so spaced out to begin with, and most importantly, why was life so complicated?

    It took her another hour of walking to finally come up to a sign that said, "Welcome to Solaceon Town". The text was barely readable, and the sign itself had to be over fifty years old. Great, she was going to a Town filled with old people. Well, at least they wouldn't give her any trouble. Even if they did, whoever had caused her trouble would quickly regret it. The town seemed empty and she wondered what time it was. Was it that early in the morning that people weren't up and doing something? Farms seemed to stretch on as far as the eye could see. Occasionally there were a few houses scattered here and there, and off in the distance she could make out what looked like a Daycare. What a pathetic waste of a Town this was. Oh well, a day of rest here would do some good for her, maybe scare a few old people and light something on fire. Then she would hit the road again and continue looking for something to do. But for the time being, she needed somewhere to stay and rest for the majority of the day. Walking past a Pokemon Center she hesitated, then sighed. She really did not want to stay in a Pokemon Center and risk her chances of random people coming up to her full of smiles asking her how her "Pokemon Journey" was going. If that happened, she was pretty positive that she would cause a scene. Sighing, Blaire turned on her heel and slowly walked into the Pokemon center, bracing herself for the too-happy nurse. As she expected, the nurse was smiling ear to ear, and she spoke to her in a cheerful voice.

    "Good morning, welcome to our Pokemon Center. How may I help you?"

    Glancing at the weird looking machine behind the nurse, she guessed that it was to heal Pokemon. She took the Pokeball holding the Sneasel and placed it on the counter, then looked at the nurse.

    "Yeah heal the thi- Sneasel, hand it back over then get me a room for a night."

    Nodding, the nurse took the ball and placed it on the machine. It seemed to faintly glow, then when the glow disappeared, the nurse smiled and handed the Pokeball back to her. The nurse didn't seem affected by how she talked to her, and to say the least Blaire expected a lecture from the nurse about respecting your elders. Luckily, she didn't receive one which was good for the both of them. The nurse placed a card key on the counter and pointed to the elevator down the hall smiling, like usual.

    "Your room is on the third floor, last door to the right. Please enjoy your stay, and if there is anything you need please call down and ask."

    Blaire grabbed the key and shoved it in her pocket not looking at the nurse again. She mumbled, "Thanks" then walked to the elevator, impatiently pushed the button to go up. When the elevator finally came down she went inside and waited for her floor. She almost screamed when she started to hear elevator music, and just as she was about to scream, the doors slowly opened and she walked out of the elevator quickly making her way towards the room. Jamming the card key into slot, the lock clicked and Blaire went inside and locked the door behind her. She thought about putting the "Do not disturb" sign on the door handle, but she didn't feel like looking for it.

    Every square inch of the room looked hideous. The wallpaper had to be the worse thing about the room; it had an assortment of different Pokemon on them with blinding bright colors that made the dark blue bed stick out like a sore thumb. She looked at the clock, it read 8:00. Odd, normal people would be up by now, or at least thats what she thought anyways. Blaire sat on the bed and took off her already worn down shoes, letting her feet breathe. Slowly, Blaire rested her head back against the soft pillow, her mind started to drift into sleep, and as she rested her eyes for the shortest second, she fell into a deep sleep.

    When she woke up again, it was dark outside and there was a noise coming from outside the window that was irritating to say the least. Although, she felt one hundred percent better after a long days rest. Twelve hours was always good for a person, right? Blaire walked over to the window and glanced down, then shortly after that, rolled her eyes. There was a newspaper business here? What on Earth was wrong with this Town? Down below there was a man barking orders at a young boy telling him to get something called a "Houndoom" do they could write a story about it in tomorrows paper. She walked back over to her bed, put her shoes back on then called the Sneasel out of its ball.

    "Come on, we need to tell those guys to shut up, they woke me up."

    Grinning, the Sneasel nodded and the two of them walked out of the door, took the elevator and walked next door to the newspaper business. The boy was holding out a Pokeball, that most likely held the so called Houndoom. Nodding once the older man walked back inside and the boy seemed the relax. Blaire walked over to the boy and tapped the Pokeball with her index finger.

    "Whatcha got there?"

    The boy looked at her then glanced behind her towards the newspaper business.

    "Oh, just a Houndoom. They're pretty wild Pokemon to catch as a Houndour, but whatever makes the boss happy I guess."

    "Is it...destructive?"

    Blaire smiled sweetly as if she was telling a joke, then took a step closer to the boy, who now was eyeing her closely.

    "Yes..." he began slowly taking a step back, "they are when angered, why?"

    She grinned, held out her hand, then chuckled a few times.

    "Is that so? Well, I'm going to be needing that, it woke me up after all, and I hate being woken up you see..."

    His eyes widened then he quickly shook his head and began to back up.

    "N-no I need this Pokemon for my job. If I don't give this to my boss tomorrow I'll loose my job!"

    Blaire began to advance quickly cornering the boy against a tree. She glared, then motioned the Sneasel forward, who was at this point, glaring at the boy as well.

    "If you don't give me that Houndoom, you'll loose your life, boy. Think about that."

    "You wouldn't dare! Y-you couldn't kill someone!"

    Blaire threw her hands forward towards the boys neck and tightened her grip, the boys eyes going wide, trying to gasp for air. She smiled and tilted her head to the side.

    "Really? You don't think I could? How...amusing. Thing, help me out here, kill him."

    The pokemon grinned, then nodded. Blaire got out of the way and released her hold on the boy that gasped for air on the ground. In a flash the Sneasel dug its claw into the boys neck making it come out of the other side. It continued clawing up the boy's face until his entire face was overflowing with blood. Blaire picked up the Pokeball and smiled.

    "Told you so.." she chuckled then glanced at the Pokemon, "Wipe the blood on his shirt."

    After a minute of cleaning the blood off its claws the Sneasel looked at her again. She tapped the Pokemon on the head, then threw the Pokeball into the night air.

    "Come out Houndoom!"

    There was a bright flash and a demonic looking dog came out of the ball. Destructive was it? That would come in handy right about now. Blaire glared at the Houndoom and pointed to the newspaper business.

    "You! Houndoom! Light it on fire and lets go!"

    Blaire and Sneasel began to walk away as the Pokemon faced the newspaper business and hurled flames out of its mouth. It caught fire at once, and the flames danced into the night sky, the wood making a crackling sound. The Houndoom ran up to Blaire and a few seconds later, there was an explosion behind them, catching the Pokemon Center on fire as well. Glancing back at the scene, Blaire chuckled and continued walking.
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  29. *glomps you*

    OMGOMGOMG!!!! *squeals* THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!! I am now officially thinking this is definetly one of those better stories!! Write more. ;D
  30. [size=6pt]I wanna blow up a pokemon center... :'([/size]

    I feel dwarfed even attempting to do my story now.
  31. I like the sheer evilness of your main character, but somehow her last act(murder and destroying that building) seemed a bit forced to me, what is her reason, how does she feel, shouldn't she have any second thoughts about her actions. Like stealing the houndoum, whats her reason of stealing it, why does she heed it's destructive power.

    But overall it's great, just try to prevent her acts to get "I do this just because I'm evil" stamp on them. Giver her(or us) a reason that she's evil.
  32. Psycho Monkey

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    Don't feel bad RPG, you 2 are completely different genres, or however that word is spelled. You're the new trainer story, she's the sadistic psychopath story.

    @LoN: Where'd you get the devil smiley? I wants it!

    @ Midnight: I'm in awe at how well you pull this off. Blaire is perfectly viscious. Allow me to add arson to the list.

    Armed Robbery
    Attempted Murder
    1st Degree Murder
  33. Holy crud.

    I love the evilness of Blaire. This place needs some VILLIANS dangit!

    What's Blaire going to do with the Houndoom next?
  34. Yeah, but I think I'll wait for this one to die down a little before I go ahead and put up chapter 2
  35. I understand completely, and I will try to improve next chapter.:) I know I failed to mention this in my previous chapters, but let me answer. Blaire has a one set mind; she acts and doesn't think. No matter the consequences. If something upsets her, she doesn't think twice about it. She acts upon whatever it is she thinks is a threat to her at the time being, just so she doesn't get turned in. But for your last question about the Houndoom, I can't answer that because it would give it away. :p

    [quote author=RPG Phreak link=topic=4963.msg76560#msg76560 date=1224462956]
    Yeah, but I think I'll wait for this one to die down a little before I go ahead and put up chapter 2

    I really don't mean to stop you from posting your fic, RPG. It would be fine with me if I stopped posting for a while for you to continue posting yours.

    [quote author:psycho Monkey link=topic=4963.msg76541#msg76541 date=1224458404]
    @ Midnight: I'm in awe at how well you pull this off. Blaire is perfectly viscious. Allow me to add arson to the list.

    Armed Robbery
    Attempted Murder
    1st Degree Murder

    Thank you, more to come ;)

    To everyone, thank you for reading my fic. :D I couldn't of done it without your support. My next chapter won't be posted until sometime next week, because of school.
  36. That's not what I meant. ;)

    Besides, I wouldn't want everyone here mad at ME for being selfish like that.
  37. SMF forums have smileys that aren't put at the top of the post area as well you know, it's just a case of knowing them :)

    Like ^-^ and >:D. Just quote my post to see the code, if you wish to know it that desperately.

    Or you can just use an image code from an uploaded-to-photobucket smiley, if you're that desperate :p

    [quote author=xxmidnightshadowsxx link=topic=4963.msg76566#msg76566 date=1224465836]But for your last question about the Houndoom, I can't answer that because it would give it away.  :p
    [/quote]Noooo! That's good but at the same time so bad, I wanna know :'( *Waits for next chapter*
  38. Right, located a sufficient typo there. Just so you know ^^

    [quote author=xxmidnightshadowsxx link=topic=4963.msg76476#msg76476 date=1224443370]
    In a flash the Sneasel dug its claw into the boys neck making it come out of the other side. It continued clawing up the boy's face until his entire face was over flowing with blood. Blaire picked up the Pokeball and smiled.

    That, is pure evil o.o
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