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RP Forum Rules - All New RPers MUST Read

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Linkachu, Sep 4, 2004.

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  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Role Plays, or RPs for short, are interactive stories where every poster creates one or more characters and writes a long side other forum members. In theory they're merely stories with more than one author, but instead of pooling ideas (writing the story as one) each member continuously prompts the others to move forward one step at a time. The results can be interesting and often times amazing. It all depends on you guys.

    RPs here can be about ANYTHING - any fandom, any random world locked inside your head, a tale based on the "real" world... whatever you like. Using a character with Pokemon is fair game, too, just keep in mind that Pokemon focused RPs go on the Pokemon RP board.

    Remember: These rules and regulations are here to keep the RP board fun for everyone. So, please respect the rules and abide by them. If any of you spots a violation, let us know. We'll do our best to deal with them.


    First of all, The Golden Rules. The five basic things which you should avoid doing (read: mustn't do and if you will, you're technically toast.)

    1. "Hey, didn't I kill you last episode?" Autoing. This means controlling another RPer's character without his or her permission. This will not be tolerated. It's annoying, especially if the RPer had other plans for his/her character. Refrain from doing that, and you should be fine. Sort of.

    2. "Let there be Light!" Superplaying, Also known as "Godmoding." This means doing things which your character shouldn't be able to do, despite this being fiction. I mean, a few special powers is fine, but destroying an entire planet with a sheer thought is bloody ridiculous.

    3. "Is that all you've got...?" It's near impossible for people to join a new topic if they have nothing to go on, so refrain from starting RPs if you don't have the time to do it properly. No thoughtful intro = no RP. Also, NO SIGN-UPs. Just no.

    4. "There is no I in 'Role Play'." RPs are interactive stories in their own way, and have multiple points of view. For that reason, and to prevent confusion (and because it's more grammatically correct!) - All RP posts MUST be in the third person. No exceptions.

    5. "TOO much going on in just ONE second!" Tenses are also a problem. As RPing here is story-format based, complete with narrator and all - and again, to maintain consistency, all posts must be in past tense.

    Everybody got that? Good. Now for a few guidelines that may be counted as rules.

    6. "Details, man, Details! God is in the Details!" Nothing is more irritating than one-line posts, especially in RPs. please add a bit of description to it! The setting, the character's appearance, what's the character doing at the moment, etc. Try to at least write a paragraph, not one sentence.

    7. "Don't forget the greater picture!" However, sometimes too much detail can mess the point of a post. Once a character has been established well enough, there's no need to be overly descriptive about how it looks, and so on, unless if something significant changes about it - Like the clothes they wear, their hair color, etc.

    8. "Excuse me, But you might be confusing me with someone else. And wasn't that table in the left side of the room last episode?" Do your utmost to take notice of other people's posts, to avoid general confusion. I mean, a room can't suddenly turn into a forest (unless if the room was in the middle of an infinite improbability field), and a character can't shift genders all of a sudden (This isn't Ranma 1/2).

    9. "That's the fifth one this week!" Mary Sues (and their male equivalents, Gary Stus) - to be short, characters that are too perfect - unbelievably so. You don't have to start off weak, or something like that - but there's a difference between starting with a strong character and starting with a 17-year-old Rocket Executive Cat-Person with 200+ PokeMon and hyper-sharp senses. I mean, Geeze Puh-leeze. Please, Make your characters at least SOMEWHAT believable. Because every time you write a Mary Sue, the admins kill Kitten. Please. Think of Kitten.

    **Here is a link to a topic that can help you determine whether or not your character is a Mary or a Gary.

    That's all of 'em, for now. Post and have fun!
  2. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Threw in a link to the Mary Sue topic.
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