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Ask to Join Royka: Acadamy of The Elements Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by JacobRaze, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. In this RP, your character will join Royka, a highly prestigous Element training acadamy. They enter at age 13 and stay until age 18. Now its pretty obvious the elements, except the element can be used, not only to destroy, but to heal.(i.e. healing could be with forest/earth or Water. Elements aren't limited to just fire, water etc. You could have Steel or ice, kinda like Fairy Tail)
    So heres the BIO

    PHYSICAL SKILL: (Something physical they excel at)

    For example:

    NAME:Mariko Maklas
    GENDER: Male
    APPEARANCE: Red hair amd green eyes, scar on left arm thats about 4 inches long. At thirteen, he's 5'3.
    ELEMENT: Fire
    BACKGROUND: Father was nationally recognized as a Fire Elemancer. Both parents died in raid, but many people believe it was the new general, for fear he discovered something he shouldn't have. Lives with his sister, who is a graduate of Royka.
    PHYSICAL SKILL: Speed, he has a explosive feeling when he runs, but isnt a 'ripped' person.
  2. Do we all start as first year? What kind of world is there outside of the school? Since you use the term 'raid' and all...
  3. I suppose i should explain that :?

    Yes we are all first years.

    Royka is located in a region called Atcan. The Raid i was reffering to comes into play later. Galamo is the capital, and one of the biggest cities in Actan. Its a bright city that looks medieval minus the cars and trains etc. Besides the cities in Actan there isn't much else. Fields and rural areas cover about fifty percent of the area. Elemancers live outside, everyone isn't an Elemancer, but most people who live in Galamo are.

    Sorry if i dont explain too well, its pretty late and im tired.
  4. Looks interesting hehe

    NAME: Anemi "Emi" Venti
    GENDER: female
    APPEARANCE: Emi has platinum blonde, pixie cut hair, and her eyes are deep green. She is tan, quite short, and agile. Her build makes her look tiny, too.
    ELEMENT: Air
    BACKGROUND: Emi comes from a family or Air Elemancers. She is an only child, but has plenty of cousins, all of which have graduated Royka Academy. Teachers expect her to be as good as them, so she has a constant pressure on her. Truth be told, she never wanted to enroll into a high school like this. Emi would much rather train with her parents, her father being a well-regarded and skillful Air Elemancer.
    PHYSICAL SKILL: she is quite fast, and can hide in small places, thanks to her build.
  5. You know, I want to start joining newer rpers. I'll start with this.
    NAME: Peter Willace
    GENDER: Male
    APPEARANCE: Peter is a decently built person with short rough hair and dark blue eyes. Peter wears a tattered shirt and long black pants. He sometimes wears a black jacket with silver trim.
    ELEMENT: Peter has a magic similar to crash magic from Fairy Tail, allowing him to break things apart, including other elements.
    BACKGROUND: Peter was born into a small family. He learned his magic in a smaller school, often able to win most magic duels brought forward as his power can null out other elements. Peter then joined Royka to prove his worth and the new-ish power.
    PHYSICAL SKILL: Peter can control his element extremely well.
  6. I thought of something else so I will re-register with a revised character.

    NAME: Hanaka Ashenfield
    GENDER: female
    APPEARANCE: Hanaka is a slightly tall girl with average build and brown eyes. She has short black hair and wears a blue headband, with a living yellow flower on the left side. She always carries a small sling bag with various seeds inside.
    ELEMENT: plant
    BACKGROUND: She comes from a economically average family, and she's the first elemancer in their family. She gain entrance to Royka by obtaining a scholarship with her giant pumpkin.
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  8. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    NAME: Parker Bell
    GENDER: Male
    APPEARANCE: Parker's hair is straight and very thick. It's black and glossy and reaches his eyes, however, it's combed over and isn't usually in his face. His eyes are somewhat slanted, deep brown, and very dark. He also needs his glasses, he's basically blind without them. He has a somewhat circular face, with fairly clear skin. Parker usually wears a black and white button-up letter jacket with a frowning face on the back of it. He also has very dark, almost black jeans and black tennis shoes with white soles.
    ELEMENT: Fear / Darkness
    BACKGROUND: Parker grew up in a middle class family. Both of his parents were unskilled with magic and had 9-5 jobs which meant they had almost no time for their son, so he spent most of his time alone. Due to his upbringing, Parker is a reclusive and closed off person. It takes a lot of time and effort to be considered a "friend", but once you get to that point he will do anything for you. His parents urged him to go to Ryoka to make something of his talent. He was accepted because he made the staff so afraid of him that there was no way they would deny him entrance.
    PHYSICAL SKILL: Trained in hand to hand combat, and also has weapon training. Wields a sycthe most of the time.
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  9. Every school has the "secret friend" character. @Top_Smug_

    P.S. the way you got accepted was a 10/10
  10. What is fear element?
  11. He makes people scared of him.
  12. I mean, why it is an element? And how he inflict fear to other?
  13. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    The same way you would use other magics?
  14. Fear beam? Fear destructoball? I just don't want a "fear me because I'm standing right in front of you" spell, it's kinda godmodding.
  15. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Hmmm how about you have to make eye contact
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  16. Its allright I think, but now I'm confused as how do we write things when a character get afflicted by intense fear. Like, what should I write if my character got intense fear for no reason other than getting hit by a fear spell?
  17. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    That's for you to decide, fear is different for everyone. The spell materializes as what your biggest fear is. What you find scary is different from what other find scary.

    It's an experience that changes, fear is for you to determine.
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  18. Thinking about fear has make me know my characters better. Thanks for the prompt.

    I should add this to the list of 'what should I think when making a character'.
  19. ArmedBlue

    ArmedBlue Previously Manu456Alola

    NAME: Manuel Stone
    GENDER: Male
    APPEARANCE: Manuel has short, black hair and brown eyes. He usually wears a blue jacket with a white shirt underneath, blue jeans and black shoes. He also wears glasses, and stands at 4"7. If he goes too far when using his element, his hair becomes blond and spiky.
    ELEMENT: Lightning
    BACKGROUND: Manuel comes from an average family of mostly fire elemancers, with a few variations here and there, one of them being lightning. He has a little sister.
    PHYSICAL SKILL: (Something physical they excel at) He has quite some knowledge in medicine.
  20. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    NAME: Nagai Takamuku
    GENDER: Male
    APPEARANCE: Sky blue spikey hair; black eyes; gray cloak with ragged edges; black t-shirt; black jeans and shoes
    ELEMENT: Mana Energy (raw magic manifested in multiple ways)
    BACKGROUND: He was an orphan from a young age, so he never knew his parents. Eventually, his caretakers realized he had great magical power, and began training him into controlling it. His skill was founded by someone from Royka and he was accepted.
    PHYSICAL SKILL: (Something physical they excel at) controlling his magic
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  21. Love this concept. Its not exactly like the other hundreds of elemental roleplays on the site, and its been quite some time since we RP'd together, so I'm intrigued!
    (I really shouldn't be signing up for this since I already join too many threads to keep up with but I'll do my best lmao)

    NAME: Liam Ellos

    GENDER: Male

    ELEMENT: Light

    APPEARANCE: Liam is a very bright blonde haired, and brown eyed boy. He has olive skin and a lean/flexible physique for a young teen. He stands at 5'5 and often wears a sleeveless white jacket with a hood and opened front and a yellow t-shirt underneath. He also well as slim black pants and clean-kept yellow converse. Just above his left elbow he has a simple tattoo of a sun, something that is tradition throughout the Light Elemancers in his family (His father, aunt, and himself).

    BACKGROUND: Liam comes from a family where the gift of the elements is split - he and his father are the only Elemancers within the direct bloodline. His father and Aunt were born possessing the gift of Light, but his Uncle was not. Liam's mother does not have an elemental power, and neither does his younger sister. His Father and Aunt both currently serve as higher ranks within the Actan Military - Tactical Division. Liam wishes to be as well respected as the two other light casters in his family, and so he applied and was accepted into Royka Academy due to mostly his family background... but he aims to prove that he is a worthy student because of his own skill, not on anyone else's accord.

    PHYSICAL SKILL: He is very limber and mobile, prioritizing his agility in order to aid his elemental abilities.
  22. Yeah it really has been too long @Platinum_ go on ahead
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  23. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    ok ok I fixed my character bio. Can you look at it now?
  24. @Nebulix i didnt even see it sorry:'| accepted
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  25. @Top_Smug_ Hey actually, would you mind if it editted my post and we had Liam and Parker room together? I think the situation is set up too perfect with Liam being a positive Light Elemancer and your character being someone with Darkness and more of a negative disposition :D
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  26. Should we fast forward to the next day?
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  27. Yeah i guess after the probably short convo between me and @Vaporeonn
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  28. I'v been waiting for something so I could post.
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  29. aagh sorry I keep thinking I already posted. Will finish up just now!
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  30. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_


    Absolutely! Sorry for not respond sooner, I didn't get the notification at all.

    It does make sense for them to be roomates, Parker would probably find Liam annoying but warm up to him slowly~
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  31. Soo, what's the schedule?
  32. Im guessing it would be simple. It would be given to us as all the same classes the first three years, but after that, you have more control.

    The first three classes of the day are more normal school classes, like history, literature, or math, because those are things that we are required to study for those three years. After that we have the Elemancer Basic classes, also until year 3, these include the Art of Element(control and usage), physical training, and history of Element.

    Aftter that if the schppl has nothing planned, you're good to go.
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  33. I just wanted to add that im really enjoying the ideas. Especially the cloaks. Keep it up guys.
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  34. The school part is one of the hardest when doing a school RP, lol. Just like in real life.
  35. We could probably skip it. Just put in the breakfast and lunch, and then any events, but thats about it.
  36. What's the next big event you planned? Where all the players is in one location

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