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Ask to Join Royal Eevees

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Midnight Heart, Oct 1, 2016.

  1. Midnight growled. "Excuse me, but who are you, Might I ask?" Midnight said to the new face. Now there were Eevee all over. "I chose the wrong day to wake up." He thought.
  2. "Iam Zenith...I Came from the Moon Village."Zenith turned his face to him.
    "May I ask who are you and where is the Starlight princess?"Zenith smiled.
  3. Noir whimpered "Let's go, m'lady" He muttered, then turned and walked away, pretty angry with Zyro. "I'll take whatever fate comes to me, getting killed, living happily ever after, whatever it is, I'll take it with open paws" Noir said sadly to Moon.

    Freddie raised an eyebrow at Zenith "Wow, that was VERY rude of you and there's no Starlight princess here" She snarled, getting slightly agitated.
  4. "Then I hope you dont care if I stay with this gem."Zenith showed him one of the princesses most precious gem.
    "So...will you tell me where is the princess?"Zenith smiled.
    "I Recommend you to be fast unless you want the king see you here."
  5. "I'm sorry, but I'm allowed here, unlike you, you excuse for a Shiny Eevee" Freddie snarled again, standing, making her oversized top hat fall over her eyes. With a frustrated grunt, she pushed it back into place and sighed with anger.
  6. "Unwanted...Ok I will talk to the king."Zenith smiled and walked to the king´s room.
    "Noir isnt that right?"Zenith stopped and turned his face to her.
  7. "Noir, I promise my father won't find out. If he does, I'll do whatever I can to keep him from doing anything to you. Besides, we could always run away. My cousin would help us run away, if we were to." Moon said to Noir, nuzzling his cheek affectionately.

    "Talk to you later, I guess." Sunny said to Lukas before going to find Moon. Sunny saw Moon walking with Noir. "Moon seems to really like Noir. I wonder if they will get married one day. Well, they would have to run away, but I would help them." Sunny thought to himself. "Hey Moon, hey Noir!" Sunny said as he walked up to the two of them.
  8. Freddie tilted her head "Who's Noir? What Noir?" She asked bitterly, glaring at the white Eevee.

    Noir bowed his head at Sunny "Hello Sunny" He said gloomily. "Also, if we did have to run away, I wouldn't be able to, my sister needs me, she's the only one I have left in my real family" He said, thinking about his Shiny Flareon sister, Fay.
  9. "You have a sister?" Sunny asked Noir. "And what's this I hear about running away?" Sunny asked, playing with one of Moon's ears until she slapped him with her ear. "Ow! What was that for?" Sunny whined playfully, holding his paw on his eye like he was really hurt. "For playing with may ear." Moon said calmly, giggling a little. "Anyway, we could live near where your sister is, Noir, so you could visit her anytime. We just couldn't tell anyone where we lived." Moon said to Noir, not caring at all the Sunny was listening. She knew Sunny wouldn't tell anyone.
  10. Midnight frowned. He watched as Freddie did his job for him. Midnight then smiled as Zenith beat it. He smiled. "Man, you are much more aggressive then I thought you were. Midnight smiled.
  11. "Well I think I was being aggresive because I didnt got and i wanted...Sorry about that."Zenith smiled.
    "Now seriously...where is the princess?I need to give her this."Zenith showed one gem.
    "Will you tell me now?"Zenith smiled.
  12. Draco walked down the street using the silk scarf to hide his face hoping no one would see him. As he scanned the area he noticed an eevee with the jewel he was after, " oh no not this" he whispered to himself. Its now or never if I don't get it now I'll never get another shot he thought to himself. After a quick plan of a getaway he charged at the eevee " I'll take that gem off your hands" he said.
  13. "what you are doing here? huh thief" zyro said preparing to use a iron tail "no think I forget what happened the last time and I not care you was aggresive"
  14. "you, try to stop me" Draco snickered' " I've been doing this for years and never got caught, years." Draco got ready for the fight by using double team to confuse Zyro.
  15. "im specialist at this!" zyro use swift on all eevee of the double team and use iron tail in draco "if you think all this effort will work you really need to think again!"
  16. Zenith heard some noises from the castle.
    "Hmmm Iam off for now." Zenith dashed to the castle.
    Zenith finally reached Zyro and Draco the fighters.
    "You there!Stop right now!"Zenith used Confuse ray on Draco.
  17. using a quick attack Draco avoided the iron tail " what ever do you mean, in fact" Draco interrupted that his own phrase with a sand attack only to be almost hit with confuse ray "well I make my escape now" Draco used quick attack to get away in a flash before more could happen.
  18. "argh sand!" zyro take out the sand of his face and talk to zenith "what you want thief whant be more hurted?"
  19. "Well I was about to help you but I think I will just end both of you" Zenith smiled and throwed something to nowhere.
    "There no iam ready to fight gentlemans!"Zenith was really excited.
    "But you may hurt yourself."
  20. After starting the getaway that Draco planned he thought to himself no the plan failed I cant believe it. Draco found his secret entrance but before he entered he looked back to make sure he wasn't followed but just to make sure he hid away
  21. "come back here!" zyro use quick attack to rapidly stay near of Draco and use iron tail "take that your outlaw! if you are going to help help there! zenith!"
  22. "Mine?That isnt one of my outlaws little prince..."Zenith was confused.
    "The only outlaw I had is gone now...so I have none outlaws...last time I was bluffing little prince."Zenith used confuse ray on draco while he talked to Zyro.
  23. Draco used protect so the confuse ray couldn't hit him "come on will you stop with that once the fight actually begins you wont be able to fight now if you excuse me I have somewhere to be" Draco said while using sand attack to blind the foes while he started to jump on the buildings toward the gates.
  24. "gr.. I hate outlaws!" zyro jumped on the buildings "so you have protect? but this will break your protect!" zyro was about to use iron tail but a psycic holded him "wait who is doing this?" the eclipse queen appeared "ah mom I was about to smash him!" "is enough zyro" the eclipse quenn said and her use psycic to pick Draco "so you are stealing?"
  25. Noir sighed "Fay lived in THIS castle, she's a knight" He said sadly, ears drooping.

    Freddie smiled sweetly at Midnight "I can when I have to be" She said, nodding at Midnight, making her top hat fall over her eyes again.
  26. Midnight smiled. He grabbed Freddie's hat, holding it in front of her face. "Hehe, this hat gets in the way of everything." He smirked, then placing the hat down.
  27. (@Blu Ace, I love your profile pic of Plagg!)

    Freddie smiled and put the top hat back in her head. "When in a Flareon, this has will fit me nicely" She said, her ears pinning down against her head because of her too hats' weight.
  28. OOC: @Kitsune477 I know right! I just searched up Plagg and I found this. :D

    BIC: "Heh, Hopefully. But it cute when it covers your eyes, and you giggle. And that other stuff." Midnight smirked "Why don't you fit your ears inside your hat?" Midnight suggested.
  29. Freddie shook her head "No, I tried but it hurts my ears" She said, giggling at Midnight's suggestion. "But good try though!" She exclaimed happily, fluffy tail swishing left and right.
  30. "Really?" Moon asked. "Well, there goes that plan! Oh well!" Moon thought. "Why don't you just have her come with you?" Sunny asked. "Or can she not leave?" Sunny added. "If she can't leave, why can't she?" Sunny asked. "Sunny, I don't think Noir wants or needs you asking him those questions right now!" Moon growled at Sunny, smacking him upright in the head. "Ow! Now that did hurt!" Sunny whined.
  31. "Yes, it's personal stuff that I can't tell you" Noir said, getting slightly agitated. "Speak of the Flareon..." Noir muttered, noticing his sister bound over to them. "Heyo peeps! I don't think we met before? Anyway, I'm Fay!" The Flareon exclaimed enthusiastically. "Hey Fay" Noir said, snuggling up in the Flareon's mane.
  32. "If she is a knight, I haven't seen her around before!" Sunny whispered in Moon's hear, causing her to smack him with one of her ears. "Ow!" Sunny yelped, jumping back. "What was that for?" He whined, like always. "For being annoying." Moon told Sunny calmly. "Hi!" Moon said. "Hiya!" Sunny said.
  33. "Hehe, Yeah, I can see that." Midnight smirked. He then stood up, walking over to the door. "Come on, lets go outside and see Moon." He smiled, opening the door.
  34. "She left" Freddie said, standing up and following him.

    Fay sighed "As per usual, I'm not really noticed around here" She said, patting Noir's head lovingly.

    Noir wagged his tail "Hey sis, would you like to come with me and Moon? We're running away" He asked, looking up at her with hope.
  35. "Oh, how long were we up here then?" Midnight smirked, then running to the dining room. He saw Shadow and his mother stand. "Hi Mom! Hi Shadow!" Midnight smiled, then walking over. He hopped onto a chair, then eating a biscuit lying in the center of the table. "What happened while we were upstairs?" Midnight asked.
  36. "Yeah!" Sunny said, jumping up and down. "Want to come?" Sunny asked, continuing to jump up and down. "Sunny, aren't you going to stay here?" Moon asked Sunny. "Nope! I'm going with you!" Sunny said, hugging his cousin.
  37. Fay shrugged "Alright, I'll come with, as long as you don't treat me like-" The Flareon was cut off when Noir covered her mouth with his paw.

    "You'll be treated with respect, trust me" Noir said, pounding the air with his free paw.

    Freddie followed Midnight, hopping up beside him "Hey! Save some of the biscuit for me!" She whined.

    Shadow smirked and rolled his eyes "Well, Cloud and his daughter Moon came over, with someone that Freddie would be quite upset that she missed...." Shadow trailed off, eyes trained on the Shiny Eevee who flinched, deep in thought now.
  38. "You will be treated with respect, I'll make sure of that." Moon said to Fay. "Yeah!" Sunny said, doing a back flip and accidentally hitting the wall. "We gotta make sure Sunny doesn't kill himself, too." Moon mumbled. "So where are we going to go?" Sunny asked, rubbing his head.
  39. Midnight smiled. "Yea, Yea." He smiled. He grabbed another Biscuit, then handing it over to Freddie. Midnight flinched he he saw Freddie stare off."Oh, Jeez." Midnight frowned.
  40. Fay smiled and chuckled "Cool, also, could we go to the Diamond Gem palace first?" Fay asked, managing to remove Noir's paw from her mouth.

    Noir smiled "Yes! No more worries! Yet..." He muttered, smiling sheepishly.

    Freddie stiffened "It was Noir...wasn't it...?" She asked, turning and giving Shadow puppy-dog eyes.

    Shadow sighed "Yes, it was Noir, YOUR Noir, the first male that I allowed you to become close to" Shadow said, eyes downcast.

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