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Ask to Join Royal Eevees

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Midnight Heart, Oct 1, 2016.

  1. Midnight woke up from his concussion finding himself in Freddie's arms. He blushed deeply. "Um, what happened?" Midnight asked. It was classic amnesia. It effected his attract too. He let go of Freddie, still blushing. He then heard something outside. It sounded like a fight. He ignored it, then rubbed the back of his head awkwardly. "We'll, this is weird." He frowned.
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  2. "That's nice of her!" Moon said, delighted. "So what other Castles are you going to go to?" Moon asked curiously. "Also, did you figure out how you lost your pendant earlier?" Moon asked. "I really don't know how it ended up around my neck, still." Moon said.
  3. "well I was jumping of the my castle window and fell in your neck you may think now im crazy but is cool! and the next kingdom we are going to go is starlight" zyro picked some berrys of the tree "hey you want some? is delicious!"
  4. Freddie chuckled "You got so overboard that you told someone, I dunno who, but you told someone that you want to marry me and now we're getting married tomorrow" She said hastily, leaning back and closing her eyes, waiting for Midnight's reaction.

    Noir's eyes were swirling, did that just happen? Noir shivered and puffed his fur out, flattened it and then raced after Moon. "Moon- who's this?" Noir asked, eyeing the new Eevee in a battle stance.
  5. Name: Light
    Gender: Female
    Shiny: yes
    Position: Bandit
    Castle/village: Village
    Personality: Lone wolf, Shy, Mean at times, Friendly sometimes
    Fur color: grey, dark grey
    Eye color: blue
    Skills: Jumping, fighting, fastness
    Extra: Is an orphan and her parents died when she was just and egg

    Light sits on top of A tree looking at the sky, she sighs tears start to drop from her face, she seems to try to be hurting herself

    She hears a rustle in a nearby bush, she starts jumping to tree to tree away from there. She seems to have a scar on her back leg, she also seems to be bleeding everywhere on my body making my fur a almost red color
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  6. Midnight frowned.

    "Wait, Wait, What?! I'm marrying Freddie?! How could this happen to me!? How did I get mt self into this mess!? What am I going to do!? I have to marry my Best Friend!? Though she is kinda cute, welll alot cute." Midnight yelled in his mind.

    Midnight was forgetting to breath, and his face was getting Blue.
  7. Freddie opened her eyes and pushed Midnight gently, trying to get him to breathe. "C'mon, you gotta breathe otherwise there won't be a wedding tomorrow, there will be a funeral!" She barked, alarmed that her best friend was turning blue.
  8. Midnight took a deep breath in, then sighed. He stopped thinking then turned to Freddie. "And, you, agreed to this?" Midnight frowned asking, as marrying his best friend wasn't the worst thing that happened to him.
  9. "Sorry! I didn't mean to leave you behind. I thought you were following me. Anyway, this is Zyro! He's a prince. He lost his pendant earlier, and it somehow ended up around my neck. Not quiet sure how it happened, though." Moon said to Noir. "And why are you in a battle stance?" Moon asked Noir.
  10. Freddie shrugged "I don't mind, dad said it would be great if I married you, but in my own words, I'm actually fine with this" She said, nodding at Midnight. "Sure, sometimes your a stick in the fur, but that's why I don't mind! It's always nice to have rivalry here and there" She added, giving him a closed-eye smile.

    Noir stood up straight "No reason, and weren't you gonna tell me something?" He asked, not liking Zyro's presence, not.one.bit. He had a faint scent of Freddie on him, but he was definitely sure that she went missing.
  11. "What do you mean?" Moon asked, having somewhat forgotten. "Hey Noir, what time is it?" Moon added, needing to be back at the castle by six thirty or else she and her Father would miss dinner. And Noir would probably miss dinner too.
  12. Noir opened his mouth to reply, but paused as she spoke again. "Well, m'lady, I think we already missed dinner" He said sadly. "And you wanted to tell me who you would marry" He whispered in her ear, then moved back.
  13. Moon blushed. "I'll t-tell you when we get back to the castle." Moon whispered to Noir, continuing to blush. "Besides, we'll have to be alone for me to tell you, because if anyone knows, they'll make fun of me." Moon whispered, looking at the ground and drawing circles in it with her paw.

    "I am afraid I must be going, as Princess Moon hates being out of our castle after dark. And we will be giving away gems to the poor tomorrow, so I must start getting the castle ready." King Cloud said, somewhat sadly. King Cloud did not know that his daughter actually liked being out after dark because she could star gaze without getting in trouble.
  14. "Let's go, m'lady" Noir said, gently tugging Moon along. "Maybe, I could sneak you out and we can stargaze, then you can tell me" He whispered to her.
  15. Moon blushed even more. "Okay." Moon said quietly, following Noir. "I wonder how he'll react when I tell him." Moon wondered. "He could be mad about it, he could be sad about it, or he could be happy about it." Moon thought to herself, figuring the last one probably wouldn't happen.
  16. Midnight blushed as Freddie let out her thoughts of their marriage. He frowned, then smiled. "so, you think, we should, get married?" Midnight blushed smile on his face. He was happy and sad, he was going to be married, but to his best friend which wasn't the worst thing in the world.
  17. Noir and Moon got to the adults and waited patiently for them to leave. 'Moon is flustered, she never blushes when she's around me...' He thought, eyeing his paws.

    Freddie nodded "Yeah, your awesome and interesting" She said, winking at Midnight. "Plus, I don't think you'll mind if I use attract on you when we're married" She smirked, tilting her top hat a bit onto her forehead.
  18. Midnight frowned when she mentioned attract. "Is that what happened?" He asked. He then grinned. "Fine, let's play dirty." He smiled, then using Attract.
  19. "zyro we are going home!" the zyro mom said "okay mom!" zyro and his mom were to eclipse "wich the dinner mom?" "is berries son" the zyro mom said. zyro eated his food rapidly "mom im going to play outside" "okay son just come back before the sleep hour" the zyro mom said. zyro was outside and jumped to a tree trunk "I will sleep here for a time"
  20. Moon desided she was a little excited to tell Noir who she would marry, even if he got mad. "I wish they would hurry up." Moon thought to herself. "Father, may we go home now?" Moon asked King Cloud. "Yes, my dear. It is getting dark anyway. Bye bye! I hope to see you again soon." King Cloud said to the queen of Diamond gem. He got up and started to go outside, Moon following him and, once again, dragging Noir.
  21. Noir smiled and rolled his eyes 'Sometimes, people just DON'T change' He thought, smile turning into a smirk.

    Freddie was so confused, she didn't even have time to run and the attract hit her.....but nothing happened.
  22. King cloud climbed into the carriage, followed by Moon, who dragged Noir in. "I'm a little nervous now." Moon thought to herself. Soon they were at Starlight castle. Moon jumped out, dragging Noir with her. King cloud climbed out and went to his throne room.
  23. Noir smiled at Moon "I promised to myself that I'll take you to see the stars, now C'mon" He said, pulling Moon out the door and outside. "Were alone, care to tell me who you would marry, m'lady?" He asked.
  24. Moon blushed. "O-okay. I-i would marry..." Moon hesitated a little, blushing even more. "You." Moon said, wondering how Noir would react, now that he knew. "Please don't get mad, please don't get mad!" Moon thought to herself, still blushing.
  25. Midnight frowned as his attract had no effect. He turned away in shame. "If it works with the Flareon Girls what why can't it work with Freddie?" He thought.
  26. Noir broke out into a blushing fit. "M-Me? B-but I'm just a servant, w-what did I do that made y-you like me in t-that way?" He asked, trotting over to Moon and waiting for her response.

    Freddie sighed "I had competitions with other Pokèmon that knew attract. I did it until I couldn't get affected" She said, walking up to Midnight and rubbing her nose against his cheek.
  27. Moon blushed even more. "I-i don't really know. I-it just happened. A-and to me, you're more then just a servant." Moon said, continuing to blush. "I hope he isn't mad." Moon thought to herself. "And I hope he doesn't hate me!" Moon thought.
  28. Noir's blush intensified "I-I...." He was speechless. This normally only happened in the fairytales that he reads, but his wishes have come true. "I-I....Love you too" He managed to say before he curled into a ball and squealed with delight
  29. (I think Moon and Noir are cute together:))

    Moon smiled, continuing to blush. She nuzzled Noir affectionately. "Why did you curl into a ball?" Moon asked curiously, wondering why Noir curled into a ball. "He loves me too? My dreams have come true!" Moon thought happily, glad Noir loved her too.
  30. Name: Draco
    Gender: Male
    Shiny: No
    Position: Bandit
    Castle/village: Starlight
    Personality: Lone wolf, aggressive, lashes with anger
    Fur color: regular
    Eye color: red
    Skills: scavenging, fighting, robbery
    Extra: Silk scarf


    Draco paced back and forth biding his time until everything fell into place. "okay here we go the crown is the goal nothing else. Clean and simple, in and out, the time is coming," Draco began laughing quietly until he heard the guard. He silenced and ran out of the back before anything bad could happen.
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  31. (I think so too!)

    Noir uncurled and giggled "I do that when I'm extra happy" He clarified, smiling sweetly at Moon. His cheeks were bright red. 'I'm the happiest Eevee alive!' He thought happily.
  32. Midnight smiled. "Well, that explains a lot." He smiled nuzzling into Freddie's fur. "Maybe a marriage won't be too bad." He smiled.
  33. "Yeah, and then your mom will stop trying to get you to meet other princesses" Freddie said, smiling enthusiastically at Midnight. She glanced down at her pendant that was attached to her bracelet on her front right paw. 'The fire stone can wait, Mother, let me settle down, then I'll complete your final wish' Freddie thought, her shiny silver fur sticking up in different directions. "So, we'll be a shiny couple, won't we?" She asked, smirking at her own pun.
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  34. zyro was in the trunk tree so he heard all moon and noir said. he jumped to the ground "so you two are going to marry right?" zyro asked surprised
  35. Moon jumped upon hearing Zyro. "Z-zyro! W-what are you doing here? Please don't tell anyone!" Moon begged, hiding behind Noir, afraid Zyro would tell. "My Father would never let me be with Noir if he knew!" Moon cried, which was completely true. Her Father would never let her be with Noir, if he knew, because to him, Noir was just a servant. But to Moon, Noir wasn't just a servant.
  36. "Yeah, pretty ironic." Midnight smiled. "Well, do you know what your gonna evolve into? I'm going to be an Umbreon, like your dad. I've always liked their blue rings, there so Shiny." Midnight smiled. Midnight looked at Freddie who was looking at her pendant. "Is, something wrong?" He asked, a bit concerned in his voice.
  37. Noir sighed "If your father knew, he'll execute me" He cried out, then sighed sadly at Moon. "He can't know m'lady" He whispered.

    Freddie looked up and smiled at Midnight "Yes I'm fine and what I want to evolve into? A Flareon, like my mother" She said, gesturing at the pendant. "It's actually a fire stone my mom gave me, but she just coated it in glass so when I touch it, I won't evolve" She said, her over side top hat falling over her eyes.
  38. "Cool, I love flareons. There so warm, and cozy, Except a Shiny Flareon, they look like big poofy eevees." Midnight joked. He then frowned when her top hat fell over her eyes. Midnight grabbed the top hat placing it back firmly on her head, then gave her a closed eye smile.
  39. "Well shiny flareon isnt that different from the normal one..."Zenith joined the conversation.
    "Actually I think Shiny flareons are pretty unique...they are like a golden flareon but I still like Umbreons because of their rings."Zenith sat next to Freedie helping to hid Noir.
  40. "I know, that is why no one can know!" Moon whispered, looking like she was about to cry. "They might tell my Father!" Moon whispered. "Zyro, please, promise me you won't tell anyone!" Moon said to Zyro. "If anyone found out, they might tell my Father, and then he would execute Noir! So please, don't tell anyone!" Moon said.

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