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RoseTea Pixels

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by RoseTea, May 4, 2007.

  1. Okay... I like to make dolls...
    When I have the time... I like to make them animated...

    I am not good at making bases, so I use KawaiiHannah's bases, and alter them for my use.
    (Google her to find her Pixel Gallery)
    And I even contacted her for permission to use them...

    Anyways... Here are a few things I have down...

    ^This was the first ever animated doll I did.
    I like it, and I think it will always be a favorite of mine. ^ ^;;

    And currently, I am making a thank you doll for Spriteon - since she made me a trainer sprite that's out of this world!​
  2. I just did a complete U-Turn from my bed back to the computer once I saw this. xD Again, loving the dolly. Flesh tone with the white ears would be perfect. ^^

    If you'd like, and if it'd save you the trouble of animating it so much, maybe instead of making it move like so, would leaving it in it's neutral pose and having the Gem/Tail change colors be easier than animating all those bases? It's perfectly adorable as is, and I dun wanna make you work really hard. xD Being a college student and all.​
  3. Hmm... I can do that. ^ ^

    And so you know...
    I just had my exams today, so I am done with school now. xD
    I got an A in Art, and a B in Visual Basic. ^ ^
    -part time student-

    And I am flattered.
    My thread kept you from going to bed!​
  4. This should make your life easier then. Instead of like...all the ker-bobbing element colors there are out there, I only picked my favorites. xD Since Spriteon really is a giant Mood Ring as another member called it. So this might help a bit.


    Spriteon's tail, since you used it right from the sprite, has 6 different shades on the tail. You can use you're own custom colors if you want, it's really just a guide.​
  5. Yep, that does make things easier. ^ ^
    -copies the image and pastes it into a special file I have set-

    I'll definately play around with it some.
    ^ ^
  6. hrm...giant mood ring...sounds like arceus, so i suppose an arceus-eeveelution would be spriteon? (off topic)

    (on topic) very nice, i think that vis basic class paid off =]
  7. tpl2000: Umm... Visual Basic has nothing to do with making Sprites... >.>
    It's a course that is about a program that allows you to create programs.
    You know when you get those programs that pop up with the Don't Save, Save, Cancel? Or Okay or Cancel buttons? Or where you type in information and click submit?
    The program "Calculator" was made in Visual Basic.

    Yeah... ^ ^;;;

    As it is...
    I am still doing Spriteon's doll...

    And I even started playing with the colors she provided...
    And I like this rainbow.
    ^ ^

    Then... I started playing around with animation ideas...
    There is going to be more then what I have so far...
    -like blinking and few other things-
    But I wanted to see the transition of the one idea I was going with, inspiried by Spriteon's suggestion.


    As you can see..
    I have been doing a lot... ^ ^;;;

    But I needed a break..
    And I have been meaning to do a base for my original Pokemon trainer, Alice Rose.
    And I finally got part of it done.
    The hair took me for EVER!

    I just need to lighten the eyes now...
    But I can do that later.
    ^ ^;;;

    Tell me what you think.
  8. Woo! I'm loving Alice's hair, and Spriteon Dolly is looking FABULOUS. You rock out SO much.​
  9. OMg!!!

    So fricken sweet!!!
    -huggles Spriteon-

    I love it. ^ ^
    And... I am spriting out your dolls hair as I type..
    -I love multi tasking-
    It's actually in three parts...
    Because I am not all to sure which way I am going with it.

    I am using your human form as a reference, but I am making sure the placements are perfect.. and the style is just right. ^ ^:;;

    I should just link all my work plans...
    I have so many of them...

    Actually.. I am going to.
    ^ ^

    Hair plans...
    I am planing around with the bangs...
    Then I am seeing the bangs with a hairstyle...
    The color purple is just my base to work on...
    It will be gone when I go to color it.

    Rainbow plans
    This is layed out so editting will be much MUCH faster for me.

    Step by step of the animation so far...
    (still needs to be editted in certain sections, but going to do all that after I finish the rainbow, and hair... >​
  10. Sami - I am still working on your sprite... but it is so many frames (over 60), it's taking me a while...
    So.... I took a little break...

    And that's where this post comes in...
    My boyfriend is a fan of the anime Naruto, so...
    He asked me to make him a pixel doll of Naruto.

    I finished it pretty fast because it was rather easy...

    Here it is.
    (took me approximently 6 hours to do)

    I am going to make the background transparent later...
    Once I figure out how... ^ ^;;;
  11. i believe there was something about making the backgrounds transparent on the thread where you could submit your own trainers for the TC maker.

    edit: here's something from "le tutorial and le links"

    "For transparency in Paint copy and paste one of the sprites from the sprite sheet and put it onto a blank spot of the bitmap. "
    i'm not sure if that's all that was mentioned for that part, but if you have any confusion (as i do) just go to the thread, hopefully it'll help.
  12. Thanks, but there is a difference if making animated gifs.
    The way to make them transparent is different.
    I need to fill the background, but I also need to make sure the fill matches up and is consistant in the gif format...

    I have to play around to figure it out.
  13. Looking great! Hey hey, if you ever want me to sprite your other persona's I'm all for it. ^^ Sorry I've been gone so long, my internet server was being switched and a whole bunch of delay's happened. xD But yay, I've got Verizon now!

    The hair looks perfect! I used different colors when I plan out things too. ^^ Just one of those handy-dandy tricks. Awesome work as always!​
  14. Thank you.
    If I ever get out my other persona's I may ask.

    And yay for verison!

    I will have to post Spriteon later though...
    I have been uber sick lately, and can barely use the com, let alone go to work. >

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