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Ask to Join Rose Petal Village (Romance RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Midnight Heart, May 30, 2017.

  1. Rose Petal Village, the village of love and romance! Recently having undergone construction, many Pokemon moved away due to the constant loud noises from the machines, hammering sounds from the hammers, and other tools. But now, there are more houses, shops, hotels, farms, restaurants, and parks, so now Pokemon that once lived there before are moving back, along with lots of other Pokemon, in hopes of finding love, or just finding a nice place to live, whether it be permanent or temporary. But despite being the village of love and romance, there is always the chance of a couple not working out and breaking up, heartbreaks, and hatred.

    Discussion/sign ups: https://pokecharms.com/threads/rose-petal-village-romance-rp-discussion-sign-ups.16698/#post-457663


    Alpha silently watched the clouds as he laid in his small garden, which was right beside his small house. He sighed. "This is boring. There's nothing to do here. Maybe it was a bad idea to move here. I probably won't find love, anyway." Alpha said, frowning. "I think I'll go for a walk. Maybe I can find something to do." Alpha said to himself, standing up.
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  2. Cirrus sat languidly atop a park bench, tail swishing in boredom behind him as he stretched out and yawned. It was a lazy day for the Delcatty, but then again, most every day in Rose Petal Village was sluggish for Cirrus. No one had stopped to chat, which, in fairness, was probably because he'd been sleeping for the past hour, but it was a subtle blow to his morale anyways to realize he'd caught no one's eye. No matter, he sprang down from the bench and paced slowly down the park trail, watching a Camerupt and Ludicolo couple right before him as he headed along with a sigh.
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  3. Walking along the park trail, Duke passed a couple and greeted them politely before continuing his journey to nowhere. He wasn’t going anywhere particular, in fact, Duke was just enjoying the warm morning sun and the pleasant scenery of the park’s plant life surrounding him. Passing by another Pokémon, a lone Delcatty this time, he repeated his actions and greeted the Pokémon with the same polite demeanor. “And a delightful day to you too.” Duke smiled, locking his gaze with the Delcatty for just a moment before walking past her in the opposite direction.
  4. Nautilus

    Nautilus Previously Dark Hydreigon

    "Jewel, where are we this time?" Zane asked the Zangoose. Jewel looked at her map, "It looks like we arrived at... Rose Petal village, the village of love." "I guess we're going to stay here for a bit." Zane said. After an hour, they walked to the park, and looked at the Pokémon. "This place is boring." Zane yawned. "Ask the locals for directions." Jewel asked.
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  5. Alpha growled as he walked out of his garden, as a Growlithe had ran past him, almost making him trip. "Stupid Growlithe..." Alpha mumbled. He looked around for a few moments before finally deciding on which way to go, and he then started walking in that direction. "I won't be surprised at anything that happens in this village, I bet." Alpha mumbled.
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  6. Night yawned. She lied down in a flower bed, rolling over the roses and violets. "Roses are Red, yes that is true, but Violets are Violet, not fricken Blue." She recited in her head, smirking every so options. She sat up to see no one around, and a violet had gotten in between her head and ear. "Hey!" She smirked, wagging her tail as she grabbed the violet with her Paw. "What do you think you're doing up there?!" She smirked. The flower didn't respond, only dancing in the wind. Night let out a small sigh, and puffed up her cheeks. "Fine, you can stay, just don't sneak up on me!" She laughed, then using Psychic to steadily place the violet back in her ear. "Heheh." She smiled at the flower. "I'll call you Violet." She smiled, then stood up, shaking off any pollen that remain on her fur, the Violet coming off in the process, slowly picking up and flying off in the wind. Night quickly noticed and chased after the Violet. "Hey! Come back, Violet!" She yelled, chasing after it.
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  7. Cirrus smiled at the polite Furfrou, nearly taken aback with the sudden pleasantry as he met his eyes. "I hope for a day just as delightful for you, although, if letting me walk alongside you would be any help in making that so, I'd be happy to oblige." He placidly offered, still padding slowly down the trail.
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  8. Duke had barely made it past the Delcatty when the offer of walking together made him stop dead in his tracks. Turning around to face the Pokémon he smiled once more and nodded. “If you’d like. It’s a lovely day, wouldn’t mind to have some company to share this pleasant stroll with.” Changing directions Duke walked alongside his newfound company. “Oh, do excuse me, I haven’t introduced myself have I? My name is Duke and it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”
  9. Cirrus smiled, a suave, self-satisfied grin wide across his feline face as Duke walked beside him. "A lovely day to meet someone such as yourself, Duke. I have to say, your delightfully polite nature isn't going unappreciated right now. My name is Cirrus. A pleasure." He purred, his head ducked down in greeting. "So, what brings a showmanship-worthy Furfrou such as yourself to a place like Rose Petal Village?"
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  10. “What brings me to this place?” Duke seemed to ponder over the question he had been asked, as if he wasn’t quite sure of the answer himself. Looking around, letting his gaze wander, he wondered. “A place like Rose Petal Village. Hmm… well, to be fair, this place has lot of positive points. Especially today.” Duke smiled as he looked at Cirrus. “The weather is lovely, almost year-round. So, too, is the scenery. However, most importantly is the delightful company. Considering all that, I’d say this place is all-round delightful. Everything is very pleasing and very lovely, Cirrus.” Duke put a slight emphasis on the Delcatty’s name, hinting at the fact that this particular companion was just as lovely as everything he had mentioned beforehand.
  11. Cirrus pretended to be hurt by the reasoning, but the grin still plastered on his face betrayed him to ensure he was only joking. "Oh dear, you're all this way out for fine weather and scenery, as well as company, but with no interest in pursuing the gent or gal of your romantic dreams? Have you no heart, fiend?" He said with a faux swoon, smirking like a scoundrel.
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  12. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Storm the Shiny Luxray was casually taking a walk through the village of Rose Petal, a romantic village apparently. 'Village of Love huh?' Storm thought. 'That must be some kind of myth or whatever.' But it seems as though that the myth might be true. Everywhere Storm went, there was a couple in sight. "Argh...." Storm mumbled. "That is some bull****, I don't believe it." Surprisingly, as Storm turned anpther corner, there seemed to be a Pokemon that was actually by themselves. Walking towards them, it seems to be a Mightyena. Having no one else to talk to, Storm walked up to the Mightyena and began a conversation, since he's desperate for a social life at the moment. "What with this village?" The Shiny Luxray said to the Mightyena as he initiated the conversation. "What's with all the couples?"
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  13. Duke smiled, chuckling slightly at the witty remark. Looking at the smirk plastered on Cirrus' features Duke's smile widened. "What's a heart? Never heard of that before." He chuckled heartily at his own remark, before clearing his troat and answering the question with a more serious response. "Romantic dreams, hm? I suppose there's somebody for everyone out there, and to be perfectly honest, lacking the before mentioned 'somebody' might have been part of the reason for taking up residence in this delightful village."
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  14. Night smiled, chasing after the run-away violet. As she slowly but surely approached the floating violet, she would jump up and reach to grab it, like most other cats, but fail. This went on for awhile, until heading for a clearing, where she jumped on top of a Shiny Luxray, and jumped off his back, managing to catch the flower in her mouth, before falling back down, and landing on the Luxray's back. She smirked, using Psychic once again to put the violet in her ear. Once finished, she let out a sigh of relief, then turning to the Shiny Luxray she was lying on top of.

    "Oh, Hello there." She smoothly smiled.
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  15. Nautilus

    Nautilus Previously Dark Hydreigon

    Zane and Jewel wandered the place, asking pokemon who simply ignored them. "This is hopeless." Zane said with a groan. "We'll find someone who can give us directions eventually." Jewel said reassuringly. "I hope your right, otherwise we're going to be wandering for the next five hours." Zane replied.

    The walked around a bit before they saw the Shiny Umbreon jump for the Violet. "Hey, you two, can you give us directions?" Jewel asked.
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  16. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    While approaching the Mightyena, he felt a sudden shove on his back. The movement was so forceful and quick that he almost didn't even see it. "Excuse me," Storm said to the apparently Shiny Umbreon on his back still, "But I'm trying to have a conversation here." This Pokemon definetly had a way with introductions he supposed. "Well, after that mess or whatever......My name is Storm and as you can see, I'm a shiny just like you are." Then another voice broke his conversation once again. "Can I not have a decent conversation here?" Storm muttered. Turning to the source of the voice, it was a Zangoose with a Seviper, or was it the Seviper that asked him? Whatever. Deciding to be helpful anyways, he perked up. "Yeah, what do you need directions for?"
  17. "Hm? What was that?" Alpha asked, turning to Storm. He had not heard him. He noticed Night and rolled his eyes in amusement. Looking around, he spotted Lyra, who was jumping on a trampoline. "When the heck did Lyra move here...? I thought I got away from her!" Alpha thought to himself, letting out a small, almost unhearable growl. "Hi Alpha!" Lyra called, smiling as she bounced on the trampoline.
  18. "There we go. I just wanted to hear you say it." Cirrus chuckled, both at himself, and Duke's joke, before sliding into a neutral tone of voice to speak meaningfully as well. "I'll admit, things were awfully lonely back in my old home, and Rose Petal Village just tickled the fancy of the romantic in me. A few walks around the lakeside most everyday for the past few weeks hardly bore any fruit, so you'll have to forgive me if I seem overly excited to have you here as company. That said, you'll find me most days in the uppermost homes of the treehouse district. If you'd ever like to join me for brunch, or more walks around the premises, I'd be glad to have you anytime."
  19. Kalam reached landed in Rose Petal Village. He had been flying all night and that village was the one closest one. He seemed to be tired. He approached a bench and sat there. The first thing he did was open his shoulder strap and took the sunglasses. His eyes were used to the darkness of the night, and so much light could hurt them. He did not like them, but those sunglasses were his only way to protect his eyes from the excessive light of the day. After all, he was a Staraptor that had nocturnal habits. Then, he took a map. "Well, I headed to the north, so... I suppose that if I have not deviated... This is Rose Petal Village, the so well-known as the Village and Romance and Love, eh?" He stopped looking at the map and analyzed his surroundings. A bunch of very different Pokemon could be seen in couples. "I guess that the rumors I have heard about this village were right..." He stayed sitting on the bench, looking at the map, trying to locate any place where he could stay the rest of the day.
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  20. Nautilus

    Nautilus Previously Dark Hydreigon

    "Can you show us around?, we're really lost." Jewel responded. "My name's Zane, and this is Jewel." said Zane. "How about pointing us in the direction of food first, I'm starving." he added. "But you just ate the~" Jewel was interrupted, "I'm still hungry." Zane replied. "If you're fine with showing us, that would be great!" Jewel said to the the shiny Luxray.
  21. Sino approched the small village meekly ,she sighed as she walked to a building and tripped "Ack!" Sino yelped in pain Getting back up hoping none saw her collapse.
  22. Zyphr was walking through the streets. He had a tall stack of plates. He was only stumbling a little. "Hey Zyphr! Need help?" Flower asked behind him. "Ugh. Not you," Zyphr snapped. "Okay," Flower said. She started to walk away. Zyphr stumbled, throwing the plates everywhere. Flower sprung into action. She grabbed and stacked every plate.
  23. Grey sat on a stone wall,staring into space lost in thought.The shinx shook her head quickly and looked around,What to do?She asked herself curiously as she looked at Rose Peltal Village."Hmm..."Grey jumped down the wall and started to walk around,pacing back and forth randomly.She tightened her bandanna a tiny bit.
  24. Deep in the heart of Rose Petal Village strolled a rather odd-looking Umbreon, a spring in her step and a smile on her face. She looked around the street she walked down, pleased with the sights her eyes were greeted with, even if the transition lenses of her rounded glasses tinted it all a darker shade. Smile turning into a wide grin as she attempted to memorize the location of some important-seeming buildings, including a bakery, casual restaurant, and large store, Allegra began to walk to the beat of a song she had gotten stuck in her head, mumbling the words as she went. "Mama told me not to waste my life! She said 'spread your wings, my little butterfly~!' Don't let what they say keep you up at night, and if they give you shhhh~, then they can wa-!" Her singing was cut short as a loud crashing sound filled the air. Whipping her head over to face the direction the sound had come from, Allie realized that it was from a street parallel to the one she walked on. Almost immediately, she sprung off of the sidewalk, ran across the street, and passed through a short alleyway onto the next street, looking around for the source of the noise.

    It had come from a Pikachu and Oshawott duo, from what she could see. Rushing over to the two, the pink Umbreon half-rose an ear and watched as the Water-type began to stack the fallen plates. "Hey there! Is everything alright?" Allie asked, pawing at some plates, stacking them. "You need any help?"
  25. Sino stared at Grey out of curiousity ,Sino studied her never seeing a shinx before she approached it "H-Hello" Sino said studdering ,Sino smiled at the little pokemon ,wondeing what and who it is.
  26. Grey jumped,then scampered to her paws.She was startled by the voice,she turned her head."Oh hello,I'm Grey.Who are you?"She asked thoughtfully.
  27. Sino laughed quietly as she spoke "I-im Sino It is nice t-to meet you" Sino smiled "Sorry for startling you" Sino sighed as she looked up "so what are you doing?" Sino asked Grey
  28. "Oh,it's fine."Grey shrugged,"And I actually have no idea what to do right now."The shinx said,looking Sino blankly.
  29. "Nope! I'm fine!" Flower responded. She stacked the plates in Zyphr's hand. "I said I didn't need you help," He growled. The Pikachu stormed off. "Okay. Bye, Zyphr!" Flower said. She waved at him, smiling.
  30. Alpha grumbled something unhearable. "Nevermind, I'm going to go. I'm bored." Alpha mumbled, beginning to walk away from Storm. He stopped for a moment, watching as a Butterfree gave a rose to a Beedril. Alpha sighed, contining on. "I really don't know why I came here... Its boring, and I'll never have a chance at love, anyway, plus if I ever do, someone will go and steal my chance, anyway, since that's happened multiple times before." Alpha mumbled sadly.

    "Alpha!" Lyra called, looking around as she bounced on her pink trampoline in front of her house. She had lost sight of Alpha. Lyra looked around for Alpha for a few more moments before shrugging, and jumping off her trampoline, walking inside her house to fix herself a snack, as she was beginning to get hungry.
  31. "Welp, alrighty, then!" Allie replied to the Oshawott, humming as she watched the Pikachu, who was apparently named Zyphr, walk off. "Jeez, what's his deal? Not even a 'thank you' for helping?" The Umbreon sat on the sidewalk, letting her ear fall beside her face once again, hidden minty green eyes now fixed on the smaller Water-type beside her. "So you two know each other, I'm assuming? RIP in pepperonis..." She chuckled a bit darkly, shaking her head. "...Is he always this rude?"
  32. "No. He just hates me," Flower answered. She shrugged. She closed her eyes. She opened them quickly. "Oh no! I need to start my daily check-through!" Flower exclaimed.
  33. Sino looked back at Grey "Hmm So anything you wanna know" Sino smiled at Grey
  34. "Sure,I guess."Grey hopped back on the stone wall."You can get started,"She said,her tail was twitching.
  35. Allegra couldn't help but jump as the Oshawott suddenly said something about her 'daily routine.' She perked a brow up and tilted her head to the side, examining the smaller Pokemon. "'Daily routine?' Whuzzat?" she wondered aloud, pursing her lips together for a moment. "...Did I catch you at a bad time?"
  36. "Sure" Sino said as she used her illusion so she looked like a riolu "This is better" Sino smiled continuing on
  37. Marcus walked out of his tiny house with his cape on. He really hoped to see Lyra today. He had a crush on Lyra. And it was big. But he hoped that, as well, he would be respected in the acclaimed "Village of Love." As he was walking around to find Lyra, he found many different Poke'Mon that were already in love from the looks of it. Then he found Lyra and immediately became nervous. No, don't get nervous, Mark ol' boy. Just talk to Lyra and she'll never know anything, He thought. Unless you tell her, idiot. Another side of his brain said. You know what? I'll do it now. Lyra did not notice him, but then he struck up a conversation and things went into full swing. "Hey, Lyra! How are you doing today?"
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  38. "Oh cool..."Grey said,she laid her head down on the stone-cold wall,"Huhh...I'm tired...but don't mind me..."She muttered.
  39. "Oh!" Lyra jumped slightly in surprise, then turned around to face Marcus and smiled. "Hello, Marcus! I am doing well today! How about you?" Lyra asked happily. She silently wondered how Marcus got into her house, and then realized she left the front door wide open due to it being hot. "Whoops! Silly me!" Lyra thought to herself.
  40. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    "Sure," Storm said to the Seviper. "I can show you around the village a bit." The Shiny Luxray gave a small smile with his long fangs, knowing his little joke that he was going to play was already in place. Storm gave a gesture at behind the Seviper and Zangoose and swung at at 180 degrees. The he gestured the houses behind him. "Whelp," Storm began. "That's the whole village." Storm gave a slight laugh at his own joke. It was true though, that was the whole village after all, the village was actually quite small and filled with only houses. Then looking at the Umbreon above him that hasn't got off him yet and he was slightly getting annoyed. "Hey, Shiny," the Shiny Luxray said referring to the Shiny Umbreon, "Can you get off me now?"

    Just having moving in, new neighbor Shiny Roserade, decided to visit some neighbors that she lived right next too. Seeing a Shiny Lopunny and a Hawlucha over her fence on their property, she decided to visit them at the fence and introduce herself as the new neighbor. "Excuse me?" Violet said to the two. "My name is Violet and I just moved into this fine town." Violet gave a slight bow respecting the people that lived here before her. "I just wanted to introduce myself as your new neighbor, that's all."

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