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DPPt/HGSS Rosafae, the Eevee breeder extroidinare!! My trading post!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Rosafae, Jul 3, 2009.

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    I'm Hikari Wo (Rosafae XD), pokemon breeder, trainer and eevee enthusiast! I'm up for a battle anytime pretty much (but check meh times anyway . . .) and I'm always breeding eevees for contest/trading purposes and just because they're just so darned cute! Ok, so this is kind of sad but I take eevee breeding very seriously. I have pedigrees written up and my eevees have their own dynasties!! lol. I'm serious . . . :-\ I need help . . . at least I put effort into it and care 'bout the little sprites! lol ;D

    *EDIT 7/5/09 - whoops goofed XD Seskai is a different name I use on another forum. I just copy/pasted from there and forgot to change the title.


    9am-6pm on weekends
    (I'm on the east coast of usa)
    11:30am-8pm on weekdays
    Please pm me first or post here.​

    Top Team
    Luxray Female Lv.80> ID. 60130
    Gyrados Male Lv. 60> ID. 64630
    Infernape Male Lv. 60>
    Staraptor Male Lv. 90 ID. 10337
    Espeon Male Lv. 50> ID.00165
    Lucy Mightyena Female Lv. 50>

    To Be Traded
    (If you want to know movesets or stats you can PM me if you wish)

    Maxie Eevee Lv. 1 Male Lax
    Sparky Lanturn Lv. 56 Male Rash
    Altaria Lv. 57 Male Mild
    Altaria Lv. 55 Male Rash

    full restore
    max potion
    full heal
    ultra balls

    Any evolution of a Johto starter ^^
    Any evolution of a Kanto starter
    Any eeveelution (always looking for more eevees!)

    Moon stones
    Fire stones
    Water stones
    Any evolution stone pretty much ._. (no hard stones ._. lol)

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  2. A battle with me would be pretty nice. FC: 0989 7526 6306
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    If you wish to trade for one of these eevees that are not on my To be Traded List, please PM me and maybe we can come to an agreement :3

    First Dynasty .:Archaea

    Espeon lv. 50> ID.00165 male Won't Trade
    Eevee lv. 30> ID.18749 female Won't Trade

    Second Dynasty "Goong" Era {Born of Espeon ID.00165}

    By Eevee ID.18749

    9157steps Jolteon male
    Joonja Eevee male traded
    Pon Yapon Eevee male traded
    Leafeon male traded
    Raja Eevee male traded
    Manajiha Eevee male traded
    Soonji Eevee male traded
    Vee ♥ Glaceon male Won't Trade
    Eev Eevee female Won't Trade

    By ?
    Munchy Glaceon male Traded to Wark
    {Born of Munchy}
    Peter Vulpix Male Won't Trade (By a ninetales named Rose)

    Third Dynasty The "Lost"{Born of Vee ♥}
    By Glacie Galceon Lv.30> female (from Bebe)

    D'metri Eevee male Won't Trade
    Faust Eevee male Won't trade
    Phenyline Eevee female Promised to someone
    Rita Eevee Female Traded
    bluemoon Eevee Male (XD yus naomi i named an eevee after yous) Traded
    Donnetello Eevee Male
    Adelais Eevee Male Pending Trade
    Tilsh Eevee Male
    E'rana Eevee Female Won't trade

    Fourth Dyanasty "Butterflies" {Born of D'metri}
    By Eevee Lv.20< ID.23776 female

    Felix Flareon Male
    Bausch Eevee Male
    Alex Eevee Male
    James Eevee Male
    Geoff Eevee Male Won't Trade
    Mick Eevee Male
    Eddy Eevee Male
    Zeke Eevee Male Won't Trade
    Wexel Eevee Male
    Maxie Eevee Male
    Iggy Eevee Female Pending Trade
    Leslie Eevee Male
    E'ragon Eevee Male Won't Trade
    Petruchio Eevee Male

    The Fifth Dynasty "Nost" {Born of E'ragon} Current Dynasty Won't trade any yet
    By Phenyline (of the "Lost" )
    QUETZAL Eevee Male
    Cody Eevee Male

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  4. Now? I'll be there in a sec :) ok? lol
  5. Ok.. but it`s getting late here.
  6. ._. . . .ok give me a time, Right now I'm waiting in the wifi club XD
    It's raining very hard here . . .
  7. Already logged on single 100
  8. nothing's happening . . . i clicked singles 100 but i've been waiting for 5 minutes . . . am i supposed to do something other than that?
  9. What's the point to the "dynasties"? Are you breeding Eevees that better IVs or natures to pass down to the offspring? Not to be rude but I don't see the glamorous point using the word dynasty.
  10. Just saying once you log on and see my name press it then apply the battle.
  11. It's fun ._. . . .lol I do use them as sort of role playing characters too . . . But not to be rude, I think it really doesn't matter what I call them, they're my eevees and I do raise them for better ivs and to pass on tm moves . . . ,_, Really the whole dynasty thing is because of my OCD tendencies . . . so I kind of enjoy doing it . . .
  12. haha, I think the dynasties are cool! :) PMed you~
  13. Does any one want a battle right now? I was just wondering maybe you'd want to do a double battle with only two pokemon-that would be fun . . .

    (Am I allowed to ask that in my own topic? *I'm kind of intimidated by the way the rules are enforced around here, so I should probably head on over to the trading rules now - which is a good thing XD I read them once but sometimes when I read, things don't stick too well.*

    I haven't really battled over the wifi yet and wanted to try it out. I tried once but for some reason it never happened. It took forever -I'm wondering if I typed in the FC right. Huh.

    ( I got your PM Ayumi, I'm ready to trade when you are!)
  14. Stark

    Friend Code:
    I'm up for that, most of my double battling team work in pairs so I'm fitted out for such a battle :)

    I'm easily found in the chatroom... I'm usually just sat there, sling my name in a message and it should get my attention if I don't see you already.
  15. I can get you any Johto starter, any Kanto starter, Ditto and all the Eeveelutions. :3 Name your offer.

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