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Roll To Dodge Adventures - The Grail

Discussion in 'Forum Games Archive' started by Brendan Savem, Oct 8, 2011.

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  1. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    I speak a prayer to the Fates that they guide me, whether it be to glory or death. With my sword at the ready, I take my last breath of the fresh air around me, and inspired with the victory of my last encounter, I plunge into the depths of the cave head-on.
  2. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    I am a man, quite obviously! Hmph, the mere thought of a lady going out on such a dangerous adventure like this...

    I think I'll go scavenge for some food first, if there's like, a forest nearby or something. I don't want to go short on it before I make it much farther into the dungeon! Perhaps I could get some herbs, find some roots and berries, or set up some snares for some meat.

    I shall go on with my quest after I'm sure I have enough to last me for a good month or so.
  3. As I stand before the shadowy entrance, I mutter a short prayer out of habit, begging for good fortune from the gods. Though I have left the path they had set for me, perhaps the gods will take pity on this deserter. I take a steadying breath as I cautiously enter.
  4. I stalk around the entrance, wondering if I should prepare, or go in now. I have enough food to last for ages as my reward from my previous escapades with the bandits. After a while, I decide. I do a few stretches to loosen of my muscles, crack my knuckles, and wander into the cave. I'm cautious of the dangers in the dungeon, so I proceed carefully.
  5. After having traveled miles and miles trough the ominous mist and tall grass, I finally stand before what might very well turn out to be the greatest challenge any adventurer can ever face. A dungeon of booby-traps, goblins and other hellspawn.

    Victory rarely ever lends to those who barge into the darkness without fear or mercy. It is of the essence I tread carefully, and remain vigilant throughout the whole ordeal.

    I gaze up at the dark cave entrance for some time, then make up my mind. The Grail is worth risking death.

    I enter cautiously.
  6. Dwayna Dragonfire - 2 You step into the dungeon and tread through the dark, your eyes scanning the walls and roof as your eyes adjust to the dark. You miss the floor however, and fall down a hole in the dark. It is at least two stories, and you land on your back. -4 health You stand up and see that you were supposed to climb down a ladder that is right next to you. Well done for missing that. You take in your surroundings and see that you are now in the dungeon itself. You appeared in a long corridor, stretching out two ways. Now you just have to pick one. Forwards or backwards?

    Shiny Eevee - 2 You step into the dungeon and tread through the dark, your eyes scanning the walls and roof as your eyes adjust to the dark. You miss the floor however, and fall down a hole in the dark. It is at least two stories, and you land on your back. -4 health You stand up and see that you were supposed to climb down a ladder that is right next to you. Well done miss- Wait a minute, this is familiar... A you're in a long corridor, stretching forwards and backwards, pick one. Although if its any incentive, you can just see some fresh footprints in the ground stretching down one of the corridors, maybe you would want to follow them?

    Dinova2 - 1 You step into the dungeon and tread through the - yeah this is repetitive. Instead of just falling down the ladder, let's have you get your arm caught on the ladder, causing you to hurt yourself more and breaking your shield. -6 health and lose your shield Now, one corridor, two paths, one definitely has tracks, the other might have tracks too. Choose one.

    Luckii - 5 You see the hole in the ground and step over it, continuing further into the cave. You eventually reach a small alcove in the wall and find a skeleton with a bag. You take a look and find a pouch of three +8 health potions, which you take with you. The path seems to continue, and you can choose to press on or go back and go down the hole you passed over.

    Dark Soul - 6 You go through the path, your familiarity with dark caves allows you to adjust to the darkness quickly. You too see the skeleton that you can tell was recently looted. However, your keen eyes spot something that the previous person missed. A tin whistle and a diary. You can now choose to press on or fall back, to see what's in that hole behind you.
  7. Woo, free shit!

    I fall back, and after seeing three adventurers plummet down the hole, I carefully go down it. Lett's hope these people arent hostile!
  8. I skim the diary's content, written by a human adventurer who, like so many before him, died at the hand of this dungeon's dangers. The last entry before he died is rather interesting. I carefully stow the diary and whistle in my pocket.

    Fresh tracks of several people lead down the black hole, and I managed to find a ladder leading to the bottom. I don't know what they're like, but I am confident about my combat skills and if they turn out to be friendly, strength in numbers I suppose.

    I start my journey down the hole, careful not to fall down the slippery rods.
  9. I am an eighteen year old male human mage, but not in the traditional aspect. I have always been able to read the hearts of others and manipulate it to an extent, although I recently realized my true potential. My magic affects the mind, not the body. With proper use, I can bring an opponent to their knees, afflict them with madness, and even hallucinations. My favorite use is to affect the enemy's perception, making myself less noticeable, almost as if I was not there at all. It is certainly not foolproof, but the mind is a marvelous playground.

    I came to seek the grail to find my two friends, Tangrow, and Tangrelle, whom I had known since childhood. They had left recently to search the grail, and I had not heard from them since. I grabbed a talisman from Tangrow's stash, and a weapon from Tangrelle's horde of sharp objects. I suit up in my attire, grab my stitched up the middle heart shaped bag, and set out on my way.

    So all in all, I'm something of a Mind Flayer! ...Except without the tentacles. Or the rape.
  10. I catch sight of several other adventurers heading into the dungeon, one I recognize as the Dragon-breed that I met in the Town Hall, apparently there will be many other adventurers seeking the prize within.

    I will not waver, however, my order demands I find the grail to prove myself. To purge the other. I take a deep breath, shaking the thoughts from my head. This is no time to hesitate.

    I step into the cavern, noticing the sound of several people plummeting. I tread carefully and avoid meeting the same fate.
  11. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football


    I guess... I'll follow the tracks. Who knows if I meet friend or fiend? This is an adventure! One must always take risks in order to find glory and honor.
  12. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    No doubt many people have taken the forward path, since it seems obvious. The path backward also seems a tempting offer...

    For now, I'll take the road less traveled (backwards) and have a look at what's around me there. If I find nothing of interest, I'll go the other way.
  13. Luckii - 4 You go back and find the hole, and shimmy down the ladder hanging from it. You reach the bottom and see yourself in a corridor, there is one person down here, apparently nursing her arm. There are a mass mess of footprints around, but only she is down here right now. You could ignore her, and either go forwards down the corridor or backwards. Or try to help her, with your benevolent kindness, or you can murder her with your malicious whims.

    Dark Soul - 3 Wrong hole fool. You go down a hole you find in the ground, shimmying down the ladder, which then breaks as you descend, causing you to tumble the rest of the way. -5 health No buddies for you today. You awake in a small cavern, about as big as a room, with three paths. One to the left of you, and one to the right, and one behind you where there is a light glowing somewhere beyond. One of these paths is bound to lead somewhere worthwhile.

    Tangrow - 5 You are a teenaged human mage, with much potential in your unique magical abilities. You specialise in magic does not harm the opponent physically, but mentally; you control powers of the mind. Your unique abilities in a much ignored school of magic could quite potentially give you an edge in the scholarly world. Instead of meditating on them however, your path takes you to the Grail. An object two of your childhood friends have already embarked on a quest for. Their fate within is uncertain, but you seek confirmation, and will go all the way to the Grail, then round the dungeon twenty times if that would help you find your friends.

    Health = 50/50
    Hunger = 50/50
    Weapon: Iron Blade
    Offhand: N/A
    Armour: N/A - Mage Robes
    Accessory: Tangrow's Talisman - +4 to magic damage
    Potions: 5x Potions - +5 health
    Food: 25x Food
    Runes: 15x Mind Blast - -5 instant mind damage
    5x Confuse - Flourish Requirement Reduced by 1.
    Miscellaneous: N/A

    Chadwyck - 6 You avoid the holes, and proceed through the first cavern, going down the black tunnel ahead. You eventually reach a cavern where several skeletons lie around, most of them are smashed in certain places, you shudder to think of what did that to them. One in particular however catches your eye, unlike the rest of them, he is still armoured, which means scavengers haven't been in this room since he died. His leather armour isn't too impressive, but you see a strange amulet around his skeletal neck, still intact and glowing faintly with magical energy. You gently lift it away from its deceased bearer to get a closer look, it is carved in the shape of a stone tower, and just holding it invigorates you with strength, and you determine that it's a charm for fortitude, something you might just need here. So you decide to take the Fortress Charm with you. The path continues ahead, though it is uncertain what you're going to find within.

    Dwayna Dragonfire - 1 You take the path behind you, untouched by footprints. You walk for at least ten minutes, taking your time as you stroll. Suddenly, the walls either side of you open, and a group of goblins pour from each. Horrible warty creatures only three feet tall, but fierce and savage. They come at you and get theirs crudely made spears into your skin before you even realise that they're there. -10 health You swing around however, and begin to counterattack.
    Commencing Battle with Goblin Swarm - 15hp

    Shiny Eevee - 2 Because 1 word was absent, you decided to be picky? If you're bothered so much, I can make you a hermaphrodite and end this entire dilemma! Anyway, you follow the fresh footprints in the dirt floor at your manly feet, following them briskly and hoping to catch up with the one that laid them. As you turn a corner, you see your quarry, a creature that looks human, but had scales. Before you can see anything else though, the walls open on either side of her and goblins begin to attack her, swarming her with numbers. You begin to run in to help kill the ugly creatures, as manly men do, but one of them sees you and hurls his spear. It hits you in the foot: nonlethal, but very painful, at least you howled like a man. -7 health the goblin points some of his kin towards you, and then charges you, intending to rip its spear from your foot then put it back where it belongs.
    Commencing Battle with Goblin Team - 10hp
  14. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Well I'm in a bit of a state, aren't I... But Fate guided me here, so it must be the right path. I slice the goblins down with righteous fury, apparently with someone else joining me... I may have to assess whether they are friend or foe after this fight.
  15. Oh heavens, I am so incredibly excited to begin this journey! I better try and catch up, because I think I saw a bunch of people heading that way while I was still in town!

    I see only one path before me, and I quickly delve into the dungeon like any other reckless adventurer. Teehee, what fun!
  16. This person is Dinova2, right?

    Regardless, I'm feeling evil right now; I choose murder. I bring my sword up, and swing downwards with accuracy at the fallen warrior.
  17. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    I attack the goblins first, deeming them to be much more of a threat than whatever that scaly thing is. If it ends up being aligned with the goblins, I might attack it later.

    I swing my trusty sword at the goblin that threw his spear at me, and break the spear so that it's too short to take out. I'd rather have something there to staunch the flow of blood than to yank it out and have a nasty pool of blood as I battle.
  18. As tempted as I am to step towards the light in dark surroundings like these, I don't trust it. It's most likely just bait for trap. For all I know, the light is emitted from the glowing angler of a giant carvernmouth- And I do not feel like being snatched up and dissolved.

    I follow the right tunnel.
  19. I gingerly grasp my injured arm, cursing my carelessness. My shield is now worthless as well.
    It seems I will not have long to rest however, as some dog-like creature swings its sword at me.I try to draw my sword and defend myself.

    (stupid exams. I'm falling behind already)
  20. Dwayna Dragonfire vs Goblin Swarm
    5 - 4
    1 - 6
    1 - 2
    5 - 6
    4 - 1
    5 - 3
    3 - 3
    6 - 5

    You swing your sword at the goblins, hacking through their unprotected skin and letting nature take care of the rest. You take a second wound to your hide, but the damage is minimal. Soon, all the goblins are lying in a semicircle around you
    Dwayna Dragonfire - 33 vs Goblin Swarm - Defeated

    Tangrow - 6 You prance into the dungeon, singing gleefully as you welcome yourself to the arms of death. You continue through the dark, not even stopping to examine the holes in the ground. You eventually make it to a fairly large cavern, littered with skeletons. Your eyes immediately flick to one. Most won't notice the importance of good clothes, but your discerning eye knows better. You instantly go to the skeleton and strip him of his arcane gown and replace your own clothing with it. Your eyes finally see the armoured man in the centre of the room, and he has just noticed you too.

    Commencing battle with Luckii vs Dinova2
    1 - 5 - Flourish
    Luckii swings with accuracy, but flat zero power. Serin Snowflame retaliates by knocking the weapon aside with enough force to knock it out of Luckii's hand. His weapon lands a short distance away, and now he is very vulnerable
    Luckii - 49 vs Dinova2 - 44

    Shiny Eevee vs Goblin Team
    1 - 4
    6 - 3 - Critical
    4 - 6
    6 - 4
    4 - 3
    4 - 2

    Nervousness creeps through your mind first, and that costs you some of your blood as the goblin yanks out its spear and stabs you again. However, you remember your grandfathers words and practice what he preached. Your sword flashes and it cleaves right through the goblin, slicing him into two pieces. The other goblins are stunned, yet they keep attacking. You focus and continue to slice at them, cutting one down with each hit. Eventually, they all lie dead or dying at your feet. So this is what a real battle looks like.
    Shiny Eevee - 34 vs Goblin Team - Defeated

    Dark Soul - 5 You proceed down the dark tunnel, carefully treading into the darkness. Eventually, it leads to a small room, where a couple of chairs are set up at a small table: certainly the last thing you expected to see down here. Are there people living in this place? Whatever the case, your eyes turn to the item on the table. It looks suspiciously like a collar, but it pulses with arcane energy. You pick it up and are awash with an enhanced strength. Plus, the berserker collar looks rather good on you. There are two tunnels in this room, one smaller than the other, that looks like it ends in a wooden door.
  21. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Oh my gosh. Was coming here for just the glory and riches really the best motivation? Should I have just stayed at home, or sent another man to do the work in my stead? I have fought men before, but this... it's like slaughtering.

    I'll take anything of use from them before confronting that weird scaly thing in front of me. I'm a little scared of talking to it, and I have my bloodied sword still ready in front of me.
  22. I wear my fancy new clothes with pride, and peer towards the armored figure! He looks simply adorable!

    I skip towards him while avoiding the numerous skeletons and tip my figurative hat, before telling him about the most lovely weather we're having, and how it is simply fantastic to see someone inside this dreary old cave. I also possibly make not-so-subtle references on the matter of continuing down the dungeon road together, seeing as there is only one way to go that does not involve holes; at least for the time being.

    What? Keeping a bright outlook is one way to stay alive!
  23. Welp, Tangrow has me convinced to play this, and I do admit it looks quite fun :3 Soooo..

    I'm a 12 year old Arctic Druid girl. I can shapeshift into three forms: polar bear, arctic seal, and snowy owl.
  24. While my attacker knew where to attack, he must have underestimated an injured opponent. I slam the pommel of my sword into his own knocking it away from him. As his weapon clatters to the ground, I waste no time in thrusting my sword towards his throat.
  25. With my new amulet safely around my neck, invigorating my strength, I draw my sword, preparing for whatever I may find beyond the next bend. There is never a bad time to be prepared for the worst.

    Just as I decide this, however, I rather optimistic mage runs up to me. Of all things he speaks of the weather, which doesn't matter when in this cavern, but my code of honor requires I accept his offer. A child wandering alone in this place of evil? Only one of the light can traverse this place.

    I nod to the mage and accept to travel together. At least one of us will be looking out for danger, while the other is all smiles and giggles. Who knows, perhaps traveling with this happy-go-lucky child will keep the other at bay.

    With my new companion in tow, I continue down the corridor, toward the next chamber.
  26. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    All the goblins are dead, and some at the hands of this newcomer. I loot the bodies since he also seems preoccupied by doing the same. I turn to the man in question afterwards, gripping my sword by my side.

    "You fought well for a human. If you have no ill will towards me, I would ask you to join me or leave quietly. If you choose to fight me, I will do so with honor in my heart and Fate to guide my blade. Choose wisely, human, lest you die here and none remember you but your kin."
  27. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    I relax the grip on my sword and smile gratefully. "Of course, it would be best if we went on from here together for a bit, until we either die or otherwise part some other way." A buddy is always better than...

    *puts on fake sunglasses*

    Nobody. :3
  28. Ah well. Can't be helped.

    It appears everyone has forgotten that I am a Guardian-class warrior. My main ability is to create spirit weapons and armour to aid in my fight.

    As I see my opponent stab at my throat, I swiftly roll to the side in an attempt to dodge, and while doing so, I chant an incantation, and cast Shield of Absorption, creating a powerful dome of spirit engery to give me even more protection over my armour.
  29. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    So I suppose this means Shiny and I are traveling together then ^^

    "You chose well, human. I will fight with honor by your side. Come, we shall press onwards." After we're done looting the bodies, keep heading in the same direction I was before, unless there's nothing there, in which case I turn to go the other way.
  30. Shiny Eevee and Dwayna Dragonfire are now teamed up I know I should just go along with what Dway said, but Shiny has to agree. You're buddies, not a master and her pet.

    Tangrow and Chadwyck are now teamed up But as I said above, the leash needs to come off. Democracy here, so Tangrow needs to agree to Chadwyck's action, or say no.

    Power Metal Maiden - 3 Yay, we have a child mage again ahem. You are a young druid from the far flung southern ice lands. You harness the power of cold and ice to give your enemies the cold shoulder. You have several shapeshifting forms, involving an owl, seal, and a polar bear. The owl and seal won't be very useful in the dungeons, though there are perks to transforming into a polar bear at times. Much of your past, history, and goals are obscure, it's hard to tell what your reasons are to come a long way to a fatal place such as this. The only person that truly knows would be you.

    Health = 50/50
    Hunger = 50/50
    Weapon: N/A
    Offhand: N/A
    Armour: N/A - Fur Robes
    Accessory: Unmeltable Ice - 1/3 chance when casting magic to roll for additional damage.
    Potions: 3x Potions - +5 health
    Food: 15x Food
    Runes: 5x Ice Shard - -5 instant ice damage
    3x Polar Bear Form - See Transformations tab.
    Miscellaneous: N/A

    Dinova2 vs Luckii
    4 - 1 - Flourish Success
    Luckii rolls out of the way of Serin's stab. Then he begins to utter some sort of incantation. Nothing happens, it seems that Luckii has completely forgotten which world he's in, and magic does not function in the way he described. In the middle of his chanting, Serin closes the gap and stabs again, this time there is no missing. UnLuckii falls to the ground with a fatal neck wound.
    Dinova2 - 44 vs Luckii - Slain
    And now Dinova is our first player killer, although he isn't the provoker. He can now help himself to all of UnLuckii's food and potions, as well as one of his weapons or armour to replace his own. Only one though, you leave the rest. UnLuckii, you now have to start again with a new character, as similar or different to your old one as you like.
  31. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    ... I kind of assumed that we just head on from here. XD
    Basically yes, what Dway said.
  32. Well, I figure when I started up the offer, it would be assumed that I would naturally said yes! But I will confirm, yes. With a smile and a giggle, I follow meatshield my new friend the paladin down the dungeonway!
  33. I arrive at the cave, peering cautiously into the depths. Hearing the sounds of battle and many voices, I pull my cloak tighter around myself and crouch down a bit, trying to enter the cave as quietly as possible. I don't want to draw the attention of anyone unfriendly.
  34. I mutter a thanks to the gods for blessing me with good fortune in battle as I turn to the fallen dog-man. I search my unlucky attacker for supplies I can use and find several potions and some food. I eat a little of the food as the fight has left me a little hungry. I also claim his shield as a replacement for my own.

    I use some of my bandages for my injured wrist before deciding to continue on. I had heard the sounds of a battle from the passage behind me and instead opt for the passage in front. I advance slowly and cautiously already on edge.
  35. Oh my, this particular accesoire looks rather promising. It appears to be radiant with magic. How such a priceless combat artifact would end up in a hole like this is beyond me, but I don the collar and feel physically strengthened. Dis gon be gud.

    Two tunnels lead away from this room, both with a wooden door at the end. I decide I might as well try my luck by going right again.

    Ah, well, I tappears my brother will have to avenge me. They send a letter of my death to my family, and my brother decides to set out in my place. He is a 29-year old Charr Engineer, and he looks almost identical to me. He wears plates very similar to my original ones, and he carries two pistols, ammo, bombs, and a Rifle Turret kit.
  37. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    With crystals, my dear UnLuckii. :3 Perchance reading the first post all the way through would help.
  38. Runes actually. Crystals are needed to craft them though. I will happily explain any lore-related things such as that. However, I made that comment solely because you lost the roll. I would have let it slide if you won. Although you should have said that a Guardian in Guild Wars could use magic, I’m not so well versed on such games.

    Shiny Eevee – 2 and Dwayna Dragonfire – 1 You walk carefully through the caves, which snakes deeper into the ground. These tunnels seem less like corridors of the dungeon than makeshift tunnels carved by broken hands. Eventually the tunnel widens, and grows higher. You step into the larger corridor and find the place lit by a torch on the wall. Before you can see anything else though, a stone piercing crack echoes through the tunnels. You look up to see heavy rocks suspended from the ceiling by ropes, and they are starting to fall down. It’s a death trap: act fast.

    Tangrow - 4 and Chadwyck – 3 The tunnel continues on until you reach a small door at a dead end. You open it up to find a curious looking room with another door at the far end. It’s completely blank, apart from the elaborate floor. It’s covered with curious looking tiles. There are arrows, stars, hands, and spirals dotted all over the floor, with mixed tiles filling up the spaces between them. Tangrow instinctively steps in, and a sweet scent wafts through the air as a gas is gently hissed into the room. Chadwyck follows in and gets a different surprise; a small spike to the foot. Lose 2 health. It doesn’t take long to deduce that the tiles all mean something. The question is, which ones did you just step on? And which tiles are you going to try and keep your feet on as you cross the room?

    Power Metal Maiden – 2 Someone unfriendly huh? How about looters? As soon as you step into the tunnel, a wicked-looking man attacks you. He has a fresh bag of loot on his back, and you look like an easy picking to top the collection.
    Commencing battle with Looter - 20

    There are some absent from this list, but I'll add them in later when I finish writing them, it's been too long without an update here.
  39. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    The stupidest thing to do in these sorts of situations would be to jump forwards, as the stones tend to fall forward. However, jumping back is not as efficient and the stray boulder or two may fall the other way. Not to mention most heroes seem to get out of these sorts of situations by the skin of their teeth...

    Press B to jump (forward). Press X to not die (hopefully).

    EDIT: OH WAIT I HAVE WINGS. Grab my companion and fly outta here!
  40. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    I'm so scared out of my bejeezus now I'm like... OH GOSH WHAT IS THIS FEELING OF WEIGHTLESSNESS D:

    Oh, looks like my companion has decided to be nice enough to fly us away. Good thing I'm not scared of heights or speed.

    I officially hate my luck now.
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