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Open Roleplay Ideas.

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by TheGrimmRemix027, Dec 27, 2019.


Which Option for a roleplay would you like to see?

  1. Option #1 - The Super Interdimensional Fighters Arena

  2. Option #2 - Killer's Game

  3. Option #3 - Make Our Own

  4. Wait I have to choose.... What about ALL OF THEM.

  5. Yes

  6. No

  7. Maybe So

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Below is a list of different Roleplay Ideas I may want to create into roleplays. These are hypotheticals and you will get to vote on which one you want.

    Option #1. (My favorite.)
    An interdimensional superhero/supervillain fighting arena with overlying plots where you can gain allies and fight your enemies along with other matches and such. You would get to build your dimension or use someone else's (with their permission of course.) and make characters with stats, personalities, and, elements. There are many different types of matches (rules or stipulations of fighting) for you to enjoy to roleplay in.

    Option #2
    A Murder mystery where everyone is the murderer. You must be the last one alive. The rules are a little complicated but here is a simplified version. Each in roleplay day there will be a randomly chosen murderer and a randomly chosen victim. There will be clues for every murder and the murderer can act suspicious based on their character's personality. Each night we will have a trial and each character will vote on who they suspect to be the murderer.

    Option #3
    Make our very own idea and go with it. This can be either quite chaotic and die quick or quite fun and last quite a long time.
  2. @TheGrimmRemix027, could we do a variation on the second choice. I think it might be better if it is more like a murder mystery where their is one killer. There can be more then one death, but make it to where whoever gets close to solving the mystery ends up dissappearing or dead until there is only a couple of people left. It would have more of an impact as an rp this way. It will also not kill anyone off who wants to RP very early on.
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  3. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

  4. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    I like option one
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  5. ^ Same. I love the idea of option one.
  6. It seems that a lot of people like the first option as do I. I hope I didn't make it too appealing to where the others didn't look as good.
  7. No, I just like the concept of 1 the best. Murder mysteries usually aren't my thing and I don't really understand 3.
  8. I'm going to start writing the story for option #1

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