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Open Roleplay Ideas.... Got any?

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by DeadEdgelord, Dec 3, 2018.


Which type of roleplay (that we will be making an OU in) should me and my friend @Nintenduck make?

Poll closed Dec 16, 2018.
  1. Futuristic

  2. Apocalypse

  3. Superpower

  4. Fantasy

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  2. IDK really.. As much as i like medieval type of role plays, I would be at least interested in a more modern or a super hero rp
  3. I'd be interested in doing a DDLC RP
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  4. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    I think Post Apocalypse RP is always fun to do
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  5. Hmm all good ideas but DDLC? I am very unfamiliar with a lot of things please do inform me @Shiny Blue Gardevoir.
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  6. Doki Doki Literature Club. It's a game which looks like a regular anime dating sim, about four schoolgirls, who are the love interests for the player to choose from, and a boy (The player character), who are in the literature club at their school. However, as the game progresses, the club president, Monika, becomes self aware, and kills/deletes the other characters so that the player will have no choice but to pursue her. In the end, you have to delete her to save everyone, and 'fix' the game.

    The idea I had was that the RP could be a sequel to the first DDLC, with everyone playing as members of the club (Both male and female ones would be ok!). However, this time, everyone is self aware, not just the club president, and they know that she is planning to kill or delete them, so they implore the player to help him get rid of her, while trying to pursue him in non underhanded ways.
  7. Oh, I know that game I didn't think of the acronym correctly. Yes, that does sound like a good idea. If anything if you would like you can make that a roleplay yourself and go ahead and @ me.
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  8. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Hm... I do have one idea..

    Basically; FNV (Fallout New Vegas): After Hours.

    Story is that the Lone Wanderer left the Mojave Wasteland in utter destruction. Securitrons roam the Wastes, controlled by Yes Man. There can be new major factions, a bunch of minor factions, and it'd be in a post-apocalypse, futuristic setting. Though, items and stuff from other Fallout Games can be included in the bunch, aswell as items from the real life. This adds plenty of potential themes to the rp, such as Western and Medieval.
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  9. I think I have my own Idea I'll send the link once my idea comes to life.
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  10. Honestly, I'd quite like a non-au RP. Most new threads I can't join simply because I haven't played the game or watched the anime the game is based off, and the few original ones tend to be low-quality. As opposed to these sort of fanfiction-esque RPs I think we could do with a few more original universes
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  12. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Soo ideas:
    Super hero
    Smash bros
    Sonic the hedgehog
    Bendy and the ink machine
    Hello neighbor
    Those are just ideas
  13. Sky: Says he'd like some more originals

  14. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Soo , this means..... AN RP WHERE WE CREATE CHARACTERS OF OUR OWN, as in ,not "inspired "
  15. Yes and do not worry @Nintenduck is good at making detailed roleplays and I will be helping him with the ideas.
  16. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

  17. I will make sure to @ you so you are notified. Is anyone else interested?
  18. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    When i said characters of our pwn i meant they didnt originate from a certain series, so yea
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