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Roleplay Idea?

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by GalacticDeg, Dec 29, 2018.

  1. I don't think I can post this as a full Discussion yet, but I really want to do something like this.

    A group of characters wake up on a spaceship. As they look through the window of wherever they are on the large spaceship, they notice they're flying through space. The colour of the sky is a gradient from a pale red at the top to a dark red at the bottom. It's amazing.
    As they come through the ship, they find each other, and all are completely confused on what's happening.

    I have no idea what would happen next, but I know that the main idea of the roleplay is a group of characters have to stop an evil force and travel across worlds. The worlds will be like pocket-sized worlds, which have not much outside of the main planet, with the exception of the Earth's world that we all live on in real life. If you are to somehow reach outside of these worlds, you'll probably somehow die, whether it's somehow a code-break or whatever.

    Now, these characters will all be from a different world and therefore don't have to be humans, but preferably stand on two legs. They can have nearly anything from there.

    Would anyone be interested in helping this sapling of an idea grow into a roleplay?
  2. I would be extremely interested in it.
  3. I'm certainly interested, although I have a couple of questions:
    • Will this be run like a standard roleplay, or like a "dungeon master" style approach (wherein you yourself don't control a character, but instead describe the setting and gradually reveal the lore to the roleplayers)?
    • In terms of lore that is defined, will it be revealed all at once, or will we have to have our characters gradually figure it all out (the more fun option, in my opinion)?
    • What would the ultimatum/end goal of this roleplay be? Would it be the characters recovering their memories and returning home, or is it defeating the villain? Is there a goal at all, or does the idea rely on everyone keeping interest for a long period of time as it's just going to be an "exploration" style roleplay?
    That was… more than a couple of questions… sorry. Regardless, if you were to write up a sign up thread I'd definitely look into it. This concept seems neat!

    EDIT: You answered one of my questions in the post, my bad.
  4. The idea seems very interesting and unlike most other RPs I've seen on Pokecharms from the last three years, I am definitely willing to join.
  5. @Zoda @DeadEdgelord @Riverrunner

    Riverunner, here are the answers to your questions.
    • Personally I don't like being solely a Dungeon Master so I am going to be a character, but that doesn't mean I'm not taking on the role of describing the area around us in detail. This roleplay will probably need me to do that.
    • If you're asking if we have to figure out what's going on, yes. Sure, there'll be a bit of hints like maybe an A.I. to the spaceship (we'll have to fix it first, and it won't just tell us everything)
    • The roleplay wouldn't fully rely on the goal, but every character would have a different goal, wouldn't they? Some might like this adventure of a lifetime, where some might want to get home. Some might have interest in defeating the villain, and some would rather not fight an ultimate evil.

    I tagged you all to mention that I need to you help come up with ideas. Such as what the evil could be? Maybe a malevolent deity/god or maybe an inter-world army? Or something else?
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  6. Might be interesting, but what make our character special? Why we should save this world if we just woke up and know nothing? I might just stole the spaceship and become a space pirate. Then become an antagonist for the next generation to defeat. XD

    Also, what's the point of restricting to this pocket-sized planet? I think the appeal of spaceship is intergalactic transportation.
  7. @Spoiled Bread
    • I don't have that much of an idea yet.
    • I don't get what you mean.
    It is an idea right now so it's not fully-fledged yet.
  8. I know it's only idea now. That's why I'm trying to pull the detail from you.

    Anyway, the point of my second question is: "If you are to somehow reach outside of these worlds, you'll probably somehow die, whether it's somehow a code-break or whatever". This seems unnecessary, especially shown by you using too many somehow, probably and whatever. It's like saying ''if you go outside, you'll probably die! Either by car accident or beaten by an evil grandma or something else!" XD

    At the current condition, I can't think of any suggestion for the RP. Come out with more detail, then other people might be able to give suggestion.
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  9. For the villain, how about...
    An army/Empire trying to restore peace by cruel means, maybe they control the main planet also during the story they could threaten the characters home planets making the group have a reason to fight them?
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  10. Of course, each character will have their own motivations (as Spoiled Bread put it, with the current bare-bones concept, there's absolutely nothing stopping you from murdering everyone on board and taking the gigantic star ship for a spin). What I meant is, would there be a definite point wherein you would say "Okay, the roleplay is over". (For example, if a bunch of characters were trapped on an island, the roleplay would end once they… sent out a distress signal and help arrived or something).

    Regardless, building off of Bread's concept, there should be some sort of presence keeping the characters from just wrecking everything outright. You mentioned there would be an AI on the ship, right? The characters could have some sort of high-tech wristband/ankle band/I don't know where else you'd put it (but I guess it would depend on the alien creature'a anatomy) that the AI would be programmed to active at the violation of a certain rule set/code. Activation could lead to an electric shock, or you could just straight up say that it'll inject poison directly into the player characters bloodstreams.
    Cliché? Yeah, definitely (although in this case I'm pretty sure the AI would be moreso considered a lawful neutral module instead of lawful evil. But I'm getting off topic). However, that's just an example. If someone else has a more creative, direct motive to get the player characters to at least kind of work as a unit, please add your input.
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  11. How about instead of a physical object that could be removed, you could have the A. I transplanted into their mind and to get it out they would have to work together, you could have everyone's A. I different and maybe have them be parts of the ships main A. I. Also what size would the normal planets, I was thinking about the size of our earth's moon.
  12. Well, rather than thinking about the method now. I think it's better to think about the host first. Who do this? Why? How? The way the host make us save the world depends on their personality. They might psychologically manipulate us, use drugs, special device, give order, or just straightly beg to us.
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  13. From what's been said we could have no host, but we could have the A. I be the mind of somebody against the story's threat who in a last ditch effort sacrificed himself to make the A. I for the ship so it could find a crew to save the universe.
    (Also hearing his last words might help to make the group cooperate)
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  14. That seems like the best idea, honestly, the now-dead host could broadcast a message over a series of screens around the ship, or something and more or less begs for help, which would hopefully inspire the group to work together. If there's any particularly awry characters, it could be combined with one of the other concepts such as the aforementioned wristbands (although there'd need to be some kind of fake science method as to why they aren't removable), or psychological alterations. The host would still need a motive to do so, however, dead or not, and there's always the chance that the AI would have its own goals/methods entirely (using this example again, the dead host might beg, but the AI might say screw that and threaten the group to get them to cooperate).

    As for how they managed to get everyone onto the ship in the first place, I can see that as being some sort of device that has significance to the plot in the future (maybe some kind of cross-dimensional anomaly or teleporter device that selects sapient creatures at random once activated, hence allowing a lot of opportunity to just go ham during character creation). After all, I highly doubt that someone would go around with a space van and a heavy stick to kidnap otherwise normal/semi-normal individuals, mess with their memories a bit, stick them on a space ship and then yell at them to put on a show.
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  15. On the note of that, maybe we could have a teleporter and have the side effects of memory loss to explain why no one can remember why they're there and have the A. I/Host explain why maybe even have him lie that it wasn't randomized to make the crew feel special despite being nobody's making them feel as they have something special about them, but you know, they don't.
  16. A lot of good ideas here I really have none. I am mostly focused on my roleplay server on discord. I don't want it to die like the last one so I will have to go ahead and put all my ideas into it.
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  17. Idea!

    Group of humans was sent on the ship to repopulate or establish a new colony and escape from the dying earth. The A.I could be a motherly figure that forces them to continuously find a planet that has no danger what so ever

    The villains could be an organization that hates the idea of humans spreading out and wants to destroy everyone on the ship.

    Just some pitches. Take what you like.
  18. A great idea but I can't see it mixing with what we have so far, although it would be a good RP by itself.
  19. oh ok. looking at the subject of memory loss there's usually a major reason for such a thing (either the people are not supposed to know about there circumstances, themselves, or use it as means of manipulation). having memory loss as a side effect to just a teleporter would some seem like a disastrous oversight unless the host meant to abuse it.

    Unless what your trying to get at is grab a bunch of people and turn them into heroes?
  20. What I meant was they forgot the past few before teleporting and a few hours after which would make it possible from them to wake up instead of teleported to start the story and maybe we could have the technology to instantly teleport quite new explaining that or as you said but diffrent the A. I could have done it to make it feel less like it stole them.
  21. to make sure I understand ima write a pitch.

    An A.I for (Reasons) needs to abduct a handful of people in order to explore multiple planets while working for it. While teleportation is the easiest method, it also is very dangerous and leads to nasty side effects such as memory loss and so forth. The A.I. abuses this and tells the newly abducted people that the most important people to ever exist and must band to explore the worlds.

    if I'm still getting something wrong please tell me.
  22. Yeah, just to clarify from what it seems the A. I is somebody's mind trying to save the universe and in a last-ditch effort sacrificed himself to make the A. I to get a crew to save the world from <threat.exe>
    But that's still subject to change.
  23. Oh, didn't expect to see this post grow by like 15 posts when I was asleep, hah.

    @Spoiled Bread - with the limits to the planet, again, I'm not too sure, but the reason I want to limit the worlds, is so we don't have to go all over a galaxy with it never ending. But, I have an idea.
    The galaxies connect? But you'd need a special device (something on the spaceship) to allow travel across the seams connecting the two together?

    @Zoda @Sentorous @Riverrunner @DeadEdgelord (and Spoiled Bread) - about the A.I., it will probably control the steering wheel, so there, nobody can escape. It would control the ship and therefore be able to potentially lock someone in a room if they were rioting.
    I'd rather not have the A.I. forcing anyone to work via drugs or torture, but maybe just... persuading them to work? Telling them that the only way home is to stop this evil (which would probably be a lie). It's a bit cliche... but I don't feel like an A.I. drugging a bunch of teens to stop an evil thing is too attractive of a roleplay? I'd prefer the characters using all of their actual emotions and feelings.

    And with the teleporter, that's fine for explaining how we got here.

    If there's any better ideas, again, feel free to give them.
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  24. Well, rewards. Give rewards. Saving the world for the sake of the world might not be everyone's cup of tea, especially if somebody want to play an edgy character. So give rewards, at least promise some rewards(whether the entity that summon us will fulfill the promise is inother matter). This way everyone can make any kind of character and still have reason to save the world, even though this is probably not their world.
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  25. @Spoiled Bread
    That would most likely be the only way you could get somebody who makes an "Edgy" Character cooperate (I've dealt quite a few before)
    Otherwise, Elaborating on the worlds, how about each solar system is its own pocket universe, and as @GalacticDeg said, have the ship have a drive that would allow it to slip between the different universes, also maybe with the A. I controlling the ship, maybe make the A. I not realize somebody (Or on purpose) was missing and make the crew have to save him/her/them as a little side mission for team building.
  26. A.I: Board the spaceships, O you chosen heroes. Fame and glory awaits you. You're going to embark on an epic journey to defeat the most evil entity in the world, Capitalism.
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  27. ... yeah.
  28. Anyway, with your excellent summary of the A. I @Spoiled Bread. I think the A. I should be more human since it is built of the mind something human-like, also maybe we shouldn't have the A. I forget everything, thinking over that, it's an A. I, It WON'T FORGET THINGS.
  29. -the summoning (how it's done? Where are we originally come from)
    -memory loss (is this necessary? How much we forget? Why?)
    -evil entity (I'm sure it's not Capitalism)

    I think these are the most urgent questions we should answer, and I agree the A.I shouldn't get memory loss.
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  30. *Slides on in* Howdy.

    So, lemme try and get this straight. Your current concept is a ship controlled by a highly intelligent A.I. that has searched the cosmos to find and transport useful allies aboard to stop the end of days, or something like that.

    Okie dokie, so has a concept for the 'main' bad guy been set in stone yet? Because intergalactic travel leaves a lot of room for various events to take place, so I honestly feel like one major villain (or organization of sorts) would be a bit underwhelming.

    And pardon me if its already been stated, but what is the ultimate goal as a collaborative group?
    I understand everyone will have there own mini-quests, but we've been brought together for a reason.

    Last thing, how scifi are you taking this? Like what would be considered over the top fantasy?
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  31. @Mystic Zander
    • You have the current concept yet, but it's not set in stone.
    • The main villain isn't really a thing yet, but there's supposed to be one. Of course there'll be other villains and other events happening, and it won't be chasing down the villain all the time. There will be time to actually take in the galaxy, the villain's not TOO big of a threat at the beginning but still needed to be hunted down fast before they do become larger.
    • The ultimate goal is a bit of a tricky thing, as really, it would be getting home, but some people might not want to, they might enjoy the thrill. So, that leaves the villain being the big goal to beat. Maybe a larger goal will unfold into the RP depending on the direction we take it as a group?
    • I'm not planning on a Star Wars-esque thing or anything like that. I'm not really much of a sci-fi fan, but I think a spaceship is the most logical way of getting around the multiverse... even if it isn't logical at all. I don't know what I'm limiting apart from stuff like Mary Sues being banned.
    @Spoiled Bread can you give an idea for the villain? I'm thinking a deity but I don't know if that's just going to over-cliche the RP
  32. Well, I suddenly thought of an idea. Now ditch the assumption that our summoner is a goody boy. Maybe make it goverment of a country. They told us about another horrible country with Hitler incarnate leading that country, then beg us to help them and offer plenty of reward to us. Change the country to planet and we can use the spaceship. How does it sound?
  33. So.... it's Universe War 2, @Spoiled Bread? With a government asking us to be spies and destroy the intergalactic Nazis? Or have I just totally misinterpreted it?
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  34. Something like that XD

    Though this will change the feel of the RP. It's like we're more mercenaries rather than chosen heroes.
  35. I don't know but I'd personally prefer a non-political villain, I don't mind that.

    I just had a brainwave though, for the antagonist's/antagonists' (posh word for villain) goal. Maybe they want to take worlds' power source, the thing that empowers the universe, and use it for their own means? This would have multiple benefits for how the worlds work. They wouldn't have to be pocket-size, as there would be one power-source through each world, and that would mean the worlds don't have to be pocket-sized and can be... infinite!

    For the antagonist itself, maybe a creature? A legendary beast that is able to do like the spaceship and travel across the world's seams? It's attracted to worlds' energy sources and has been known in legends to worlds able to use devices like the spaceship (not Earth), and is EXTREMELY powerful?

    However, what it does, is it hides. It stays in an unknown location, and is able to split itself apart temporarily, into less-powerful (enough for us to take on) lifeforms, and sends them out to absorb the power-sources?

    The main goal is then to find where this beast actually is, and how to defeat it? For a name, I'm thinking Kaosis (chaos and crisis).


    Another thing I want to mention, is what the power-sources can do for us. The power-sources would be living, and be able to think for itself, but still be unable to fight the beast (it could have an ability to nullify the source). After we show an act of heroism of saving it from death, it could give us power for the ship to fuel on? With more fuel, the ship can travel across more seams, and we can reach the thing?

    I've just said a lot, so I might have left large loopholes open. Please ask me any questions or if you have any ideas to fill loopholes or add on, please tell me them.

    @Zoda @Spoiled Bread @Mystic Zander @Sentorus67 @Riverrunner @DeadEdgelord
  36. Legendary mythical antagonist and ancient creatures keeping enermous power? I might like it if this is a fantasy story. But we use spaceship so I registered this as sci-fi in my mind.

    I prefer a more grounded antagonist for sci-fi, like, maybe a scientist who turned himself into abomination? He then goes on a quest to wipe out half of total human because he think overpopulation is the root of evil. Oh wait-
  37. A concept doesn't necessarily have to stay within the box of one genre, arguably, this could be classified as sci-fi/fantasy with the inclusion of something as such. Having one element of another genre in something isn't necessarily bad, and would make for a bit of diversity.

    If you (and everyone else; I might just be the odd one out here) still don't like the concept of a world-eating creature trying to grow powerful enough to… it doesn't specify, actually… because it seems too illogical in a sci-fi setting, then that same idea can very easily be re-branded for the setting. The creature could instead exist primarily outside of the characters' plane of existence, only able to enter this reality in small, albeit still extremely dangerous, slivers—hence its goal to capture whatever these power sources end up being, so it can pierce through the veil and enter the characters' reality in full form. If the characters manage to collect all of the power sources, they can do the same, and fight this creature in its normal form. This would be a more similar concept to lovecraftian-type lore, which I believe is more sci-fi-esque as opposed to outright fiction.

    Regardless, we also need to determine what exactly these power sources would be (because right now my brain is definitely thinking that they're a bit close to being re-branded infinity stones), and what this antagonist's precise goal might be—if it's a creature it could arguably just be operating off of instinct à la the Tarrasque, but if it has a human level of intelligence like Galactic seems to imply, it definitely has to be more complicated than that.
  38. Nah, it just my preference. Of course GalacticDeg has the final right to decide what the RP would be, he would be managing the RP after all and this require GalacticDeg to really like the RP. My right is just to join or not to join.
  39. I'll join so long as you filled in some of the gaps in the story idea. my brain is not strong enough to come up with concepts right now.

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