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Role play Ideas?

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by IDKWhatUserNameToDo, Sep 6, 2019.

  1. Hello?
    Can you hear me?
    Oh you can?
    Well, that's good I guess?
    Why am I putting question marks after everything?

    Jokes aside, I would like to host (I'm not sure if it's called hosting) a RP and I would like to show my ideas and start off a discussion about different RP ideas. I only have some very ruff ideas in mind right now, and we'll see if I have the time and courage to actually make a RP. But who knows? Maybe one of these ideas will become the longest RP EvEr!!! (or just die immediately lol).

    (I have a lot of school Rp ideas right now.. sorry about that..)
    -Just a normal and plain school rp where there are no super powers or magic
    - A Magic school where they allow both humans and other humanoids
    - A power school where all the students go to to get tested and mutate to get their powers

    - A Rp based on the Ghibli movie The Secret World of Arrietty

    Well that's all of my current Ideas and now I'd like to hear what you think about them! And if you want to get any deeper info about certain ideas or if you have any of your own ideas that you'd like to get discussed.
  2. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    I like your 3rd school idea. I think its pretty good.
  3. Your ideas are interesting, but I feel like if there is no base conflict that either you or someone else makes would make the RP slightly bland and it won't continue for as long. For as long as i have been here, adventure RPs or RPs that have quite a bit of action continue a lot longer than slice of life RPs that have no conflict or have no end goal.

    While I like the idea of a plain school RP, I feel like it won't have enough substance unless you make something bad happen at the school or something about the school changes drastically and each student has to cope with either changes in staff or changes in rules (of course, only when it kicks off and has almost a page of replies, or maybe just go through a full in-RP day would be great to implement this).

    The magic school idea is interesting (and since I'm slightly more biased towards fiction, I like it a lot more than the first idea), but like I said, if you don't have some conflict in the RP, it will quickly grow stale. Maybe there is a bit of racism going on in the RP due to a ruthless gang that can't be taken care of because there is no solid evidence to stop them, or maybe there are just awful cliques due to these people feeling like they are separated between one another, or maybe there is a slight power struggle between the top 5 students in school (these ideas could work for the first idea, too). Or something bad happens at the school and the kids are supposed to use what they have learned to stop the threat, only to realize that it was all staged by the staff and no one was really in real danger.

    The power school RP reminds me a lot of the likes of My Hero Academia, Soul Eater, and other such power school RPs. I actually wouldn't mind seeing another one of these appear, but you'd have to have something that separates it from the rest of the others to make it more like your RP.

    That being said with all of these school RPs, you can always have your future players making conflicts for their own characters and make their own little arcs within your RP, which is lovely when it happens. I just don't see a lot of that happening anymore, as they tend to just follow the direction the RP creator takes them.

    Now I havent seen this particular Ghibli movie, but if it is set in the same universe and you don't meet the original cast, then that is golden. I wouldn't want there to be canon characters being portrayed in an RP because of how others may portray the canon characters, so having another area set for the adventure would be great.

    Now for my ideas. Since I have a feeling you are more about slice of life RPs and character development in your RPs, here are a few ideas that I have. You don't have to use them, as these are suggestions.
    • A Vampire/Werewolf RP (and other such creatures if you'd like, just as long as they look vaguely humanoid): the idea for this RP is that the humans have no idea these species exist and these species want to keep it that way. There are tensions between the vampires and werewolves and other creatures and the humans are caught in the middle. You can make this more action or adventure oriented as you like, nothing has to end in bloodshed.
    • An Adventure for Treasure: a ragtag group of people, who are unlikely to even be talking to one another, are forced into a group for whatever reason as they find a treasure or a creature or a person they need to complete their own little goals. There will be some conflict in the group as there doesnt have to be anything dangerous coming to fight them.
    • Mercenary School RP: Mercenaries don't have to come from the depths of a jungle after being left there for years and get tough from that. They can actually be educated on the essential do's and don'ts of what it takes to be a mercenary. Once students come in, they better be mentally and physically prepared to take on gruelling tasks to toughen their bodies and minds, or else they'll find themselves wake up near their house with no memories of how they got there and where they were. They have options to choose between different weapons (including more unconventional weapons due to guns being overused). These mercs don't have to be average Joes with the penchant for bloodlust. They can be other creatures or people with powers, as well. Because people dont want to leave and have to find other things to start their lives over, there will be a lot of competition in the air. If you actually want to incorporate this in some way, I can help with that.
    • Celebrations gone wrong: a festival or a party happens and then something bad goes horribly wrong. It's up to the characters to find out what is wrong and work together, even though they would much rather party back at home than to deal with the issue. You can make the problem be anything you wish, whether it be a zombie outbreak or just finding a bunch of hooligans that ruined it for everyone.
  4. Thanks for you thoughts @Merciless Medic and @MihajloJedi !

    First of all, the Ideas that I earlier mentioned were and still are very ruff and I put them there to get some early thoughts and to just have them written down somewhere.

    And Merciless Medic, you caught me. I love character development and some moments that are more slice-of-life style, but I do also love fiction Rps. Also I like both of your own ideas (I might use some parts of them as inspiration or something similar), the critique and the suggestions that you had about my ideas.

    I have started to slightly expand on some of my own Ideas that I had so I thought that I'd put them here (again).

    - Super/mutant school Idea: The school is a mixture of school institute and a boarding school. Children and teenagers in different ages get sent there by (for example) family, guardian, or something like that for different reasons (for example) if a student is especially gifted at something or for a different reason. When they start attending school the students get mutated to receive powers that then get studied upon and the students learn to control the newfound powers. This might be the over all plot, but I might add some more details and

    -The Secret World of Arrietty based RP: This follows the world set in the movie, where there are teeny tiny humans (their height being only few inches or around 10 cm) that live inside the regular sized humans houses. They "borrow" things from the humans and try to go unnoticed. I haven't watched the movie in a while, so I might need to re-watch it before I go anymore into the Rp idea. Though I think that the characters may live around a farm near a forest, or the other way around to have more exploration options and have a bigger area in general for all the characters.

    -Magic School Rp: I don't really have much more to add to what Merciless Medic suggested. I might drop this idea because I can't really come up with anything as of now, but we'll see how things go.

    Oh and I think I'll just drop the "Plain School RP" for now.
  5. Honestly I like the super mutant RP idea. Though the concept has a slight X-man feel to it. What if the students think it is a school for gifted and intelligent kids, but then undergo some sort of experiment that the principal has done to them. They will have to find a way to deal with their powers and try and take down the school staff from the inside.
  6. There's not much for me to add besides repeating what everyone else said. There has to be some sort of objective. Either for the protagonists (the rpers) or for the antagonist ( who could also be the rpers) that gives them the incentive to do whatever they need to.

    Since we seem to be looking at the mutant high school lets use this for an example. The world does not solely exist in a school, so maybe there is a part of the student's life negatively affected by the world around them. Maybe there is an evil organization who wants to take over the school and use them for their own gains. maybe lean on this is a lab type of setting and the school becomes more and more unethical. Maybe there's a group who thinks the school is unethical and plans to take it down. Maybe the school itself is just a stepping stone to reach a privileged position in life. either way, there must be some force that motivates people into continuing.

    Regarding the magic school, not everyone's gonna be buddy-buddy. like Merciless Medic mentioned you could have underlying racism but kick it up a notch. Maybe have one of the races be a civilization that is seen as evil, and the school exists as a training regime to kill this "evil" force. maybe we can have characters from that race who has to face the turmoil of being taught specifically how to kill his kind.

    Spitballing here. Steal anything you like.

    Either way, im already thinking of characters to use ( I have too many and thats a problem).
  7. Looking to spitball ideas for roleplays huh? Welp, there's not much to add, but I'll throw my hat in the ring here.

    Any idea can make a good roleplay really. This is just me personally, but I find it very difficult to come up with something that's 100% original nowadays. However, when making your roleplay, think over carefully about which one you can get the most inspiration for. What makes a roleplay interesting besides having an objective, is seeing how the concept is done differently from what already exists (in other words, I've seen lots of mutant/super human high school roleplays for example, and when they all look the same, then where's the appeal?). It can be difficult to do, but when you toss in your own flair towards things, that's when you know you've got something special.

    One of my ideas that I crafted actually was an MMO Game Roleplay, where within the MMO, someone started a Guild that was dedicated to getting to know players on the server better, and help people going through rough times. It was something I hadn't seen before, and I thought it'd be interesting. Wasn't sure if people would like it, since it did have juggling going between a character you play in the game world, and the character controlling them in the real world, but it was worth a try in my opinion. Even if you're unsure if the roleplay will take off, my personal preference is crafting an interesting concept, and seeing what works and what doesn't. Worst case, you end up figuring out what to do for next time.

    That's all I can think of for now, cause Merciless Medic gave a lot of the base good recommendations to consider for crafting a roleplay. My vote for whatever you start with though, would be whatever type of roleplay scenario gives you the most creative thought for crafting a story with other players.
  8. Umm... hi. Hello.

    I don't really have much to add to this thread, other than all the ideas seem pretty cool! I mean, the ideas that I would add, I plan on doing myself, but I digress. All these Ideas sound pretty cool, so if you could keep me posted when you decide to make one that would be great!
  9. I like these ideas! I can’t add much, but I’m looking forward to what might come out of this thread.
  10. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    Yeah, something great will come out of this, and whenever it happens, ping me!

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