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DPPt/HGSS Rodimus87 Looking for trades/battles

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Rodimus87, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. So this is my first post and I'm looking for some trades and battles. I have Diamond. Also if ya want to check out my pokemon and have a Wii I also deposit them on Pokemon Ranch. Some pokemon I'm looking for are:

    Chimchar-any LV. and Gender
    Combee-any LV. Female
    Bonsley-any LV. and Gender
    Houndour-any LV. and Gender
    Shieldon-any Lv. and Gender
    Magby-any Lv. and Gender(prefuable with Magmaizer)
    Elekid-any Lv and Gender( "" "" Electrizer)

    Some Pokemon I have for trade are:

    Mime JR-LV. 16 Female
    Murkrow-lv. 11 Male
    Cherubi-Lv. 8 male
    Unknown ! and ?
    Cranidos- Lv. 23 male
    Burmy-grass coat lv.8 Female
    Darkria-LV. 50(from Pokemon Ranger)

    These are just some of the pokemon, if ya need somthing I'll try to catch it. Keep in mind I am only on the Second badge because I rebaught the game and started over. Also, I have a Manaphy from Pokemon Ranger, but I want to breed it before I trade it away, So if I can get a Ditto before hand then that would really help alot.Also, I'm looking to battle, Pokemon are around lv 23 but may change as journey progresses. Thanks! PS: IF anybody has the Items to get Darkria, Shaymin, and Arceus I would appreciate that as well.
  2. I can trade you a Chimchar and a Turtwig if you want. Also, I can give one of them Shieldon's Fossil. Not asking for much in return, cos I'm running out of Box space. So you can trade me 2 bidoof for all I care.
  3. Awsome. That will be just find, althrough I feel a bit like I'm ripping you off, but if anything I can make up for it. Thank you.
  4. what would you want in return for your Darkrai?
  5. I'll give you houndour, bonsly, and a ditto. I have lots XD Take a Riolu and Eevee, too. Too many of them x.x For Darkrai please?

    Oh and Ditto + Manaphy= Phione, not another Manaphy.
  6. I'm not quite sure what I want for Darkrai, Make a deal. Also, if anybody has the "items" for Shaymin, Darkria, and Arceus. That would be helpful too.
  7. they have yet to have events for those items to my knowledge, and if i'm correct, i don't think you can trade key items. So, we all have to wait until they have those events happen. Well, i do have every pokemon except the last three, so you can ask me for any one of them, i can get it from wifi, or i can spares in my boxes. Shinies however are another story
  8. I TOLD you what I'd give for Darkrai.

    Side note. Eevees know Curse and Wish, Riolus know Vacuum wave, Blaze kick, and Bullet punch.
  9. How Many Evee's do ya have? I take the deal as well. Thanks.
  10. just 2 with Wish and curse.

    Both hasty natured. I have other eevees, but they don't know wish and curse.

    houndour i eed to breed, and bonsly I have to get off ranch. I have the dittos on hand.
  11. Ok. Those two, plus the others?

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